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f%€€ TVBLIC 




The oldest 
fiaff in the 
United Slates 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Cornet John Page 
in 1737 by King George II of England, was carried by his 
son, Nathaniel, who fought with the Bedford Minutemen 
at the Banle of Concord Bridge, April 19, 1775. 

Acquired— AUG 1993 No.- 


BEdfoRd Hiqh School 

Mudge Way, Bedford MA 01730 
Volume 10 

Z' V A Fhen people ask us where we live and we tell them, they 
f/l Xinvaiiably ask "Bedford, where?" After a long sigh. 
W w we're quick to inform them that our picturesque town is in 
between historic Concord and Lexington; Bedford is just a passing- 
through town. Bedford High School, however, is filled with the energy 
of 573 enthusiastic students. Not only are there students who have lived 
here all their lives and provide stability for the school, but there are also 
students from the nearby Air Force Base who have experienced the 
different flavors of the country, from Alaska to Texas. When we all 
come together, we create a balance which benefits us all^g^ 

CATCHING THEIR BREATH . After sports practice Sarah Rosenberg and Christina 
Gricci relax and chat while wailing for the late bus. 

IN BETWEEN CLASSES . Tony Johnson and Marcel Biddle do not mind being late to 
class if it means they can get into the yearbook. 

HANGING OUT . John Monte, Julie Piantedosi, and Michael Anderson value the time 
they can spend together. 


STORY IN THE MAKING . This history class takes a break from their 
of Antietam. 

IF. ON ONE . James Davis and John Woolard prepare to shoot some hoops in 
scho<ii gym. 

Student Life 







« m 



(;ETT1N(; their kicks . Stephanie Cann, Kim Sands, and Meg Boscheilo are worn 
out after a demanding soccer practice. They know that teamwork really counts. 

Okay, you have managed to survive 
three years of high school home- 
work. It has been accumulating each 
year, and now that you are a Senior, you are 
ready to take it easy. You are not going to have 
to work hard this year, right? 

Wrong. There is one final torture left before 
you graduate from high school: submitting 
college applications. 12th grade is the dreaded 
year. You now have roughly four months to 
choose the perfect school, write the perfect 
application, and convince the admissions offi- 

Choosing a College 

cer that you are the perfect candidate. (Right! ) 

When there are over 3000 colleges and 
universities, how do you narrow down your 
list to five or six choices? First, you rush to the 
bookstore and buy the latest edition of The 
Insider's Guide to the Colleges and every week- 
end you tour a different college campus. Then 
you listen to all of the unsolicited advice from 
family and friends. Finally, you give up, cross 
your fingers, and choose several names of 
colleges from a hat. Now it is time to send for 
the applications. 

Some people are finished with their appli- 
cations well ahead of time. Why does it seem 
that YOU have to stay up late December 3 Isl 
in order to finish them? The college essays 
seem to require the greatest amount of time, 
You're happy to see that three of the college 
essays ask the same question. You lucked out! 

Now comes the most painstaking part of the 
whole process - waiting for replies, this gives 
you a chance to know your mailman on a firsl 
name basis. In the end, you will probably be 
able to attend the college of your choice.^ 


APPLY HERE . Students who participate in the Student Search Service when they take the PSAT rccene pounds 
of mail from colleges and universities throughout the country. With the college-age population at an all-time low, 
colleges invest in colorful brochures like these to attract the ablest students. 

Student Life 

Life Changes When You Have 

A License To Drive. 

y^-f^ utting the key into the ignition of a car 
I L^iox the first time thrills most high 

■ - school students. Learning how to drive 
is a rite of passage for many. When the 
yearbook staff asked Bedford High School 
students why getting their license was so im- 
portant, the overwhelming response was: 
FREEDOM. Unfortunately, people are not 
bom knowing how to drive a car. Aaron 
Rashba lamented, "I have been in the parking 
lot six times, and my dad still won't let me 
drive on the road - that's how bad I am." 

So people like Aaron enroll in drivers' 
education classes. 

For a mere $215, Arlex Auto School can 
teach you everything you always wanted to 
know about driving but were afraid to ask. The 
instructors go through the archives and find 
f ilmstrips from the 1 950s to show during class. 
The teachers also conduct hour-long lectures 
on the finer points of driving (snore.) 

Once you celebrate your sixteenth birth- 
day, you take a test that asks what the shape of 

a stop sign is and other perplexing questions, so 
that you can receive your learner's permit. Now 
you have the privilege of completing twelve 
hours of driving and observation with one of the 
friendly Arlex instructors who don't hesitate to 
slam on the passenger side brake if you make 
one false move. Alex Brill almost gave his 
instructor a heart attack when he was merging 
onto 1 28. "I looked over my shoulder a little too 
long. The road curved, and I kept going straight. 
The next thing I knew, there was the guard rail ." 

After you complete drivers ' ed, you are ready 
to get your license, but that means going to the 
Registry of Motor Vehicles and taking the road 
test. However, Massachusetts seems to be fairly 
lenient about giving out driver's licenses. "I 
took the first comer a little too fast, and the 
examiner called me Pamelli for the rest of the 
test. I still got my license." said Andrea Bowlby . 

Once you receive your license, you no longer 
have to worry about taking the bus to school or 
bumming rides off anyone. Unfortunately, along 
with a driver's license comes responsibility.^ 

TEST DRIVE . Megan Albani hesitates before getting SWITCHING GEARS . Andrea Bowlbv takes time 
behind the wheel of the Arlex car because she knows she to pose for a picture, 
will have to work on her parallel parking. Fortunately, the 
instructor has an emergency brake. 


"How do I handle a job, clubs, and school work? Extra-curricular activities 
and my job come first. Then I do whatever homework I can." -Lino Miani 

Taking Care of Business 

>»ou are sputtering along 128 in your 
i |/'76 jalopy when the engine overheats. 

/ You pull over into the breakdown lane, 
pop the hood, and wait for the car to cool down. 
Your thoughts drift and you begin to dream 
about the red BMW convertible that just sped 
past. You imagine yourself driving that car to 
Bedford High School each morning and then 
pushing your way through a flock of admirers 
and friends. 

Sure, you think to youself, a BMW costs a 
lot of dough, but you can afford it if you save 
a little money. Invest it - put your allowance to 
work for you. But then you reach into your 
pockets and pull out a crumpled dollar, an 
eraser, and some lint. You realize you'll have 
to get a job if you want to make a downpayment 
on your dream car. 

You pore over the want ads in the newspa- 
per and begin filling out applications. The 
recession makes it difficult for your to find a 
part-time job. and you're tired of hearing com- 
panies say, "We're looking for someone with 
a little more experience." The only work you 
can find involves flipping burgers or stuffing 
envelopes. But you're looking for more of a 
challenge - something that will keep you on 

your toes, so you decide to go into business for 

Your friend Lisa Paschkewitz recommends 
child care, so she relates a recent adventure in 
babysitting. "1 was watching a boy and a girl, 
and they were fighting over a headband, so I 
tried to take it away from the boy and return it to 
his sister. When that failed, 1 dragged him up- 
stairs and sent him to his room. He wouldn't stay 
in there, so I had to hold the door closed. After 
a few minutes, the boy started unscrewing the 
door hinges." 

On second thought, maybe babysitting is a 
little too exciting. What abou raking leaves? A 
person couldn't ask for a better job. It's an 
opportunity to commune with nature - and get 
paid for it. The next day in school, you ask 
Aaron Rashba whether or not he enjoyed his job 
raking leaves. Without hesitatios, he replies, 
"Raking leaves was definitely my worst job. I 
had to rake leaves for this old lady, and she had 
such a big yard that 1 raked all weekend, and she 
only paid me twenty dollars." 

Well, maybe working wasn't one of your 
best ideas. After all. you'll be working for the 
rest of your life. Your run-down jalopy looks 
better and better.' 

DEDICATED EMPLOYEE . Dave Gersh CHECK IT OUT . Yearbook photographers surprise Stephan 
talces a break from his hard work. When asked Maher at Purity Supreme where he works as a cashier, 
g what lie will spend his money on, Dave re- 
plied, "Nothing yet." 

Beyond School Walls 

Bedford High School students don't waste time. 

^ m /here are many talented students at 
I f Bedford High School who participate in 
after school activities. But there are 
also those who excel in things outside of school. 
Many times these students go unnoticed. Here 
is a spotlight on a few students who are dedi- 
cated to their activity. Michael Esposito started 
studying the piano at a very young age. He 
practiced many hours a day and through deter- 
mination and hard work became an excellent 
pianist. Last summer, Mike had the opportu- 
nity to perform at Tanglewood. Mike recently 
won a competition and had the privilege to 
play with the Lowell Philharmonic Orchestra. 
Karen Freeman started playing the violin when 
she was seven years old. Three years later, she 
auditioned for an orchestra at the New En- 
gland Conservatory of Music in Boston and 
was accepted in the youngest orchestra. Later, 
Karen auditioned and was accepted to play in 
the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orches- 
tra where she played for two years. During this 
time. Karen took up the viola. The next year 
she auditioned for the senior orchestra on both 
instruments. For the past two years, Karen has 
played the viola in GBSYO and had the excit- 
ing experience of going on tour to Europe. 

Karen also adds spark to the Bedford High 
School orchestra and chamber music as the 
assistant principal violinist. Another talented 
student at Bedford High is sophomore Katie 
Carpenter. She has taken ballet for eight years 
and has performed w ith a variety of companies. 
While studying at a church in Lexington, she 
found various pamphlets advertising auditions 
for different Nutcracker productions. Katie 
performed with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater in 
1 986 and also with the Dance Prism, a group of 
dancers who travel to different towns. Katie 
also performed in AIM (Adventures in Music) 
for four years where she both danced and acted. 
Perhaps Katie's biggest accomplishment was 
being a part of the Boston Ballet during the 7th 
and 8th grades. She played a reindeer in the 
Boston Ballet production of the Nutcracker. 
Another talented dancer at Bedford High is 
freshman Sally Atkinson. She began taking 
lessons when she was four and performed in her 
first concert at the age of five. Sally has studied 
ballet, jazz, and tap dance for the past eleven 
years. She has performed in countless shows 
with many dance groups. Sally now studies at 
the Dance Inn in Lexington and she is in the 
Legacy Dance Company which performs con- 

certs throughout the year. A very active mem- 
ber of the community, David Gersh, started the 
recycling program at Bedford High School 
during his freshman and sophomore years. He 
began by contacting the local recycling com- 
pany and he worked with the school to get 
permission to run the program. He began 
collecting paper and distributing bins. He had 
to oranize people to collect recycled goods and 
to teach people about recycling. Dave feels 
strongly that recycling is impeertent and it is a 
very thing to do. We should try to keep paper 
out of landfills and reuse goods as much as 
possible. Dave is still recycling now and 
hopes to find someone as enthusiastic as he to 
be his successor. If you are not recycling now, 
you should start because as Dave says, "If we 
do not do something now , we w ill not have a 
better world for ourselves and our children." 
Mike. Karen, Katie, Sally, and Dave are just a 
sampling of the students at Bedford High 
School who concentrate on activities outside 
school. All of these students should be recog- 
nized and congratulated for their determina- 
tion and dedication^^ 


TICKLING THE I VORIF.S . Mike Esposito started young and had to practice every day to become 

the great pianist he is. 


\ SHIRLEY TEMPLE LOOKALIKE . At six years of age, REAL MEN RECYCLE . Dave Gersh carries a bin of recycled goods to the recycling center, 
sally Atkinson showed great promise as a tap dancer. Dave developed the recycling program in Bedford two years ago. 

)N HER TOES . Katie Carpenter poses for a picture before the CATCHING HER BREATH . Karen Freeman takes a 
UM concert in 1989. break from practicing her violin. 


LIVING IT UP . Chip Mofield. Colin Ross. Matt Lentine, and Adam Udell are havin 

too much fun in their penguin suits. 

City Nights 

^ - J hat do the song "We Got Tonight," by Bob 
I /yl / Seager and the date May 16 have in 
V w common? If you guessed the Junior Prom of 
'92 you are right! The cafeteria was transformed into 
a magical 'city of lights' thanks to much hard work put 
in by Mr. Sabourin, the faculty advisor, and the student 
committee: Mark Mclnnis, Rachel Berkowitz, Dave 
Boffa, Kristen Colliton, and Katy Doherty. 

By no means were the decorations trivial.The effect 
of a lighted bridge and a myriad of balloons and 
steamers accentuated the theme. Even though there 
was a lot of hard work involved, the set-up was 
described as "the best part of the whole project. There 
really was a lot of teamwork." 

Over one hundred people attended. The royal court 
consisted of John Mara and Rachel Berkowitz as king 
and queen, Krystin Carpenter, Katy Doherty, Jennifer 
Hansen, Jennifer Hanson, Geoff Chase, Teri Ciccone, 
David Venuti, and Vincent Welch^ 

STRIKE A POSE ! Krystin Carpenter. Mar>' Mix, Jen Blackstone, Stephanie Dubitsky , 
Jane Chui. Kim Sands, Meg Boschetto, Caitlin Hurley, and Laurie Sheflin appear to be 
having a marvelous time. 



CU.MBERBLN .\NDT1E ? li vatoughdeci 
sion. but Todd .Anderson and Dave Boffa take 
the cake. 

WATCH WHERE YOU STEP . Caroline. Katv. DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY . Terri Franks is al- 
and Mandy slide gracefully across the dance floor tempting to start a new dance fad, but it looks like she's 
without shoes. Besides, who needs blisters? having a blast. 

WAITING FOR THEIR DATES . Mike Boutin. Colin Ross, John Ginn, Mr. Sabourin, and 
Adam Udell seem to be having fun even before the girls arrive. 

ROYAL COURT . Terri Ciccone, Krystin Carpenter, Dave Venuti, Jen Hansen. Queen 
Rachel Berkow iiz. King John Maia, Geoff Chase, Jen Hanson, Vin Welch, and Kaly Doherty . 

With everybody working, 

Who Has 

dancing, dating, shopping. 

CRAMMING . Katharine Martens, Gladys Cintron, and 
the camera. 


Incredible! You walk into your favorite 
class of the day and half of the students are 
absent! Contrary to the belief that people skip 
school just because they are lazy, for each 
empty seat there are reasons and rationaliza- 
tions for each absent person. 

Students at BHS contrive a multitude of 
reasons why they fail to attend class. While 
some are valid, a death in the family, a serious 
illness, etc., others are just plain amusing. 

Lori Malymeik take a break from heavy studying to smile for 

7) "I'll stay home if there are no tests < 
on that day and I know that I won't miss i 
anything." -Erin Sparks 

6) "My Favorite TV show is on." 
-Alex Brill 

Hl l FX H RKSKAkCH. Vanessa Vitiello and Katie 
Esposito get help from the Public Library computers. 

Time For 

driving, partying, sleeping. . . 


^ m J\\Q Start of a new school 
I I year means jugghng home 
.^worlc, a job, and a social 
life. However, students really 
have to buckle down and hit the 
books in order to maintain their 
grades and digest all of the infor- 
mation taught in class. Many busy 
people slave over the books into 
the wee hours of the morning and 
just pray that everything comes 

Top 10 
Reasons to 
Skip School 

10) "My dog ate my alarm clock.' 
-Lino Miani 

9) "I missed my bus." 

-Jeremy Nash 

8) "My mom made me stay home. 

-Jeanette Hagon 

HEADACHE ! Lora Patino wrestles with a difficult homework assignment. 

NATURE STUDY . Jane Atkinson takes advantage of a sunny afternoon to 

) "I Stay up late so I look sick, then I 
sk to stay home." 

-Aaron Rashba 

) "To go on a date with an older 

-John Woolard 

) "I was so tired, I couldn't even open 
ny eyes." 

-Jane Atkinson 

) "If I was in a fashion show and I had 
3 get my hair cut." 

-Dave Boffa 

) "If Mr. Reynolds isn't going to be 

-Heath Dill 

lERE WE GO AGAIN . Danielle Allain and Michelle 
ronin try to make the best of a Monday morning. 

Dumbest Line From a Textbook: 


If we release a puck on a frictionless table when we are in a room 
on a large merry-go-round, in what path will the puck move? 


The puck will move in a circular path. 





Sauveur accepts a kcd Cross award at 
the John Hancock Tower. Julie was 
honored for organizing a teen volun- 
teer program at the Hanscom Clinic. 

Fanelli. Debbie Downs, and Mary 
DeMoss escort residents of the Veter- 
ans Hospital to church on Sundays. 

MAY I HELP YOU ? Candy-striper 
Rita Patino answers the telephone at 
Emerson Hospital where she volun- 
teers once a week. "The reason I 
commit 5 hours a week to Emerson is 
because it's rewarding and I've met a 
lot of good friends there from different 
areas. We share a common bond and 
that's the desire to help people." 



Community Service 

^ I ^here are two kinds of people; 
i f those who perform community 
service and those who do nothing 
but sit at home and read their yearbooks. 
Okay, so maybe there are more than two 
kinds of pteople. but the point is that 
community service is something good 
to do both for yourself and for the com- 
munity you are helping. 

At Bedford High School there are 
many students who perform community 
service. Whether serving food at a soup 
kitchen or volunteering at a local hospi- 
tal. BHS students get involved. 

"1 volunteer at a homeless shelter 
called the Lazarus House because I like 
helping people," says Jeanette Hagon, a 
BHS Junior. Obviously BHS students 
feel the same wav.^*. 

"I volunteered at the V.A. 
because I had to do it for 
confirmation - you know, to 
fulfill a certain number of 
hours of community ser- 

-David Boffa 


THOUGHT PROVOKING. Dave Hursh & Tcri Ciccone enjoy an intellectual conversation as they plan a study group tor that Friday night. 


Catch The Spirit! 

w arcl lo the game, the spirited homecom- 
ing court. Terri Franks, Kristen CoUiton. 
CaroHne Busch. Rachael Berkowiiz. Kat\ 
Doherty. Dave Boffa, Alex Brill, Geoll, 
Chase. Dave Venuti. and Mark Mclnnisi 
line up for a picture. 


CHEERING . Senior cheerleaders. Jen Hanson and Caroline Busch. 
kicic off the pep rally with the senior class. 

YOU'RE IN LUCK . Adam Udell, the boy's soccer captain, chooses a 
lucky fan to be their team's mascot next year. 

SPREADING THE SPIRIT Three big, biirlcy Bucaneers. Jason 
Setters. Rich Atkinson, and Chip Molicld. raise the infamous '93 car. 

EN.IOYING THE GAMES . Tony " Vanna" Johnson poses next to the 
Senior slogan. 



Homecoming Weekend 

The longstanding tradition at Bedford High School of Home- 
coming was celebrated on a cool Friday night last November 
the during halftime of the Bedford- Westford game. A large 
crowd was on hand and despite a failure of the PA system, the 
crowd was enthusiastic and in great anticipation for the 
announcement of the 1993 Homecoming king and queen. The 
court had been announced at the pep rally ealier that day and 
they all congregated on the track eagerly awaiting the results. 
First to be announced were the runner-ups for homecoming 
queen: Rachel Berkowitz, Kristen Colliton, Katy Doherty. 
and Terri Franks. Then the ecstatic queen, Caroline Busch, 

was announced. All female members of the court were given 
flowers and hugs and all showed off their gorgeous smiles to 
demostrate their ecstatic feelings. 

This announcement was followed by the men: Alex Brill. 
Geoff Chase. Mark Mclnnis and Dave Venuti. The king. Dav( 
Boffa. was jubilant after receiving his award and was sup- 
ported by his fellow court members with cheers and high- 
fives. All ten students celebrated their appointments to the 
court later that evening after the game at the annual home- 
coming dance. 


Drum Major Alex Brill watchc' 
the band carefully as he conduct^ 
during the homecoming game. 


homecoming queen and king 
smile after being crowned. 


STUFFED . Coach Keup stuffs crackers into his star runner, '^o'or. race, or reUgion. 

Gilbert Tsang's mouth. 


FRIENDS . Patty Leeman, Matt Giusti, Steve Clark, and Bev Horsch 
enjoy themselves outside during Outreach Day. 

CRACKING UP . Sally Atkinson tries desperately to whistle with a 
mouthful of crackers so she can lead her team to victory 

NICE AND EASY Ben Gaudet rolls the ball to the plate in the 
kickball game. 

ON YOUR MARKS. GET SET. GO! Mr Keup supervises the 
runners while they race for their shoes. 


The seniors performed the Agatha Christie thriller The Patient." They won best play of The juniors starred in " The Day The President Called.. And Called . And Called." 
the evening. 


A THREE TRUMPF.T CONCERT! Laurie Sheflin. Jennifer St. Sauveur, and Brian Fehlau played music of the medieval period much to the delight of the audience. 

• I 

Madrigal Dinner 

The annual Madrigal Dinner was nothing 
short of spectacular. Good food, entertaining 
performances by various minstrels, and cre- 
ative decorations transported spectators to the 
Medieval times. Trumpets heralded the ar- 
rival of the guests who were amused by jug- 
glers and the entire cast dressed in complete 
costume. After the procession, the cast pro- 
duced several short plays. Laurie Sheflin and 
Jane Atkinson wrote each skit. 

One skit describes the trials and tribula- 
tions of a royal family, and had the potential 
for a good soap opera. Young Sir Edward 
(Adam Chioccia) proposes to Princess Anne 
(Jane Atkinson), but the king (Alex Brill) 
protests and separates the two lovers. The 
queen has an affair w ith George ( Brian Fehlau ), 
but George breaks off the romance. In the next 
scene, the king is found dead, and the Royal 
Court Sleuth (Mike Esposito) suspects foul 

play. The detective is determined to trac' 
down the killer, but stumped, he asks 
audience for help. The story takes on an od 
twist when the king reappears and tells t" 
baffled court that he was merely pretending t 
be dead in order to discover the others" true 
feelings toward him. After apologies, the 
entire court shares a group hug. 

The cast processed out to a round of ap- 
plause. Congratulation on another fine Mad- 
rigal Dinner. Wassail! 



Unfortunately, Jen Tsang, Adam Chiocca, Mike Esposito, 
Kate Leary. Sarah Rosenberg, Chris Carson, Michelle 
Pulsipher, and Sarah Carvey had to wait for the guests to 
finish eating before they could dig in. 


Sir Edward, also known as Adam Chiocca, proposes to 
Jane Atkinson, known to the Royal Court as Princess 

ENJOYING THE REVELRY. Naveen Wadhera. Chris 
Carson, and Adam Chiocca relax for a moment before 
trying to find the King's murderer. 


cniiifer St. Sauveur, Brian Fehlau, Naveen Wadhera, Kate Leary. Jen Tsang, Adam Chiocca, John Woolard, and 
hristine Carvey all take a quick break from entertaining the multitudes to pose for a picture. 


u Ail 



ALL DRESSED UP Mull Ross grins at 
the camera while Laurie Sheriin looks olT 
at the dancers. 

THREESOME . Jane Atkinson poses 
cheerfully with her date, David Gersh. 
Mike Esposito just wants to cut in. 

HAVING FUN Terri Franks. Todd 
Anderson, and Kristen Celeste take a 
moment to smile tor the camera. 

TAKING A BREAK . Amy Akillian. her date, and Marika Volicerrest from dancing. 

SMILE . Agaggleofseniorsandtheirdateslot)kpictureperfectallheSemi-fonnal. The 51 
photographer just told Meg. Kim. and Jen their dates will pay for the whole night. 


STRIKING A POSE . Adam Udell enter- 
tains everyone at the Semi-formal. 

SMOOTH MOVES . John Mara dazzles ev- 
eryone on the dance floor. 

■ HUNG FOR THE CAMERA Cyndi Hunt. Erin Smith, Amy Sandell. Sarah RELAXING Dave Venuti, Geoff Chase, and Matt Kyvelos enjoy the view. 
i)\wi. Sara Borshay, Kim Raffa, and Sarah Rosenberg enjoy themselves. 



Drama club secretary. Rita Patino. mooches a meal off 
light technicians Dave Gersh and Chris Coatcs. Dave and 
Chris lit up the stage for our actors while Rita helped. 


Glaring from beneath his cowboy hat. VietLe. who is not 
particularly fond of photographers, gets into character for 
his role of the villain in the play "Higgins Hollow." 


Sean Erickson. sporting a smoking jacket and wearing his 
hair slicked back, plays the role of the detective in "Two 
Bottles of Relish." a play directed by Besty Carlton and 
Kristin Celeste. 


Student Productions 

lTsoff to you. 

mbers of the cast of "Higgins Hollow" take a bow in 
nt of a roaring audience. Mari< Mclnnis wrote, lii- 
ted, and starred in the play. Congratulations to every- 
: who was involved in Student Production Night. 


Talent Show 


A roller skatinj! dance routine was a creative entry in this 
year's talent show. 



Blood - Sweat and Tears 

Any Bedford athlete would say that we do 
not have the best teams in the Dual County 
League, but they would definitely agree that 
we are close. Dedication and loyaUy are the 
secrets to our success. Many long and hard 
practices have produced victories over other 
schools. Any losses are taken in stride, and 
there usually is no fuss. 

Some of the Bedford athletic teams have 
produced league all-stars, state finalists, and 

even a couple of most valuable players. The 
recruiters have looked at our capable athletes 
and tried to persuade them to attend certain 
colleges. That just goes to show how much 
effort the athletes at Bedford invest in sports. 
Athletes achieve personal satisfaction know- 
ing that they put their all into practices and 
games. One student commented. "We are like 
a steak and cheese hoagie — we're good, real 

The wonderful sports program at Bcdfc 
High School coupled with the amount 
involvement contributes to the unity s 
morale of the school. Athletes meet a varie 
of people, and friendships are cemented, 
athletic program makes it all happen. ^ 

SCARE TACTICS. Vin Welch grimaces 
in an effort to scare away the opposition. 

Ciccone leaves the Wayland team in a 
daze as he breaks away from the rest. 

HIKE! Number twenty-three. 
Colin Ross, prepares to catch the 

HUDDLE. The Bucs gather on the playing field. 

"We accomplished a lot of things this season- winning Thank 
i^iving and ^ettin^a chance at the Super Bow l. But w hen all w 
said and done. WE BE A T A CTON! " 


—John Ginn 

Putting It All Together 

TAKE FIVE. Chris Midgett takes five 
to relax, he is just awe-stnjck by the 
team's winning streak. 

le 1992 Buccaneer Foot- 
11 Team entered the season 
th high expectations. This 
ar's squad was an ex- 
:mely tight unit resuling in 
7-3 record, one of the best 
lishes in recent years. The 
ics' opponents were often 
ger, stronger, faster, and 
• greater in number, but 
2 Bedford team proved time 
and time out that it's the 
e of a player's heart that 
unts. Vin Welch com- 
nted that the entire team 
is psyched for the game 
ainst Acton. "It was our 
st chance for a big win, 
d they said they were go- 
3, to kill us. The game was 
ry physical, but we won, 
d that really got the season 
lling." The year featured a 
mber of second-half come- 
cks and saw the Bucs' de- 
nse hold their opponents 
oreless for eleven straight 


The team was headed by 
quad-captains Teri Ciccone, 
John Ginn, Scott Kleepkamp, 
and Colin Ross. All four were 
awarded Dual County Leagure 
honors, and Ross was selected 
as the leagure's most valuable 
player. The four captains led an 

The varsity 
football team 
discovered the 
secret to success. 

equally talented squad composed 
of many seniors. 

Keoni Monte ran for many 
hard fought first downs. Pat 
Lewis, a mainstay in the Bedford 
defense, will always be remem- 
bered for his over-time fumble 
against Westofrd. Dave Lord 
led the team in receiving and 
was a constant big play threat. 

Vin Welch was Mr. Consis- 
tency, both in his performance 
and the enthusiasm he displayed 
throughout the season. Rich 
Atkinson and Viet Le led the 
unrelenting Buc Special Teams. 
Jason Setters anchored the 
skilled front four of the Bedford 
defensive line, andMatt Wilson 
and Chip Mofield formed the 
left side of an offensive line 
which blasted its opponents in 
the trenches all season long. 

Many underclassmen also 
contributed to Bedford's suc- 
cess. Chris Midgett and Chris 
Farmer will un-doubtedly be star 
players next year. Now, with 
the 1993 off-season already in 
progress, the seniors of the '92 
squad wish the best of luck to 
the members of the'93 squad 
and hope that next year's team 
can pick up where the team left 
off on Thanksgiving Day, 
trouncing Concord-Carlisle. 

\RSITY FOOTBALL; (top) Coach Petrillo, Colonel Campbell, 
lan Fagan, Mike Smulski, Jim Mobley, chris Midget, Chris Carpen- 
. Marcus Harris, Bryant Chisholm, Coach Sabourin; (kneeling) Vin 
elch. Matt Wison, John Taylor, Brendan McGrath, Jeff Miller, Jim 
illican, Kevin Clemens, George Chen, Chris Farmer, Jason Setters, 
chard Atkinson; (sitting) David Lord, Pat lewis. Chip Mofield. 
)linRoss, John Ginn, Teri Ciccone, Keoni Monte, Geoff Chase, and 
et Le. 

.TUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL ; (top) Steve Lewis. Brendan 
Jones, Matt Fanelli, Cedric Townes, Russ Kleekamp, Jeff Haynes, 
Jamie Reid, Jose Amaya, Mike Cosette, Coach Sullivan: (kneeling) 
Mike Lord, Randy Uvad, Matt Veits. Will Dick. Dave Dickinson, 
Steve Diperna, Scott McBreen; (sitting) Barry Petrucci, Matt 
Maddox, Chet Rao. Jim McGrath, Matt Neamy, Matt Callahan, 
andDoug Mix. 


A STEP AHEAD. Terri Franks edges 
oui her opponent as she tries to gain 
control of the ball. 

Pavlas takes a break while the ball is down 
the at the other end of the field. 



Newton South 













Lexington Christian 





Newton South 

Minuteman Tech 





Minuteman Tech 







Lexington Christian 1 


Sara Borshay and Sara Rosenberg run 
off the field after a game. The matches 
al waysend on an emotional high w hether 
the Bucs triumph over the opposition or 
suffer a defeat. 

ball. Fortunalely, she docs mil 

for control of the ball. 

Victories Eluded The Field Hockey Team This 
Year, But The Record Did Not Affect Their 


Alright, The Bedford High Var- 
sity Field Hockey Team wasn't 
exactly the best. However, they 
tried their hardest and started out 
with a bang. They won their first 
game of the season 2-1 against 
Newton South. Then the Lady 
Bucs lost their touch and the next 
2 matches. 1992's quad-captains 
Becca Mix, Kristen Colliton, Shay 
Duris, and Terri Franks encour- 
aged the team to keep up the spirit 
despite the losses. The team ended 
the season with 1 win, 12 losses, 
and 5 ties, however all of the games 
were close. 

The seven graduating seniors 
were some of the most spirited 
members BHS has encountered. 
Beginning with forwards Kristen 
Colliton, Terri Franks, and Alexis 

MacLeod. Backing them up were 
halfbacks Shay Duris, Michelle 
Pavlas, and fullback Stephanie 
Dubitsky. Behind all of them was 
goalie Becca Mix. 

The Buccaneers were proud to 
hear that goalie Becca Mix, half- 
back Shay Duris, and fullback 
Kerri Mead made the first Dual 
County League All Star team . 
Making the DCL second team 
were forwards Kristen Colliton 
and Terri Franks. 

As the fall sports season came 
to a close, the seven graduating 
seniors were sad to say good-bye 
to a team that meant so much to 
them for the past four years. The 
seniors wish lots of luck to next 
years's team. 

VARSn V FIELD HOCKEY. (Top) Rachel Siegel. Danielle Allain. Jcnn Hiouii. 
Michelle Cronin. Kate Leary. Catherine Weicker, Caroline Alba. Kate Geary. Caria 
Gianetta; (kneeling) Amy Sandell. Sarah Shamel. Andrea Marston. Lauren Stewart. 
Kerri Mead. Sara Rosenberg, Sarah Eppler. Jessamyn Smith. Anita Shewakaramini, 
Katie Brown; (sitting) Mandy Jannis, Stephanie Dubitsky. Mary Mix. Shay Duris, 
Kristen Colliton, Terri Franks, and Alexis Macleod. 


null niiMf' 

■lUNIOR VARSITY, (top) Karein Van Dcr Lee, Christina Griecci, Gretchen Marslon. 
Charlene Tobin, Michelle Pietchel, Danielle Taylor, Amy l-cshin, Kristin Mead, Cara 
McNamara. Maria Cohen: (kneeling) Cathy Rowe. l,isa LiHiney. Terri O'Reilly. Susan 
Bayliss, Chrissy Gciltuss, Rebecca Tomassian. Dina Zolutusky, Gina Di San/I, Heather 
McCarthey: (sitting) Lora Palino, Mary Long, Genja Williams, Alissa Dangel. Su/anne 
Schntuhl, Lindsay Sylvia, and Bethany Giusti. 4 | 

Wadhera lakes a deep breath as he warms 
up tor the meet. 


(lop) Mike Donaldson, Naveen Wadhera. 
Aaron Rashba. Mike Quinn. Sieve 
Robinson, Coach Barry Dynel, (middle) 
Matt Dwyer, Gilbert Tsang. Yung Sir, 
Young En. (front) Tony Richards, Erika 
Horn. Mike Esposito. Cait Hurley. Chris- 
tina Carvey. and Sewon Im. 


TTING PSYCHED. Mark Mclnnis 
centrales before taking a swing. 

(lurry puts so much effort into hitting 
uiilf ball that his pants fail down. 

You don't have to enjoy pain to enjoy 
cross-country, but it probably helps. 
Though some will argue otherwise, any 
cross-country team runner will tell you 
that his or her team is one of the hardest 
working at Bedford High. The practices 
are short but intense: we just run. 

1992 saw another great improvement 
in the team. With a top seven composed of 
many sophomores, this team's future looks 
very bright. The number one runner on the 
team, Steve "God" Robinson will still be 
competing along with fellow sophomore 
squad members Naveen Wadhera, Gilbert 
Tsang. and Matt Dwyer. Other returning 
members were Mike Esposito and Aaron 
Rashba. Mike again suffered a tough in- 
jury half-way through the season but re- 
turned in time to enter the last few meets. 
Aaron was a strong competitor. Caitlin 
Hurley abandoned soccer to run on the 
cross-country team. Cait was unable to 
compete with the girls, so she ran with the 
boys and usually finished in the top three 

for Bedford. Robinson and Tony Richards 
both made it to the state meet this season. 

The 1992 season was a tough one for 
Bedford, and the record certainly does 
paint the whole picture. Four of the meets 
which the team lost were lost by a narrow 
margin. At any rate, the other Dual County 
League teams will be carefully eyeing 
Bedford in the next year. 

The entire team would like to thank 
Coach Barry Dynet. Working with him 
has been a privilege. Under his guidance, 
practices were demanding yet fun. Team 
members formed close friendships, and 
Barry was a friend as well as a coach. 

The autumn of 1 992 was by far Bedford 
High School's best golf season in recent 
history. The team ended the season with 
nine wins, three ties, and only two losses. 
The team qualified for state champion- 
ships where they missed the final cut by a 
few strokes. 

The team was led by three individuals 
who referred to themselves as "The Bash 
Brothers" — otherwise known as Bryan 
Albonesi, Dave Boffa, and Dave Venuti. 
These three carried the team to the state 
tournament with occasional wins by Mark 
Mclnnis, Matt McGarry, Mike McGarry, 
and Josh Reynolds. However, the Bash 
Brothers were the emotional leaders of the 
team, oftentimes giving speeches to the 
players before every match. "We did this. 
to give the team the mental edge," said 
Albonesi, "and Venuti often talked trash to 
the other team, but they always backed it 

Boffa interjected, "Talking trash was 
my way of getting our opponent out of the 
match mentally. You don't know how 
many players I went against that were so 
much better than me playing the game, but 
they didn't have the mental edge over me, 
and that's how I made up the difference." 

In any event, the Bash Brothers and the 
1992 golf team will never be foraotten. 

HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY BARBELL? Dave Boffa Ilexes his muscles by lifting his golf driver. 



(top) Rebecca Green, Julie Dubitsky. Dana Morris, Stacy Porter, Caren Chen. Heather 
Peebles, (troni) Sharon Schoneld. Lexie Ross, Jessica Turner, and Theresa McGovem. 


ENTHUSIASM. This year's soccer captains get psyched for the pep rally. 

GIRLS' VARSITY SOCCER (top) Kim Duda, Siri Hanson, Kim Raffa. Heather Peebles, Marika Voliccr, Wendy Castellana, Kristen 
MacDonald, Carolyn Fanelli, Debbie Downs, Tara Slavin, Mary DeMoss, (front) Beth Mara, Cyndi Hunt, Darrcll Russell. Stephanie 
Cann, Meg Boschetto, Kim Sands, Linda Jones, and Katie Esposito. 


I NNING HARD. Stephanie Cann fights to gain control of the soccer ball. 

Both the Girl's Var.sity and Jun- 
ior Varsity soccer teams had rough 
seasons this year. The scoreboard, 
however, did not dampen the girls" 
spirits. Before and during games, 
spectators could hear the girls in- 
spiring motto, "We Believe!," dem- 
onstrating the team's unity. 

The enthusiasm and youth of the 
new coach, Kristen Dougherty, 
helped the team through many dis- 
appointing games. The four remain- 
ing seniors, captains, Darrell Russell, 
Meg Boschetto. Kim Sands, and 
Stephanie Cann, led the team and 
showed leadership. The juniors 
made up a strong force, in skill and 
number. Linda Jones led the offen- 
sive with her quick speed and im- 
pressive moves. Cyndi Hunt, Kristen 
MacDonald, and Wendy Castellana 
were all very strong on the offensive 
line. Debbie Downs and Siri Hanson 
detnonstratcd versatility; and each 
played both offensive and defensive 

positions. Carolyn Fanelli and 
Marika Volicer used their strength 
in helping to defend the goal, which 
was guarded by Mary DeMoss. Al- 
though it was her first year playing 
on the varsity team, DeMoss proved 
to be a strong asset, using amazing 
skills to save many goals. Unfortu- 
nately, during the season, two excel- 
lent players, juniors Beth Mara and 
Kim Raffa, were both severely in- 
jured. Returning sophomores, Kim 
Duda and Tara Slavin. once again 
deiTionstrated their abilities on the 
field. Katie Esposito, in her first 
year at B.H.S.. showed great protii- 

Although the girls did not experi- 
ence many wins, their efforts exetn- 
plified the true spirit of dedicated 
athletes. They devoted a lot time and 
hard work, and their hearts were al- 
ways in the game. Gradually, the 
girls became a team and learned to 
play together. 




Lino Miani directs all of his energy into scoring a goal for 
Bedford in the game against Westford Academy. Fellow 
team members look on in amazement. 


The soccer team displays espirit de corps as they enjoy a 
competitive game. 


"Let's go to war. 
Take the meat!'' 

i.\ — Captains John Mara and Adam Udell 

These words have characterized the atti- 
dc of Bedford High Soccer for years, and it 
no coincidence that they are spoken by this 
;ar"s two senior captains. Intense leaders on 
c field, John Mara and Adam Udell pro- 
ded the great leadership the young Bucca- 
-■cr team needed. Storming the opposition's 
)al and playing punishing defense respec- 
vcly, Mara and Udell were voted league all- 
s. They were joined by junior captain 

Calvin Wilder, who solidly manned the de- 
fense with Udell. Returning just five seniors 
from last year and gaining as many freshmen, 
some would have chalked this fall up as a 
rebuilding year. Not Coach Wilson. Never 
conceding anything, he led the team through 
a very competitive Dual County League sched- 

The Bucs captured their first victory against 
Wayland when senior Dan Hogland scored 
the contest's only goal in his first game at 
Bedford. As the season progressed, seniors 
Jason Campoli and "Vulcan" Miani stepped 
up their games and were joined by juniors Rob 

1 W^ 'p 


'|M Coach David Wilson, Andy Katy, Corey Gelormini, Mike McAllister. Chris Auinann, Jesse Ryan. John Barrows, 
.;n Dick, Matt Ondovchil, Matt Giusti, Todd Wilson. Tim Likosky, Tim .Shellin, Chris Ryan, ( front) David .Schowaller, 
eve Clark. Calvin Wilder, John Mara. Adam Udell, Lino Miani, Jason Campoli, and Rohii Kaul. 

Hannon, Ben Dick, and John Barrows. Sopho- 
more Matt Giusti showed great enthusiasm, 
and "Ozzy" Clark not only ran through every 
ball, but also every player on the opposing 

At home against Boston Latin, Mara ex- 
ploded for four goals in the Bedford victory. 
The Bucs' win over Wayland was highlighted 
by Wilder' s eighteen yard header into the net. 
Another big game came against league-lead- 
ing Lincoln Sudbury in which Rob Hannon 
netted Mara's rebound and tied the score with 
only seconds left. 

Undoubtedly, though, the best game for 
the Bucs came under the lights against 
Westford Academy, eventual Division II state 
champion and newcomer to the league mak- 
ing its first trip to Bedford. Westford had 
much better skills, but Bedford's muscle and 
intensity made up the difference. Trailing I- 
in the second half, the Bucs started to hit 
hard. Mara knotted the score with a solo 
effort. Westford scored again late in the 
game, and the Bucs simply ran out of time 
before they could answer. This bruising 
contest .sent Westford limping and not want- 
ing to see Bedford for another year. Coach 
Wilson characterized the game when he said. 
"Welcome to the DCL (Dual County League)" 
Westford learned its lesson well: for after 
winning the state championship they declared 
Bedford their toughest competition all year. 



The Cheerleaders gi\e sparkle to the Pep Rally 




The 1992 - 1993 
Cheerleading season was 
filled with many ups and 
downs. Tryouts w ere in May 
of last year and there was a 
lot of talent. Twenty-four 
girls made it, and by the end 
of the season we were down 
to eighteen. During the sum- 
mer we had practices every 
other day and we also did a 
fund-raiser for new uniforms. 

We all got to know each 
other really well at camp. We 
won an award for the most 
unified squad. Football sea- 

son started, and it was slow 
at first, but it picked up' 
when our competition sea-: 
son started in October. 
Practices were held from 5- 
and 7 PM after school. Our 
first competition was in 
Wobum, and we managedl 
to place seventh. Our next 
competition was the Mas- 
sachusetts state competi- 
tion in Marlboro. We had 
a new routine, and we 
placed fifth. We traveled 
to Franklin for our final 
and best meet. 


Nothing But Net 

Although the season has not yet ended, 
the Lady Bucs have been very suc- 
cessful so far. At this point they have 
a record of six wins and three losses in 
the Dual County League, and they are 
going strong. The major challenge 
the Bucs must face is getting past 
tough opponents — Acton- 
Boxborough and Westford Academy. 
With the help of Pete Cacciola and his 
conditioning program, the Bucs have 
been able to maintain high intensity 
throughout each game. 

Coach Sullivan has been very 
pleased with this year's team, and she 
has a lot of hope for success next year. 
"! think this team is the best all-around 

team I'xe had. Jen Hanson, with 
close to 1 ()()() points, is the leading 
scorer in the league, and she has 
more support from a well-rounded 
and talented team than she has in 
years past," said Sullivan. She feels 
that the new junior varsity coach, 
Lisa McManus. has contributed a 
great deal to the girls' basketball pro- 
gram, and Sullivan looks forward to 
a promising 1993-1994 season. 

When they are not shooting bas- 
kets, the team has been raising money 
to donate to a Haitian couple who lost 
their children and home to a tire last 
year in Hyde Park. 



een Hartwell and fellow Lady Buc battle 
the ball. 

lOD ADVICE . Team members listen 
their coach explains the strategy for the 
xt play. 

HE 1993 GIRL'S BASKETBALL TEAM (front) Debbie Downs. Cyndi Hunt, 
irrell Russell. Jen Hanson. Linda Jones. Kristie Connolly (top) Coach Maureen 
illivan. Theresa McGovern. Eileen Hartwell, Jessica Brown. Kcrri Mead. Caria 
ferrera. Kristen McDonald. 


arrell Russell is on her way to making a basket. 


Tony Johnson rises high above his opponents to 
slam dunk the basketball. 


Da\e Lord tries to recover after losing track of the ball' 

Through The Hoop 

Uncertainty was the key word 
this past fall as basketball season 
began at Bedford High. Coach 
Greenwood was gone, and Coach 
Grady took over his position. After 
tryouts there were many new faces 
on the team including nine 
lettermen. Three players moved up 
from the JV and freshmen teams, 
and three freshmen unexpectedly 
earned spots on the team. 

Although the opener against 
Wayland was a loss, many ques- 
tions were answered. Two days 
later, the Bucs rebounded ina 
thriller at Acton. Trailing by close 
to twenty points at halftime, tough 
defense and execution on offense 
evened the score by the end of 
regulation. In overtime Bedford 
never trailed, and the road win was 
one of the highlights of the season. 

For various reasons, including a 
chicken pox epidemic, the Bucs 
then entered a dry spell from 
which they had trouble escaping. 
The overmatched Bucs fought 
hard, but often they came up just a 
few points short. The team did 
come on strong toward the end of 
the season with several strong 
performances, including a victory 

at Weston. Hopes were high 
entering the state tournament, but 
a frustrating loss at St. Mary's 
ended Bedford's season. Nonethe- 
less, many individual achieve- 
ments do stand out. 

Dave Lord made the most of 
this, his last season of basketball 
at Bedford High. His slashing 
drives to the basket and aggressive 
offensive rebounding earned him a 
spot on the All=Star team. He was 
joined there by Co-Captain John 
Mara, an aggressive player at both 
ends of the court who came to 
every game ready to play. John 
Ginn, also elected captain, pro- 
vided strong leadership and 
intensity on defense. If the ball 
was on the floor, Ginn was on the 
floor. Colin Ross had to adjust to a 
new role on the team this year, and 
his season began slowly. One of 
the most belligerent players in the 
league, his game improved as the 
season wore on. 

Junior Calvin Wilder, moved 
into the starting lineup late in the 
season. Returning with him next 
year will be Chris Midgett, Chris 
Farmer, Matt Dwyer, Tom Adams 
and Cedric Townes 


Malt McGarry dribbles past his op- 
ponent in order to make a basket. 



(top) Coaches Steve Morris and Scott Smulski, Jeremy Ciaccia. John Thorn, Matt Thomas, Brian Deardoff, Mike 
Smulski. Alyssa Dangei. (middle) Eric McCune, Mary DeMoss, Jason Ingraham. Jessica Turner, Steve Aftosmis. John 
Taylor, Amy Sandell, Jim Sulhvan, Sara Borshay. Jessamyn Smith, Danielle Allain, (front) Jason Lee. Carrie Ciaccia, 
Sarah Shamel, Stephanie Dubitsky, Mary Mix, Adam Udell, Lino Miani. and Teh Ciccone. 


Teri Ciccone competes in the slalom race. 


Jessica Turner glides gracefully down the hill. 


John Taylor takes skiing very seriously. He thinks hard 
about leaning into his turn. 



Wendy Castcllana and Krystin Carpenter flex their muscles 
before diving practice. 


Greg Ross practices freestyle during swim team practice. 
He takes a breath before finishing the lap. 


If one visits Nashoba 
^ alley anytime from 
anuary to March, he is 
lound to meet 
iedford's ski team 
>racticing their slalom 
aces. The ski team 
aced some unfavorable 
onditions this year — 
:e, sleet, and freezing 

temperatures, but that 
never stopped them. 
The day of the races, 
everyone arrived with 
their newly waxed skis, 
ready to ski down the 
mountain. Although the 
boys' and girls' teams 
never won, they always 
had a respectable finish. 

The team finished every 
race within fifty points 
of third place. 

The boys were led by 
Teri Ciccone and 
Stephen Aftosmis. 
Sarah Shamel and 
Carrie Ciaccia led the 
girls. Graduating se- 
niors include Teri 
Ciccone, Lino Miani, 


op) Kathleen Kypcr. Amanda Walts, Susan Bayliss, Heather McCarthy. .Sarah Watts, Chrissy Young, Curtis Wright, 
niddle) Greg Ross, Charlie Axtell, Captain Krystin Carpenter. Wendy Castcllana, Erica Horn. Stacey Porter, Joey 
iupkus. Coaches .Sandy and Brian Mac/ko, (front) Nathan Campoli, Cathy Rowe, Kate Leary. Andrea, Lisa 
aschekcwitz, and Vilas Sridharan. 

Adam Udell, Stephanie 
Dubitsky, and Mary Mix. 
Congratulations on a 
great season and good 
luck next year. 

Amazing as it sounds, 
the co-ed swim team 
enjoyed a successful 
season. Bedford proved 
to be stiff competition for 
other teams in the 
league. Diving cham- 
pion Krystin Carpenter 
brought her expertise to 
the Buccaneers. Wendy 
Castellana also dove. 

Charlie Axtell and 
Greg Ross led the team 
in swimming. The swim 
team maintained their 
competitive edge by 
holding rigorous prac- 
tices and doing weight 
training. The team looks 
ahead to next year's 



The pre-season report was not looking too 
promising for the skating Bucs. Head Coach 
Tom Griffiths was no longer with the team. It 
was rough for couple ofweeks for the Bucs 
without a couch. Then. Steve Bev ins entered 
the picture. Hehad been to the State Finals 
many times with Shawsheen and Minuteman 
and decided t o ring his coaching techniques 
to the Bucs. 

The boys greeted Coach Bevins with open- 
arms. It took awhile for them to get used to 
Bevins' techniques. For instance, the Bucs 
struggled w ith the "breakout"and the 
"forecheck". When the guys started to get the 
hang of it. things began to click. 

Bevins was assisted by Paul Dontremont 
and Coach Henry (a volunteer coach). Junior 
captains Wayne Sullivan, Matt Gallant and 
Sean Mee rallied behind the team. The 
goaltending was split this year between junior 
Matt Gallant and sophomore James Paredes. 

The first line consisted of the leading scorer 
for the Bucs, Wayne Sullivan. Jeff Sullivan 
and Neil Fluckinger helped out Wayne 

Sullivan on the wings. The second line, which 
got the name the "Dogs" because of their hard- 
work consisted of Matt Hansen and Mike 
Anderson at the wings who were centered by 
Rob Hannon. 

Senior Mark Veits had his share of playing 
time with hard work and crushing bodychecks. 
The players that will be showing promise for 
next year are juniors Mike Rossi and Brian 
Jardine, along with freshman Nick Anderson. 

The people behind the ripping slapshots 
and amazing checks were the 
soliddefensemen. They were lead by senior 
John Boland. junior Bill Martines.sophomore 
Brian Maranian and freshman Matt Maddox. 
Bill Boland spent his timeas both a forward 
and a defenseman. 

The Bucs earned well-deserved respect. 
With many of their penalty free games, the 
referees began to side with Bedford. Even 
though the guys never had the joy of a victory, 
Bevins can guarantee that this young team 
will be fighting back for years to come in the 
Bedford High tradition. 


Bedford's Neil Fluekiger battles an opponent for control 
of the puck. Fluekiger gets to the puck first and success- 
fully defends Bedford's goal. 



(top) Coach Dontremont, Brian 
Moranian, Malt Hansen, Mike Rossi, 
Josh Reynolds. Bill Martines, Dave 
Faulkner, Mark Veits, Brian Jardine, 
Coach Henry, (middle) James Paredes, 
Rob Hannon, John Boland, Mike Ander- 
son, Matt Maddox. Bill Boland, Neil 
Fluckiger, Coach Steve Bevins, Carta 
Gianetta, (front) Sean Mee, Wayne 
Sullivan, Matt Gallant, Chris Heimple, 
and Jeff Sullivan. 


John Boland receives the puck from a 
fellow team mate and prepares to score a 


Wayne Sullivan skates across ihc rink, 
secure in the know ledge that another team 
mate is guarding him. 


Professional hockey is notorious for its 
violence and disagreements between op- 
ponents on the ice. Mike Anderson helps 
carry on this tradition. 


Brian Moranian defends the puck from a 
stick- wielding opponent. 



(lop) Crissy Geiltuss. Russ Kleekamp, Scan Waldron. Aaron Rashba, Matt Giusti. Bryant Chisholm, (middle) Coach 
Doherty. Katie Carpenter. Naveen Wadhera. Sewon Im. Sharlene Tobin. Michelle Cronin. Jen Brown. Carolyn 
Fanelli. (front) Alan Pedersen. Mike Esposiio. Viet Le. Rich Atkinson. .Scott Kleekamp.and Jason Campoli. 


Sharlene Tobin takes off from the siartini; line at an 
incredible pace. 


Viet Le, Renaissance Man. gets off to a good start in thi 
grueling race. 


Matt Giusti jumps over the hurdle at an indoor track 



(top) Ron Blanchette. Sieve Hector, Jeff Weinfurt. Jason 
Tolwinski. Chris Rowc. Craig Browne, (middle) Marg- 
aret Mann. John Cadotte. (front) Co-captains David Gersh 
and Joanna Jeffery. 


David Gersh helps Joanna Jeffery aim her rifle. Dave is 
sure that he is the expert. 


Although the boy's results weren't the greatest and 
he girls team was too small to be officially scored, 
he indoor track team enjoyed a fun season. New 
o the girl's team were freshmen Alyssa Robinson 
ind Geilfuss who improved and excelled in 
heir events. Sophomore sprinter Sharlene Tobin 
.howed her speed, running well at the state class 
neet at Harvard. Sophomore Katie Carpenter also 
vorked hard this season and competed well. Sopho- 
nores Michelle Cronin and Jen Brown also con- 
ributed to the spirit and fun of the team. Junior 
;aptain Carolyn Fanelli looked strong in the 600, 

running with the tops in the state. Senior captain 
Cait Hurley enjoyed a fine season as well. She ran 
well at the Dartmouth Relays early in the season, 
breaking the school record of 5: 1 5. She cut it pretty 
close, running a 5; 14.9. She ran 5:13.5 later in the 
season. On the boys side of the team, sophomores 
Bryant Chisholm, Matt Giusti, and Sean Waldron 
all made the state class meet and performed great 
against more experienced opponents. Sprinter 
Chisholm broke the .school record in the 40, set by 
Reggie Kenon. Freshman Russ Kleekamp was a 
pleasant surprise in the high jump. Sophomores 


<on Blanchette pulls the trigger, hoping he was right on target. 

Sewon Im and Naveen Wadhera continued to im- 
prove their times, both showing promise for next 
year. Junior Aaron Rashba ran track for the first 
time and improved greatly, anan Seniors Alan 
Pedersen, Armrith Gunesekara, and Scott Kleekamp 
looked strong in their respective events. Scott did 
especially well for Bedford in the high jump, 45 
yard hurtles, and shot put. Senior Mike Esposito 
worked hard this season and was a great team 
leader. Despite some recurring hip problems, Mike 
was running the 2-mile at a fast pace by the end of 
the season. Senior captain Matt Ross was a standout 
in the 300 and 600. as was senior Jason Campoli. 
Senior captain Viet Le was injured most of the 
season, but was a good cheerleader. 

The BHS Ritle team has done very well this sea- 
son, with a number of new shooters joining the 
team. Many students participated, and were 
coached by teacher Bill Keup. The captains of the 
team this year were David Gersh and Joanna Jeffery. 
a student from Concord-Carlisle High School. The 
members of the team all saw improvement during 
the season and were very proud of their accom- 
plishments. From late December through early 
February, the students fired in the BHS ritle range. 
The range is located in the basement, adjacent to 
the old weight training room. Members of the team 
shoot .22 caliber long rilles. The shooters fire at 
small targets, at a distance of 50 feel. These targets 
are so small that the "10" ring is only the size of a 
pencil dot. The team tires against three other 
teams: Glouchester. New Bedford, and Rogers 
from Rhode Island. Next year, the team has a good 
shot (no pun intended) at becoming slate champi- 
ons due 10 the number of able shooters which the 
team boasts. 



Malt Gallant gets into position to hit the 
hall oa the rest of the learn watches in 


Bryan Albonese leisurly runs to Hrsi base 
alter hitting the baseball out of the park. 



With the entire squad return- 
ing the 1993 Bucs were looking 
forward to a .sea.son i'ull of prom- 
ise. After last year's 10 - 10 fin- 
ish, the Bucs were expecting to 
place high in the DCL. They were 
led by last years leading hitters 
Bryan Albonesi, and Dave 
Venuti. who were once quoted as 
saying, "We've got a lot of talent 
this year, we have to work hard 
during every practice, and we'll 
get out of it what we put into it." 
Also a solid pitching staff, headed 
by juniors Matt Gallant and 
Wayne Sullivan as well as sopho- 
more Jason McCorniick. pro- 
vided a solid nucleus. Led by 
seniors Paul Stone and Matt 
McGarry. the Bucs infield. 
"Death Valley" is feared through- 
out the DCL. Making diving 
catches and causing casualties 

along the way. they still managed 
to turn numerous double plays. 
Along with "Death Valley" the 
outfield. "Bermuda Triangle"" 
raised eyebrows with their mar- 
velous grabs and sensational 
hurls. With the speed of Colin 
Ross, the arm of Billy Katz. and 
the hustle of Geoff Chase, every 
ball which tlew through the out- 
field never appeared on radar and 
was never seen or heard. 

With the emotional leaders, 
Mike McGarry \ George Chen. Jim 
Sullivan, Rich Atkinson, and Dan 
Hoglund. also known as "Hired 
Guns'", spirits were always high 
on the bench and goals were al- 
ways reached. The "Hired Guns" 
added, "We're not here to make 
people laugh, we are here to play 
ball, and we give a 1009?- EV- 



GAME Wayne Sullivan puts the force of'his whole 

Colin Ross takes a great swing at the ball body behind the pitch to strike out the 

wanting to propel it far in the air. batter. 


(top) Coach Sabourin. Billy Kat/, George 
Chen, Greg Janian. Matt McGarry. Geoff 
Chase. Mike McGarry, Jim Sullivan. Ja- 
son McCormick. Coach Sullivan (bottom) 
Wayne Sullivan, Matt Gallant, Dave 
Venuti, Bryan Albonesi, Paul Stone, Colin 


After grabbing the baseball Dave Venuti 
runs to the base in effort to gel the runner 




TaraSlavin catches a line drive. She aims UP AT BAT 

the ball toward the pitcher, so the other Katy Doherty prepares to slam the ball out 

tream will be out. of the ball park. 




One of BHS's strongest ath- 
letic teams is the Girls Softball 
team. With several delays dur- 
ing the start of the season due 
to the weather (SNOW!), the 
team did not play their opening 
game until mid-April. 

However, from the players', 
coaches', and fans' point of 
view, Bedford High School 
Softball has the potential for a 
great season. All starters re- 
turned from last year's team 
with the exception of the 
pitcher. Ace pitcher. Sarah 
Rosenberg has taken over the 
mound with Kelly Gullage 
backing her up. Behind the 
plate, Carla Inferrera, a previ- 
ous DCL All-Star, takes charge 

of the field. Eileen Hartwell 
plays first base, w ith Lexie Ross 
as occasional support. Tara 
Slavin works hard at second 
base and Jennifer Hanson (a 
player feared by other teams ) is 
a sensational shortstop. Debbie 
Downs shows her speed and 
agility at third base. Playing 
left, center, and right fields, 
respectively, arc Kim Duda. 
Katy Doherty. and Carla 
Gianetta. The daring desig- 
nated hitter is Mary Mix. As 
for the bench, they're the best 
ones around - there are many 
strong and spirited players, in- 
cluding Beverly Horsch. 
Wendy Chase. Christine 
Harrington, and Kim Raffa. 



MAKING THE OUT. will Jen Hanson make it all the way home 

Wendy Chase successfully catches the to earn more runs tor the BHS sot'tball 
Softball in right field. team? 


(top) Craig Wiley. Caria Gianetta, Kim 
Duda, Eileen Hartwell, CarIa Infcrrera, 
Wendy Chase. Tara Slavin. Coach Wil- 
son. ( front) Marcy Correia. Sara Rosenberg, 
Mary Mix. Jen Hanson. Katy Doherty. 
Debbie Downs, and Aniko Van dcr Lee. 


Catcher CarIa Inferrera returns the ball to 
the pitcher. 



IPROBLEM. Adam Smith is confi- 
Ithat he can win the point. 



Tennis is a strange game. With its 
complex scoring system, where love equals 
zero, a bad attitude can get you in a little 
more trouble than you may think. Many 
people think that being crazy is a prerequi- 
site for playing this game. Very few people 
would stand on a small court and let their 
opponents direct balls with amazing speed 
and force toward them. 

The girls, led by seniors Meg 
Boschetto, Laurie Sheflin, and Stephanie 
Dubitsky, had a reasonable season. Al- 
though not every game was a win, the girls 
always stuck together and knew that win- 
ning is not everything. Instead of dwelling 
on their record, the team went out on the 
courts and gave it their best shot. 

The Bedford High School team was up 
against some tough competition. The girls' 
biggest match was against Concord- 
Carlisle, who have remained the DCL 
champions for as long as anyone can re- 
member. Despite the odds, the girls showed 
the other teams that Bedford was a strong 
opponent and managed to pull off some 
awe-inspiring wins. 

Under the instruction of Mrs. Aldorisio, 
the girls showed immense growth an some 
great sportsmanship. "Winning isn't ev- 
erything; Just go out there and try your 
best." Thanks to Mrs. Aldo's inspiring 
words, the girls went out and gave it their 
best shot. The girls are looking forward to 
next year with a good attitudeand hope to 

improve their record with sweat and hard 

Boys' tennis led by Coach Deardorff, 
was very experienced since only one player 
graduated last year. Bedford struggled 
againt the strong Dual Country League, 
including arch-rival and state champs Lin- 
coln-Sudbury, Concord-Carlisle, and 
Wayland. The team was led by senior 
captains, "The Red Terror" Big Daddy 
Hursh, "Tough Guy" Viet Le, and "The 
Sweet Singing Suede" Alan Pedersen. Join- 
ing the three senior members of the varsity 
team are juniors Adam Smith and Rohit 
Kaul, sophomores Naveen Wadhera and 
Corey Gelormini, and freshman Sam 

tVE. Brian Drohan leaps hihg as he 
es (he tennis ball. 

Blanchette, Henrik Patel, Adam Chiocca, 
Naveen Wadhera, Brian Drohan, Craig 
Browne, David Kern, Sewon Im (bottom) 
Alan Pedersen, and Corey Gelormini. 



(top) Carolyn Panel li. Catherine Weicker. 
Carrie Ciaccia. Andrea Russo, Sara 
Higham, Kristin Horrigan, Katie Carpen- 
ter, and Sharlene Tobin. 


Carolyn Fanelli thinks about her upcom- 
ing meet. 



The spring track team has sur- 
vived the wet weather and an epi- 
demic of shin spHnt injuries and 
is gearing up for a successful sea- 
son. The boys' team numbers 
about 25 and the girls' also have a 
good-sized squad. The boys' at- 
tack will be led by senior captains 
Matt Ross, Jason Campoli. and 
Mike Esposito, who are among 
the most experienced runners in 
the school. SeniorGreggRivinius 
and juniors Marcus Harris, Chris 
Midgett, and Chris Farmer are 
the only other upperclassmen on 
the roster. 

The team is fortunate to have 
an abundance of underclassmen 
runners who will not only help to 
power the team this year, but who 
will give Bedford Track strength 
in future years. Among the un- 
derclassmen are sprint-god Bry- 
ant Chisholm, ironmen Steve 
Robinson and Tony Richards, 
field event specialists Greg Cohen 

and Chris Aumann, and Cedric 
"what's up?" Townes. Others in- 
clude middle-distance runners 
Gilbert Tsang and Adam Chiocca. 
Yung En Chen, Fred Gableman, 
Ron Blanchette, and Andy 
Bournoff will be flying through 
some short-distance races, while 
Ben Waterhouse will be supple- 
menting the distance squad. 

The girls' team features 1992 
Massachusetts 2-mile champ Cait 
Hurley as well as fellow captains 
Kim Sands and Carolyn Fanelli. 
DCL javelin champ Darrell 
Russell will throw once again for 
Bedford and junior Wendy 
Castellana will be a sprinter to 
watch. Other competitors are Car- 
rie Ciaccia, Mindy Pulsipher, 
Michelle Pulsipher, Catharine 
French-Fuller, and freshman 
Kerrie Duncan among others. 
Both teams possessed the abili- 
ties to challenge and defeat DCL 




After some rough playing. Chip Mofield 
trots off the field for a water break. 


John Ginn is lucky enough to have a lot of 
room to get the ball to his teammates. 


Wins were elusive for the 
Bedford Lacrosse team, 
but that didn't phase such 
a hardy bunch. ""Well, we 
tried. We deserve the 
sportsmanship award," 
said Teri Ciccone. "La- 
crosse is a game of eti- 
quette," added Rob 
Hannon. Jason Setters 
had a different view of 
the game, saying, "This is 
a sport for men." 

Co-captain John Ginn 
shared his view on the 

season, "We may have 
dropped a lot of balls on 
the ground, but at least we 
deopped a lot of bodies, 
too." The ball did end up 
on the ground an aw ful lot 
for the Bucs, but under the 
able direction of coaches 
Campbell, Goodwin, and 
O'Neil, the team made 
great strides in skill, and, 
dammit, they had a good 



The guys protect the Bedford goal and 
hope to gain possesion. 


(lop) John Taylor, RyanWillianison, Dave 
Craig. Mike Rossi. Tony Johnson. John 
Ginn. Scott Kleckamp. Chip Moficld. 
Colonel Campbell (bottom) Carter 
Lanoux, Chris Heimple. Jason Kinkead. 
Brendan McGrath. Teri Ciccone. Ron 
Hannon. Mike McAllister. Vin Welch. 


Brendan McGrath uses his o\sn strategy 
by slabbing his lacrosse slick into the 
opponent's stomach. 


Involvement and Adventure 

It is eleven p.m., and the drama club is just 
wrapping up a Carousel rehearsal. The cast 
has worked dilligently for the past five hours. 
They all say goodnight and look forward to 
tomorrow's practice. 

This kind of unfailing dedication is not 
unusual at Bedford High School. Almost 
every student has a passion for something — 
acting, singing, playing a musical instrument, 
writing, or a devotion to community service. 

Students pursue their talents by joining clubs 
and spending time with others who share simi- 
lar interests. When the last bell rings at 1 :55, 
the halls are crowded with school-weary kids 
looking forward to winding down with sports 
practice or a science league meeting. 

This year, a new group called the Student 
Atmosphere Committee was formed in order 
to foster a growing sense of community at 
Bedford High School. The committee spon- 

sored a Student Outreach Program at the b^ 
ginning of the year to combat racism amor 
students, and the committee also opened "Tl 
Grub." a snack bar that was opened aft 
school to accomodate Bedford's hungry st 
dents. The Student Atmosphere Committee 
just one example of Bedford students takii 
the initiative. ^ 


March went out like a lion as the 
Bedford High School music depart- 
rnent performed Rodgers and 
Hammerstein's musical. Carousel. 
For the most pari, the cast wasn't as 
excited as they had heen in previous 
years, but as the show drew nearer, 
the excitement grew. 

Carousel is the story of a young 
girl, Julie Jordan, who falls in love 
with a carousel barker, Billy 
Bigelow. and eventually inarries 
him and she be omes pregnant. 
Meanwhile. Julie's friend. Carrie 
Pipperidgc, falls in love with Enoch 
Snow, and they plan to get married. 
Their relationship is almost ruined 
by the villain. Jigger Craigin . who 
is an ex-con and Billy's wicked 
sidekick. After a real nice clam- 
bake. Jigger and Billy plan to go 
back to the mainland and steal 
money from a wealthy mill owner. 
Mr. Bascombe. Their plan does not 
go according to schedule and they 
get caught. When Billy realizes he 
can't escape, he kills himself. As 
the crowd returns from the clam- 
bake, Julie enters and finds out that 
her husband is dead. She is com- 
forted by Nettie Fowler, hercousin, 
with whom she and Billy had been 
living. Billy goes to heaven and 
gels a chance to come back and see 
his daughter who is now 1 5 years 
old. Billy is able to let his wife and 
daughter know of his love before he 
must go back to heaven. 

Senior John Woolard and junior 
Julie Bay ne were chosen to play the 
leading roles of Billy and Julie. 

Their voices beautifully comple- 
mented each other during the love 
song, "If I Loved You." Senior 
Laurie Sheflin, as Carrie, demon- 
strated her excellent acting and 
singing skills as she sang "Mister 
Snow." She was joined by junior 
Heath Dill, as EncKh. Nettie, played 
by senior Jane .\ikinson. was the 
strong character in the show. She 
led the chorus in the rousing num- 
ber, "June Is Bustin" Out .'Ml Over." 
Later in the show, she sang the 
comforting, "You'll Never Walk 
Alone," and her beautiful voice 
brought tears to many eyes. The 
show's two villains, carousel owner 
Mrs. Mullin and Jigger played by 
junior Sarah Rosenberg and sopho- 
more Naveen Wadhera. were defi- 
nitely the crowd favorites. Sopho- 
more Michelle Pulsipher played 
the daughter. Lt)uisc. and danced a 
beautiful ballet. These characters 
were joined by the rest of the 
ensemble, and the exceptional 
orchestra accompanied the perfor- 
mances. The stage crew, led by 
stage manager Brian Drohan, 
worked hard on the sets. 

The cast peifomied the show on 
March II. 12. and 15 because of a' 
snowstorm. The cast was worried 
that performing on a Monday night 
would be a downer, but the audi- 
ence w as unexpectedly responsive, 
and the last show was upbeat and 
exciting. All in all. the experience 
was fun for all and "we all had a 
real sood time!" 

BEHIND THE SCENES . Crew members Brian Drohan and Mike 
Esposito put their heads together as they design another set. 

HEART-WRENCHING MELODY . Thecastreheareestheemotionalandtouchingfin. 


REACHING FOR THAT NOTE . Members of the select w omen's chorus sing the knee 
slapping number "You'll Ne\er Walk Alone." 

Foreign Language 

AVC! Holai Bolljour! The Latin, Spanish and French clubs at 
Bedford High School are not only educational, but also fun! 
Students are given a chance to socialize with friends while 
improving their foreign language skills. 

The Latin Club, led by officers George Chen, Dave Venuti, 
John Ginn, and Dave Boffa. struts its stuff in togas. They add a 
sense of history with their knowledge of Greek and Roman 
customs, legends, and innovations. 

The Spanish Club had a strong year under the leadership of Jen 
Brown. Courtney Donovan, Katie Brown, and Rita Patino. The 
club strove to raise money for new programs by selling candy 
Many students nibbling on these tempting treats were thankful to 
the Spanish Club. 

The French Club once again offered a chance for conserva- 
tion, food, and fun at its monthly Salon de The du Cercle Francia. 
Stephanie Dubitsky. Lauren Stewart, Carrie Ciaccia, and Meg 
Boschetto were the backbone of the organzation. The club once 
again organized the school-wide "Love Connection." 

All of the language clubs had their own Halloween parties, 
where students dressed up in costumes, and competed in various 
silly games and races. Food, folks, and fun was abundant, as 

Foreign Language Week is the highlight of all of the year's 
events. Room decorating, the International Cafe, the Culture 
Bee. and the annual Intemational Dinner bring students of all 
clubs and language classes together. 

All of the clubs would like to thank their advisors for their time 
and dedication: Mr. Kelly (Latin Club), Ms. Rull (Spanish Club), 
and Mrs. Rands (French Club). Without their support and lead- 
ership, the clubs would not be what they are today. 

LEADERS. Language club offic- HALLOWEEN PARTY. 

ers Stephanie Dubitsky and Rita Michelle Cronin. Beth Ela. and 
Patino pose for the photographer. Sharlene Tobin dance the night 



l atin Club 

i iont Row: Mary Demoss, Mindy Pulsipher, Allison Sundet. John Cadotle. 
George Chen, Dave Venuti, John Ginn, Dave Boffa, Steve Af'tosmis, Keith Colbath, 
Michelle Pulsipher, Theresa O'Reilly. 

Second Row; Catherine Weiker, Mr. Kelly, Josh Reynolds, Chris Carpenter, 
Sean Waldron, Eric McCune, Shay Duris, Jamie Reed, Doug Mix, Mike 
Smulski, Jen Young. Patty Leeman, Megan Albani, Beth Mara, 
Michelle Pitchell. Heather Wilder. 

Third Row: Jared Carlson. Paul Stone, Mark Mclnnis, Dave Lord. 
Back Row: Chris Midgett,Chris Fanner, Erin Sparks, Jcnn Blackstone, Ashley Crane, 
Mike Lord, Caroline Busch, Colin Ross, John Mara, Calvin Wilder, HendrikPatel, 
Matt Gallant, Bryan Albonesi, Adam Smith, Scott Carlisle. Rohil Kaul. Ryan Dem. 

Spanish Club 

Front Row: Jen Brown. Courtney Donovan. Katie Brown. Rita Patino. 
Second Row: Sarah Shamel. Lisa Piantedosi, Kristem Kyper, Jen Tsang, 
Jo Almadovar, Gladys Cintron, Caroline Alba, Maria Cohen. Simon Mungia, 
Alicia Cecil. Maryellen Valalaro. 

Third Row: Joanne Mackie, Kalhy Kelly. Mary Long. Agata Brys. Sharon 
Schotleld. Ron Blanchelte. Christine Perino, Gina Corea, Caria Gianetta. 
Jeremy Tate, Ciirl Mushala. Ia"nc Boyle. Jennifer Montgomery. Beth M;u-a. Kim Duda. 
Tara Slavi. CarIa Int'errera. Kelly Gullage. Back Row: David Jones. Margret 
Mann, Theresa McGovcrn, Alyssa Robinson Jeannetlc Hagon, Kate Geary, 
Danielle Allain, Sara Higham, Nicki Liss, Kristen Macdonald, Debbie Downs. 

French Club 

Front Row : Marie Tan/er, Dina Zolotusky, M?eredith Dill, Katie Esposito, Karein Van Der Lee, 
Megan French-Fuller, Cindy Nerney, Sara Carvey, Michelle Shwinier 
Second Row : Emma Berca Jane Atkinson, Michelle Lloyd. Sally Atkinson. Julie Dubilsky.Teri O'Reilly. 
Ben Waterhouse, Cara Stein, Christine Geilfuss, Ellen Gersh, Heather McCarih>. Rachel 
Siegel, Vanessa Vitello. 

Third Row : Michell Pulsipher. ChristinaCarvey. Anne Boyle. StephanieDubitsky. Carrie Ciaccia, 
Lauren Stewart. Meg Boschetto. Mrs. Rainis. Heather Wilder. Amy Leshin. Sanju Patel. Tom Kotw al 
. Jeff York. Kristen Horrigan. Eillen 0"Pray. 

Forth Row: Kate Leary. Andrea Russo. Jill Freeman. Teri Ciccone, Linda Jones. Anita Shewakramani. 
Claire Morehead, Kristina Roussak, Betsy Carlton, Brian Fehlau, Sara Rosenberg. Jessica Turner. 
Ben Dick. Kerri Mead, Carolyn, Fanelli. 

Back Row : Gilbert Tsang, Genja Williams. Catherine Weiker. Beth Ela, Chris Heimple.MichelleCn>nin. 
Aaron Carson, Julie St. Sauveur. Heath Dill, LisaLoone\ , Andrew Schwerin. Jens Kullman, Craig 
Browne, Nathan Algren. 


Inspiring Instrumentalists 

If you walk down D hall after school, there is almost always 
music to be heard. Perhaps you'll hear a student practicing for an 
upcoming orchestra test or a band member trying to memorize 
marching band music. 

Practice has given great results to this years instrumental 
programs. Members of Wind Ensemble and Concert Ban showed 
spirit this fall by participating in marching band. Their routines 
and stands music inspired both players and spectators. 

Both the Concert Band and WindEnsemblecreated beautiful 
music for the Winter Concert in February. The Wind Ensemble 
particularly impressed the audience with its medley of songs 
from the recent Broadway smash, "Miss Saigon." 

The Bands joined forces to march in the annual Bedford Day 
and Memorial Day parades. On Bedford Day. the band marched 
dow n Great Road, bringing a rush of excitement and enthusiasm 
to expectant onlookers. Orchestra was blessed this year by the 
addition of a talented freshman class. 

Thirty members strong. The group performed in December. 
This year the orchestra combined with select members of the 
wind ensemble to form a full orchestra. 

Music can be heard at Bedford High School at all hours of the 
day. Imagine walking into school on a dreary Monday morning 
and being greeted by beautiful chamber music. This is not a 
dream, it is a reality. Beginning to play at 6:50every othennoming, 
the chamber music group practices long and hard to acc»>mpan\ 
ihechoirand also members of the Madrigals Chorus at the annual 
Madrigal Dinner. 

ALL THAT JAZZ. A Bedford musician,Joey Zupkus, plays the 
blueson the trumpet. 


W ill ue be seein Chris Coates play- Hursh plays a tender mekxly or 
inn the sax on Arsenio? the violin. 


ont) Jeff Weinfurt, Jen St. 
auveur, Ben Waterhouse, 
ilas Sridharan, Jeremy 
iaccia, Jason Lee, Phillip 
oole, Michelle Koop, 
lichelle Shwimer, Chrissy 
ieilfuss, (2nd) Jeremy 
fash, Joey Zupkus, Cara 
tein, Mary DeMoss, Dan 
lintron, Marie Tanzer, 
klison Sundet, Carrie 
!iaccia, Josh Longstreth, 
Ireg Ross, Lora Patino, 
Catharine French-Fuller, 
Mie Carpenter, Jen Tsang, 
)ack) Beverly Horsch, 
harlie Axtell, Brian Fehlau, 
hris Coates, Alex Brill, and 
Ir. Barbas. 

ONCERTBAND. (front) 
eth Ela, Caroline Alba, 
lanielle Allain, Timothy 
'eYoung, (2nd) Nathan 
hlgren, Eileen Hartwell, 
ethany Lesure, Alyssa 
l|)angel, Rachel Steiglitz, 
Dack) Chris Rowe, Greg 
impson, Brian Deardorff, 
oren Armstrong, Julie 
>ubitsky, and Mr. Barbas. 

ORCHESTRA, (front) Krystin 
Carpenter, Stephanie Dubitsky, 
Jenn Blackstone, David Hursh, 
Mike Esposito, Jane Atkinson, 
(2nd) Jeannie Kim, Jennifer 
Clerkin, Michelle Poradovsky, 
Anita Shewakramani, Sarah 
Carvey, Kristin Horrigan, Vanessa 
Vitiello, (back) Jef Haynes, Sanju 
Shewakramani, Mike Esposito, 
Sarah Carvey, Margaret Mann, 
Rachel Siegel, Katie Esposito, and 
Heather McCarthy. 

Jeannie Kim, Jennifer Clerkin, 
Michelle Poradovsky, Stephanie 
Dubitsky, Krystin Carpenter, Jenn 
Blackstone, Dave Hursh, Carrie 
Ciaccia, Christina Carvey, Kristin 
Horrigan, Vannessa Vitiello, 
(back) Jeff Haynes, Sanju 
Shewakramani, Mike Esposito, 
Sarah Carvey, Margaret Mann, 
Rachel Siegel, Katie Esposito, 
Heather McCarthy. 

i ^1 

Sensational Singers 

This year has proven to be exciting for the music students at 
BHS. The number of programs offered is amazing, and music 
director Mr. Low has done a great job keeping up with all the 
rehearsals and performances. 

In early December, Madrigal presented the fourth annual 
Madrigal Dinner, a medievel feast which was a smashing 
success. Members of the Madrigal Choir dressed in medeivel 
garb and entertained audiences with music, drama, and dance. 
Choir members joined in the festivities by serving guests as 
wenches. This year's script, written by seniors Jane Atkinson 
and Laurie Shetlin, had a unique twist. The audience was asked 
to help solve a sudden and unexpected murder. 

In addition to Choir and Madrigal, which are classes during 
the school day. students can also participate in other extracur- 
ricular singing groups. The Show Choir, led by Mr. Low. is a 
large group which performs show tunes and swing pieces. 
There are also both male and female student-run groups. The 
Double Sextette, a group of twelve girls led by Jane Atkinson 
and Laurie Shetlin. performs three-part pop and seasonal mu- 
sic. The men's octet, led by John Woolard. sings lively barber- 
shop classics. 

Many concerts have been held featuring Choir, Madrigal, 
Double Sextette. Show Choir, and Men's Octet. In the winter 
concert, the combined Choir and Madrigal groups performed 
sections of Vivaldi's "Gloria" beautifully. During the holiday 
season, the Madrigal and Double Sextette groups sang at 
nursing homes and at the Hanscom Officer's Club. Vocal 
groups at Bedford High School contribute to both the school 
and the community. 

TERRIFIC TRIO . Christina Carvey. Cynthia 
PiimnieiTnan, and Adam Chiocca harmonize beautifully. 


NOTEWORTHY . Nothing makes Sarah Rosenberg 
and Jane Atkinson happier than singing does. 

FOOLING AROUND Tim Shetlin FRIENDS Alex Brill and N 
and John Woolard prove that singing Low stick together, 
is indeed a contact sport. 

lADRIGAL . (front) Tim 
heflin, Mike Esposito, Alex Brill, 
ane Atkinson, Julie Bayne, Betsy 
"arlton, (2nd) Mr. Low, Jen St. 
auveur, Dave Hursh, Mark 
Iclnnis, John Woolard, Laurie 
heflin, Meg Boschetto, Brian 
« ehlau, Jill Freeman, Sarah 

Sarvey, Sarah Rosenberg, (back) 
hris Carson, Naveen Wadhera, 
dam Chiocca, Heath Dill, 
ynthia Primmerman, Christina 
arvey, Michelle Pulsipher, Kate 
eary. and Jen Tsang. 

!HOIR . (front) Jeremy Gomes, 
urtis Wright, Lori Malymeik, 
licole Barilla, (2nd) Loren 
.rmstrong, Kim Sands, Jen 
lackstone, Danielle Taylor, Erin 
»'Reilly, Gladys Cintron. Sally 
itkinson, Kirsten Bushey, Mich- 
lle Koop, Michelle Shwimer, 
5rd) Brian Clewell, Ben 
/aterhouse, Cara Stein, Cara 
IcNamara. Jeannie Kim, Jen 
Town, Kate Geary, Alyssa 
obinson, Beth Ela, Lora Patino, 
legan French-Fuller, Cynthia 
'rimmerman, Christina Grecci, 
'\ iretchen Marsten, (4th) Andrea 
lusso, Amy Leshin, John 

Woolard, Ryan Kiessling, Jessica Turner, Jason 
Ingraham, Gilbert Tsang, Andrew Schwerin, 
Greg Simpson, (back) Jeff Haynes, Stephan 
Maher, Meredith Dill, Ellen Gersh, Katie 
Esposito, Heather McCarthy, Vannessa Vitiello, 
Margaret Mann, Rachel Seigel, Jen Young, 
Dwayne Risley, Rich Pamell, Patti Leeman, and 
Simon Mungia. 

SHOW CHOIR , (front) Ben Waterhouse, 
John Woolard, Adam Chiocca, Jen St. Sauveur, 
Chris Carson, Laurie Sheflin, Simon Mungia, 
(2nd) Stephan Maher, Loren Armstrong, Jane 
Atkinson, Julie Bayne, Katie Carpenter, Lora 
Patino, Brian Fehlau, Mindy Pulsipher, Sarah 
Carvey, Sarah Rosenberg, (back) Brian Clewell, 
Heath Dill, Cynthia Primmerman, Christina 
Carvey, Kate Leary, Michelle Pulsipher, and 
Jen Tsang. 

MEN'S OCTET . Ben Waterhouse. Adam 
Chiocca, Naveen Wadhera, John Woolard (stu- 
dent leader) Chris Carson, Andrew Schwerin, 
Heath Dill, and Brian Fehlau. 

DOUBLE SEXTETTE . Carvey, Julie Bayne, 
Betsy Carlton, Laurie Sheflin (stundent leader) 
Jen St. Sauveur, Jane Atkinson (student leader) 
Christina Carvey, Jen Tsang, Michelle Pulsipher, 
Kate Leary, Sarah Rosenberg. 

Marching Band 

In rain, snow, sleet, or hail, the ruged Bedford High School 
marching band performs its duty. This year, they not only 
practiced on brisk Friday afternoons, but they also marched after 
the sun had set, every Wednesday evening. This year, band 
leader Steven Barbas, instilled a new motto into the hearts of 
band members: "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice 
makes perfect." 

This year" s band, fifty-five members .strong, was both bigger 
and better than last year's band. A group of freshmen comple- 
mented the talented veterans. In competitions, they faired well. 
Band members performed at the Shepherd Hill Competition and 
the Arlington Band Jamboree. A third strong performance at the 
Billerica Invitational earned the band a four star rating. 

Those who missed the band's competitive shows could catch 
its half-time numbers at the football games. Alex Brill, in his 
second year as drum major, led the band with skill and enthusi- 
asm. Brill awed the crowd with his expert manipulation of the 
baton. He ended the drill with a magnificent toss. This year, the 
band's rousing musical programconsistedof "A Winter's Tale," 
"Under the Boardwalk," "Late in the Evening." and "Tennessee 

At football games, the band entertained spectators with lively 
stands music. Crowd favorites were "Louie Louie," "Hey 
Baby," and "Land of a Thousand Dances." This season was 
characterized by improvement. Many freshmen who had never 
marched before quickly learned the basics. The percussion 
section, after losing experienced players, struggled at first, but 
ended up succeeding. The marching band had one of their best 
sessions in recent years, and is looking forward to next year. 

TOP FORM. The incomparable clarinet section strides across 
the field. 

'Under The Boardwalk 


Nash, Michelle Shwimer, 
and Brian Clewell groove 
to "Late in the Evening." 

BAND. Drum major Alex 
Brill conducts with power. 

OCUSED. Devoted band 
lember Mary DeMoss takes 
larching seriously. 

MARCHING BAND 1992. (front) Jeff Weinrurt. 
Chris Carson. Jennifer St. Sauveur. Ben Waterhouse, 
Vilas Sridharan. Jeremy Ciaccia, Jason Lee. Phillip 
Toole. Michelle Koop. Michelle Shwimer. Alyssa 
Dangel. Christine Geilfuss. Katie Carpenter. Debbie 
Downs. (2nd) Jeremy Nash. Loren Armstrong. Brian 
DeardorlT. Joey Zupkus. Cara Stein. Mary DeMoss. 

Dan Cintron. Marie Tan/er. Alison Sundet. Carrie 
Ciaccia. Josh Longstrelh. Greg Ross. Lora Patino. 
Katharine French-Fuller. Kale Leary, Jennifer Tsang, 
(back) Beverly Horsch, Mr. Barrett, Brian Clewell, 
Charles Axlell. Matt Ross, Krystin Carpenter. Dave 
Gersh. Brian Fehlau. Laurie Shetlin. Chris Coates. 
Alex Brill, and Mr. Barbas. 


Fabulous Flags 

Each year, the color 
guard is the highlight of 
the marching band's per- 
formances. This year, 
however, the color guard 
consisted of only flags. 
In years past, majorettes 
have also been part of the 
squad. After three out of 
four majorettes graduated 
last year, the squad de- 
cided that a focus on flag 
would make their perfor- 
mance stronger. This 
year's squad was very 
young; most members 
had never twirled flags 
before. However, the 
squad, led by senior cap- 
tain Rachael Bcrkowitz 
and sophomore captain 
Kelly Gullage, learned 
quickly. Practicing ev- 
eryday after school, they 
produced a complicated 

In "'A Winter's Tale," 
the squad showed pride 
and precision as they 
twirled their pink and sil- 
ver flags. In "Under the 
Boardwalk." they 
brought a touch of sum- 
mer into the cold Novem- 
ber evenings with their 
neon flags. To the Latin 
groove of Paul Simon's 
"Late in the Evening," 
the squad combined 
dancing and rings, to the 
crowd's delight. They 
were graceful and elegant 
in the flnale, "Tennessee 
Waltz." Although most 
of the squad started the 
season as beginners, by 
the end of the season, the 
group was a polished, 
poised team. 

ON THE BEAT. I he flai: squad yiNcs anolhcr show -slopping 


TWIRL . Freshman Kathleen K> per con 
centrales inieniy while performing at th 
pep rally. 

Lights . . . Camera . . . Action! 

B.H.S Students Break A Leg 

Telemedia's year has been full 
of ups and downs. After a respect- 
able Stan, the group ran into prob- 
lems half-way through the year. 
"B.H.S. Live" was cancelled be- 
cause of an alleged lack of student 
effort. Many students di.sagreed. 
Obviously there are still students 
who are willing to work. A con- 
tract w as draw n up to produce a bi- 
monthly show, but people would 
still like to see a return to daily 
programming. Who knows what 
next year will bring for Bedford 
High School's favorite television 

The drama club, on the other 
hand, has had an exciting year. 
There was high participation in the 
annual Tournament of Plays. The 
club sold t-shirts to commemorate 
the occasion. Student production 
night was also a big success; a good 
time was had by all. In March, 
members went on a theatre trip to 
New York City to see Cats and 
Guys And Dolls. As the year came 
to a close, the drama club performed 
their annual spring play, 'Twelve 
Angrv Jurors." 

LAST MINI TE CHECK IT . Jane Atkinson quickl 
re\ lew •> her lines before she has to go on static I 
perform in the Senior class play. 



HAMMING IT UP . Megan French-Fuller, Alison Sundet, and Sarah Carvey get in some 
last minute rehearsing. 

TELEMEDIA 1992 . (front) Matt Ross, Naveen Wadhera. Mike Esposito. Katherine 
French-Fuller. Michelle Pulsipher. Kate Lear>'. (middle) Katie Carpenter. Lora Patino, 
Craig Wiley, Laurie Sheflin, Stephanie Dubitsky, Rita Patino. Ryan Kiessling, Andrew 
Schwerin. Mr. Lord, (top) Greg Ross, Steve Hector. Heath Dill, Adam Chiocca, Ben 
Cordes, Dave Gersh, Chris Coates, Jason Ingraham, Jeff Weinfurt and Ellen Gersh. 

DRAMA CLUB , (front) Chastity Irizarry , Lori Malymeik. Ryan Kiessling, Rita Patino, 
Laurie Sheflin, Brian Fehlau, Jeff York, Michelle Lloyd, Megan French-Fuller, Cara 
McNamara, Mrs. Sorgi. (2nd) Sarah Carvey. Julie Bayne. Sarah Shamel. Carolyn Fanelli, 
May Chan, Krystal Irizarry, Tara Peaks, Simon Mungia. Beverly Horsch, Chris Carson, 
Carrie Ciaccia, Alyssa Robinson, (3rd) Alison Sundet, Terri O'Reilly, Catherine 
Weicker. Kate Leary. Lora Patino. Katie Carpenter. Michelle Pulsipher. Jessica Turner. 
Jane Atkinson. Meg Boschetto. Greg Ross. Naveen Wadhera, Cynthia Primmerman, 
Alex Brill. Rachel Tobin. Beth Ela. Irene Boyle, Mandy Jannis. Betsy Carlton. Kate 
Geary, (top) Jen Tsang. .Meredith Dill. Margaret Mann. Cara Stein.Carol Horsch, 
Katharine French-Fuller, Heath Dill, Dave Hursh. Ja-son Ingraham. Dave Gersh. Ben 
Cordes. Mike Esposito. John Woolard. Mark Mclnnis and Craig Wiley. 


EADY FOR THE STAGE . Kate Geary and Catherine Weicker display Drama 
lub spirit. 


''We Can 't Go Home Yet... 
It's Only Midnightr 

Jane Atkinson and Andrea 
Bowlby adopted this motto early in 
the year when they scrambled to 
complete a November deadline. 
Long after students and faculty ad 
gone home, Jane and Andrea, edi- 
tors of "Coming Together 1 993," 
paced the floor of the cluttered year- 
book workroom and racked their 
brains to create exciting page lay- 
outs and write captions for hundred 
of phots. Few weekends went by 
when Jane and Andrea did not take 
home a computer to work on an 
approaching deadline or to correct 

Anybody who worked on the 
yearbook staff this year can attest to 
the fact that publishing a history of 
the school year is an overwhelming 
responsibility. The staff was largely 
inexperienced so the year w as more 

or less a comedy of errors. The day 
Burlington Studios was scheduled 
to take the senior class portrait on 
the bleachers, the staff discovered 
that there was no sign for the num- 
ber three - as in Class of 1993. 
Misty Ullom saved the day by paint- 
ing another poster, but the seniors 
were almost the Class of 199. The 
photography studio that took the 
underclassmen pictures neglected 
to give us the names and grades of 
several students, so staff members 
were forced to go to the cafetena. 
photos in hand, and ask people. 
"Do you know this person?" To 
make matters worse, some of the 
labeled photos the studio gave to 
the yearbook staff contained errors. 
One jokster had said that his name 
was Ben Dover. To add insult to the 
injury . both editor Andrea Bow Iby 

and adviser Mr. Rinaldi had sur- 
gery and missed a great deal of 

However, a few devoted staff 
members tolerated the chaos and 
sacrificed their time and energy for 
the good of the yearbook. Heath 
Dill, resident computer expert, 
dropped everything to put his Page- 
Maker skills to work and converted 
countless layouts to the computer. 
Jill Freeman and Irene Boyle helped 
in every capacity imaginable. Sec- 
tion editors included Rita Patino. 
Julie St. Sauveur, Misty Ullom. 
Meg Boschelto. Laurie Shcflin. 
David Gersh. Jennifer Blackstonc. 
Mary Mix. and Kry stin Carpenter. 

The yearbook was not all work 
and no pla) . The staff celebrated at 
Papa Gino's after meeting the first 
deadline, and they enjoyed a part> 
at the end of the year. 


Rachael Berkowiiz. Terri Franks. Krislin Collilon. and Mary Mix weather the raw September afiemcxin at Bedford Day. They helped 
the Yearbook booth raise money by baking cakes lor the cake walk. 



Meg Boschetto helps out at the yearbook Andrea Bowlby enjoys a spare moment 

booth's dart throw at Bedford Day. Pass- I'rom the chaos ol'the yearbook. Her friend 

erby could throw darts at presidential can- and former Bedford High.schooier, Katie 

didates for fifty cents. McBride helped with the faculty section. 


Student Life section editors Misty Uilom, 
Julie St. Sauveur, and Rita Patino don 
sixties garb for spirit week. 


Organizations editor Laurie Sheflin and 
wristers Stephanie Dubinsky and Gait 
Hurley pose for the camera on Roll Out Of 
Bed Day. 

Editor Jill Freeman looks forward to the 
delivery of the yearbook. She is proud of 
the hard work staff members have invested. 





"Students Against Drunk Driving, better known as 
SADD, is an organization that tries to warn stu- 
dents of the dangers of drugs and alcohol, espe- 
cially while driving. This program has saved many 
lives. SADD sells refreshements at basketball 
games, and sponsors many drug and alcohol aware- 
ness programs. It's time to say good-bye to a man 
whose name was been synonymous with SADD for 
the past several years - Bernard Gollis. We 'II all 
miss his stories and his loyal dedication to the 
SADD organization. Under Mr. Gollis' supervi- 
sion, four co-leaders helped brainstorm for 
fundraisers and awareness programs. Seniors Meg 
Boschetto, Cait Hurley, Kim Sands, and sopho- 
more Naveen Wadhera tried to make SADD an 
organization of which Mr. Gollis, in his last yar at 
Bedford High School, can be proud. " 


Joanne Matkie. Cindy Nemy, and Kaihy Kelly smile sweetly 
ti)r the camera. 


SADD member. Dave Lord's body was abducted by aliens. 

••\.*,»*- • •••• ■' 




N.H.S - R.O.T.C 

Honor And 
Leadership Go 
Hand In Hand 

Aerospace Science, com- 
monly called ROTC — most stu- 
dents at BHS really have no clue 
what it is all about. It is not 
written down somewhere. It has 
to be experienced. ROTC is lead- 

Some might say, "How can 
ROTC mean so much? It's just a 
class where you have to wear a 
uniform once a week." But that is 
just it — you do not have to wear 
the uniform — you are allowed 
to. It is all in how you look at it. 

ROTC is not just a class, it is a 
club, fraternity, and varsity sport 
all in one. And just like a varsity 
sport, some units are better than 
others, it all depends on how hard 
you work. ROTC is a leadership 
laboratory. The most important 
thing a cadet learns is how to lead 
... military style. An AFJROTC 
officer has a lot of responsibility. 
Not just to his or her commander, 
but to the entire corps which 
counts on him or her to do his or 
her assigned duty. Motivating 
the cadets to do that duty is the 
job for a leader. Joining ROTC 
can definitely be a rewarding and 
valuable experience. 

Like ROTC cadets. NHS 
members are leaders — in the 
school and in the community. 
Students who belong to the Na- 
tional Honor Society not only earn 
good grades, but they contribute 
to society. NHS students tutor 
peers, participate in charity events 
such as The Walk For Hunger, 
and volunteer their time at local 

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. (Top) Brian Fehlau. L.aurie Sheflin. 
Beverly Horsch. (middle I Lino Miani. Vin Welch. Jason Campoli, Krystin 
Carpenter, Jane Atkinson, Stephanie Dubilsky. Jill Freeman. Irene Boyle. 
Andrea Bowlby. John Ginn. Meg Boschetto, Erin Sparks, (bottom) David 
Hursh, Mike Esposito. Teri Ciecone 


AF.IROTC STAFF. Andici Boulh>. Jell Wcinlun. Charlie A\tell. Vin 
Welch. Lino Miani. Jeremy Nash. Ben Gaudei. Pat 1-ewis. Adam Udell. Mike 
Boutin. Jo Almodovar, and Erin Sparks. 



ees raise their right hands and vow to be 
good students and citizens. 

Moorehead smiles proudly after she re- 
ceives her N.H.S. pin and certificate. 

FLYING HIGH. Lisa Paschkewitz and 
Lisa Scheiem aw ait take-off on a KC- 
1 35 cargo aircraft out of Pease Air Force 
Base in New Hampshire. 


dets pose outside a KC- 135 at Pease AFB. served as commander to the Bedford offers cadets the opportunity to be AFJROTC program for the first semester, 
passengers on a refueling flight. 








SH0VV1N(;THFA( ARE. Juniors Heather Peebles and Debbie Downs show 

kindness visitiniz senior citizens. 

GIN IN(; TO I HOSH IN NEED. Citizenship Committee member Sarah Rosen 
smiles as Ale\ Brill makes a large donation to the Globe Santa. 

C()NSIDKRIN(i THE Fl Tl RE. Betsy Carlton daydreams about the upcoming Citi 

ship Conimiiiee meeting. 


CITIZENSHIP rOMIVIITTEE. (back) Betsy Carlton, David Gersh. Viet Le. Jessica 
Turner. Katie Brown. Lauren Stewart. Carolyn Fanelli. Kerri Mead. Lisa Piantedosi. 
Wendy Castellana. Sarah Eppler, (middle) Jenn Blackstone. Brian Fehlau. Laurie 
Shefiin, Matt Ross. Carrie Ciaccia. Anita Shewakraniani. Adam Chocca. Heath Dil 
Sarah Shamel, (front) Cait Hurley. John Ginn. Alex Brill, Sara Rosenberg, and Stephanie 

BOYS' ANn GIRLS' STATE. Andrea Bowlby, Vin Welch, Mike Esposito. and 
Stephanie Dubitsky. 

N'T BE LATE! Carolyn Fanelli and her lather both volunteer at the local V. A. hospital 
n Bedford. They bring patients to church on Sundays. 

:N a rush. Lisa Piantedosi hurries to a Citizenship Committee meeting. 

Math & 




The science team at BHS has been very successful this 
year to the delight of the advisors Mr. Ullmann and Mrs. 
Krueger. Whether it be recognizing frog and insect species, 
making paper airplanes, or analyzing indicators, the Bedford 
students have been coming out on top. Last year, the team was 
young and had trouble at the meets. However, with one more 
year of experience, the team has a good chance of w inning the 
state competition in the spring . Anyone is invited to join the 
team at any time during the season. Even people who hate 
science can come to a meet and have fun making paper 
airplanes and eating the free pizza. With so many talented 
freshman and sophomore team members this year. Mr Ullmann 
and Mrs. Krueger see a bright future for the team. 
The BHS math team has not experienced quite the same 
success as the science team, but faculty advisor Mr. Stephenson 
remains proud of his dedicated math students. The team has 
avoided last place in many of its meets, and even has the 
chance to finish third to last at the end of the season. If it weren't 
for various setbacks during the year, such as showing up at a 
meet without having been informed that calculators were 
allowed, the math team would definitely be in first place. 
However, Bedford team members remain content with their 
position. The meets are a lot of fun. with all the Bedford 
students rushing around trying to find a pencil, and the 
excitement is overwhelming . especially when Mr. Stephenson 
finds himself with a successful team. 

M AD S( IKN TIS rs. Be\ eriv Horsch describes to Heaih Dill the process of dissecting 

a cow s eveball. 

M MBLk ONK. Mike Esposito sits down to solve a math problem while John M 

looks on in ania/einent. 


SCIENCE LEAGUE. (Back) Jens Kullman. Henrik Patel. Craig Wiley. Ben Cordes. David Gersh. Lino 
Miani. Calvin Wilder. Scott Carlisle, (Middle) Lisa Schieirn. Lisa Paschkewitz. Brian Deardorff. Jennifer 
Stevens. (Front) Heath Dill. David Hursh. Anita Shewakianiani, Alyssa Dangel. and Jen Tsang. (Not 
Pictured) Andrea Bowlby. Mike Esposito. Eileen O'Pray. and Vin Welch. 

WATCH THAT SCALPEL. Science League nieniber Jessica Turner attacks a cow's eyebal 
enthusiasm durins; an Advanced Bioloizv lab. 

u ith 



Speak Out! 

Bedford High School students Hke to speak out, 
whether it be verbally or in writing. The debate 
team and the Bedford High School Forum, the 
school newspaper, offer opportunities for both forms 
of expression. 

The debate team is made up of students who were 
born to argue. Under the guidance of Mr. Milliken, 
the team learns the basics of arguing effectively. 
The diligent debaters spend long hours researching, 
writing, and rehearsing their arguements. Team 
member Aaron Rashba extols the life of a debater: 
"It's a great chance to yell. 1 especially like to shout 
at people wearing suits" Obviously, a lot of students 
like to vent their feelings because in recent years, the 
debate team has been growing in number. With its 
new members, the team is gaining momentum and 

This year's Forum has a new look. Instead of its 
printing and distribution being confined to the school, 
the paper now reaches the community once a month 
as part of the Bedford Minuteman . Editors Stephanie 
Dubitsky and Mark Mclnnis direct and assist the 
writing team, as well as write articles themselves. 
They receive strong leadership from faculty advisor 
Mr. McCarthy. One goal of the paper this year is to 
include provocative articles and to inspire thought 
from its readers. 

FREELANCE. Writer Jill Freeman's face lights up even at the mention of 
Forum. Jill also publishes her own school newspaper that includes anicles 
written in foreign languages. The paper is appropriately titled The Journal of 



HOT OFF rUK PRESS. Forum editor Mark Mclnnis and a curious John Ginn in. 

the latest issue. 

COMPETITION. Cait Hurley and Laurie Sheflin heatedly dispute whose anicle 

appe.ii 111 ihc M.i\ issue. 

. Ln TLF, HELP FROM HIS FRIENDS. Supportive friends help debater 
laron Rashba line tune an argument for an upcoming competition. 


As the school year comes to a close, se- 
niors get bombarded with advice and ques- 
tions aboui tlicir future. One student com- 
plained, "I'm so sick of my parents giving me 
driving tips and telling me to get a job." This 
is not an unusual gripe. During senior year, 
highschoolers discover that no matter where 
they go.they can not escape from adults who 
ask. "So, what do you plan to do with the rest 
of your life?" 

At the risk of annoying already 
overburdened seniors, Carrie Ciaccia asked a 
group of students preparing to enter the real 
world what they envisioned themselves doing 
within the next twenty vears. Chris Coates 


hopes to accept an Academy Award for best 
musical score. Jason Campoli wants to com- 
pete for the World Cup in soccer, and Brian 
Drohan wants to sail around the world. Jane 
Atkinson, on the other hand, hopes to meet 
Ellis Burks within twenty years. Laurie 
Shetlin. David Hursh, and Alex Brill aim to be 
happy in life. Brian Fehlau is not thinking thai 
far into the future. He joked, 'My goal is jusi 
to graduate from high school and go onto 

I P TO NO (;OOD. Paul Stone smiles mis- 
chievously. Does he know someihins we don't? 

CLOWMNC; AKOl NU. .A group of seniors gather on H Tl RK PL ANS. Colin Ross and John Ginn dne.ii 
the steps near the catetena after sehixil. what the> \v ill be doing twenty years from now 


WALK WITH PERSONALITY. Charlie Axiell sneaks into tiie picture by ducking in between Stephanie 
Dubitsky and Krystin Carpenter. 



Senior Class Officers 

Over the past four years, the senior class 
officers have evolved into a cohesive unit. 
They are not only friends, but they work 
together, along with advisor Mr. Sabourin. to 
organize many school sponsored events. 

The class officers have always displayed a 
contagious enthusisiasm for the Class of '93 at 
pep rallies andathletic competitions. Addi- 
tionally, class officers often host activities. 
This year. President Mark Mclnnis and Vice 
President Dave Boffa emceed the talent show. 
Most importantly, clas officers are respected 

by other students. During a special assem- 
bly addressing the problems of grafitti on 
school property. Mclnnis urged students to 
take care of Bedford High School. 

The class officers also work year-round 
planning the senior prom. Treasurer Kristen 
Colliton has been busy organizing fundrasing 
events, and Social Officer Rachael Berkowitz 
and Prom Chairman Mary Mix have been 
working hard to arrange the logistics of 
the prom. All of the class officers have 
worked dillegently all year. 

Kristen Ct)lliHMi. Mar\ Mix. Terri 
Franks, (front) Rachael Berkowitz, 
President Mark Mclnnis. and David 


BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL. Seniors Betsy Carlton. Mandy Jannis. Katy Doherty. Ashley Crane, anil Krisien 
Celeste know that Bedford High School is number one when it comes to spirit. 




I Mike Anderson 

2 Kristen Celeste 

3 Betsy Carlton 

4 Rachael Berkowitz 

5 Geoff Chase 

6 John Mara 

7 Kim and Michael Sands 

8 Misty Ullom 

9 Richie Atkinsoooon 

10 Meg Boschetto 

11 Mary Mix 

12 Krystin Carpinter 

13 Terri Franks 

14 Mandy Jannis 

15 Alex Brill and Debbi Friedman 

16 Dave Venuti 

17 Ashley Crane 

18 Mike Esposito 

19 Shay Duris and Jennifer Hanson 

20 Bryan Albonesi 

21 Matt Kyvelos 

22 Chip Mofield 

23 Matt Ross 

24 Stephanie Dubitsky 

25 Lauren Wise 

26 Rita Patino 

27 Erin Kelly Sparks 

28 Dave Boffa 

29 Kristen CoUiton 

30 Mark Mclnnis 

31 Trisha Woodward 

32 Viet Le 

33 Andrea Bolby 

34 Irene Boyle 

35 Stephanie Cann 

36 Katy Doherty 

37 Jason Setters 

38 Jane Atkinson 

39 Cladys Cintron 

40 Carrie Green 

41 Darrell Russell 

42 Alan Pederson 

43 Ryan Desjean 


'Bryan T. Aibontsi 

Alpo. Alto. Al. Big Al, Alps, 
Alipopo. Sal, Dana, Bernardo. 
Jimmy, Elite-B, Hound Dog, 

There's a light at the end of the tunnel. I 
just hope it's not a gorilla with a 

Life is like a jar of chunky peanut. 
Everywhere you turn, you meet another 

Josepfiine %. A[modovar 
Jo. Lady J, Jo-Jo, Paula 

Big minds think of ideas 
Medium minds talk about events 
Lillle minds talk about people 
Which mind do you have? 

Todd 'MicfiaeC Slnderson 

T.A.. Anderbutt, D yer Maker 

"This is my age. I'm in the prime of my 
youth, and I'll only be young once." 

-Teddy Duchamp-.Stand By Me 

"Naked in the river. Skinny dippin' my 
way in the waterfall. I just wanna play." 

-The Red Hoi Chili Pepper's 

94icfiae( Sanderson 

liichard ^Atkinson 

3am Atkinson 

A smile is a curve that can set a lot of 
things straight. 

-Emily Dickinson 

'Kachaei AfBerkpuntz 
Berko, Ray-Ray 

If your heart is in your dream no 
request is too extreme. 

Jennifer Sinn 'Biackstone 
Jenn. Jenny 

Friendship is the only thing in the world 
concerning the usefulness of which all 
mankind are agreed. 


If you do not hope, you w ill not fmd what 
is beyond your hopes. 

-St. Clement of Alexandn 

106 Seniors 

'David "Bo ff a 

Confidence is sexy; don't you thinic? 
-Jack Palanze, Skin Brazer commercial 

Women, can't live with them. ..Pass the 
beer nuts. 

-Norm Peterson "Cheers" 

!)ofin Poland. 

Margaret W. 'Boscdetto 

We don't even have pictures, 
just memories to hold 
grow sweeter each season 
as we slowly grow old. 

-Toad the Wet Sprocket 

Michael T. Boutin 


If you listen very hard. 
The truth will come to you at last. 

No sir. there's none in this car. 

Andrea Brooke Boii^lBy 


I am, at heart, a tiresome nag compla- 
cently positive that there is no human 
problem which could not be solved if 
people would simply do as I advise. 

- Gore Vidal 

Do not pray for easy lives. 
Pray to be stronger men! 
Do not pray for tasks equal to your 

F*ray for powers equal to your tasks. 

- Phillips Brooks 

Irene BoyCe 

Till the seats of Justice with good men, 
not so absolute in goodness as to forget 
what human frailty is. 

-Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd 

J^?cander Marl<iBn[[ 


We must build a new world, a far better 
world - one in which the eternal dignity 
of man is respected. 

-Harry S Truman 

The most wasted day of all is thai on 
which we have not laughed. 

-Cham fort 

Caroline %. Buscfi 

Lot, Carlota 

We laughed until we had to cr>' 
And we loved right dow n to the last 

We were the best 1 think we'll ever be. 

Seniors 107 

^ason Ccimpod 

OQystin Carpenter 


Winning is the afterthoughi of discipline 
and the result of determination 

-Michelle Mitchell 
Olympic Diver 

It is a rough road that leads to the 
heights of greatness. 


Stepfianie 9\/[itcfie[[ Cann 
Stephy. Steph. P.B.. Straw- 
berry, Can-Can 

The end is always a new beginning. 

Life IS what happens while you are 
making plans. 

'Xjisten 'Darfene Cefeste 

I may not be able lo change the 
direction of the w ind, but 1 can 
always adjust my sails to reach my 

-James Dean 

^Jared CarCson 

Oiiay Chan 

T,[izaSeth Atison CarUon 

Far away, there in the sun. 
are my highest aspirations. 
I may not reach them, 
but I can look up. see their beauty. 

believe in (hem. 
and try to follow where they lead. 

-Louisa May Alcott 


'Benjazvan Charoensap 

108 Seniors 

Qeoffrey J. Chase 


It was not foes to conquer 
nor sweethearts to be kind 
but it was friends to die for 
that I would seek and find. 

Stepfien Chester 

Chestah, Peter 

Sometimes I wonder how much there is 
to know 

-Robert Plant 
Relax don't do it, when you wanna 

-Frankie Goes to Hollywood 

Jane Chui 

I hope life treats you kind 
And I hope you have all you dreamed of 
And I wish you joy and happiness 
But of all this I wish you love. 

-Whitney Houston 

^triggi John Ciccone 
Teri, Reege, Reeger, C-Bone. 

Success is a journey, not a destination. 

Learn how to make great chili. 

- Life's Little Instruction Book 

Freak me 

-GC '92 

QCadys Maria Cintron 


No matter how much power one obtains 
never forget the little people. 

Steve CCarfi 

'Brian Ctei 

Chris Coates 
Coates, Coaler. Coates magic. 

All musical people seem lo be happy: 

it is the most engrossing pursuit; 
almost the only innocent and unpun- 
ished passion. 

-Sydney Smith 

Look backward with gratitude. 

Look onward with hope. 
Look upward with confidence. 


Seniors 109 

Kristen J. CoUiton 

I must be on my way my friends, but 
everywhere I go you're always on my 
mind, in my heart, in my soul. 


We might be laughing a bit too loud but 
that never hurt no one. 

-Billy Joel 

S^hCeif 9{. Crane 

Wake up and dream about the plans you 
have in store. But keep in mind it's not 
just what you do. but what you do it for 
- and w ho. There are roads to discover, 
there are stories to be told. As you see 
the big picture just beginning to unfold. 

Jonathan (DaCias 

'Bernie (De'Bencdictis 

Conney Crespo 

Cameron 'DemBy 

James !H. 'Davis J/r. 

i^fln James 'Desjean 
Rye. Cody. P.C.. Norm, 
Desjean. Mustard. 

You always want what you can't have. 

Don't do today w hat you can put off 
until tomorrow. 

Life is short, play hard. 


Fve got it covered. 

-Rich A. 

1 1 Seniors 


MichaeC 'Dodge 

Shay (Duris 

9(atlterine M. 'Doherty 

Katy, Tootie 

It seems to me a crime that we should 

these fragile times should never slip us 

A time you never can or shall erase, 
as friends together watch their 
childhood fly. 

'Brian WifCiam (Drofian 
Drobo, Drummond, Drobes, 
Drohoho, Drobobo witness, 
O'Branola, Late for dinner. 
Cosmic Fury, Solar Raisin, 
Vulcan, Red Skull, Yonkers. 

It was wicked funny. 

Stepkanie Lynn 'DuSitslq) 

Staph, Dubie 

Always reach for the moon, for even if 
you miss, you will still be surrounded by 

MicfimC Stephen "Esposito 

Mike, Espo, Phil, Little kid. 
That kid. 

That's the trouble with reality, it's taken 
far too seriously. 


-An Emotional Fish 

'Brian (PauC^efifau 

Good humor is the health of the soul; 
sadness is its poison. 

-Leszinski Stanislaus 

The greatest achievement of the human 
spirit is to live up to one's opportunities 
and make the most of one's resources. 

-Marquis de Vauvenargues 

Tern ^ranl(s 
T, Frankzie. 

One life 
But we're not the same 
We get to carry each other 
Carry each other 




JUC ^^eredith freeman 

On ne voit bien qu'avec la coeur. Ce 
quest essentiel est invisible aux yeux. 

One cannot see the truth but with the 
hean. That which is essentia! is invisible 
to the eyes. 
-Antoine de St. Exupci>' 

Carrie %. Qreen 

Carribean, Carolyn, Care. 

There are places 1 11 remember all my 
life, though some have changed - some 

forever not for better. 
Soir.c have gone and some remain - all 

these places have their moments 
with people and friends 1 still can recall 
some are dead and some are living 
in my life I've loved them all. 

-The Beatles 

Tfavid'B. Qersfi 
Dave. Gersh 

Roads go ever ever on. 

Over nxk and under tree. 
By caves where never sun has shone. 

By streams that never find the sea; 

-J. R.R.Tolkien 

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. 

-Montv Pvlhon 

benjamins. Qaudet 


Christopher 9^(. (juivas 

G, Chris, Money 

Why live for tommonow \Khen we have 

lennifer ^Hatisen 
Jenn. Jenny 

The memories of yesterday are locked 
inside my heart, but it's lime for us to 
look ahead and make a brand new start. 

I'm off like a prom dress! 

John 'L. (jinn 
STORM, Johnny. 

Hit First, Hit Hard! 

Be a leader. The lead sled dog is the 
only one wuh a decent view. 

Never refuse homemade brownies. 

lennifer Sanson 
Jen. Jenny 

Life's Shon - Play hard. 


Tliere is a justice higher than man. I will 
he judged by Him. 

1 12 Seniors 

'BeverCy O^orsch 

The Beave, Bevster 

Angtia 'Hildreth 

'David Cftristopfier J-Cursh 

Dave, Red 

Courage is the price that life exacts for 
granting peace. Tiie soul that knows it 
not. knows no release from little things. 

-Amelia Earhart Putnam 

But whaddaya gonna do? 

-Tony Pilla 

(DanieCL. J^ogCand 

!Amanda L. jannis 

Mandy, Madalamino, Omanda, 
Mandy - pot - pie. Candy. 
Mandy - man, Chicken wing 

These are the seasons of emotion, and 
like the wind they rise and fall. This is 
the wonder of devotion. I see the torch 
we all must hold. This is the mystery of 
the quotient, upon us all a little rain must 

Ooh, don't do that! 
But it's so thin and yummy... 

You're weird 

What a silly goose. 

I went to the woods because I w ished to 

live deliberaily. to front only the 
essential facts of life, and .see if I could 
not learn what it had to teach, and not, 
when I came to die, discover that I had 
not lived. 

-Henry David Thoreau 

Slntonio Johnson 


A message to the Oreo cookie: Find a 
minor and take a look "G!" Do ya like 
what ya see. but ya quick to point the 
finger at me, you wanta be the big fish 
little yupe Black Man can't be know 

-By Ice Cube 

CaitCin 9dary !}{ur[ey 
Cait. Hurls 

If we are to achieve success, we must 
look for the opportunity in every 

difficulty instead of being paralyzed at 
the thought of difficulty in every 

Somsri 9(aisorn 

Seniors 1 1 3 

(BUCy Katz 

Green Bean, Grand Master B, 
Billy the Kid 

I'm cool, I'm cocky, I'm bad. 

-Honky tonk man 

If you don't like it, learn to love it. 

-Ric Flair 

You only live once, and you're not 
coming back, so express yourself. 

-Salt n Pepa 

Let's Rock. 

Scott C- 'Kittkam^ 


If there wa.s ever a lime to take control 
and make something happen, it is now. 
Do it right. There are no points for 
second place. 

TU Teter 'Kyvdos 

Greek, Tree, "K," Greek pickle, 
Yaga rootz, Jesus, Gug, Luke 
Greek Walker 

Desert sky 
Dream beneath a desert sky 
A river runs 
But soon runs dry 
We need new dreams tonight. 

-Edge - U: 



David 9^kfiae[ Lord 


'Patricia J^nne Leeman 
Miss Lady, Buttmuffin, Praeses, 

TatricfClofin Lezids 
Pat, Lou. Lewis, Bama, T.C. 

If you believe in yourself and have 
dedication and pride - and never quit, 
you'll be a winner. 

Never does the heart appear so strona as -ri,,. -^c,; u, . . 

'^^ \ I he price of victory is high - but so are 

the rewards. 

-Paul "Bear " Bryant 

when it foi goes re\ enge and daies to for 
give an injury 

I didn't do it! It wasn't me! 

1 14 Seniors 

A[e?(is Hean U^acLeod 

Yexy, Lexus, Lexy 
And maybe in the future will be a time 

without war, destitution, and sorrow 
And hungry children won't have to die. 
If we work together today, we'll save 

-Mariah Carey 

Live life to its fullest, for life is too 
precious to waste. 

^ndy C' 9v[cT,tfiinmy 

James !Maddo?c 

Matthezv M. McQarry 
Theodore Pleasure 

When you're old and tired and 
suspicious, and plagued with doubt, 
you'll still hear the world calling to you. 
You'll wish with all your heart you'd 
taken the time to listen to it, and you'll 
be filled with regret. Or. maybe not. 

-Nike ACG 

Stepfian T. Mafier 

Micfiaei Slndreiu fMc^arry 

One day at a time, you can go along that 

-Lloyd "Sweat pea" Daniels 
Playground legend/San Antonio Spurs 

Jo/tn %, 9^ara 

Take nothing for granted. For if you do, 
what's here today, may be gone 


Ca' mon! 


Red Spider, Mac, Puma 

I was listening to a rock and roll station, 
y'know, to put me in the mood. There 

was a passage in one of those tribal 
songs that I feel is the keynote for this 
evening: Ever\ body have fun tonight, 

-Fraizer Crane, Cheers 

Seniors 1 15 

Lino 'Miani 

Woparicon, Vulcan 
Worry is a waste of energy. 

Chris !Mif[er 

T.T., Miller, Kid, Ear lip, Tom 

One who does not care is one who 
should not be. I've tried to hide myself 
for what is wrong with me. 

-Alice in Chains 

^Mary Rebecca 9i{i?c 

Becca, Mix, S.M., Bekker 

What the heck, you only live once! 
Live every moment, love every day. 
cause before you know it, your precious 
time slips away. 

-REO Speedwagon 

'RpSert 'Eugene 'MofieU^r. 

Chip, Roni 

There's right and there's wrong. You got 
la do one or the other. You do the one. 
and you're living. You do the other, and 
you may be walking around, but you're 
dead as a beaver hat. 

-John Wavne 

'Ktn fMorgan 

9(eoni Q. 'Monte 
Hawaiian Punch, Kohuna. Buta 

I wouldn't chance it on a broke die dog. 
I don't know . 

16 Seniors 

Marc OpcUenil(^ 

Do one thing, and do it better than 
anything else. 


The more I think, the more I'm confused. 


'J\icfiard LevAs (Pame[( 
Ricky. Rich. The Conquerer 

If I cannot do great things. I'll do small 
things in a great way. 

TTiere's more to life than just conquer- 


^ta 'EdzaSetfi Tatino 


We are all just hearts... 
alone and together beating... 
to the music inside, fulfilling... 
our ambitions, finding... 
our places in the wonder 
of the universe. 

McfieUe C "PavCas 

Nothing Gold Can Stay. 
Nature's first green is Gold, 
Her heart is hue to hold. 
Her early leave a flower. 

But only so an hour. 
Then leaf subsides to leaf. 

So Eden sank to grief. 
So dawn goes down today. 

Nothing Gold Can Stay. 
-Robert Frost, and "The Outsiders" 

I cherish moments. 
-Teddy Duchamp ("Stand By Me") 

^Can (Bjorn ^edersen 


Nothing to do it's up to you 
I've got nothing to say but it's O.K. 

-The Beatles 

Cynthia 'Primmerman 

'Diuayne jofin O^isCey 

D.R.. Chauffeur, Grizz, DJ 

Live for tomorrow for today is History. 

Do you have any coupons? 

There is more to life than just chauffeur- 

-Rich Pamell 

Qregg W. liivimus 

Gregoir, Eggs, Oreo, Starfish 

Remember the good times, forget the 
bad, and psyched for the future. 

No Mike, I am Spartacus. 

Cotin Andmu %gss 

Caveman, New Mexico 

'Matthezo PatrickjKgss 

If you are a leader, then lead the path to All-Star, Rosster. Big Bad Matt 


Our doubts are traitors. And make us 
I'm mean and tough and I'm ready to ,0,^ good we oft might win. By 

fearing to attempt. 
-William Shakespeare 

We will either find a way, or make one. 

Rock and Roll. 

If you do what you've always done, 
you'll gel what you've always gotten. 

Seniors 1 1 7 


'DarreCt^nn liusseCC 

A silent prayer. 

!](im 9^arie Sands 
Kimmy, Kimbo, Kimber. K 

Somewhere inside every person 
Someplace inside every heart 
Is a power that turns fear into courage 
And makes dreams take flight. 

-Radio Flyer 

Jason %ugem Setters 

Chumly, Motorhome. Jay 

Laurie Ann SfufCin 

Words are things: and a small drop of 
ink. Falling like dew upon a thought, 
produces that which makes thousands, 
perhaps millions, think. 


Where words fail, music speaks. 

-Hans Christian Andei 

Just Do It! 

'liacfieC Joanne ToSin 


"Erin %e[(y SparlQ 

To be human is to be human together. 
To survive is to survi\ e together. 

-Bishop Desmona Tutu 

JutieSt. Sauveur 

If I can stop one heart from breaking. I 
shall not live in vain: If I can ease one 
life the aching, or cool one pain, or help 
one fainting robin unto his nest again. I 
shall not live in vain. 

-Emily Dickinson 

1 1 8 Seniors 

Mam % UcCeCC 

Life may be sweeter for this I don't 

See how it feels in the end 
(Feels like it might be alright) 

-Grateful Dead: Crazy Fingers 
Sure don't know what I'm going for. but 
I'm gonna go for it for sure. 
-Grateful Dead: St. of Circumstance 

/ - 

Misty ZlCfom 

Do not go where the path may lead.go 
instead where there is no path and leave 
a trail. 


fazna >i. 'i/enuti 

Nutes, The Kid 


Nothing in the world can take the place 
of PERSISTENCE... Persistence and 
determination alone are omnipotent. 

-Calvin Coolidge 

Crazy Cooler, Cooter, Cout, 
Friend, Marky, Rob 

You gotta believe! 

-Mark Wahlburg 

Ya Dude! 

-Jamie Shadick 

Vincent "WeCcfi 

Vin, Vince, Vinceman, Vintage, 
Disco, Owl, Fido 

When walking down the road of life, 
don't only stop to smell the roses, plant 
some too. 

A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's 
not what ships are for. 

9^attluzu A. "Wilson 

Wrench, Pilot 

Hurry up and get yours cause I got 


Lauren Wise 

Seniors 1 

jeramiah Witt 

Jeramy. Jer, J 
How ya Feelin?! 
Live now not yesterday or tomorrow 

Jofin "WooCarcC 

Wool, Woolard, Wooly, Woolyhard. 
Woolyhooper, Johnny, Jonathan. Bran- 
don, Jason Priestly 

We plied an ancient trade 
Where we threw all life's 
instructions away 
exchanging lies and digs (my way). 

It is not that w e love to be alone, but 
that we love to soar, and when we do 
soar, the company grow s thinner and 


Trisfia Lee libodzvard 

1 20 Seniors 

he Three Muskateers . Steve Chester, Viet Le. and Rich 
ikinson enjoy a crisp autumn afternoon outdoors. 

It's a bird! It's a plane! No - It's Mike Esposito ! 

Unable to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Mike 
jumps from a tree instead. 

Senior Superlatives 

Most likely to have a family of fifteen. ..Jane 
Atkinson likely to be a regular on Saturday 
Night Live. ..Mark Mclnnis likely to sit on the Boston Yellow 
Pages while driving. ..Andrea Bowlby likely to run to California and 
back...Cait Hurley 

Most likely to have PMS year round.. .Mary 
Mix likely to bring up diving in every 
conversation. ..Krystin Carpenter 
Most likely to marry a younger man. .Meg 

Most likely to climb a tree. ..Matt Kyvelos 
Most likely to marry Chris Alessi... Kim 

Most likely to be seen on Broadway. .Laurie 

Most likely to be late...Cait Hurley 
Most likely to start a nnnor and believe 
it ..Dave Boffa 

Most likely to get a Hat tire in an Arlex 
car... Matt McGarry 
Most likely to wear a seatbelt in a parked 
car . .Carrie Green 

Most likely to laugh like a hyena. ..Kina 

Most likely to hit on freshmen. ..Billy Katz 

Most likely to play with toys...Keoni Monte 

Most likely to have fun in a 

snowstonn...Lino Miani 

Most likely to be certain her Camry can drive 

through 3 feet of snow...Mandy Jannis 

Most likely to help her and get his o\\ n car 

stuck. ..GeofF Chase 

Most likely to have clammy 

hands... Stephanie Dubitsky 

Most likely to start a fire in a rain 

.storm. ..Mark Mclnnis 

Most likely to become Solid Gold 

dancers... Steve Chester and Mike McGarry 

Most likely to sing the wrong words lo a 

song. ..Katie Doherty 

Most likely to believe those words and sing 

along... Caroline Busch 

Most likely to be famous. ..Steve Clark 

Most likely to laugh at her own joke. .Laurie 


Most likely to break a pen. ..Pat Lewis 
Most likely to fight about the pen. ..Dan 

Most likely to try to hurt himself 
snowboarding... Gregg Rivinius 

J - 


Sparkling Smiles 

.Sicphanle Ouhiisk) Ntaii McGaiT> 

Admirable Artists 

Successful Students 

Brian Kehlau l^urio Sheflin 

Exquisite Eyes 

Caroline Busch John Ginn 

Probablj Partying 

Chip Mofield Katy Dnhcnv 



Most likely lo write a symphony ... Chris 

Most likely to argue with a teacher and 
win. ..Alex Brill 

Most likely to use freckle cream... Stephanie 

Most likely to be contused. ..Rachael 

Most likely to be heiird two miles 

away...Terri Franks 

Most likely to date guys from other 

towns. ..Jenn Blackstone 

Most likely to bring a tape measure to a 

singles bar.. .John (Jinn 

Most likely to Jerr...Dave Hursh 

Most likely to wimp out and sleep in his 

car.. .Bryan Albonesi 

Most likely to marry someone from Boys 11 

Men...Kristen Colliton 

Most likely to be a Bedford cop and arrest his 

brother... Mike Anderson 

Most likely to be called to the office and be 

sent back to class.. Jen Hansen and Jen 


Most likely to tlirt with every girl he 

sees..John W'oolard 

Most likely to be a rock star . Matt Ross 

Most likely to get his driver's license on the 

same day as his marriage certificate.. .Dave 



Most likely to change her hair color... Rachel 

Most likely to model for Burlington Studios 

...Dave Boffa 
Most likely to Ii\e in a niiiTored house ... 

Colin Ross 

Too Talkative 

David Bolf.i KriMcii Cnltiion 

Marvelous .Musicians 

l.aunc .Shctlin .Mkhacl Hvivxiii 

Class Clown 

Kaly Doherty Dave BolTa 

Completely Changed 

Jill Fiecnian Chip Moflold 

Most Gullible 

Rachael Berkowit/ Billy Katz 

Best Looking 

Shay Duris David Venuti 

Best Laugh 

Kristen Colliion Keoni Monte 

Perfect Personality 

Terri Franks Mark Mclnnis 


Totally Timid 

Alexis MacLeod Jason Compoli 

Stephen Aftosmis 
Amy Akillian 
Jason Alonis 
John Barrows 
Julie Bayne 
Nicole Bogan 

William Boland 
Sara Borshay 
Catherine Brown 
Sara Brown 
William Buckley 
Scott Carlisle 

Chris Carpenter 
Sarah Carvey 
Wendy Castellana 
Caren Chen 
George Chen 

Carrie Ciaccia 
Kevin demons 
Keith Colbath 
Benjamin Cordes 
Betty Corrigan 
Mary De Moss 

Ryan Dem 
Benjamin Dick 
Heath Dill 
Deborah Downs 
Jessica Dugal 
Sarah Eppler 


Word to Webster 

Some people claim that everyone at Bedford 
speaks the same language, but each group uses 
unique catch phrases. So if you ever find your- 
self not knowing what your friends arc talking 
about, maybe this guide to current slang will help. 

Posse - slang term froin the Latin, possus, 
meaning a group of friends who get together for 
everything from beer drinking to ruthless 

Wicked - describes the magnitude of some- 
thing; used in conjunction with another adjective, 
for example: Wicked mint! (mint means cool.) or 
Wicked cool! (cool means mint.) 

Hurl - This expression, which means vomit, 
was coined by Wayne Campbell on Saturday 
Night Live when he turned to his good pal and member Garth and said, "I think I'm gonna 
hurl!" Synonyms of hurl include puke, spew, gag, 
barf, retch, and blow chunks. 

Yo - popular word used to convey greetings, 
su'iprise. or disagreement: also used to get some- 
one's attention. For example, you might say.'To! 
Get outta my way. I'm gonna spew!" 

So. now that you know a little about slang in 
Bedford, be sure to tell your posse all the wicked 
mint words you picked up in school. Okay? 
Good. See ya later - word to your mutha! 

Uah. 1 think I'm gonna hurl. 

Sean Erickson 
Christopher Evjy 
Brian Pagan 
Carolyn Fanclli 
Kyle Farmer 
David Faulkner 

Karen Freeman 
Megan French-Fuller 
Matlhew Gallant 
Jeannette Hagon 
Robert Hannon 
Siri Hanson 

Marcus Harris 
Heather Hirch 
Cynthia Hunt 
Jason Ingaham 
Chastity Irizarry 
Michelle Jackson 

Sandra Johnson 
David Jones 
Linda Jones 
Rohit Kaul 
Kathleen Kelly 
Ryan Kiessling 

Michelle Koop 
Matthew Lentine 
Jeremy Levangie 
Nicole Liss 
Shanna Mac Arthur 
Kristen Mac Donald 

ON THK ROCKS. Kim Tarhcll and Linda Jones climb 
mt-i the wall outside the school. 

\ I I KNTION GETTER. Sean Mee showed his school 
spirit by painting '94 on his chosi al the pep rally before the 
Homecoming game against Wesion. What some people 
w ill do to support their class. 

HEAVY METAL. Calvin Wilder. .Scoit Cansilile. Chns 
Evjy, and Brian Fagan show oil" their new Guns n Roses/ 
Melulicca t-shirts. They must have gotten hack from 
a concert. 


Joanne Mackie 
Loretta Malymeik 
Elizabeth Mara 
Andrea Marston 
Katherine Martens 
Williarn Mailines 

Eric McCune 
Brendan McGratii 
Kerri Mead 
Sean Mee 
Christopiier Merrill 
Christopher Midgetl 

Jeff Miller 
Bill Mitchell 
Jim Morley 
Jennifer Montgomery 
Albert Moore 
Claire Morehead 

Carl Miishala 
Michael Naegeli 
Cindy Nerney 
Henrik Pate! 
Tara Peaks 
Heather Peebles 

Andrea Perez 
Lisa Piantedosi 
Julie Piantedosi 

Michael Pilla 
Mindy Pulsipher 
Kimbcrlv Raffa 



opens the door for Kim Raffa who is in a \v heel prepares to throw the frisbee to his teammate during a game 

chair after breaking her leg. Being unable to of Ultimate Frisbee on Student Outreach Day. 
walk has its pri\ ileges - Kim is one of the lucky 
few to receive a kev to the elevator. 

'olitical Insight 


I 1 992 was the year of an important election that 
ddressed many controversial issues. Bedford 
ligh School had their own election with Bill 
Clinton winning a majority of the votes. I went 
round asking students who they would have 
oted for if they could have and why, as well as 
Heir opinions on issues addressed during the 
ampaign. All of the students I interviewed had 
bviously already given the issues a great deal of 
hought and had a lot to say. 

The majority of the people I interviewed said 
hey would have voted for Clinton. "The country 
leeds a change." Sarah Eppler explained. Siri 
ianson felt that, "He offered a better way of 
lelping the economy." Joanne Mackie said, 
Bush has been up to his old tricks." The economy 
ind Clinton's stand on issues such as education 
ind abortion were the main reasons why students 
upported Clinton. Other students such as Debbie 
)owns and Jeanette Hagon did not trust Clinton 
ind wanted Bush for president. "Clinton's junk!" 
;aid Debbie. "I don't believe in abortion and I 
lon't trust Clinton," were reasons Jeanette gave. 

Heath/Louis Dill would have voted for Perot 
because, "Bush is lazy and Clinton's a democrat 
- a reason in itself." There was one vote for Brian 
Sparrow, a recent graduate of BHS, from Vin 

One very controversial issue that has been 
getting much attention recently is abortion. When 
asked how she felt about abortion, Cyndi Nerney 
said, "Nobody has a right to tell a woman what she 
can do with her body." Mary DeMoss agreed with 
her: "Government shouldn't have a say. It is only 
a woman's decision." 
Many other students were pro-life. Heather 
Hirsch pointed out, "If you're old enough to mess 
around, you're old enough to pay for your conse- 
quences." Sarah Carvey said, "1 think abortion 
should be illegal, except in cases such as rape or 
when the mother is endangered. It's a touchy 

The other question I asked students was whether 
or not they felt homosexuals should be allowed in 
the military. Again, there were many students 
supporting both sides. Chris Farmer supported 
allowing homosexuals into the military: "Who 
has the right to make a decision ba.sed on sexual 

Apama Rao 
Aaron Rashba 
Sarah Roscnburg 
Michael Rossi 
Christopher Rowc 
.Shawn .Sadowski 

Amy Sandcli 
David Schowalter 
Sarah Shaniel 
Anila Shewakramani 
Joshua Silverstein 
Adam Smith 

Erin Smith 

Jessamyn Smith-Bridgeland 
Michael Smulski 
Lauren Stewart 
James Sullivan 
Wayne SuMivan 

Alison Sundet 
Kimberly Tarbell 
John Taylor 
Joanna Thoms 
Kristof T'Siobbe! 
Jessica Turner 

Maryellen Vatalaro 
Marika Volicer 
Jeffrey Weinfurt 
Calvin Wilder 
Erica Willie 
Jennifer Young 

preference. This is a free country. It is the 
same as saying a black can't serve in the 
mi litaiy." Conney Crespo agrees with Chris: 
"It is a matter of ability, not sexual prefer- 
ence. On the other hand, Vin Welch feels 
that. "The militiuy is not a democracy. 
Letting in homosexuals would be incred- 
ibly bad for morale." 

Finally, 1 asked students what they felt is 
the most important issue of today. Carolyn 
Fanelli responded with. "Building up the 
economy to compete in the world market." 
Many other students cited the economy and 
the national debt as the most important 
issues. Heath Dill felt, "Domestic issues 
such as crime, drugs, and early education 
need to be addressed. This will in turn help 
the economy." Others mentioned AIDS 
and prejudice. On the more humorous side, 
w hen asked w hat he felt the most important 
issue of today w as, Marcus Harris replied. 


Edward Addison 
Nathan Ahlgren 
Caroline Alba 
Megan Albani 
Natalie Alexander 

Danielle Allain 
Philip Anthony 
Loren Armstrong 
Christopher Aumann 
Charles Axlell 

Karl Bielitz 
Marcell Bittle 
Ronald Blanehette Jr. 
Anne Boyle 
Andrew Brault 

Jaqui Brown 
Jennifer Brown 
Jessica Brown 
John Cadotte 
Katelyn Carpenter 

Christopher Carson 
Christina Carvey 
George Catala 
Alicia Cecil 
Wendy Chase 

Yung-en Chen 
Adam Chiocca 
Bryant Chisholm 
Daniel Cintron 
Gregory Cohen 

Gina Corea 
Richard Corrigah 
Michelle Cronin 
David Crook 
Latanya Davis 

Rhea Desilva 
Tim De Young 
Michael Donaldson 
Lamar Dorch 


AHOY MATE! Bedford's own buccaneer. Cra 
Wilev. really gets into his role as the mascot of oi 
school at the pep rally. 


Dating Disasters 

Have you ever experienced a blind date from hell? You know. . .the one who came an 
hour late, forgot your name and had no idea how to eat with silverware? 

All of us have experienced a dating nightmare, firsthand or through a vivid recount of 
a friend. Though these stories may seem amusing to hear after the fact, often a bad 
rendez-vous can render a person mentally distraught for days afterwards. 

Everyone has different ideas about what constitutes a date from hell but there are 
certain pre-requisites that all bad dates easily meet: 

1. You feel like walking home no matter where you are! 

2. You have a migraine headache that won't quit. 

3. You feel like locking yourself in the bathroom until your date is over. 

4. You would rather slide down a razor blade into a pool of alcohol then stay 
with your date. 

5. All of a sudden, you have a violent urge to do your math. 

6. Your date thinks McDonalds is a gourmet meal. 

7. You don't mind seeing "Plan 9 From Outer Space" if it means you don't 
have to talk to your date. 

8. You never realized that anyone could smell that bad. 

9. You count down the minutes until it is over. 

10. You spend most of the date thinking of different diseases you could 
fake and leave gracefully. 

If you do experience a bad date, don't worry about it too much. Look on the bright 
side. . . .you now join the ranks of the nameless millions who have experienced perhaps 
an even worse date than you! Also, a bad date story is a great ice-breaker at parties and 
also at funerals. So a date from hell isn't all that bad. In fact, with the right attitude, a bad 
date can even be a blessing in disguise! But, if you haven't had a bad date yet, consider 
yourself lucky and pray you never do! 

more than a teacher to these sophomore girls. She is also 
their friend. 

CONE HEAD . Naveen Wadhera practices balancing a 
cone on his head for a relay on Student Outreach Day. 

BEST BUDDIES. Jennifer St. Sauveur and 
Adam Choccia arc such a close couple that 
they even coordinated their outfits. | ^ J 

Kimberly Duda 
Matthew Dwyer 
Elizabeth Ela 
Deiiisc Ellison 
Kristine Farringion 
Neil Fluckiger 

Katharine French-Fuller 
Fred Gabclniann 
Kathleen Geary 
Corey Gelormini 
Aaron Gersiel 
Caria Giannetta 

Kendrick Gibson 
Matthew Giusli 
Kelly Gullage 
Matthew Hansen 
Eileen Hartwell 
Scott Hartwell 

Kendra Harvey 
John Haystrand 
Christian Heimple 
Sarah Higham 
Erika Horn 
Kristin Homgan 

Angela Howell 
Sewon Im 
CarIa Inlerrera 
Barbara Johnson 
Christopher Johnson 
Lola Adelle Johnsiin 

CAUGHT OFF GL ARP Kate Lx-ar\ is an unsuspecting \iclim of a sneaky 
vearbook photographer. 

LACING UP. Eileen Hartwell prepares to run track. 

NO SWEAT. A gniup of sophomores lake a breather after a hard workout in dk 


Aarti Kapuria 
David Kern 
Jason Kinkead 
Maria Koen 
Eric Kovali 
Jens Kuiimann 

Carter Lanoux 
Kate Leary 
Tim Likosicy 
Dina Lipozer 
Mary Long 
Josh Longstreth 

Lisa Looney 
Jessica Machado 
Brian Maranian 
Michael McAllister 
Joshua McCloud 
Jason McCormick 

Tommy Mc Elhinney 
Mike Melvin 
Erica Molinar 
Simon Mungia 
Jeremy Nash 
Eileen O'pray 

James Paredes 
Lisa Paschkewitz 
Lora Patino 
Linda Pearson 
Christine Perino 
Michelle Pietchel 

A Threatening Epidemic 

IDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is a 
icadly disease." This is the way most people in Bedford 
igh School perceive the illness. AIDS can be acquired 

sex and sharing dirty needles. But of course students 
<mplain that they all know that by now since it has been 
illed into their heads since fifth grade. They recite the 
cts by rote: One cannot acquire AIDS by sharing hair- 
ushes, or using public restrooms. or even shaking hands 
th someone who has the disease. Regrettably, even 
ough highschoolers believe they know everything about 
e epidemic. 1 6-25 year olds are the fastest-growing part 

the AIDS population. 

When Anita Shewakramani asked her friends what 
ey thought about AIDS, the vast majority of responses 
id to do with the fact that people are not taking the 
sease seriously. One classmate commented, "It's sad 
at many people are dying because they do not want to 
educated about this!" Another student said, 
'eople are more willing to accept AIDS and people with 
IDS once they have been educated. They're not as qui 
to make assumptions." 

It is the individuafs responsibility to decide whether 
ey want to help themselves and listen when others try to 
lucate them about AIDS. Many students feel that the 
sue has been overemphasized in schools: There are 
any assemblies to teach us about AIDS, and they also 

describe others" experiences with the illness. We also 
discuss AIDS in health class, and the school committee is 
considering distributing condoms. However, we need 
this "overeducation"so that those who were not paying 
attention before may pay attention the next time. 

One of Anita's classmates stated, "People are more 
aware of it (AIDS) now, and I'm happier." Many of the 
people Anita interviewed were concerned about the igno- 
rance which has caused others to react to people infected 
with the virus in a bad way. 

When asked if there would be a cure for AIDS, Anita 
received a variety of answers. Many said, "Yes," but some 
did say, "No." One out of nine people think that there will 
not be a cure for AIDS. Out of those who said. "Yes." there 
was a bit of disagreement about when it might happen. 
Some said that it would come about in a long time — "like 
in 100 years ")! Others said that they thought that a cure 
would be developed in the near future. Those who said 
"no" just basically thought that it would be virtually 
impossible to make something so complex. So, who 
knows? Maybe a cure will be invented tomorrow, or 
maybe even in 20 years- perhaps never. There may not be 
any progress in the cure for AIDS, but hopefully there will 
be progress in the fact that people take the issue more 
seriously all the time. •# 

Down To A Science. Catherine Weicker and Katie 
Carpenter finish their chemistry labs. They sure enjoyed 
making silly putty and hand lotion. 



Stacey Porter 
Michelle Pulsipher 
Josh Reynolds 
Anthony Richards 
Steve Robinson 
Alexandra Ross 

Gregory Ross 
Krislina Roussak 

Andrea Russo 
Mike Sands 

Lisa Scheiern 
Sharon Schofield 

Andrew Schwerin 
Tara Slavin 
Julie Smith 
Adam Sparrow 
Rachel Stieglitz 
Jennifer St. Sauveur 

Jeff Sullivan 
Jeremy Tate 
Sharlene Tobin 
Jason Tolwinski 
Philip Toole 
Gilbert Tsanu 

Jennifer Tsang 
Nathalia Tucker 
Naveen VVadhera 
Sean Waldron 
Catherine Weicker 
Kathleen White 

Scott Wiener 
Craig Wiley 
Angela Williams 
Genja Williams 
Todd Wilson 
Johnny Yang 

COKE IS IT! Catherine Rowe and Denise Ellison can't 
beat the feeling they get from drinking Coca Cola Classic 
on a sunny day. 



agine that you are new. you do not know anyone, and 
eryone else knows each other. The layout of the 
tool seems like a maze, and there are only ten seconds 
I before the bell rings. To your relief, your student 
ide meets you at the door of your classroom and 
:orts you to lunch. After a week, you know your way 
)und pretty well, and don't need a guide anymore, but 
vas nice to have one on those first days. This scenario 
not an uncommon one at B.H.S., excepting one part, 
;re isn't a guide. 

e creation of a student guide group at B.H.S. would 
jvide a needed service for incoming new students and 
)uldbe implemented. With its connection to Hanscom 
r Force Base, Bedford High School has a rapidly 
anging student population. This program would 
3vide a needed service to many, 
is formal system of guides would make the transition 
the first week much easier on a new student. A 
;ling of unfamiliarity is the experience of any student 

TA DA! Angle Henry begs the photographer to take 
her picture. You got your wish Angle, you're in the 

arriving at a large high school. An immediate contact 
with a veteran of the system would accelerate the period 
of adjustment for the new student by introducing him or 
her to friends and teachers and being available for 

Some people feel shy around those they don't know. A 
friendly face among the crowd would be a source of 
comfort, and the slight push that person may receive 
from his or her guide to meet people and join clubs 
would be a positive beginning to his or her high school 

Change is a necessary part of everyone's life because 
through it we learn to become adaptive. Unfamiliar 
faces, classrooms, and procedures are only a few ob- 
stacles that a student must overcome when he or she 
arrives a t a new school. With the implementation of a 
guide program, the adaptive process would be eased 
along with the helping hand, and both parties would 
benefit from its existence. ^ 

Tom Adams 
Julie Albonesi 
Jose Amaya 
Nicholas Anderson 
Sarah Atkinson 
Sarah Baird 

Elisa Banner 
Nicole Barrila 
Susan Bayliss 
Michelle Bayne 
Jackson Bleckley 
Thomas Bleckley 

Andrew Bourneuf 
Agata Brys 
Kirsten Bushey 
Matt Callahan 
Nathan Campoli 
Megan Carpenter 

Ron Celeste 
Christopher Chen 
Jeremy Ciaccia 
Jennifer Clerkin 
Amy Corrigan 
Michael Cossette 

Ben Croxford 
Alissa Dangel 
Angela Day 
Brian Deardorff 
Nick Defino 
Adam Denton 

Sarah Desjean 
Cindi De Young 
William Dick 
David Dickinson 
MerediUi Dill 
Steven Dipema 


Gina DiSanzo 
Julie Dubitsky 
Kerry Duncan 
Katie Esposito 
Mallhew Faneiii 

Akilah Garnclt 
Christine Geilfuss 
Ellen Gersh 
Adrian Gerstel 
Bethany Giusti 

Brandon Goins 
Jeremy Gomes 
Melissa Gray 
Rebecca Green 
Ethun Grey 

Christina Griecci 
Jeff Haynes 
Angela Henry 
Katherine Hilz 

Rebecca Holland 

Carol Horsch 
Mike Hursh 
Krystal Iri/arry 
Brendan Jones 
Jennifer Kapperman 

Andrew Katz 
Shaun Kennery 
Danese Kenon 
Lisa Kevorkian 
Allison Kiessling 

Jeannie Kim 
Russell Kleekamp 
Jarrod Kohout 
Thotnas Kot\s al 
Kathleen Kypcr 

Nathan Lander 
Sabrina Lanza 
Jessica LaValley 
Jason Lee 
Amy Lcshin 


and Carol Hon.h w ish they could be more like th' 
Victorian French woman. 

Mid- Year Anxiety 

Why does the word midterm always produce a groan? Perhaps it is the thought of 
sitting in an intense academic atmosphere for two consecutive hours, or perhaps it is 
the realization that the outcome of these tests count for one-fifth of the final grade. 
Whatever the case may be, these exams often entail several hours of studying, sever 
anxiety attacks, and maybe even a sleepless night. 
Well, what to students at Bedford High School think about midterms? Not 
surprisingly the majority of students feel they are an inaccurate gauge of what they 

know. Reactions range from: 

— "Yuk!" 
— "I don't want to talk about it!" 
— "Oh, please." 

One sophomore confided that she thought too much stock was put into midterms. 
"After all that work, two hours can totally ruin everything you have worked for." 
Katie Brown, a junior, stated she felt midterms were "no fun. I get so much stress." 
After four years of midterms, seniors are old pros at taking long exams. When 
asked what advice she would give to underclassmen, Jill Freeman offered these 
suggestions, "Don't get tense. Prepare yourself early, and simply do your best. 
That's all you can expect, and if you don't o well, there's always next year ..." 

Bethany Lesure 
Michelle Lloyd 
Jennifer Lockncr 
Michael Lord 
Stephen Losey 
Eric Luke 

Matthew Maddox 
Margaret Mann 
Lisa Maranian 
Gretchen Marston 
Adam Marto 
Scott McBreen 

Heather McCarthy 
Adam McComiick 
Jason McCloud 
Theresa McGovern 
Jeffrey McGrath 
Jim McGrath 

Cara McNaniara 
Kristin Mead 
Jennifer Minor 
Douglas Mix 
Joshua Montgomery 
Amy Morgan 

Dara Morris 
Jennifer Muise 
Matthew Nerney 
Tricia O'Brien 
Joshua Oien 
Matthew Ondovchik 

EAR TO EAR. Jennifer Opalenik is never fully dressed 
without a smile. 

DEEP IN THOUGHT. Kirsten Bushey studies in the 
library w hile she waits for the late bus. 

A Day In The Life 

Jennifer Opalenik 
Theresa Oreilly 
Amy Parsons 
Rajul Patcl 
Barry Petrucci 
Mark Piantedosi 

Steve Pierre-Louis 
Mark Pietchei 
Patrick Pisani 
Michele Poradousky 
Alexis Presti 
William Quinn 

Chet Rao 
Samuel Richards 
Alyssa Robinson 
Tammy Robinson 
Catherine Rowe 
Chris Rvan 

Jesse Ryan 

Jim Sands 

Kris Sarajian 

Suzanne Schmuhi 

Tim Sheflin 

Sanju Shewakramani 

Michelle Shwimer 
Rachel Siegel 
Greg Simpson 
Matthew Skavenski 
Stephanie Smith 
Vilas Sridharan 

TIGHT FITTING PANTS? Adam Denton does 
not enjoy wearing his ill-fitted ROTC uniform. 

M. t is seven o'clock in the morning at 
ledford High. Teachers are slowly making 
leir daily entrance and stopping by to chat 
/ith one another. In the background, the early 
lomi ng chamber orchestra can be heard strum- 
ling away on their instruments. A few stu- 
ents can be seen wandering from room to 
3om, locker to locker. 

Suddenly it is seven-fifteen, and the hall- 
ways are full of students, backpacks, lunchbags. 
nd especially chatter. The buses have finally 
rrived and most of the school population is 
;ady to begin another great day at BHS. As 
le few stragglers mosey into homeroom, BHS 
-ive begins its daily commentary on people, 
ports, and weather at Bedford High School, 
lost students watch the show; others do last- 
linute hoinework; and still others spread the 
itest gossip. All of this abruptly ends as the 
lock strikes 7:50 and classes begin. 

A few hours and several lectures later, E 
period begins - the time of day we have all 
grown to love. What does it mean? LUNCH! 
The freshmen and sophomores flock to the old 
cafe, while the upperclassmen enjoy the luxury 
of being able to sit in the new cafe. Students 
engage in the occasional food fight, cram for 
tests, and chit-chat with iriends, all in the 
twenty minute lunch period. 

Okay, only two more minutes until we are 
free. Eyes glance at the clock and see that it 
reads 1 :53. Books are shuffled, people start 
thinking about their after-school activities, 
and class is forgotten. As the afternoon an- 
nouncements come over the loudspeaker, ev- 
eryone lines up at the door, eager to overflow 
the corridor. Finally school is over and the fun 
is about to begin at a soccer game or drama 
club rehearsal. 


MUG SHOT. Gina Tiley vogues for a yearbook 

HANGING TOI GH The Becckley brothers and two friends sii in the bus. 

Eleanor Donovan 

Assistant Principal 

William Ambrose 

Assistant Principal 


Thomas Duggan 


3ne of the issues the administration is faced with is the 
sue ot'condom distribution. David Hursh wrote an article 
1 the Bedford Minute-Man in response to this issue: 

Today, we are faced with one of the scariest evils ever 
) exist in our country. It can attack anyone, whether he or 
tie be black or while, heterosexual or homosexual, old or 

It is AIDS, a virus which has been spreading farther and 
arlher, faster and faster, infecting tens of thousands of 
Americans every year. A few years ago. United States' 
fficials stated that within the next five years the number 
f AIDS cases and deaths would increase more than ten 

Today, while more than a niillion Americans are IIIV- 
ositive. more than 80, ()()() of those are teen-agers. Many 
f those teen-agers unknowingly contract the virus in high 
chool and will not show symptoms for years. In an age 
hen more ad more teen-agers are becoming sexually 
ctivc, it is imperative that we do what we can to stop the 
pread of this disease. At the present time, the best and 
urest way to slow this epidemic is to make condoms 
vailable to all students in high school. 

There are those traditional thinkers who instead of 
wking at the relevant issue, that of the fatal disease, hide 
«ehind their idealism. Those parents who feel that condom 
istribution puts across the wrong message to students are 
naw are of what students are learning in school. Students 
vill not get the idea that parents are saying it's fine and 
noral to have a sexual relationship. 

On the contrary, in the health courses at the high 
school, students are informed over and over that the only 
1 00 percent effective method to prevent AIDS from spread- 
ing is abstinence. Abstinence is urged, but other methods 
of protection are described. Many people also feel that 
available mean of protection, such as condoms, should 
remain a topic of conversation restricted to the home. 

In other words, if parents want to deal with the issue, 
they will. Otherwise, kid should be left ignorant. Those 
who agree with this should simply take a look at the 
statistics. If AIDS continues to spread at the current rate, by 
the year 2000, 40 percent of all college students will be 
infected with the AIDS virus, mostly students who con- 
tracted the disease when they were in high school. 

It can be difficult, but everyone must open his or her 
eyes and face the relevant problem. More teen-agers are 
sexually active than ever before; urging abstinence and 
then leaving the issue alone is not a solution. For those 
students who choose to be sexually active, there should be 
condoms available as a means to pre\ enl the contraction of 

The AIDS Task Force has recently decided to recom- 
mend that condoms be made available in many public 
buildings in Bedford, including the high schtnil. The Task 
Force stated the importance of contloms in three words: 
"Condoms sa\e lives. " Most students understand this, but 
many who might normally use condoms are too nervous to 
talk intii CVS and purchase some. 

Also, most students are unaware that condoms are 

available for free at the Town Center. Making condoms 
available in the school would therefore provide students 
with easy access. If a committee that w as created for the 
sole purpose of researching such matters came to the 
conclusion that condom distribution in the high schiwl 
\\ ould be beneficial, people w ould do best to supp<irt such 
a decision. The nurse could be available to distribute 
condoms to whomever needs them, and dispensers could 
be available in the bathruonis and locker rcHims for those 
who would like to obtain a condom in privacy. Any 
possible increase in student sexual acti\ ity due tocondoms 
being distributed in the high school would be justified b\ 
the decrease in the spread of AIDS, and the increase in life 
expectancy for the students. 

The entire issue comes down to the fad that over 
2(X),tMK) .Americans are dying of .AIDS, and condoms can 
help prevent students from contracting the virus. Health 
teachers can continue to urge abstinence, but that is not the 
only answer. In a traditionalist's ideal w orld, no one w ould 
become sexually active until ho or she was married. How- 
ever, we must look at the world around us. I'rging absti- 
nence will not keep people from dying. We should feci 
lucky that we has c discov ered a means of pn>iection nwK 
practical for ttxlay's sexually active teen-agers. With Ihc 
means av ailable, it w ould K" absurd not to make use of it. 
I'niess we want to live in a world w hea* half the p«>pulation 
can exiTcct to suffer a slow, drawii-oul death, we should 
start making condoms available in the high schwl. before 
it is toi) late. 

Innovative! Creative! 
Motivated! Persistent! . . . Dad! 

These are all words students use to de- 
scribe the infamous Mr. Huff. While 
some previous students of his give him 
the reputation of being very difficult, 
most present students feel that he is ben- 
eficially challenging. 

Mr. Huff makes his students 
think. He enables them to learn beyond 
what is presented in the book. He uses the 
stock market, function projects, and real 

Keith Adams 

Athletic Director 
Janice Alcare/, 

Jennifer Anderson 

Steve Barbas 
Donald Barron 

Aldevino Braga 

Aerospace Science 
Edward Campbell 
Victor Carlson 
Technical Education 
Susan Cervo 
Foreign Language 
William Corliss 
Business Education 

Vernon Dameron 

Social Studies 
Charles DiPietro 
Program Administrator 
Elizebeth Dowling 
Kathleen Drenas 
Home Economics 

Elaine Giddis 

Bernard Gollis 
Paula Gullage 

business. Social Studies 
Clint Huff 
Garry Hunt 

life situations to aid in his teaching. One 
student explains, "Mr. Huff is the first 
teacher that Fve had that's begun to 
convince me that we really do need to 
understand math to be successful in life." 

Besides being an interesting 
teacher, Mr. Huff is caring as well. He's 
willing to take the extra time for that 
additional explanation that a student may 
need after school or during a free period. 

Mr. Huff is a teacher who asks how h 
student is doing if he or she seems to t| 
having a bad day. 

Along with everything else. Mil 
Huff has had a big change in his life th 
year — a child. On behalf of all yoi 
students, congratulations on the birth (I 
Curren Clinton Huff, and thanks for b«| 
ing a teacher we can count on. 


You Can Say That Again! 

"It's Brutal" - Mr. Palmer 
"But Whaddya gonna do?" - Mr. Pllla 
"For lack of a better phrase..." - Mr. Spinosa 
"Don't forget to think physically!" - Mr. Ullman 
"Ultimate field trip - Huntington Theater 
November 5." - Mrs. Sorgi 
"Maybe it's just me, but I seem to have lost my 
sense of humor." - Mr. Low (in response 
to Alex Brill's power drill escapes) 
"For crying out loud!" - Mr. Barbas 

Kathy Jordan 

Special Education 
John Judge 
James Kelly 
Foreign Language 
William Keup 

Catherine Krueger 


Dorothy Lovecchio 

Secretan in Counseling 
Nancy Lehan 
Marilyn Light 
Special Education 
Allison Lohrum 
Kieth Lord 
Media Aid 

Barry Low 

Director of Music 
Men Luc 


Sandra Maczko 

Earix Childhood Education 

Virginia Malouin 


Benjamin Maxwell 


John McCarthy 


Nancy McCarthy 
l-oreigii l anguage 
Dennis McDonald 
Teachnig Assistant 
Jean Miele 
Eugene Milliken 





SPASTIC PLASTICS. Mr. Stephenson plays uliimaie 
frisbee on Student Outreach Day. 

RASBERRY. Mr. Pavao slicks his tongue out at the 

I^eonard Palmer 

Floriano Pavao 
Program Director 
Foreign Language 
Patricia Pelligrini 
Social Studies 
Robert Pi-trillo 
Physical l-Alucalion 
Jeanie Piantedosi 
Library .Aid 

Teacher Extraordinaire 

Ms. Mitchell 

Bedford High School has been 
lucky enough to have received an 
energetic new addition to its teach- 
ing staff. Mrs. Mitchell has come 
aboard as the health and physical 
education teacher at Bedford High 
School. Mrs. Mitchell arrived 
from Weymouth High School 
where she also taught health and 
P.E. for five years. She has been 
currently teaching at Bedford for 
two years. Mrs. Mitchell did not 
intend to become a teacher. She 
originally was arranging for a ca- 
reer in physical therapy, 'i have 
always been interested in health. 

fitness, and nutrition." 
Mitchell all of which contrib 
to her decision to switch majc 
Health Education. When a- 
what she hoped to accomplisi 
being a teacher and what has b 
the most rewarding aspect oi 
job, Mitchell simply answ ered 
questions with one answer, 
said that knowing that she 
done her best in providing cur; 
and correct information about 
eases that pose as problems to 
lives of teenagers in as acc 
plishment and seeing students 
the information in makine res 


Anthony Pilla 


Walter Powers 

Denis Rainis 
Foreign language 
Doreen Ralston 
Social Studies 
John Reynolds 
Social Studies 

Michael Rinaldi 

Technology Education 
Paula Rochefort 
Marjorie Rull 
Foreign Language 
Armand Sabourin 
Deborah Sakelakos 


hie decisions is a reward. 

In both her health and P.E. 
lasses she incorporates a Uttle 
ariation in traditional education, 
erobics seems to be a favorite of 
tudents in her gym classes and 
ames and roll playing assist in 
etting the point across in health 
lass. Anotherclass Mrs. Mitchell 
ikes responsibility for peer lead- 
rship. She enjoys this class be- 
ause she sees students who vol- 
ntarily help and provide advice 
ir students their age and younger. 
)ne of the benefits of this class is 
tudents are able to participate in 

project adventure, a motivational 
and self esteem builder. Students 
encounter challenges and are en- 
couraged by their peers to over- 
come their fears. Mrs. Mitchell 
says "its a great experience and it 
really does build confidence." 
Mrs. Mitchell obstacle of 
teaching career has been learning 
to overcome embarrassment in 
front of a classroom. She said that 
being in front of a class itself is a 
challenge. "You just have to learn 
to laugh when awkward situations 

Aside from teaching Mrs. 
Mitchell is also involved in an 
organization called the A.I.D.S 
Task Force which is constantly 
gathering information about the 
disease and passing this on to stu- 
dents. Additionally she is an advi- 
sor for the high .school Student 
Atmosphere Committee, a group 
of students who work toward in- 
stilling a sense of unity among the 
students at B.H.S. 

Mrs. Mitchell time, effort, and 
friendship are greatly appreciated 
by all students at Bedford High. 


Comings And Goings 

Bill Clinton was voted in as our 42nd president. He 

campaigned lor change. As he entered olllce. he decided Hillary Clinton, the new First Lady, isoneof the top lOOIawyersin the country, and her biggest goal is lo reform 

to raise taxes and to cut spending. health care. 

In the wave of destruction wrought by Hurrcaine An- 
drew, people banded together to to survive and rebuild. 
Aid tlowed from all parts of the country. 

Former President George Bush looked rather disconcerted ai the end of his four year term. During his term, he showed 
that the United States would not back down to Third World dictators. 


As Bill Clinlon stepped into office, he was confronted 
with the question of whether or not to allow gays into the 

Who will be watched more this year? Due to contract problems, Letterman and Leno will be aired at the same tim 

Al Pacino had a great performance playing a blind man i 
Scent of a Woman. 

David Letterman is confident that he will beat Jay Len 
in the Nielsen ratings. 

Alex Haley, the author of Roots , died leaving the 
memory of a truly great author, and fighter for human 


The movie Chaplin came out. showing the life of one of our country's greatest silent movie actors. 

Nobody will forget the L. A. riots following the Rodney King case. Hopefully we have learned a lesson in the aftermath. 


The Red Sox made many changes alter a disasterous 
1992 season. Now a White Sox player. Ellis Burks made 
them regret letting him go by returning to Fenway with a 
bang, blasting his first homer of the season in his first at- 
bat against the Sox. 


urt Parks was the long lime host of the Miss America 

Mmost 20 years alter the end ot the Vietnam War, Viet- Begin, the lormer Prime Minister ot Israel worked hard When will u end .' Neo NA/.l s rall> m German.N In the 
.am opened all of it's files concerning Americans lost in against terrorism. paM years there has been a trightening increase in hale 

Y^^j. group acti\ ity.This is something that we should all work 

hard tu put an end to. 


RED. WHITE. AND YOU Rachel Tobin 
and Andrea Perez share a fun moment 
together. Who other than a good friend do 
you share memorable times with? 

WASTED . Matt Ross looks like he's seen 
better days. But then again, we've seen 
better pictures of Malt! Why the hum- 
drum look Matt Ross'.' Could it be - 

FREE RIDE . Getting a free lift to nowhere in particu- 
lar, Michael McGarry is quite the lady's man. With 
Kristcn Colliton. Terri Franks. Betsy Carlton, Caroline 
Busch, Kaly Doherty, Rachael Berkowitz and Mandy 

ON'T WORRY. BE HAPPY . Betsy Carlton takes 
ne out to give us a pretty smile. What are you smiling 
loul? It's the beginning of another day filled with 
;adines, lectures, and hours of homework. Oh. 1 know. 


lu re a senior! 

Bryan Albonesi 

21 Jeffr ey Circle 

Aciiviiics: Baseball JV 1: Varsity 2.3,4: Golf 1.2,3.4; 
Biisketball I ; JV 2.3; Prom Decorating 3: Hall Decorating 
12; Lalin Club 3.4; .Spanish Club 1 .2.3; Figure Skating I ; 
V arsity 2,3.4; La.ser Tag 1.2; Wiffleball Tournament 3; 
Champions 4: Fantasy Baseball League 2.3,4: 

Thanks to: Mom and Dad, without you I wouldn't be here. 
Thanks for ;ill the encouragemeni throughout all the 
years, you've been ihe greatest parents a kid could have. 
1 love you. To my sister Julie, even though we've had a lot 
of fights, you've still been the best sister I've ever had. To 
Taffy (RIP). To my .second f;iniil> . (he Venuti's. Thanks 

10 Mr. Venuti for two years at the farms, thanks to Mrs. 
Venuli for all the fowl while I've been over the house, 
tlianks lo Becky, thanks to Scooia Venuti for being the 
brother I never had. Dave V. -Naples l&ll, Latin 
"Mei Amici". "Sparrow Nota Bene". "Si seguramenie". 
"let s expedite things ", thanks lor being the only otlier kid 
in school as weird as me, "don't worr\ dad thai one's on 
ine". New Years, Hobie. Rides to school, haircuts. Manny, 
Jason. Mark, 'get in the hole Johnny 5". 'hey Bry ", ' 1 
swallowed the quarter! '. Jack B. " ya know w ho's looking 
sweet today...", "hey Dave, that's a gri«n \ carl! ". Dave 
B- "Velarde, a long fly ball ", "hey Br> put a lid n it". 
Weekend at Bemie's. "you gotta be fast in this business", 
"hey old man". "Malibu", "Mr. Referee ". 'hey Chico". 
rodeo, for my mom's la.sagna, "Nicky Pockets". Frank 
Bossa. Rapman. Dave L.-for being a gangster. TKO.40's. 
New Years. Geoff- New Years, "hey Acer ", " I'm no 
ihre.ii ". Fly bootie, boolie exercises, T'Bell runs, Tim 
Dog- Step lo Me. Matt M. -being sooo fly. liking the same 
music I do, philly blunts. New Yeiu-s. for having some 
really funky hair, MC Pleasure, for being a guest MC on 
Rhyme Schemes debut album, "'Alan". Mike M - being so 
funny, being the better half, having the same clothes I do. 
for being my golf partner. Malt K.- for being Greek. "Pat 
There", for drawing me in positions w ith cats, butt smok- 
ing. "K\crybodyl!". Ttxld- D'yer Maker", boot knock- 
ing, thanks for all the stories, for all the wiffleball and 
football games at your house, your movies, Taco Bell, for 
driving places for no reason, for being the founder of the 
TF posse, and I can only hope that 1 can become a member 
one day. Steve C. for being .so laid h.a k and relaxed that 

11 makes me tired just looking at you. for having a high 
self-esteem, for taking all the punishment 1 give you, for 
all Ihe rides junior year, J.L'.G.S., for Roy Rogers runs, for 
Tom Petty, for "Big Shots. Mike A ;ind Sid. thanks for ihe 
C.H. love. Mark M. for letting me use your house all these 
years, for being a Tom Hanks look alike. RC Cola. 
"AAEEII!!"". Phillies and Steelers, "Samwhiches". Golf 
Team. Puma, vviftle ball loumament. Bernardo. Loren/o, 
Jose Maiiin. "hope lo see ya on Ihe lourl'" Paul for being 
a great shortstop. JV basketball team, "hey ya wanna 
race'?'.'! !"", Phoenix. John M. for being one of the strongest 
people 1 know . lor Likosky "s house 1 and II, and thanks for 
my CD player back. Ten C. for being my partner in 
rhyme. MC Southpaw, hoficfully one day we'll be on VH- 
1. for the Null Chan in Physics, all the great siories in 
physics, for the use of your car. slecpover you house the 
night after 8th grade graduation, ""hey guys, they're really 
cool! !". for being a w hack, but so fly. Cooler- germie poo, 
for coming home at 3 AM with me to my house from 
Rachaels's house, "ya wanna sleeptiver'.'?!!" John G. for 
being my Spanish pal for 3 years. "Nome pruebas Lx)renzo, 
ne me Pruebas!!"' Tony J. for being my homeboy, for 
dropping out of Photo, thanks lor the garage door opener. 
Chipper for his funky dancing. Colin for never talking 
about himself. To Dave H. for all of ihe siickball games 
on our street when we were little. To Billy K. for being a 
green bean, for all the tennis matches at your house and for 
all the pool parties. Pal L. for Gino. "Skeeter". and 

Alabama. Chris Merril for his hair and his purple jacket. 
Now for all of the ladies. To Maiidy for being the best 
friend thai anyone can have. Even though I havn'i know n 
you for too long, we've had plenty of good limes and I'll 
never forget iheni. "buy one get one free", "who kicked 
your bull and made it swell?". ""I'm gonna sneak down 
stairs... " "'Hey why don't you lay off.''" .Daffy, Ryan 
Jennifer, Prom Dale, Caroline for being one heck off a 
woman, "Bry Guy"', "Load". "Slop swealin' me". Big 
Bunny. Gailsy Wailsy, Omni. ""Hey Baby", "Own It". 
Kaiy for Bedford Farms, letting me sleepover, for being a 
great dancer. ""Hes Baby!", and of course, thanks to Rags. 
Jen Hanson for being my best buddy and pal. for Bedford 
Farms ;ind for being so Funky. Rachael for your parties, 
"you're such a bad influence.'" Thanks lo Ashley for bein 
a Lalin Buddy, for giving me nasty looks, ihanks for the 
pens in Latin. "■don"t chew the cap!!"' Kristen for being 
quiet. "Jimmy, and I did noi cr> at Radio Flyer!! Ten F. 
for being really quiet, for being a field hockey superstar, 
for saying '"Hi"" to mc al my locker. Michelle for dissin" 
me. JoAlmixlovarforbeingLady J Saiah Ro for Ihe free 
bacon, Tim's house. "Stella", "'\ Beth Mara tor 
letting me flirt w iih sou in from of Dave. To Sarah Eppler 
and Mika for photography class. I w ould also like to thank 
allthe coaches and teachers: Mr. Sabounn. Coach Sullivan. 
Mr. Reynolds. Mr. Palmer, and Mr. Kelly. 

Future Goals: To see Dave Boffa one day receive his 
driver's livensc. To one day see Rh> me Scheme kickin it 
on VH-I and to get a contract and sign with Def Jam 
records. To li\e up to the name .Al B Funky. To watch 
Dave Boffa ever\ Saturday on Saiurday Game Day on 
ESPN. To lum on HBO and see Uave Venuti hosting 
Russell Simmons' Def Jam Comedy Special. Hopefully 
w hen I have to go to a Hair Club for Men meeting I w ill be 
reunited with Sieve Chester. To be involved in a high 
^pi'eil chase through Bedford with Officer Geoff Chase. 
To slay in touch w ith all ihe friends I made m High School, 
to have a wonderful wife, have three kids, a dog and to 
restore a 1970 green Poniiac convertable. 

Josephine K \lmudu\ar 
IIA ScollCin Ic 

I would like to thank :Ciod.Larry (the love of my life), my 
mother (she taught me the right way) the Hernandez and 
Mareano family i Te quiero mucho! ).the Booty Girl/ ( Lisa 
T.. Angela W.. N icole B. i.To'-ha (Ihe sister I never had j.Too 
Anxious to slop (Sandra J.Lrica "Nubian Pncess").ihc 
Puerto Rican Sisters (Gladys C. Chastity I.,) Erin 
S..(schoolrides and talks). Rhea D.fmy girl) j\delle J. 
Angela H.. Barbara. Jaqui.Laianya.Darlene B.(ihe girl 
who taught me souh.Lori M.. Kath> \I .Kcndra 
H..Connie(>ou ' re too sweet ). Julie S. (Julie. Julie Julie! I. 
Rachel T.lDon'i ever change your ways!»John W. (the 
rides to Alewilc ». Chief Braga and Col Cambell. ihe lunch 
table bo>s (Chn.s VI . Chris F. Bryant C. Brendon . Daniel 
C. Nate. etc.). Me Donald's crew (for giving me a 
job),Adam,Dave B,(ihe cool whiiehoyi,Ton> Jistop 
sweatinmy goldand my color). Krisien (M .isaMi Spanish 
project). Mandy J (Biology lalks). the peer leadership 
class, Lauren W.( Don't mess with her!), Mr. Keup (I'm 
really not a bad person). Marcel. Tiger (Rump Shaker). 

Michael Anderson 

.^fi5 South RJ. 


.\ciiviiies: Hockey; Soccer 2.3: Siickball; 
Wiffleball 3,4; Old Orchard 2,4; European Coeil Midget 
Toss 4; Ala.skan Grizzly Rodeo and Hog lie; Gar> Glitter 
fan club 3.4. 

Thanks To: Mom, dad. Nick, and Ryan for being my 

family. Heather C. forbciny a loving girlfriend, Steve 
for co\ ering my "Butt" and all the gixxl limes we've h« ■ 
Keoni M. for all your folklore in unassigned you'll alwa 
be my favorite hawaiian. thanks lo whoever stole i 
yearbook last year, lo Bry an A. for being my favorite 
pirjie, Pat for telling me the siories about the blue lailu 
Rich A. for all the stickball. Lisa A. for being awesun 
Greg R. for all the puinpkins and pi//.as. Gary Gliitei i 
ihe inspiration. Rick James and Cool C. for being reiari 
Misty L'.. Patty L .and Stephanie C. you've been wondt 
ful, J.D. a.k.a Jeremy I know your secret. Dick R.. I 
showing me absolutels nothing. Shadow for being Co 
Tn ilie Mo/JUX Crew ihat rainy night. To the rest of i 
fneruls jnd classmates for 4 great years. 

Future Goals: To deliver pizza in a leather thong, to o 
cla\ meet Gary Glitter, to become a cop and lake be 
aw a> from my friends kids when they drink at McDonaK 
parking loi. To put no tennis signs on tennis courts so Hi 
ball could be played. 

Todd .Anderson 

:/ Rohei is Rd. 

.Acliviiies: Baseball 12,4: Basketball I; Golf Team 1.2.3 
Billenca House of Correction Football Injui 
Reserve 3 

Thanks To; Mom and Dad lor tioing ihe niosi uikIi r-i.ii 
inc p.irenis You don't know how much ii means ■ -cjI 
thai \ou can I punish me for ihe same things you did 
love you. Jeff. m> favorite brother. I'm glad sou 
alwavs there 10 take a healing. Graniie, foreveryihinc. 
spoiling me roiten and for always being there. I love >i 
.Mbert and Amos, the iwo bcsi eaiv in the world. K 
Griffey Jr. for hands down being the best player in ba 
ball. Mail Kvvclos for being the Greek. Pepe Tikt 
Velvet Kyvclos. virgin sorbces. your pool, leiiine i 
sleep at your house, tree climbing, Djasum. your Hull 
wheeling, and jusi plain beuig there when I needed ^on 
one lo talk to. Don't forget November Rain and how 
would gel left out. Hey Greek. Oouh...Nachos Da 
Bolla-Heynian.ii'sDeion. Thanks for all those laic ni) 
lalks New Hamp>hire. visiting Mike with me, ibc Fi 
impressionv. and leiimg me cruise you around. Tar 
Pete. Oh. and boffa. you're welcome for the nie' 
mov ics. Geoff Chase, hey Acer, for Deerfield. s lee p i n i 
my car and being faithful when I didn't reall> tare. 
Gekos and thai whole weekend, for fake latloos. sumn 
league baseball, and being such a perfcctiotust. Thar 
again for letting me a>.e your lines cork) . The McGarr 
for your beach house. \olle>ball. and playing even, t 
afterschool in fifth grade. Mall, for the love on the rot 
siorv. inierior design. G) m class. not getting siek with 
on New Years; and for tvmg the immortal Teddy PI 
sure. Mike, for running laps with me on J.V Kiseb 
sophomore year, for taking such great pictures ov er ■ 
years. Discovering Foods, and of course for slamming i 
fingers in .Mpo"s car door. Steve Chester - \S hal"s 
dork'.', for butterflies, glove comparmienLs, the sa 
formal. Roy runs, Tiluba, your musical taste and n\ 
ciall> lor breaking my wrist Dave Venuti. Nutes for 
h.iireuis. e\er\day afterschool Junior >ear. street sig 
Mil iiraJe dances, and giving mc something to laug^ 
when you got caught putting snow in the Lee"s i.ulpt 
Oh and Nuies. don"l slick your tongue to in 
w inter. Dave Lord for Deerfield, dugouu. ^ full tvds.i 
Harold, for only being seen half of ever > \'M'\y. for leo 
me lake you lo school - sorry for being late. Don"i far 
beating .Acer and I on our lists 12-10-10. Brv an Alhor 
- Alpo - for letting me knock your boots whenevt 
wanted lo. for alwavs laving face down with me. N 
Year"s '92. and the complememiary special. Oh. lell v> 
parents I'm so... Mark .Mclnnis. for 2 .A.M. conversatio 


caching me the game of golf (kind oO. hummer park, all 
e sieepovers. Jack's Junkyard, our Junior year Spanish 
port, and all of your Mclnnis ideas, thanks MacGyver. 
fan Christie, for Sonja, stickbali. dingleberry's, cocoa 
iffs, John Jaha, LL and Big Daddy and seany play 
oney. John Mara, for stealing my bed at Acer's, and 
aking me take you to Katy's in your underwear. Paul 
;one. for sophomore year with Lisa and Melissa, for 
alking home from the base with me and everything else 
•fore we went our separate ways. You are all the best 
iends anybody could ever hope for. Thank you all .so 
uch for always being there. To Chip Mofield, for all 
)ur help at Fur World, buy the shoes, I had her... dying 
)ur hair black. Springs Brook, biking to the mall, all of 
jr talks, and everything else I forgot to mention. To 
lelissa Henkel, my bestest friend in the whole wide 
orld. Don't ever forget all of our memories and those 
ill in the making. I am always here for you and don't ever 
irget that. Erin Sparks, seintillate, thanks for everything, 
jr talks, always being there, never fighting with me. and 
"course your entertaining stories. Michelle Cronin, my 
rony. for the three steps, I know I sound so sure of 
yself Thanks for everything. Amy Sandell, for the 
nior prom, for your big butt, for all our talks about your 
.capades. and yes I know I am the eternal. ..You four are 
e most important girls in my life. You mean so much to 
e and I love you all. Thank you so much for everything 
id .some day I hope I can be there for you as much as you 
ere for me. Mandy Jannis for being such a flirt and not 
lowing how to turn guys on. Oh and Mandy ho w 's. . .Katy 
oherty and Caroline Busch for making an even number 
Deerfield. Ashley, you didn't beat me up on the night 
the prom. Rachael Berkowitz for our 8th grade talks 
id Berko. remember anytime I want you your mine, 
ichelle Pavlas, for thinking 1 hate you when 1 don't have 
lything against you. Your the one who is mean to me. 
jrri Franks and Kristen CoUiton for being so loud and 
ways being able to give a deaf person a headache, 
risten Celeste, the new chick, for having no respect for 
■rself. Phil Anthony for not being as mean as everybody 
inks. Chris Merrill for being the only person to still like 
alilla Ice. Of course for his hair. Mike Boutin, Terri 
iccone. Josh Cohen, John Ginn, Colin Ross, Adam 
dell. Rob Wakeham ( Cooler), Vin Welch, and Alex 
ill. The HC, Linda Jones and Jessamyn Smith for not 
ing part of the HC , Teddy Schniuhl, Andy Burlee, Richi 
diiiglia. Pepe torres, KC for wooden legs. Revolutionary 
idge Road, The Lees, Count Chocula, Officer Petrino for 
rictly upholding Bedford laws, Mr. Corliss for strictly 
>holding BHS laws. Led Zeppelin, Psycho twins, Filin, 
nristina Oltoye, Mr. Buckley for his couch, Cherm 
irds, Monica for changing, Magic Bus. Steve Richardson, 
lassy Cady. N.H. Police Department, AP for always 
ing there. Saul Rosenbury, Tony Pena for not speaking 
iglish. Matt Ross for losing in Dracut, It should have 
en me. but seriously Mr. Maxwell, Mrs. Dowling and 
rs Pianiedosi for all their words of wisdom. TTiank you 
I. if I forgot anybody I m sorry. Thanks for the memo- 
;s, it was real, and it was fun, but it't real fun. 

iture Goals; Go on to college and marry the girl of my 
earns (Classy Lady or Magic Bus ) Take my 1 2 adopted 
jmanian refugees to a WWF wrestling match and hear 
ive Boffa's voice. Never get old and wrinkled, and 
ver stop having fun. To always be a leader and not a 
llower. and to always live for the moment. To eventu- 
ly die happy, but live happier. 

Bendik Anthonsen 

42 Fletcher Road 

lanks to: My host parents and AFS who have made this 
•ar possible for me. my family back in Norway for 
riting and sending me money throughout the year, Mr. 
ephenson for being the greatest teacher. Mr. Pavao for 

not being too bad either, all the other teachers, the year- 
book staff for publishing this, REM for making the great- 
est music the world has ever seen, Mr. Fly nn for letting me 
change classes a number of times, and everyone who have 
done anything worth thanking after 1 wrote this in Octo- 

Future Goals: To swim across the Atlantic, marry Jodie 
Foster, to become the king of Norway, and to get a job. 

Jane Atkinson 


Activities: Volleyball 1 : Latin Club 1 ; French Club 
1,2,3.4; Spring Musical 1.2,3,4; Yearbook 1 .3, editor-in- 
chief 4; Student Production Night 2; Orchestra 2,3,4; 
Madrigal 3,4; Madrigal Dinner 3.4, script writer4; Show 
Choir4; Double Sextette 4, student leader 4; Tournament 
of Plays 3,4; State Drama Festival 3; North East Di.strict 
4; Drama Club 3,4; Forum 4; Math League 4; National 
Honor Society 3,4. treasurer 4; Dance 3,4; Red Sox Fan 
3,4; Ellis Burks Fan Club 3.4. 

Thanks to: Meg. thanks for going to the Celtics game with 
me. I'm so glad you were in Madrigal this year! Thanks 
to Laurie for always being .someone I could talk to, 
especially about music and the musical. I found another 
clue! ! Thanks to Andrea for always being a great friend. 
We actually finished this thing in spite of you-know-who. 
Thanks Steph for being "'preppie" and my great gym 
buddy. Thanks Rita for giving me a real chance to act. 
Brian, thank you fordoing I'alcool au volant with me and 
being the only person in the school who could name 
ever)'one in my family. Betsy, you always brighten my 
day with your sweet cheerful smile. Thanks for experi- 
encing the mirror incident with me. Mike, for our snow- 
ball fights junior year and "La Creperie du Matin." Thank 
you Alex for making me laugh all the time. Thanks Jenn 
and Krystin for our Burlington Mall project where we met 
Cam Neely. Dave Gersh, I'm sorry we never did our great 
project - maybe someday. Thank you Dave Hursh for 
always being willing to help me study for math. Cait, 
thanks for letting me come over to your house during 
school and sunbathe on your roof. Carvey. thank you so 
much for going to detention with me every single after- 
noon, the Biology term paper, the debt, and the Tea cup 
ride at Williamsburg. Thanks, Bayne for the rides, the 
speed limit, and oui" parellel lives. Thanks Chris Midgett 
for always making me laugh and for the poem. Mark, you 
and I are the Mastermind masters, and thanks for doing 
impressions that make me laugh forever. John, I hope that 
one day you will realize that my real name is not Maiy. 
Wasn't the Big Bad Wolf wild?! Also, thanks to Mindy 
and Michelle for being my early morning friends. Thank 
you Katie McBride for being such a good person. Thank 
you Ellis Burks for being such an awesome baseball 
player, and for May 20th. A special thanks to Parker 
Brothers, the makers of PIT!, the BEST game ever in- 
vented. 1 also want to thank the few excellent teachers I 
had at Bedford High School for teaching me .so much: 
Mrs. Rainis for making me love the French language. Mrs. 
Mitchell, Mrs. Anderson for giving me confidence and 
always assuring me I was good when 1 thought 1 was 
terrible, Mrs. Donovan. Mr. Low for doing so much and 
giving me many great opportunities, Mr. Palmer, Mr. 
Stephenson. Mr. Flynn. Mr. Huff, and Mr. Spinosa. And 
last but not least, 1 would like to thank my wondertul 
family Mom and Dad, Jenny. Bill. Mar>\ Sally, Richard. 
Emily, Christine, and David for everything they've done 
for me. Especially my mother for being my friend and 
helping me so much throughout the past four years. 

Future Goals: My most important goal is to one day meet 
Ellis Burks. I want to get a job at Fenway Park and to see 

the Red Sox win a World Series pennant in person. I want 
to finally get my father to buy Miracle Ear. I plan to go to 
college and then get married to a man who wears a baseball 
cap, have many children and be happy and healthy all my 
life. I would also love to travel around the world and live 
in many more places. 

Rich Atkinson 

15 Masanii St. 

Activities: Football 2, varsity 3, 4; Ba.seball 1,2; varsity 
3, 4; winter Track 4; lazer tagi : .stickbali 1 . 2. 3,4. 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad: Lisa for being a great si.ster and 
for my car; lucky the big Red Rocket in the sky: Mike A. 
for peeling my lawn: Steve C. thanks for making me late. 
What ever happened to knockers?; Viet for giving me a 
chance to play for a team called Jugs, knockers and 
Yabos; Gregg for laughing at me when I tried to snowboard; 
Dave B for giving me great summer school moments like 
"Excuse me. how do I get to 62" nice shot!; Chip for 
spreading the rumors, hey 1 didn't get tackled by a gi^l^; 
Chase and Mara thanks for burger time guy s ! : Sean C for 
inspiring me to make Seany play money; Jimmy D for 
sharing the same brain as me in Math; Ryan D thanks for 
finally giving back my book, how about that five year 
reunion; Chris M for getting me, Jimmy and Ryan busted 
in math; Caroline for sharing valuable locker space with 
me; Paul S. for having a VW bug and being my football 
partner junior year; Vin W. for being the#l cheerleaderon 
the football team; Shay for making me feel so much better 
when I got that 26 on my latin quiz! ; Darrel for being in my 
art class when I thought I was the only senior; Matt R for 
sharing the pine with me freshmenyear n baseball; Pat and 
Keoni for some great stickbali games, nice bats!; Billy K 
for making the outfield look good; J Hansen for the 
Mustang; Ginn for giving me a black eye; Drohan for 
making a sneaker commercial with me. Teri C for some 
great halloweens on Wildwood Dr.; Mark M "Nice shot 
Mistro!"; Dave L for having the best damn costume on 
halloween, what was that anyway?; Cam for showing me 
how the game of basktball is played; Katy D for making 
my drivers ed class interesting; Addie Finley for the good 
cake; Mr. Reynolds for hitting the ball over my head; 
Bedford football coaches; Jugs, you're the best baby!; 
smokey the dog for giving me a headache; Pete C for the 
greatest big toes wraps; the yearbook staff for giving me 
the opportunity to write this thing for a second time after 
you misplaced it for the first time. 

Future Goals: To win the lottery, buy a car, become 
successful to finish writing this thingfor a second time, get 
married also to mn on the field of a Red Sox game. 

Rachael Berkowitz 

15 Gould Rd. 

Activities: Flag Squad 1.2,3.4, Captian 4. Social Officer 
1, 2,3,4, J. V. Tennis I , Hall/Gym decorating 1.2.3,4. Utin 
Club 1,2, S,A.D.D. 1,2,3,4. Yearbook 4. 

Thanks To: To Mom and Dad for giving nic all the love 
and support I need to achieve my goals. 1 lo\ e >ou! To 
Lisa for being my besifriend as well as nn sister. AndVal 
the best pooch. Ashley for helping with my delemmas 
especially sophomore yc;u. our mall and Chili's trips, 
helping me pass .Algebra II, the last Tuesday of Junior 
year, and for alw a\ s bieng tliere when I needed someone 
to talk to. you are the greatest ! ! Steph for being obsessed, 
"buy a pie", all our Sunday walks and phone talks and 
staying such grear friends throughout the years!! To 
Kristen '"Pizza", all our driveway chats, sophomore year 
basketball games, for being there for me and staying such 


giKjv! friends throughoui the years. Teiri for your great 
laugh, being a bad influence in B-period accounting. 
Chinese food night in summer of '92, and always ciieering 
me up and your a great friend. Michelle never forget 
"Groove is in the Heart", and being such a good friend to 
mc l o Katy for laughing with nie at all hours and being 
111) A-period study friend. Caroline for all of our beach 
trips, the adventure to Concord, and your great sense of 
direction. Mandy for our bonding Junior year. To Katy, 
Caroline, and Mandy for our Pizza Hut and Canobie Lake 
trips, you guys are great friends, thanks for always being 
there for me!! Jen Hansen "Fire Marshell Bill". Jen 
Hanson for looking so pretty with me at the Beach. Shay 
for never thinking I'm an air head. Kri.sten Celeste for our 
G period talks. Beth for all our deep Wedgewood conver- 
sations. David Boffa for always being "cuiie", never 
being afraid to express your own opinion, and being a 
great friend. John Mara for always being someone I could 
talk to and all the great weekends. To Dave V. for 
"switch" and being a great prom date. To Dave L. for 
"switch" and being such a stud. Matt and Mike for letting 
me be your fashion consultant for the past four years and 
the Big-Red B period. Steve for being allergic to peanuts. 
Geoff for always leasing me. Matt K. for wearing such a 
snazzy outfit at Tim's. Chris for being a great friend. Paul 
for always making fun of me. Chip for being such a 
gentleman. Mark for helping me with prom and making 
me watch " The Color of Money". Bryan for being so 
friendly and driving pumpkin night. Todd for trying to 
teach me how to drive your car. AntI lo the Flag Squad 
keep going for the GOLD!! To Miss Craig for being a 
great teacher as well as a friend. Also thanks lo John G.. 
Colin. Rob. Mike B.. Adam. Brendan. MattG., Sarah B.. 
Sarah R , Sarali E., Meg, Cait, Laurie. Mary, and Kry siin. 
And thanks to the class of '93 you guys arc the Best I love 
you all!! 

Future Goals: To Graduate College, become a fashion 
designer. Eventually get married have three chddren, 
always be happy. And never forget all my friends that 
mean so much to me. 

Jennifer Blackslune 

57 Dunslcr Road 

Activities: SADD \.13A: French Club 1,2: Latin Club 
1 ,2; A.F.S 1 ,2.3; Orchestra 1 ,2.3.4: Chamber Music 2.3,4: 
Pit Orchestra 1,2: Concen Band 1: Wind Ensemble 2,3; 
Marching Band 1,2,3: Choir 4: Musical 3.4; Citizenship 
Committee 3,4; School Amiosphere Committee 3,4: Youth 
Ministry 3.4; Yearbook 3,4: Hall Decorating I; Prom 
Decorating 3 

Thanks To: To everyone that made my high school expe- 
rience what it was. Especially, the "Group" - you know 
who you are - I love you guys! Thanks to Mary and 
Krystin for some of my best times in high school and 
especially for tlie summer of '92 ("Hi, 1 go to L!Mxs.s.") To 
Krystin for never letting me forget the "Dukes of Hazard," 
for liking ihc beach <is much as I do. for listening to WXLO 
w ith me w lien nobody else would, and for show ing me the 
art of tlirting - every day of your life. To Mary for being 
a great friend, for being the best listener, for giving advice 
about the opposite sex. for trading stickers w ith me in the 
3rd grade, and for "What the hell, you only live once."' To 
Steph for show ing me that emotions are an important part 
of life - whether it's laughing or crymg. and for always 
being there to di.scuss uor various relationships/obses- 
sions. To Meg for some wonderful memories, our close- 
ness - Remember w hen we knew w hat the other w as going 
to say before it was said'?, for always being w illing to share 
your knowledge without expecting anything in return, for 
the hoi guys page, and for our nicknames - "Of" is 
off'. ..not! To Cait for never being afraid to try something 

new - especially when you probably think I've lost my 
mind. To Laurie for having someone to look up to and for 
alw ays having something meaningful to say - even though 
it's sometimes only "Th." To Kim for always acting on 
whai you believe in, for being vour own person, and for 
your incrdihle laugh. To Chen tor being an incredible 
friend and someone I can talk lo. lor Junior year -it's not 
the same without you!!, for hanging out at the infamous 
park, for meeting the man in the stealth with me. -B.C. here 
we come (Is ii really possible?) To Joe for being a fun 
prom date, the endless hours on the phone, and for teach- 
ing me the real meaning of the phrase, "What's up?" To 
Rick for bemg a good friend during 9th and 10th grades. 
To Michelle - for everything - the fun. the dances, the 
concerts, the wild phone conversations, intrixlucing mc to 
the Wakefield men, and especially for intrcxiucing me to 
theresiofthe world (B. B.C., Rever Beach. Dot. eic.) - love 
ya, let's always keep in touch. T Dave for never letting me 
forget the old days and beating me in the 5th grade checker 
loumament -good luck in whaiever you do! To Alex for 
constantly making me laugh, especialK w lien no one else 
could, for caring . and t or being a gootl I ncnd. To Chris l or 
the use of your house To Dave for being unique and not 
caring about what anyone else thinks. To Lon and Scott 
K. for alw ay s being so friendly. To Jane, Andi«a. and Julie 
-I'm glad I got the chance to meet you. You're great 
people. To Jeramy for making Peer Leadership fun. but 
take off that hat -you have great hair! To Matt W. for 
always saying "Hi." Special thanks to ihe surwivors of 
Youth Ministry and Chris Manning - >ou do su much for 
us without cxpi-cting anything in return -thanks! To the 
Davidson's crew (what's left of ii) it's been real. To 
Heather for keeping me sane al work - I'm glad I got to 
know you again. Especially to Carrie for being an excel- 
lent friend, for always being happy, and for sticking out 
Analysis w ith me. Good luck next year -keep smilin'! To 
Anna for taking that long walk with me in Brainiree. To 
Jane C. for being my friend for 13 years -always rember 
the empty bottle, the 4th grade talent show, and the 
"strike." To Maryann and the rest of my adopted "second 
family" - thanks for accepting me mio a place where I 
never even dreamed of fitiinc in - it means a lot! To Ed for 
all of your guidance and Bob for iho "hlmd-date." To 
Mom and Dad for alw ays support '>.itc\er want 

to do. Mom, I know we don't al\'. . uong, but I do 

realize that you're there for me. and I love you for that. To 
my grandparents - you've done so much for mc - I don't 
know how I could possibly thank you enough. Thanks to 
the rest of my famiK for spoiling me rotten, and especially 
to Tom Ricci for selling up my swing set and every thing 
else you did for me while I was growing up. To .Alissa, 
Chris, and Little Ricci #3 - you're the best little cousins a 
girl could ask for. To Mrs. Anderst>ii for keeping my love 
for music alive and forgiving me theexpencni-c of having 
a teacher w ho really cares. To Mike for the suninier of '92. 
for always putting a smile on my face, for your family 
always challenging our relationship, for the massage 
(that's definiteU the way to drive), for the l.S-minute 
updates, and for "\\ oiulcrful Tonii:ht." To every one I've 
ineniioned and to the rest of the class '93 -I wish you all 
luck in the future. 

Future Goals: To have a great college experience, to keep 
in touch w ith ihe people w ho mean the most to me. to meet 
the man of my dreams and fall in love, and although 
Bedford's cn me a lot -lo see wh ii life on the miisulc is 
really like! 

David BofTa 

23 Curve Street BH Ca 90210 

Activities: Class Vice President 1,2.3.4: Latin Club 3, 
sec. 4: Spanish Club I, treasurer 2: SADD 
Student .Advisory Committee 3: Forum I: Legislative 

Committee 3, Lazer Tag 1.2,3,4; Wiffle Ball 1,2.3 
Mini Lax 1,2.3.4: Mini basketball 1 .2.3.4; Oohbah\ hai 
1,2.3.4; Mallard Club 1.2,3.4; Movie Club 1 .2.3.4. (Jifi 
detention 1,2.3,4: Regulators 1,2.3.4: Classof93 infim 
John at McDonalds fan club 1.2,3.4, M.A.J. K 12,3.4 

Thanks To: All my close friends through the years. Ma 

- I can't believe we have never been in any classes j 
we're such good friends. Thanks for finding somethi 
better to do, Meatloaf. elvin loaves. Chili Chunks, dn 
wood sculpture. Mallard Club, Ooh baby baby, sleepove 
Lazer Tag. golt . Hev W elcome to Sandwedges, what c 
I do for you?. Eggioll. Arties, fiume of Doom Sund 
River. Red Top, pumpkin picking, snowballs, the I'' 
Red Sox leam poster, hot tub. Building 1 9, dirty boy Job 
Cakes, w axworks, hand me downs, Rec legends, foul 1 
extension. Many I deliver, Tecmo Bowl, Play acih 
Preity Amy, Cliff Dooms, Eric Metcalf. Dicker. I'm up 
Joey Chiwawa. Harry M. Stevens, pool hopping, size 
tiger in the fight, telly, walls came down, pewter p 
sleeping wiih the wolves, ball hunting, channel tlippii 
ye old bardge. and I'm sorry forclankmg your Chrisin 
persents sweet later lives. Venuti - for ping-pong, get if 
crap out of my face, double destruction, play acti 
football. Mama Venuti Ic.isis. Oatmeal Raisin Cusp, i 
kissing me in third grade, \ ,in Halen homemade T-Shi 
shopping, getting me a job, for liking the same movies 
me. Scooter leave the boys alone, mongoose, and alw* 
making me laugh. Lord - for the days at Alexanders, 
liking wTesiling. TKO. mini basketball, fishing, swi 
mine, sophomore and junior year lobster dance, a 
slaying back inthird grade because if you didn'tlprobal 
would have never known you. Todd - for D'yer mak 
melon movies, driving me around. Taco Bell. New Han 
shire. Bxseball cards. cfierry cards. Griffev Jr. Buckwhe 
Romanian foster children, and vour hiuiNC. Geoff - ' 
screwing me sophomore year, the geko party, garlic brc 
runs, the it girl, and always being a leader. Paul - 
baskettKill memories. Taco Bell. Ba>eball cards. Phoen 
Alewife.andalwavsbeingsomeone Icouldinist. Brend 

- for being an altar boy, for never making me numfier 
beceep. golden night, Jordan Knight, all tlie talks, pig a 
DD Stories, gator, swimming. Red Barrens, and rcnw 
her don't thank me. call me. Alpo - for crying eve ! 
vnu struck cnii on the .Angels. Rusty brooks, wu -; 
K\ V elos' sleeix>v cr in fifth grade. Bedford Farm-- ii ■< 
nes. put a lid on it, keep the frappes. Weekend at Ben . 
and moons over my hamies. Greek - for sorbies. Velvet 
steroid report, midyears, swimming, mini basketball, ti 
climbing lesons. and for all the Spanish memories w 
Derek. Mike McGarrx - for the childhood memories j. 
Rockport, and Washington. MattMcGarrs -forK .i 
number I receiver when we were young, and all the ei, 
games we played in your basement. Mara - for bein 
great friend, my eyes are coini; crazy, super soaking g. 
the party, and all the sununer memories. Ten - for 
Bone, Chunky Scoledge. spaced out . L'giugi . crow d pleas 
it's fresh, the sleepovers, the Cape, Elvin Loaves, a 
ganging upon dirty boy freshman year. Jolin Ginn - fori 
res and panics sophomore year, and for being a Bedfi 
legend. Josh - for all the talks Sophomore year, and for i 
letting me into your party, and being president of i 
Alicia Deluca Fan Club. Chester - for freshman I ncli 
Cixikie puss. Joe Carvel. Rick Sweets. Kun Bcvaq 
Chipper - for ihe red wagon. Boutin - for freshman v. 
w ith Melissa Barfield. and this year for Wendv 's Co 

- for having no moves, touching me consi.inilv . .md .ill 
summer memories. Maddox - for Gi Pro pcrtormer. a 
the truck sophomore year, let's go whcclin'. Udell - 
porkchop cash, polish hand shake. Shannon Boyd, a 
being brave enough to keep our class from a Civ il W ar. 
Bone - Can you finallv admit you're m\ friend, 
bringing purple and Miami to Bedford, for the Je 
poster, and Mc Smooth Holiday. Matty - for Chuc 
Cheese and for always extending yourself to me. Coo 


or the Washington trip. Mega, Stogies, Ricic. and being 
; only friend I ever feared. Merrill - for all the parties, 
d for saying I make great ribs. Christie - for the Blue 
me, Juan Gonzales, and cocopops. Katz - for all the 
pod times in sixth grade through eighth grade, now for 
i girls. Ro - for all the inside jokes, there are so many, 
lanioo and plunger - to name a few, for always encour- 
ing me to do well in everything I do, for all the talks at 
idnight, and for always being there: thank you so much 
r giving so much of your time to me: I am forever in debt 
you. Erin - the midnight rocker, I don't know where to 
irt. for all the one o'clock talks even when I was not 
iking sense, for being able to tell me anything, you don't 
low how good it made me feel that you trusted me. for 
ing a great listener and helping me out: you have no idea 
lat you mean to me. and I will always be there for you. 
iinielle - for my junior year, for always being there to 
ake fun of. Also for the Generic Cable, the rug, and PB. 
;rk - for all the talks, the semi-formal hopefully, and for 
ways being an example of when I speak my mind, 
ankzie - for being my homie. the Cam Neely of field 
ickey. for being a friend and for your brother liking 
ime Time. Katy - for tootie. the prom, the Cape, and 
iving the cutest cat. Jo - for sceeza. Leon, and for being 
lula. Caroline - forcutby, tucking me in at night, and the 
Iks at the Cape. Mandy - for candy, the party, ooh, don't 
> that, and for Jannis is in let the fun begin. Jen Hanson 
for practice practice, candy girl, always expressing 
mrself, for being a long time friend, and the parties we 
id at your house when we were in middle school. Even 
ough we don't hang with eachother as much, I still 
insider you one of my best girl friends. Jen Hansen - for 
nthony. the love letters, graduating three years ago. for 
;tting me suspended and getting me in trouble with your 
irents. remember, I'm always here for you. Shay - for 
aduating only 2 years ago. for the senior prom hope- 
ily, and for the prom decorations junior year. Pavlas - 
r the equal distribution theory. Mom, and always being 
.ompanion for someone. Ashley - for being the coolest 
d from the and for Dwayne. Colliton - for freshman 
ar through junior year, and for the pizza. Kristen - for 
e awful cookies you made me and Clemson. Thanks to 
e Gel Along Gang. Meg, Krystin, Jen, Mary, Mike 
iderson. Rich Atkinson, Alex Brill, Jared Carlson. Betsy 
irlton. May Chan, Jim Davis. Cam Demby. Dave Hursh. 
it Lewis. Keone, Greg Rivinius, Rachel Tobin, Vin 
elch, John Woolard, to the class of 94 - Tina - for 
ysterious ways and letting me be smarter than you. 
yndi - for my sophomore year and being a good friend, 
nda - for chicken tonight, crull, and Ricky Twister. The 
-Crew Borshay. Brown, Marston, Raffa, and Sandell. 
jri. Sandra, and Erica for the dance lessons. Castellana 
T saliva. Corrigan, Dugal. for all the talks and get rid of 
y competition. Beth - for stealing my best friend, but for 
I the memories my sophomore year. Jessie Smith - for 
e Phil B. stories and reject I got you. Mike - for always 
tting me slap your forehead. To the 94 guys: Farmer - for 
e Oklahoma days. Gallant - for the Angels. Midgat, 
arrows, and John Taylor - for the talks in gym last year. 
) the class of 95. thanks to Marcelle and Lamar for gym. 
lil - for when we used to wrestle. McAllister- for PAB 
id the MFP shake. Greg Cohen, fluke. Maranian. Jeff 
illivan, Eric Kovall, Josh Reynold, Lickosky. and Matt 
ansen. for girls. Thanks to Alba. Brown, Cronin. 
onovan, Higham, and Tobin. Special thanks to Carrie 
reen - for all of your help through the years and always 
nng nice to me. Cliff notes - for Julius Caesar, Scarlet 
-'Iter, Great Gatsby . A Separate Peace, Grapes of Wrath, 
dall the other good times we've shared. ToDan Carroll, 
;nnis Taylor, and Grubber - for eating all of our food and 
aying Ninetendo with me. Tim McNeany - for biting me 
I the forehead, cooking, and always using me as a 
restling dummy. Tim French - for the ba.seball cards, 
lost of the Deion Sanders, and just being a cool guy. Peter 
for all the talks at Dunkin' Donuts and all the bike rides. 

Jodi - for being the bull and all the rides freshman and 
sophomore year. McGovem - okay, okay, I gave you a 
hard time, but you are an alright guy: keep pumping gas. 
Iron Mike - for the bike, the, and always being a 
great guy to me. To Terri, tlie waitress at the Top of the 
Hub, for the four hospitality sodas. Demy - for the great 
limo service you run. And Dave - for the taxi ride to the 
prom. To Officers Barberi, Toole, and Wardell - for 
understanding kids and still doing your jobs. To Bill 
Buckner - for making the Red Sox next World Series more 
important. Now to all the families who acted like second 
families to me. the Denntng's - for .so many things: thanks 
for Sunday River and the Boston Pops, to name a few, but 
most importantly for always being there. Mrs. Denning - 
I'm sorry Mary Ellen. Mr. Denning - you can stop shaking 
my hand. Michael - for being the veteran of wiffle ball. 
Eddie - for the nickname Yuppy, and the golf tips; and 
don't sway the chairlift over Agony. Marty - for calling 
me Biff and beating Brian and me up when we were 
young. And Brian - for the fire extinguisher on your boat, 
and all the candy to the pops. To the Geary's - for always 
being up the street, and for tolerating my loud voice; but 
rip down the deck, and bring back the wiffleball field. 
Thanks to Katy and Brian - for being younger sister and 
brother to me. And Kevin - for being an older brother, and 
all the memories of our youth, and always calling cheap 
fouls when we play basketball. To the Mclnnis family - 
for all the food, culture, and support. To the Venuti 's - for 
giving me employment and always being kind to me. The 
Doherty family - for the Cape, and the great Nacho dip. To 
Jenn Ashe - for the prom songs, Buffalo Stance, and the 
Orio hockey. To Lisa Getty - for Ivan Hwerta. and just 
being a great girl. To the homies out in Virginia: Ed. 
Cathy, and Eileen - for always coming down and crowding 
my house. And my family, the Boffas: Pat. Rich, Anne, 
and Kathy. Now to the teachers: Mr. Sabourin. Mr. 
Maxwell. Mr. Dameron, Mr. Keup. Mr. Kelly. Mr. Flynn, 
Mrs. Kreuger. Mrs. Piantesodi, Mr. Reynolds. Mrs. 
Dowling - for just being the best teachers, and being 
people I can talk to. Thanks to Mrs. Mitchell - for the day 
off. And Coach P - for being the best. 

Future Goals: To go to FSU. and win a National Champi- 
onship in football my freshman year, to get rich, and get 
married, and have one boy and name him Denny. To keep 
in touch with my friends, and to go to all their weddings. 
And to come back for the annual Thanksgiving Day 
football game in 20 years, and see all my friends playing 
football in the end zone, just like the way we did it when 
we were younger. To meet Deion Sanders, and to one day 
get my 

John Boland 

62 Dunster Rd. 

Margaret W.Boschetto 

40 Old Stagecoach Road 

Activities: Varsity StKcer 1,2,3, capt. 4; JV Tennis I: 
Varsity 2,3. capt. 4; Mark Gray Fan Club 1 .2,3: Marching 
Band 1,2.3; SADD 1,2,3,4: French Club 1.2,3. .sec. 4: 
NHS 3, V.P. 4; Spring Musical 2.3,4: AFS 1.2,3.4; Pow- 
der Puff 3.4; Madrigal 4: Yearbook 4; Hall/gym decorat- 
ing 1,2.3,4: Youth Ministry 3,4: F^om Decorating 3: 
Spirit Games 1,2; Get-Along Gang 3,4 

ThanksTo; Kim for always being there totalk toandlaugh 
with- never forget anything we've been through together 
(Fourth Cliff! and soccer Lambada. Les Memoirs du 
Passe, confusion in Art III), Cait for loving Eneko with 
me, and for hiding from Ilsa and making slush. Can you 
believe the three of us almost had Cray for a day? Mary 
forevery day last summer, relaxing poolside loving Dr. (at 

Canobie Lake). Jenn for all the lime we spent together with 
our obsession and loving OF , Steph for being happy and 
for having a twin, Laurie for loving Mr. Huff with me - 
Thith! . Krystin for being a bell player - really, you do look 
cool in that unifonn!, Carrie G. for always being there to 
talk to and admire guys with and to go to Blake's with, 
"He's a guy and he's alive - What's there to hate?'' Jane 
A. for our Celtics-Red Sox debates (Celtics rule!). Jane C. 
for trying on a zillion prom dresses and not buying the teal 
one. Carrie C, my clarinet buddy - .sorry I left you alone 
with Bai bas! Brian for being a good friend for such a long 
time, Andrea for being in Analysis with me. Dave H. 
for inspriring me intellectually. Mike for ultimate frisbee 
and our sophomore year French battles, Alex for having 
a car that is impossible to drive. Dave G. for making me 
laugh, Chris C, Sarah C for going to Wedgewood and 
admiring a certain freshman with me, Dan for working at 
Blake's and everything. Julie and Theresa for being such 
awesome freshmen. Adam for being a great neighbor and 
listening to my guy problems. David Jones for being 
unique, Viet - 1 am not Blossom!, Vin for being so mellow. 
Girl's Varsity Soccer Team - '"We Believe!" esp. Dairell. 
Steph, Kristen, Carolyn. Mary. Siri. Debbie. Boy's Var- 
sity soccer team for being so gorgeous, Adam for junior 
prom, the Bate's varsity and J V soccer teams for a night of 
"Food and Fun"' (esp. Jay): Jason. Rita, Julie, Alan, Matt 
and Greg, Matt W., Mr. Flynn for... guidance (yeah, that's 
it). Sarah R., Nick K, Rachael for Wedgewood. Anita, the 
Girl's tennis team and Cat for being such an exuberant 
coach, Cray for being awesome, all of these cute young 
guys out there that I love to admire, and freshman I was not 
allowed to date (What am 1 going to do at college?). Chris 
M. and Youth Ministry, the D Period Posse and "Bedford 
Believes!" Kristen M, and anyone else I forgot - I'm sorry! 
Last, but not least, my family, Mom, Dad, Dave, and Jon. 
who have always been there giving me love and support. 
You're the best a girl could ever have. I love you all. 

Future Goals: To somehow figure out my obsession with 
younger guys, prove to my family that I did not come from 
another planet, figure out what my dreams mean, .see 
Eneko and Nacho again (don't worry Cait, I'll take you 
too.), be a contestant on Double Dare, meet the cast of the 
Brady Bunch and Tom Cruise, find someone else who 
appreciates tlie show "Get a Life" as much as I do. go to 
France, marry a rich, handsome, young man with a nice 
body and good sense of humor, who does not want pets, 
have a boy named Dylan and a girl named Briana, and live 
happily ever after. 

Michael Boutin 

25 Liberty Lane 

Activities: Football 4; Lacrosse 4; Track 4; TBB 3; BFFA 
4; Nashoba Sledding Team 3,4; Roni Adventure 3.4; 
Dance Party: ROTC 1.2,3.4; Injured Team 4 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad for putting up with me for all 
those years. Chip you're a pain, but thanks for thinking I 
have everything, for the Roni adventure, where I almost 
got shot and a big dent in my car. Colin for not clubbing 
me, and for picking me up when I was crippled. Ginn, 
those late nights arc always exciting. Malt L.. I've always 
had fun with you. Vanilla Merit, kick ii 2 limes, and you 
have nice hair. Josh Cohen, never loose your class and 
don't crash my car. Joyce Carol for not letting Josh come 
out with us. Thanks to the guy who w orks at My Eagle and 
didn't get tlianked. Brendcn M. for letting us dance at your 
pool and for being a dribler, Scot! K. for my knee and for 
being .so funny. You always made me laugh. Jen Han.scn 
for being there to catch my vomet. To whoever look the 
scuba gear, hope you had fun. Cooler for being so 
sensitive. "Thanks Rob. " and Uncle Henry for the well 
done phone. Moc H. for a great friendship. Terri C. for 


, i\\a>s being in Braintree. John Mara, you malce a great 
i .i i: plant sub. Matt Galani, you and I had some rough 
iiKitbali games. Adam U., next time wani me a httle 
earlier lo lum tJiere lime. To the Old Lady who plowed 
into niy mustang. Last but not least, thaiiks to the Class of 
'^)? tor a wonderful 4 years. 

Future Goals: To attend the college of my choice, and to 
graduate. Go into the Air Force for a couple of years, and 
to come back home a.s much as possible. 

Andrea Brooke Bowlby 

y09 Offuii Road 

Activities: Yearbook 1,2.3 editor-in-chief 4: Science 
League 2,.^,4: N.H.S. .3 secretary 4; R.O.T.C. 2 director 
of public affairs 3,4; Political Science Club 2; The Forum 
4: Math League ??? 4; Girls' State 3. 

Thanks To: My family for being there when I needed you. 
Moin. thaiiks for playing L'NO with me cver> day for three 
months at CHOP, not disowning me after the javelin 
crutch throw (I deliberately missed), chauffeuring me 
everywhere, and especially, thank you for being my 
friend. Dad. thanks for teaching me how to ride a bicycle 
and drive a car. I'm sorry for embarrassing you at Grease 
when 1 danced in the aisles. At college I'll miss hearing 
you ask. "What's that, babe?" Timothy....! mean Tiffany, 
thank you for putting up with me all lhe^e years. Enjoy 
being an only child for a while. Now. go clean your room. 
Thank you Dr. Watts. Dr. Deeney ("My Kennedys hurt: 
Joe. Jack, and Bobby." Too much morphine?'.'), and Dr. 
Zalcskc. Well, Jane, if you're reading this, we Anally did 
it! Remember workingon layout until 1 a.m.? There's NO 
WAY I'm doing yearbook in college! Thanks for com- 
miserating with me in math and for being such an enthu- 
siastic Pit player. Good luck in your quest to meet Ellis 
Burks. Jill, the yearbook would never have been com- 
pleted w ithout your help. Thanks for being so supportive 
while 1 was recuperating. Thanks, Alex, for your jokes, 
and Erin, your friendship has meant a lot to me for the past 
six jears. Rita, Mi.sty, Laurie, Meg, and Stephanie. I'll 
miss all the fun we've had the past few years. Thank you. 
Marco and Uiura. for being my best friends. 

Future Goals: To graduate from college, go to medical 
school, enjoy a noteworthy career, and join the Peace 
Corps when I retire. 

Irene Boyle 

4 Woodmoor Dr. 

Activities: Drama Club 1.2.3,4 Treasurer 2,3: Spanish 
Club 2,3.4 Secretary 3; Journal of Tongues 4. Yearbook 4: 
National Honor Society 3,4. Foreign Relations 1.2,3; 
Debate 3: Tutoring 2.3. Peer Guidance 3. Swimming 2.3; 
Vendemia Festival 3; Los Tres Reines Parade 3. 

Thanks To: Special thanks to my parents, who have been 
absolutels wonderful. Thanks to Anna Maria, mi mejor 
prima, for all the wonderful times in Spain- the Ferria in 
Jerez, the Expo in Seville, Merida. Guadelope, her house 
and the Count, the pool, and of course the long rides back 
and forth to work.- the seven A.M. swimming cla.sses and 
CAMP ADVENTL'RE! I ll never forget the Three King's 
Parade- all the flv ing candy, and the shopping expeditions 
to the gypsy market. The pool- sunscreen, and of course 
Ed's chair. The much awaited trip to Expo- and all the 
problems with the money. Ferria in Jerez, and the pirate 
ship at the fourth of July. Mrs. R's research paper and 
chemistry labs. Morning cleanup, and adventures with 
Dennis. Hola to Tiffini, Sally. Barb, Michelle, and the 
guards. I'll never forget the trip to Italy- Florence, Roma, 

Paris, and the Tower in London. The beach party and 
midnight dip! Fiddler and Shakespeare Fest. Mr. Meyer 
and Current Events., Mr. Gay-do you follow me? Tlie 
Leadership Conference- and the trip to Seville/ the Cathe- 
dral, and Palacio. The induction ceremony- swords and 
gowns. Special thanks to Jill .the dinner out with Michael 
and Jason-and the coffee house. The Journal of Tongues, 
and the CC workouts. The Bagel Shop and our afternoon 
trips to the Mall. The blue rue, and of course the refdls. I 
' m really glad 1 met you. It was nice knowing everyone 
here- especialls. Bev. Aaron and AMU, Brian, Rita, 
Misty. Rachel. 

Future Goals: I'd like to attend college and go to Medical 
School, from there - practice in a small town, preferably on 
the East Coast. 

Alex Brill 

5 Fern Way 

Activities: Touniameni of Plays; Musical 
Marching Band; Drum Major 3.4; Spring Play 1: 
French Club 1.2: Ja/z Ensemble 1,2.3.4; Golf 2..3.4; 
Yearbook 4: Student Production Night 1 .2,4; Madrigal 
2,3.4; Wind Ensemble 1 ,2.3.4; Junior District Band 1 ; Di.strict Band 3.4; Powder Puff Pep Band 3. 

Thanks To: Everyone who has laughed with me. for me. 
and because of me (but not at me! ). That is what is most 
important. Thanks (o Mom and Dad tor challenging me 
and encouraging me to grow; Julie tor talking about Mom 
and Dad (and other stuff. tot>!) Dave and Mike, for jerring 
and for not jerring and for just hanging and for MOM and 
frisbee and Halloween andAdvanced Chem. homework 
and for laughs and Great Wall lunches; Laurie- you alw ays 
knou what I mean, you always know what's funny - boy! 
have we've laughed. Mark - thirteen years is a long time 
to know someone, eh'.' Talk about having -.orne laughs! 
thanks for the golf trips, tot); Brian- for being able to eat 
so much- 1 have always admired that and for a quick ride 
home from the beach and Halloween: Matt- for the Que- 
bec water tight and just lots of laughs: Meg and Mary for 
the ride home and Stephanie for ilu- dihcr ride home and 
forPnnceton Review ; Cait and Jen- for txinggood friends; 
the guys on the golf team, especially -Boffa for never 
letting me forget the \\ ashington D. C. ride. Anderson lor 
golf course conversation, .\lbonesi for some good chuck- 
les and 'Vcnuti. for P.R - so what if I could never hit a ball 
well: Caroline and Kut> lor conversations in English 
class; Jason for Pascal help; Betsy. Mandy . and Kristen for 
recognizing the humor of Physics: everyone in the band 
especially Krystin for keeping me company. Mary and 
Cara for the gum. again to Brian and Launc- this time for 
samity and ins;uiiiy. Dave and Chris forpiy/a. parties and 
rides in the van. and Rachel and Kelly- why were the 
retreats so fiinny?: the vearbook staff- it has been crazy 
but it has been fun: Thanks also to all the teachers who 
have inspired me and pushed me especially- J.R. for long 
discusions B.L.. for the shows and S B. for making me 
Drum Major and teaching me music; and of course to 
Debbi- always, always. 

Future Goals: To make things. Namely: an impact, a 
change, an impression, people laugh, money and hope- 
fully the work] :i little better. 

Caroline Busch 

43 Glen Ridifc Dr. 

Activities: Football Cheerleading 1,2.3, capt. 4; Basket- 
ball Cheerleading 1.2,3. capt. 4: Competition Squad 3. 
capt. 4: Spanish Club 1 .2; Uitin Club 3.4; SADD 1 .2.3.4; 
YearbtJok 4; Tournament of Plays 2: Hall Decorating 1 .2; 

Gym Decorating 3,4. 

Prom Decorating 3.4; Spirit Games 1 ,2 

Thanks to: To Mom for always being there and alw. 
believing in me. forbcmg not just my mother, but my !> 
friend. I love you very much. Thank you Dad. E\ 
though we don't always agree, I know that you h; 
always wanted the best for it»e and I love you with all i 
hean. To Fred, for watching out for me and teaching i 
not to take life too seriously. To Jim. for always be 
there and for leaching me to not only be open-minded I 
to be my own person. To Bill for taking care of me a 
alw av s trying to guide me in the right direction. I love y 
all. To Katv and Mandy, my two very best friends, I do 
even know where to begin. Mandy you always kn- 
exactly what I'm going to say before I even open i 
mouth. You've always been there for me and supptT 
me. We've shared so many memories and so manv g( 
times. I could have never made it through high sch. 
w ithout you. Katy, my oldest friend, thank you for all ■ 
time we spent at our talking spot. I don't know whi- 
would have done w ithout you. You were always there 
me and you always knew how to make me laugh wt 
something was wrong. 'I'ou two are so special: you rea 
deserve to get every thing >ou want out of life. I want y 
to know that no matter how far apart we are that I love y 
and I'll always be here for you. To Ashley for all of » 
talks, for letting me get lost on base, for sharing w( 
stories, for nev er putting up with anyone 's attitude and 
being a real friend. I'll miss you when you leave. Racha 
for being my early childl)o<xj buddy, for not knowi 
where vour locker is either, for never getting my jok 
and for always being there to listen. To Terri for being 
friendly and never taking sides. Kr\ sten for always laui 
ing. Michelle for shanng late night stories. i 
being such a true fnend all of these vears Y ou'll alw;: 
mean alot to me. Jen Hanson, for the shower at times a 
all the other good times. I hope everything works out I 
you. Jenn Hansen, for always being my cheerleadi 
buddy ESPN Here we come! John G. We've been throu 
so much together. I can't imagine High Sch(X)l wiih< 
you. Thank you for always being there for me. You ; 
always the one person I can alw ays talk to. You mean a 
to nie. You'll always be my best friend. David Lord. I 
the talks, for being Mr. Loverman. for standing by nic a 
being such a giKnJ fnend. Dav id Boffa. for letting me tu 
you in. for losing my gold penny, for making me lau 
and lor letting me by you cutby. David V. for making i 
buy the "Funnel" and for always making me laugh. Ma 
for being rainman for the 99's. for all our talks junior ye. 
for laughing at my jokes and for being the nicest guy in ! 
worid. Matt, for being Bike, for the scavenger hunt, a 
for letting me harass you in lab. Mike, for letting me pi 
w ith your hair, for being niy lab partner, and for being t 
Oldest McGlamy. Matt K (Tree) for our antics in phvsit 
for falling out of the tree, .iiid for your fashion stateme 
at Tim's. Chip, the Hockey Games, for being "one of t 
girls" and for being a real friend. Todd, for having a ni 
car. for being in my dreams, and the outfit you wore 
Tim's. John M. for sledding, for all the talks, and for beii 
such a gotxl friend. Colin for lov ing my la.sagnc. Ten, I 
Cape Fear, for late night stones and for being such a go< 
friend. Alex for English Junior year for all the homeroc 
talks, and for always knowing how to make me laug 
Sicv e ( Peten for know ing it was a worm, and for being n 
Bobee. Brian for being on sexy man. for alw av s sweati 
me. and for being one of the nicest guvs I know. .Mi 
Boutin for ghost stories, for getting us lost at an anim 
laboratory, for making me carry your K>oks. and for tl 
"P"' game. Tony for always letting me be Carolanne. Pa 
(Pablo'i for loving Espanol. for our heated romance, ai 
for the hour long ride home through Burlington. To .Ada 
for being my best fnend. Chris for being Vanilla, for ti 
strawberry O's for the seclusive's Junior year. Tim for; 
the good times. Jessaman. Kim T. for the talks in Photo 



phy and for being my Cheerleading Buddy. Sarah R. for 
m's. Sara Brown for running into a tree on Thaiiksgiv- 
g, for liking my Siianangan's joke, and for being a 
leering buddy. Linda for ail of our good times. I'll miss 
m. Good luck next year. To all the cheerleaders; Jessica 
r never dropping me and for being "The Man", Jaqui, for 
ways being in the back. Julie P, Courtney, Mindy, Keri 
Tie Mug"' Christine V. Christine P., Hillary, Mellisa, 
jlleen. Amy, "Ma-me", Betty, Lynn. Adeile, and 
iTanya- you guys are the greatest! To Cyndi D. for being 
friendly and for the time we spent cheering together. To 
e Doherty family and the Jannis family for all the room 
id board. And a special thank.s to Geoff, for always being 
ere for me, for putting up wit my figityness, and for 
ways making me laugh. You mean a lot to me. I'll never 
rget the times we shared. 

iture Goals: To become as good as Mandy at Bedtime 
orytelling, to buy Matt K. infamous party outfit, to form 
singing trio with Katy and Ashley. To go to college, to 
:ver sight of what's important, to attend Katy's and 
iandy's weddings as a bridesmaid. To marry the man I 
11 in love with and stay in love forever, to have lots of 
ds and a baby Lucy and to never forget how special my 
gh school friends are. 

Jason Campoii 

508 Springs Road 

.ctivities: J.V. soccer 1,2: Varsity Soccer 3,4; Track 3.4; 
vanish Club 3. 

hanks To: My family - Mom. Dad. Heather, and Nathan, 
rhelping me and guiding me through tough times. Dave 
. for sieramania, frisbee, Millie's easy concertino, and 
ich a great friendship, and Alan P. for all years of 
'aierCountry. beach fun, and ping pong. Thanks also for 
e Tramp nights, the beach days, and the best summer 
■er. Thanks to Matt R. for doing "Coach O'Bwian" 
litations, Brian F. for making Advanced Chem. so 
^a^lble (Chaaaaudge), the soccer team for such great 
iccer memories, and Sarah. Mary, and Krysten for a fun- 
lied summer at S.B.P. Finally, thanks to Mike E.. Alex 
., Vin, Gregg R., Mark M., Viet Le, and the rest of the 
lass of *93 for making high school such a fun experience . 

ature Goals: To go to college and study engineering, get 
rew arding job. travel the world, and live a fulfilling life. 

Stephanie Cann 

20 Selfridge Rd 

ctivities: J.V. Soccer 1.2; Vaisiiy Soccer 3. captain 4; 
arsity Spring Track 1 . 2; Winter Track 1.2; J.V. Tennis 
, Yearbook 2. 3; Choir 3: AFS I; Powder Puff 3, 4; 
mnesty International I ; Talent Show 2; Prom Decorat- 
ig 3; Spirit Games 1, 2; Hall Decorating 1,2; Cheezit 
rew 3. 4 

hanks To: My parents who put up with me, love and 
ipport me. Scott, the best brother, thanx for letting me 
eal all your tapes and good luck to Noway Out. Ann the 
:st friend anyone would ever want. We always have the 
?st time. So many men, so little time. Stephanie A. you 
e too wild for me-M.G.D.'s forever Tina Marie! Chuck 
. for making me feel good about myself. Beth P. you are 
great BEST FRIEND! Get your car and drive me to 
icrio Rico. (David. Angel, Balbosa) Cairiebean you are 
great friend and listener, don't trust men! Kiin S. (Jelly) 

j ou make a dull time fun. Jecca-Baby, you ARE funny! 

love ya sweetie! Lisa P. -chemistry was a blast, live life to 
's fullest and don't work too hard. Mindy P. Monte! You 

re very weird, and I'm normal. We have a great time 

always. Krysten C; my twin, you are too smart for your 
own good, remember the time you were on the soccer 
team. Krisien M.. for making me feel like I'm funny. 
Don't stop laughing, Mike A., ''seclusive" get togethers. 
I'll always love you! Greg R. My snowboarding Buddy! 
Don't set off any more car alarms. Bruce B.. You have 
always been there for me. I love you. John S. Great time 
during Thelma and Louise. Say Hi to Lauren forme. I hope 
you become a pro. and don't ever change. Greg C. You're 
a great artist and really weird. Matt H., "Look at that 
Han.son!" May C, I don't do the "bad thing." Somsri-1 
hope you marry Bennypoo. You both are really great and 
fun to talk to. Apama R.. Kim T., Cheerleading slinks. 
Jeremy W., Chris G, Jimmy D.. You guys are great! thanks 
to everyone else. Always look on the bright side of things. 

Future Goals: Graduate from college. Make the world a 
cleaner, better place. Get mairied to a great guy, have kids 
and live a happy life and to prove that Cheez-its are better 
than Nips. 

Jared Carlson 

296 Old Billerica Road 

Betsy Carlton 

48 Noire Dame Road 

Activities: Choir 1: Madrigal 2.3,4; Double Sextette 1.2.3,4: 
Show Choir 3; Jr. District Chorus I ; Senior District Cho- 
rus; All State Chorus: Marching Band 1: Concert Band 1 ; 
Drama Club 1,2.3,4; Tournament of Plays 1,2.3,4; Stu- 
dent Production Night 1 ,3. director 4: State Drama Festi- 
val 3; Muscial 1 .2,3.4; French Club 1 .2,3.4; SADD 1 .2,3.4; 
Telemedia 3; Yearbook 3,4; Spirit Games 1 ,2; Hall Deco- 
rating 1,2.4; Powder Puff 3.4; Youth Ministry 3,4: 

Thanks to: Mandy for making me laugh (especially in 
Physics) and wanting to be a monk; Caroline; Laurie,: 
Jane; Erin; Jill; Kristen for the brown "rumiing" shoes, 
let's chill in the coolness; Rita (my French beauty) and 
Misty for latex gloves! and coffee: Brian for being a 
soprano wanna-be and my "Romeo''; Mike for being 
"George"; Julie for loving it when I'm vulgar; Sarah for 
having purple legs; Double Sextette 1 989- 1 993 for all the 
gos.sip sessions; Katy, Kristen. Terri . Michelle and Ashley 
for lunches since freshman year; Brian D.; Vin; Alex; 
John; Mark; Jodi (Hodi) and Tara for being my kins and 
two of the best friends I'll ever have; Jen: Jacqui; Mrs. 
Rainis, Mr. Palmer and Mr. Sabourin for being the most 
enthusiastic teachers I've ever had: Mrs. Donovan: Mr. 
Spinosa; Mr. Reynolds; Mr. Low: Mr. Barbas; Mr. Flynn 
and Mrs. Mclnnis. Mum for always being my friend first 
and someone I can talkio: Heather for being my "little 
sista" and my best friend; Dad for being there to support 
me; Ellen; Katey; Alicia: Brandy: the class of "93 and 
everyone who has made me smile over the last four years. 

Future Goals: To find my true love, travel all over the 
world, see everything there is to see. make a positive 
difference in the world, never take myself or life too 
seriously, never lose sight of the beauty of life and to 
always be happy. 

Krystin Carpenter 

38 Duiister Road 

Activities: Varsity Swim Team 1,2.3, Captain 4; March- 
ing Band 1.2,3.4; Orchestra 1,2.3.4; Wind Ensemble 
1 .2.3,4; Chamber Orchestra 2,3.4; Spanish Club 1 .2; AFS 
2: SADD 1; NHS 3.4; Yearbook 4: Athletic Training 1.2; 
Hall Decorating 1 ,2; Gym Decorating 3.4; Prom Decorat- 
ing 3; Powder Puff 4; Get Away Gang 3; Musical 1 .2.3,4; 

Youth Ministry 4. 

Thanks To: My family for always being there and support- 
ing me through the good and bad times. To Mary and Jen 
for being the best friends 1 could ever have and for the 
summer '92. To Meg for being the best perfect teenager 
and helping me with everything. To Steph for every year 
of math and the hell we went through; also for banana 
shakes. To Kim for not being mad thai Bee and I peeked 
through the fireplace. To Cait for supplying the paint for 
the bleachers. To Laurie for putting up with Barbas for me 
all 4 years. To Cheri for driving me home from Chuck's 
house that night - 1 miss you! To Ciaccia for being such 
a great friend over the past 17 years. To Fchlau for 
swimming, Alex for marching band talks. Gersh for being 
7, Coates for the use of your house, Mike for being 2nd 
viola, Hursh for being soijervened, Dave Boffa for calling 
us the Get Along Gang and for being left at skiing 8th 
grade - 1 know your parents still love you. To Jo and Lisa 
for all the years in Spanish and you too Chester, Ja.son, and 
Matt for the Spanish project. To Stephanie Cann. Ann, 
and Mindy for all of the battle of the bands we went to and 
the night at Salisbury Beach. To Kristen Colliton and 
Kristen Celeste for having the same name. To Rachael for 
the marching band bus rides and for Troop 1251. To Betsy 
for all the years in homeroom. Teri Franks for study 
sophomore year, being so friendly, and Wendy and Beth 
for being my swimming buddies, to Jane for the English 
project sophomore year and loving the Red Sox so much. 
To Vinnie for always being such a great friend. John Ginn 
for all the years in math, to Kleekamp for always showing 
up at my house, John Mara for calling me Carpi. Mclnnis 
for buying the same sunglasses. Lino for Physics and Adv. 
Chem.. Colin for the chat at Coates's house, Dave Venuti 
for the play, Jeremy Witt for being my new found peer 
leadership friend, Charlie and the rest of the percussion for 
being such a5 star section, to John Woolard for past times. 
To all those from other towns whom I have met. Thanks 
to J.T. for one o'clock in the morning Labor Day Week- 
end, oh, and you too Sully. Finally, thanks to the class of 
'93 for being the best to come out of B.H.S. I love you all. 

Future Goals: To gel through college, marry a football 
player, never lose touch with my friends, and live a 
prosperous, uncomplicated life. 

Kristen Celeste 

236 South Rd. 

Activities: SADD- 1. 2,4: GLAD- 1, 2: SSA-2: OZT-I.2.3: 
Newspaper Staff-3: V.Cheerieading-3: Yearbook-4. 

Thanks To: All my friends and to all the new friends I've 
made. Moving was tough, but the people who have been 
there for me has made it a lot easier. I'm glad I got the 
chance to meet many new faces and gain new' friendships. 
Missy, thanks for being my very best friend. Even though 
we may not live as close as we used to. our friendship w ill 
never grow apart. You were always there « hen I needed 
to laugh, and I still do when 1 think of all our memories: 
Alabama, B.K. Lounge. Showbiz, Meatloaf, OZT Rush, 
carousiads. Ice. Ice Dance, and who can forget "The 
Possession Possie"!(I can't even if 1 try! ) VVIien I think of 
good times and Inie friendships I think of you. 1 love you! 
Jeneen. love your "Vampire" tlowers! Sebago Lake was 
awesome! "Open Anns"-"why are your shoes in the 
lake?"-"watchoui forihepuddle"-Thedrive-in-J.G.-S.Ci.- 
K.C (who's in the middle?) Thanks for being such a 
wonderful fiieml. and keep reading those lust books! 
Melissa-Don'i forget the junior prom-"l love my date"- 
the walks to your mom's work. Thanks for being such a 
great friend and keep sniiling(Colgate Girl)! Rolyn and 
Lydia I miss you! The Possum Possie Rulcs!-never forget 
the click "nots" the Troisletis-"one role \v ill scare iliem." 



I : I never forget you or all our good times!F/F. Thanks to 
Ms. Watson and the Highlander Highlights Staff, never 
forget our "field"' trip to the Hard Rock Cafe. Thanks to the 
KRHS Cheering Squad, especially Jullie Watson. You've 
always been there for nic, when 1 needed someone. And 
thanks to all the people at EHS for calling me "Air"', 1 will 
come and visit all of you one day in a hot air balloon- 1 
promise! Betsy - I 'm really glad I found someone that 1 can 
chill in the coolness with, and for the "brown" running 
shoes. Michelle. Kristen.Terri thanks for the front seat. 
And. Terri Franks-"1 bumth my thungi ' Dave Boffa- 
Thanks for the compliments about my cooking skills. 
Caroline-Thanks for getting me out of the dark room, if it 
wasn't for you I'd still be there! Maiidy Thanks for the 
great shopping tips. Todd Anderson- Thanks for the no 
respect and getting me in trouble in Marine Bio! Shay- 
Th;inks formy new name Stacy. Rachel-Thanks for all the 
chats in G unassigned and for going 80 in a 40. Ashely- 
Thanks for stopping by. and seeing my painting of a pink 
Cadillac. Chris Merril- Thanks for the jacket. Also thanks 
to Katty.JennHanson.Jenn Hansen Alexis. Caroline, 
Mandy. Ashely, Terri, Kristen. Michelle for making lunch 
fun. Finally thanks to all the guys at Bedford for being so 
affectionate! Thanks to the whole of '9.^ I'm really 
glad I had the chance to meet all of you 1 wish it was 
.sooner! Debbie. "Hi cu/", thanks for all our late night 
chats. Not only did you share your room, clothes.and 
advice you also shared your friendshij). "Have a w i//a 
day!" Auntie Lorraine- You've always been very special 
to me, now 1 know why. I couldn't ask for a better 
godmother I love you!! Nana. Thanks tor being such a 
great grandmother and spoiling me. 1 love you! Beth you 
and 1 have had many different relationships: employer 
and employee, coach and cheerleader, cousins,but most 
of all friends. You've always been there when I needed 
someone, 1 hope I am there for youl! 1 love you! Finally 
Thanks lo Ronnie. Nicole, mom and dad you've given me 
support, guidance, and love. 1 couldn't ask for a better 
family. I love you all very, very much! 

Future Goals: "to have no regrets, and live life to the 
fullest" " to graduate from college and become a V.J. 
on MTV" 

May Chan 

22 D Redford\ il!a;^c 

Benjawan Charoensap 

16 Curve Si 

Geoff Chase 

21 Nickcrson Road 

Activities: Baseball 2.3,4: Basketball 2,3.4: Whiffleball 
1 .2.3.4: Sunday Football 3.4; Mini Lax 1 : Mini Basketball 
3,4: Arena football 3,4; Spirit Games 2; Prom Decorating 

Thanks to: The Guys: Alpo for Taco Bell runs, for New 
Year's Eve. for playing cards in photo, and for being "Ho 
Cakes." Todd for your house when mom works, for the 
ride up to Funworld. and for being someone 1 can talk to 
about anything. (THANKS) Venuti for the jokes, for 
summer volleyball, for the ride home from Funworld, 
even though I tease \ ou about the wife 1 still love ya! Boffa 
for the cape, for screwing me sophmore year (J.K.), for 
being the main man, for ■"Bingo." and for always being 
there for me, can't wait to see you in college. (FSU 
B.AB Y ! ) Lord for being the ladies man. for the free shows, 
for stories, for all the rides, for scoopin the N.H. chick, and 
for being a real close friend! Mclnnis for being Red 
Spider, for the sleepovers, for Breakin, for the poker 

nights, for always Hnding me in Lazer Tag, and for being 
one of the main guys. Stone for being the coolest short- 
stop I know and for the forehead scar. 1 can't forget you 
even it 1 tried! Mike McGarry for Raymonds Run and 
slakes Limbo, for the rides to l ilcnes, for stopping at 
Chrisis 's for a slush puppie, and lor being a great friend. 
Matt McGarry for teaching me the Kidney punch, for 
being a great pillow tluffer. for knowing every single rap 
.song made, and for trusting me. Ky velos for late night tree 
climbing at the mountains and the islands, I'll always 
remember that, and for dressing up at parties. Mara for 
that late night at Lacoc's "you schlong delong." for that 
late night at the Junior High parking lot. and for just being 
an all-<uound pal. Cooter for the first and last time 
sleeping over, for CLP., for bringing Rick down, for 
Lowell stories, and for being a gotxi friend. Chester for 
always making me laugh and for letting me blame things 
on you in classes. Katz for summer tennis, for watching 
the Softball games with me, and for having a ccxil family. 
Cohen for the Joyce and Jenny ilays. for those two late 
nights at your house, and for almosi killing me on Dav In 
Road in the Volvo! Ciinn for being ;i perfect student aiul 
a good friend. Ro^^ lor being Mr. Foi>iball and for making 
iheS.A. stories possible. Chip forthe dance, and for lining 
me up in fiKitball Thanks for being a bud. Boutin for 
being Grandpapa 11 and for being a great guy. Ciccone for 
Halloweens, and for being a long time friend. Tony 
Johnson for not being afraid to say. "1 love you" to his 
mom in a room full of guys! Rich Atkinson for being 
'■ BurgerTimc ." and for being the most o\ er-rated wiffleball 
player in the lourney! Mike Anderson for not getting 
caught at the scavenger hunt. I'dell for keeping 
group peace. .Sean Christie for being the best Nashua kid 
1 know . Jimmy Davis for coming out with us and for being 
aciN)lkid John Woolard for being a good kid. I'm glad 
we became friends. Vanilla Memll for being a g(xxl 
fi ieiul. McGrath for being a friend and the ^^4 womanizer. 
Doniiy for being a cool new kid. Vinni for going nuts at 
football games. Cam "OuanT") . " Jared "Bubba" for 
coming to my basketball clinic. All the baseball players! 
Kspecially George Chen for being a chicken dance brother 
and for making ba.seball that much more fun Lacix; forthe 
parties. Scott Hartwell for being a uoikI fnend while 
growing up. Thanks for all the gixnl nnics. Lenline for 
being a best friend from 6th - 9th grade, .ind still a go<Hi 
friend now . hopefulK , it'll stay that way . Pat Lev^ is tor 
thinking .Mabama is actually good! Clark for headbanding 
and Keoni Monte for being a Hawiian tank! Tlje Chicks: 
Berko for your parties and tor PL.A Yboy . Pavlas for being 
the play girl. Collitoii fur the cackle and for cry inc at Radio 
Flyer. Hansen for the dark corridor and for being there for 
me forever. Hanson for secneLs. for being my Junior Prom 
court buddy, and for being a close friend since 6ih grade. 
Ashley for begging me to pinch your check-. Shay for 
passing notes in Marine Bio. and for being Inends again. 
Terri for being a babe, and for being the onl> girl in the 
crew that I've never been sick oV. (No offense girls.) 
Darrell Russell tor ihe Jollar rides home. All of the cool 
juniorchicks! Sandra lohnsen for hoing a business buddy . 
Beth Mara for being Venuii's wilc .ind a nice person. 
Kristen for being a cool new girl The cool sophomore 
girls and guys, and the cool freshmen. Mandy for being a 
close friend - thanks for the memones. I'lLnissyou! Katy 
for being N;uic\ Drew, for sour baby rags, for the talks, 
and I know I'm not always nice, so thanks for being 
understanil inc t arol ine . spec ial thanks to > ou for making 
my senior year that much better, for understanding and 
putting up with me: I'm sorry it took so long for us to gel 
together, but I'm glad we finally did even though I don't 
show it much. I care about you and I hope that this is one 
of my long lasting relationships! My family: M> mom. 
ih;uiks for teaching me values and responsibility and for 
being there when 1 needed \ou. I know' I'm a jerk 
sometimes, and it di">'t alw a\ s seem like 1 love y ou. but 
I do. Dad. thanks forall the great Sundays, for the camping 

trips, and for being my biggest baseball fan. Even thou 
you'll probably never see this, I love you. loo lljro 
thanks for being a great stepfather, for hitting fl\ tulls 
me out back, for teaching me how lo fish, and for i 
taking any crap from me. Wendy for being there whe 
needed to yell at somebody, but you're my sLster. and I 
supposed to do thai! Granuiiy. thanks for being a gn 
grandmother. Idon'tknow what I'd do without you Ji 
for being a great guy and someone I can lalk spurts w i 
and Lncle Jim and Jaye. for being the best aunt and un<< 
a guy could ask for! 

FuiureGoals: MayN.- go to college, to go to Polite 
ein> . .uicl lo become a Bedford police officer. To ne- 
lose track of m> friends, to visit them all in college ani 
attend all their w eddings. To marry a beautiful woman ; 
to have one or two boys and to teach them every spo 
know . so that they can make it big and support me w l 
I'm old. and also to live in Bedford for the rest of my li 

Stephen Chester 

S5 Old Burlington Road 

.Activities: Spanish Club 2: Latin Club 3; SADD 3.4; H 
Decorating 1.2.3,4: Jr. Prom decorating 3; Baseball c. 
tain 2: Varsity Golf 3; Rick James Fan Club President ; 
member 2.3,4: Stickball 1.2,3,4. 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad. thanks for everything - Mi 
Tom. and Jcrr>- I have to thank all my friends becau' 
never would have made it b) myself. Sean iJesi 
Hector, ( iH.oa Puff, keebler. John) for his hair, all 
times he let me sleep at his house and introducing mc 
Big Daddy. Mike (Goto Arizona) for hanging out w ith 
on the weekends and for helping me sneak Denzel Wa 
ingion out of the video store and for not buying me that 
sinng. Malt (f. plexsurei for meeting and moving in » 
my Uncle Rod. Todd (Griffy Jr ) 2 words: Ro> Run ; 
alst) all the chick info and for making fun of m\ eli 
companmeni. Paul (the shinless kid; for all the iinies \ 
bailed mc out of trouble. Mike (moon "emj lor ( 
Orchard and (he hell Runs. Lewis (Alabama Slamniai 
ie to Sho Kusugi and .American Nija II. R 
M)iiimer school and for the rides to sch( 
.\ esteem. Venuti for inviting 

lo , - , ; Petty. Ky velos for picking on 

when I needed a beating and for keeping health cil 
interesting. Cooler for not putting my head in the tO' 
and for introducing me to Rick. Chase for liking 
Pirates. Lord for gi\ ing me entenainment when he v 
withachick. Boffa for Ireshmen Englishandcookiepi 
Mara for l^tin, health, and jokes about my mom C' 
forget McInnis and Whiflleball games. Kalz for cheat 
of me. Boutin for making fun of my UikIc Rtxl. G 
(Hotcakes) for McDonald rurw. Lentine for his Blazi 
system. The football team: Fanner land his pal Will 
Vinny (for being the greatest). Gallant (Hardiei » 
should be on the team. Keoni. Ginn. Ciccone (for lo\ 
for Jane ). Chip for being so clean and Colin. The Kisl 
ball team: Cam. Jared. and Ton>. O.K.. now Berko 
believ ing 1 got a rash from Peanuts. Franks and Pa\ las 
calling me "Chesta.'Doheny and Busch ' Peter.'' Colli little FIf). Jannis. EPPfL2') and Dans lor st> 
III . Id hivkey games. Hey Ro. keep Kmkin 

iho -. .. . .;s. Gotta thank s»imeundea lassmen C'.irof 
thanks tor the closet, for actually likin;: the BraJ^ Bui 
and the deep philosophical conversati.>ns l>iank» lo 
crew (members know who they are and .irc proud of 
M ichellc. Jen. Danielle, and the rest, lhanks. guys. Timi 
hey thanks for tlie hat and the house, the group w ho H 
most comfortable leavin;.; iho school to - iJk "Cosbv Ki 
- they know who the> are Hey! Hey! Hey! Thanks Ic 
the people who e\er graduated, those who ha\en'i ; 
anybody in any class with me and anybody who 


aughed at me for any circumstance. Some people I 
dmire deserve credit: Joe Kleine, Andy Benes, anybody 
vhose music I've ever listened to and the Amazing Spi- 
ler-Man. I'd also like to thank, in no particular order: Mr. 
(lax well. Ms. Lohrum, my silk underwear, anybody who 
las ever given me a job. Mr. Buckley. Mr. Palmer. Cap'n 
Trunch. Mr. Reynolds, and Nike because Mowabbs are 
he greate-st. 

•uture Goals: To go to school in Arizona with Mike 
*1cGarry and Sean Christie and go to Mexico every 
veekend, keep all my hair, direct a inove that T.P. will star 
n Learn to Waierski, Scuba Dive, and Surf just so I can 
vear a wetsuit. Jump out of a plane, bungee jump, play, 
!uitar with Eddie Van Halen. learn to play guitar, buy 
!uitar. Perform at the Apollo with Sean, own a Suburu 
irat, that Colt .45 shirt, and season tickets for the CBA 
earn that T.P. is on. Get married, naked, underwater. Be 
/ery wealthy and live with my wife (maybe) who will do 
til my work and come back to BHS and attend basketball 
>ames with Kelly "mike" Elias, and definitely never lose 
rack of my friends. 

Jane Chui 

Activities: Table Tennis 1,2,3,4: Track 1,2: French Club 
1 ,2.3; S ADD 1 ,2; Orchestra 1 .2,3.4; Mark Gray Fan Club 
. 1,2,3,4. 

' [hanks To: thanks to everyone that wa.s there when I had 
ny ups and downs, who made me who I am now. Thanks 
o my mom for being the sweetest person in the world, my 
lad for giving me the inspiration to be the best, Chi-Sun 
or just being there when 1 needed a smile on my face, Chi- 
vling. Elaine for the helpful advice, Kim for all the laughs, 

" lut most of all, being aclose and sweet friend that lean 
:ount on. Meg for being so easy to talk to and a great 
riend. Thanks to all the Olympic Training Center People, 
rven though we've had our share of arguments, we're still 
he best of friends; Sean for the good memories, Tom for 
isiening to all my stories even though I can be a little 
'boring," Mark in Virginia for the hear-to-heart talks; the 
jymnast Taekewondo figure skaters for making niy stay 
It Colorado better. To Adam. Andrea. Briiui, Cait, Cheri, 
irin, Jane, Jen, Laurie. Shannon. Stephanie, and Teri for 
ill the fun. Hideya and Hiroko for being so nice to me. Na- 
Jforbeingmy little"sis,"Vicky foralltheletters. Thanks 
all my Table Tennis friends (Lan, Li. Jia, Eric, Kristey . 
.'tc.) for having such a good time at tournaments. Every- 
jne else that I missed, thanks, too. All the people that are 
•eally special to me. I love you. It's scary to think that 
w're leaving and starting new again, so best of luck in the 
■'uture. 1 hope to see you guys again. Smile and be happy. 
11 miss you very much. 

r^uture Goals: To make the Olympics in '96. for this worid 
be safe, to always be happy and the people I care about 
will be happy .too, and to find someone that 1 can spend the 
' Tst of my life with. 

Teri Ciccone 

/<S Wildwood Drive 

Activities: Football 1, 2, 3. Captain 4. Ski Team 1. 2. 
Captain 3.4; Lacrosse 1,2.3,4; Wiffle Ball 2, 3; Mini Lax 
2: French Club 3, 4: BFFA 4: Sledding Team 3, 4; Roni 
Adventures 3. 4. 

rhanks To: I d first 1 ike to thanks my whole family. Mom, 
^ad, Cristina. Nona, Grandma. Grandpa, and Auntie Ann. 
i love you all very much, and am very grateful for all the 
Isupport you've given me. Thanks coaches Sabourin 
Petrillo.Cambell.Hirsch.Cacciola, Sullivan. and Mulligan 

for making football one of the best experiences of my life. 
I'd like to thank The Storm for bringing me along, and 
taking me overboard. Get out of the sewer puddle John! 
Thanks to that golfing fool I've known since third grade, 
Mclnnis for being such a cool dork. a nd for the creamy 
thing at Lane School. Thanks to Roni for being the most 
unsexiest, sloppiest kid in school and making us all look 
better. Thanks to Boffa for Elvin Loaves. Chucky 
Scholedge and Dennisport. The fat chick ate our Pizza! 
Thanks Udell my skiing and foozy buddy. Look at that 
pinion! Thanks to Hodge up at UNH for being down with 
me. Let's get some crazy horse, A special shout out to my 
partner in crime. Elite B. 25.2 npd with KC! Thanks to 
Boutin for a boomin" system and a busted knee. Thanks 
Mara for the times at the Cape and caddying. Sommers is 
a dick! No thanks to New Mexico for his bareback sand 
adventure and stinking up my guest room. I'd like to say 
what up to Ace. Phycho Beta Buckdown Baby! and Lordy 
for his car adventures. Are you serious, eight times? 
Thanks to Nudi, the Elseworth. Hooptie. Blue Gelati 
King. Do you shop at the Gap? Thanks to Mike, wierd nun, 
Chester, McGarry and Matt. I know you want to be a 
footall player! Thanks to Vin forslants. smashes, and jets. 
Chen, you owe me a .steamer! To the chicks. Bush. 
Doherty, Hansen, Jannis thanks for making our Roni 
Adventure so fun. Thanks to the rest of the guys who've 
kept it fun, Stoner. Todd, Tree. Chester. Cooter, and Alex. 
Thanks to Bobrinitz for hanging out with us. Finally I'd 
like to thanks my team, the '92 Bucs; Lats. Ginn, Ross, 
Richie, Monte, Chumly. Roni. Viet, Lewis, Lordy, Wil- 
.son, Vin, Boutie, Mobley, McGrath, Smulski. Midgett. 
Fiirmer, Carpenter, Marcus, Matty, Fagan, Weasel, Chen. 
JT, Sulli, and Bryant. Good luck guys. 

Future Goals: To graduate from college, find a successful 
job, live a happy family life, coach high school football, 
never lose touch with my friends, and see the storm crash 
and bum. 

Gladys M Cintron 

60 Wilson Rd. 

Activities: Spanish Club 12; Yearbook Staff 12: Young 
Sophisticates 10,11; Inter-club Council 10, 11; Student 
Council 10.1 1; Choir 12: Student Body Council II: Hall 
Decorating 10,1 1; Homecoming dunking booth 1 1; Home- 
coming fundraiser 11: Junior Prom fundraiser 10,11; 
Who's Who Among American High School Students 
11.12; IntiiTiate Realities 10; Talent Show Extravaganza 
11; Varsity volleyball 10,1 1; Basketball 12. 

Thanks To; Thanks to my close sisters, Jo and Chastity for 
caring, sharing and being there for me. Thanks to Midgett 
and Fanner for being dimeless. but making me smile. 
Thanks to Lori, Sandra, and Kathy for being real friends. 
Thanks to Tony for knowing it all but a sweetheart at heart. 
Thanks to Adelle, Angela. Erica, Akilah. Nikki. Rhea. 
Jaqui and Barbara for taking care of business and me. 
Thanks to Marcus for wanting and trying to get it all but 
getting "skippy" notliing. Thanks to Cedric for thinking 
tha 1 was his lady. Thanks to Kim T, and Amy for 
everything and Amy hold on to niyles! Thanks to Bryant 
for always being mad at nic. Thanks to Apama for taking 
care of me. Thaitks to Marcel for not knowing what a 
hickie looks like. And finally thanks to my parents, brodier 
and all my other friends for being who you are and putting 
up with me. I miss you. Take care and good luck. 

Future Goals: I plan to attend college and major in engi- 
neering. It is hard to say what the future holds, but we'll 
just have to venture on and see. 

Steve Clark 

7 Glen Oia Drive 

Activities: soccer, 3 years: homework, 2 weeks; 
attendance, 2 and 1 12 years 

Thanks To: Bob and Gail (my folks) for raising me to be 
such a fine individual. BHS for taking me back. Mr. 
Ambrose for giving a hoot about a punk like me. Mr. 
Duggan. Mrs. Donovan for the pink slips. Pete for the 
great wraps. Dave Wilson for another great season. The 
rest of the varsity soccer team, we kicked some butt. The 
cheerleaders for being so beautiful, and anyone who 
is beautiful. Pontiacforsuch great cars. Metallica for such 
great tunes. Marcus Harris for being so cool. Cam and 
Jared Volleyball!! All the girls I've ever loved, half of 
tliemdon'tevenknow ityet. Society for being so ignorant. 
Steve Chester for all the years of confusion between us. 
The marines for buggin me to chop my hair and sign up. 
Anyone took the time and trouble to bother thanking me. 
Humanities class for Jetting me go unplugged. Sandra and 
Cathy, Mr. MacDonald (Big Mac), Mr. McCarthy, Mr. 
Stephanson. and any other teacher who was willing to lake 
a few minutes from their lunch time to assist in the higher 
education of a skid like me. Shay Duris for being the 
sweetest girl in school. Connie (purple haze), Julie Smith 
(just a little more practice), Corey (nice helmet), anyone 
under five feet tall for making me look huge. Sean 
Linehan, Matt Brown. Josh Randall and Matt Bruce and 
all of our INCIDE fans. Billy Cheeseburger, this kid is a 
ton of fun. Bemie D. I don't have to tell you a thing. Matt 
Giusti and Sean W. for giving me an ego beyond reason. 
Alpo because he looked at me while I was w riting this and 
I feel guilty about not thanking him. Anyone I forgot and 
anyone who really cares. 

Future Goals: Fame and fortune are everyone's obvious 
choice, but as long as I'm happy. I really don't care. To get 
meuried and receive sweet lovins. Have a couple little 
ones, settle down and - Never!! I do want to have kids 
though, any volunteers? 275-1874 

Brian Clewell 

99B Scott Circle 

Chris Coates 

178 Concord Rd. 

Activities: Concert Band 1,2.3.4: Marching Band 1,2,3, 
4; Symphonic Band 1 , 2, 3, 4; Wind Ensemble 2, 3, 4; Jazz 
Band 2. 3. 4; Full Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Powder Puff Band 3; 
Pit Orchestra 2; Telemedia 2. 3, 4. 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad for believing in me and giving 
me support with my music. Jen, thanks for being there for 
me. Dave Gersh. thanks to the Gersh taxi service. You've 
been a great friend. Always remember, nobody expects 
the Spanish Inquisition. Brian Drohan, you're wicked 
seculsive kid! WOOOO times ten to the tweiu> third! 
Thanks for being yourself. We've had a few laughs 
together. Ya think? Brian Fehlau, I could never figure out 
how you could do everything you did and still got good 
grades. 1 admire you. Thanks lo John Wcitz anil John 
Henry for all their support. Jason Ingraham. Hey sweet 
thing! Just one more year kid. You arc neato. Shane 
Graham and Ron. Roger Whitiaker. To Brian Spacrew 
from Contes: .\\\ Jacqui ;>nd .Andrea, you guys are 
wicked party animals. Ja// band isn't the same without 
you two. Alex Brill, you are just loo ciwl for words. Mr. 
Barbas, thanks for bringing back my interest in music 
you're a terrific teacher and person. Tara Lee. you're such 
a sweetie. Matt Ross. Hey Roster! Physics was interesting 


>iay iiimed for ihe further adventures of Chris Coates and 
his silver saxophone. David Hursh. whai the muinmas! 
Miite Esposiio. say hi lo Siu for me. Laurie Sheflin. Bev. 
Stephanie Dubitsky, Betsy Carhon, The Bedford Sunday 
Chronicles, the DPW for the street signs, Dave Boffa. Nat 
Brown Jr. and friends. Monty Python, a bunch of people 
1 1 om the class of 1 992. Brian Drohan. you can sleep on my 
lawn anytime, all Ihe sirudeleaders in the world. Mary 
Mix. Mr. T cereal. Led Zeppelin. Rita, and Misty. I 
apologize to anyone who I've forgotten. It's not that 1 love 
you any less, it's just that I'm stupid. 

Future Goals: My j;oal is lo graduate from music school 
with a degree in composing. I would like to score major 
motion pictures, and maybe someday win an academy 
award for one of my film scores 

Kristen Colliton 

21 Temple Terrace 

Activities: J.V. Field Hockey 1.2; Varsity 3 Captain 4: 
Treasurer l.2,.3,4; Spanish Club 1.2; Latin Club \, Hall/ 
Gym Decorating l,2..'',4: Yearbook 4; Powder Puff .V4. 

Thanks To: The entire class of 1993 especially - Caroline 
for all of our girl bonding chats. A$hle> . thanks for all of 
our homeroom talks junior and senior year. Katy for 
always singing in history class. Mandy for pi//a and field 
hockey - yes, I still blame you for that honible night. 
Kristen. for forgetiing me at Michelle's house. Beisy for 
answering all of my physics quesiions. Mary . for "Life is 
a Highway" and tnick rides in the V.A. Stephanie - 
"Bcniic must be going cra/y.'" watch oul for daylight 
savings! Shay for Motel 6. Jen Hanson for always calling 
me a geek. Jenn Hansen for making me laugh in lunch. 
Darrell - "Where's the chicken'? ' Kry siin and Jenn B. for 
physics labs. Kim and Carrie, thanks for all the memories 
since Lane School. Thanks to all the guys- Bryan A. for 
being so much like Jinuiiy (psycho). Todd for always 
reininding me how quiet I am. David B. for all the 
memories since freshman year especially the semi-for- 
mal, v\ atches. Geoff for always having picnics at our field 
hcKkey games. Steve C. for the cute, little elf. Malt K. for 
his great outfit at Tim's. Dave L. tor always making me 
laugh. Mike M. forthc juniorprom. Matt M. - Sean is still 
Ihe best dancer! Mark M.. thanks lor being such a funny 
kid. Paul fPaully-Wog) for always beating me up since 
third grade. Dave V. for always making fun of the way I 
talk. ("Davit ") Also, ihanks to Mike B.. Teri C. Josh C, 
John G.. John M.. Chip, Colin. Adam, and Rob W. Thanks 
to all the juniors - Ro for A. Joy, Go-Go Gadget thanks for 
all of our great gossip sessions (Fawn Lake). Eppler for 
our math talks. Cyndi for cooking class - "What is abbr .'" 
Chris M. for his ga-at hair. Sara B. (Beatle). Amy S.. 
Jessamyn. Beth. Jim S., and Matt G. I also want to thank 
Ihe entire 1992 Field Hockey team especially Miss G and 
Mickey, the two best coaches, also Carla and Alexis. I 
w;uit to also thank Michelle D. for being another big sister 
to me - thanks forCry.sial Light burping coniests and Get 
a Job! ! ( \\ hat do you live for?) I want to especi.illy thank 
Rachael, Tcrri. and Michelle. We have had so many great 
memories - 1 know some things have changed, but I hope 
we always stay close. Rachael, ihanks for all your 
sleepovers since elementary school, our talks in your 
driveway and who has yellow eyes'.' Terri, ih<mks for 
making me smile. Thanks for being such a great friend - 
never forget porta-potty, fruit salad, and psychology jokes. 
Michelle, what can I say'' ''>'ou have aK\ ays been there for 
me. Thanks for all our 6 1/2 hour talks about Lodge and 
Huck. I couldn't ask for a better friend, never forget 
Vennont "9 1 . the freshman basketball game or talks in my 
guest room. Thanks for everything! Most of all, 1 would 
like to thank my family. You guys are the best - Kelly for 
always calling ine "baby." Kathy, sorry about the Nissan. 

Kevin, thanks for being hungry. Maryellen for Golden 
Girl parties. Jim, for always wrestling with me. And a 
special Ihanks lo Maureen for everylhing that she has done 
for me, especially the late night "talks." Thanks for being 
such a great sister and my best friend. 1 want to especially 
thank m\ parents for always supporting me and helping 
me with whatever 1 do. Thanks for everything. I love you! 

Future Goals: To gel married, have about twelve happy, 
healthy children, to finally find out what Terri's career is 
going to be. to always stay close to my friends, and most 
of all to never stop laugjiing. 

Ashley Crane 

4 Adams Road 

Activities: French Club 1 2; Latin Club 3,4; SADD 1 ,2.3,4: 
Hall Decorating 1 .2; Prom Decorating 3; Yearbook 4, 

Thanks To: Mom. Dud, and Counncs tor always being 
there and supporting me. Icouldn'task lurabetterfamils 
I love you all a lot ' K.ichael. you're the best, our talks have 
meant so much especially sophomore year with our little 
dilemmas, for shopping with me for a dress and fixing my 
hair, for passing Algebra IL our nighi at "Catch a Rising 
Star" thai was great, for not reminding me my shoes 
clashed, Uno's and Chili's and all out other weekends. 
Terri. firsi for your great laugh, for all our Saturday 
afternoons, phone chats, weekends. Canobie Lake, and 
everything else - you're ga-atl CanDline. for always 
driving lo the beach. ourconvcrsaiii>n.s on the phone and 
outside your house, for remembering where my house is. 
our night at "Caich a Rising Star." and all our other great 
weekends. Kaly (Did you think it was a man), for our girl 
bonding days after schocil. for your Country and Western 
daiK ing ability, for our nighl at "Culch a Rising Star" and 
for being someone I can talk lo. Mandy . for our inicresling 
talks in Latin, our unforgettable ice cream roller coaster 
ride "l;Ute die ice cream we're stuck" and w ho could forget 
our drivers' ed experience. Kaiy, Caroline, and Mandy, 
thanks for being such good friends, even after the tension. 
I wish we would have become friends sooner. We've had 
so many good times together like Pi//a Hut trips and 
Canobie Lake, you guys are great! Jennifer, ihanks for 
being my best friend and all our summers together. Amy. 
for being a good fncnd and summer "92. Krisien. for your 
sense of humor and great laugh, homeroom chats, week- 
ends and much more Michelle, for Ihe present night, 
coming w ith me "griKivcs in the heart" night and being a 
good friend. Beth, forbeingmy typing buddy. Jen.forihe 
beach trips and attracting the birds. Shay, for never 
hearing w hat 1 said in English. Jen. for not pressunng me 
lo dress like her. and also to Knsien Celeste. Siephnnie D . 
Mary. Erica, and Betsy. David B. forbeini; yourself and 
making me laugh and for always teasing mo. Bryan, for 
junior yearclasses and chewing on all my peas. Geoff, for 
always pinching ni\ cheeks and for una:>signed E period. 
John M. for all the ;joih1 weekends, for teasing me. all our 
talks E period and lor being a nae triend. David L. for 
Junior Prom. "Switch." making nie laugh and alssays 
being a great friend. Todd, for letting me beat you up prom 
night and try ing to leach me to drive your car. Colin, for 
being in all my junior year classes and making them more 
fun. John G.. for taking all my gum Miphomore year. 
Chip, for trying to scare me. Mike B., for being from the, loo. Paul, lor ihe semi-formal. Adam, for making 
me laugh. Teri C. matt. Mike. Mark. Steve. Man K . Tony, 
and Chris Merrill, and anyone I forgot, thanks a lot! 

Future Goal: To graduate from college, be successful in 
whatever 1 decide to do. find a great man to marry, have 
two beautiful children, keep in touch with all my friends 
and live a happy life. 

Conne> Crespo 

fiJ Patterson Rd. 

Thanks To: My parents for all your support throughout 
years. Luc. Thea 1 could not imagine where I'd be with 
you. Pete. Gail, Angela four all the support. Call Do 
Julie my lover! 1 love you! and your Fam. Sara (crazy g 
I'd be sane without you. Venus. Sawn Vic Wrench L 
Adam, ilove you guys. (CSM4()4) Tamia E. Kim W.. 
M four visits in my dreams. Center, view, redirect, 
hop. Saddle B. all memories good and bad. Al. K 
Trie. Chris, Dani; Where would 1 start'? Minns first, 
. Bitsy . I love you! Steve C. the only true D-Dag! 
Patty Shanna Bye Joan.Tara. Nikki. Kar. You ain't 
but houndogs. "The Mans" Rock Horror Pic. Show 
the Time Warp. Total Confusion Purple Like! Kns C, 
B. Lindsey. It'll gel cold oui there, check the comers. 
Eric. Gabrielle. Rich, for all the cuddles. God bless y 

Future Goals: Cosmolologisi. live lengthly memorc 
life, search for the King! 

Jonathan Dallas 


Thanks to: I would like lo give thanks to all the people v 
helped me get through these four long years. 1 mo\c 
Bedford before my freshman year. Since that lime pec 
have been very kind. These past four years have been 
besi schiHij sears I have had. I'd like to thank each : 
everyone individually, but 1 can long use 200 words, 
like to thank the kids al Ihe lunch table, the kids in all 
cla-sses. and espwciaJly myself. I'd also like lo thank i 
Cordcs for translating teacher talk into something I co 

Future Goals: My future goals are to become a very i 
Architect. To gel married and have kids. The most imj 
tant goal I have is to go lo as many parties as I can bet 
I start college. 

.lames H. I)a\is, jr. 
^38 Sc on Circle 

Bernie DeBenedictis 

Thanks To: Mrs. DcClementi who I swept off her I 
(hierally). Mrs. Light who got me through sophni 
biology. Mr. McDonald just cause he's cool .N 
.Macgregor and Ms. Lohrum who got mc a schedule ; 
were there anytime. (I a-all\ appreciate all you've 
Mr. Savarrici who lumcJ down my marriage p 
more than once and who look so much lime and inte 
seeing me succeed. I w ill miss you. Maureen for show 
me my options. Tim, Fran. Loreiia. Jorinda. Nancy . Ci 
and all Ihe kids al C.A.S.E.. Thank you and good lud 
the future. My parents for getting me up in the mom 
and standing by me for all these years. Sieve Clarl 
being my long haired buddy all these y ears. Mr. and V 
Clark for Chinese food and for treating me like a CL 
i.iking "fist" a reality. Naie (weasel) and S« 
t,i . night calls. Mr. Maxwell. Mr. Reynolds. ' 
Huff. Mr. McCarthy. Ms. Craig. Ms Sakelakos. ' 
Jordan you're all great teachers. Daddy v Junk\ Music, 
giving me some great deals. The regisirs tor giving ir 
license. Visa for giving me a credit card. Adam I'deU , 
making me laugh ( leave Steve's scorpion alone you fo>' 
.And anyone who let mc drive their car. To all thos 
forgot. . . Oh well. 

Future Goals: move to LA and play drums 



Cameron Demby 

38 Magnolia St. 

Ryan Desjean 

51 A Scott Circle 

Thank You: First and foremost, thanks to my mom and dad 
for being by my side all these years. Thanks Sarah and 
Kevin for letting me beat you up all those times. Thanks 
Bill for teaching me the fine art of fixing a c;u^ stereo and 
finding women. Thanks Jen for helping with my transition 
into Bedford. Thanks to the Homeroom Crew. Thanks 
Mike and Ralph for big hooters. Thanks Mark for showing 
me how NOT to live my life. To the Red So,x for another 
great season, and the Pats, too. Thanks Rich for making 
me feel smart in Latin, Davis for making me feel smart in 
every class, the B-Ball crew -Davis. Atkinson, and Miller, 
ril take you all. Katy D. for teaching me how to say my 
last name right. Shay for making Latin and school worth 
going to and for being the nicest girl in school. The Magic 
pen is yours beautiful. Thanks to every single teacher 1 
have had, for showing me how to blow off a class 
and get an A. Taco Bell for not turning us in. Andy and his 
drinking buddies, Witt for smoking too much. Ken for the 
free food at McDonalds. Keith for helping me weight train 
summer. Mike forgiving me my room back and giving 
all that money. Eric for the fun at w ork and not firing 
me all those times. Finally, thanks to my gr;uidparents and 
whole family for all the support. 

Future Goals: To become a successful businessman, own 
my own business, get that 300ZX, marry a beautiful and 
successful woman, go to England and the Bahamas, never 
1 run out of money, and most of all to be happy. 

Jennifer Dickerson 

9 Hemlock Lane 

Michael Dodge 

10 Elmhrook Circle 

Katy Doherty 

54 Notre Dame 

Activities: Hall Decorating 1,2: Gym Decorating 3,4: 
Prom Chairman 3; Cheerleading 1; Soccer 2,3: Softball 
1,2.3,4: Powder Puff 3.4; Spanish Club 1,2; Yearbook 4; 
vADD 1.2.3; Spirit Games 1.2. 

Thanks To: Mom. I know I've been a headache at times. 
Hit you're the, and I thank you for being such a great 
nother. Dad. thank you for working so hard for me and the 
.imily. Laura, for being my older sister. Richie, for 
-t^eping me in place. Mike, for treating me as your friend 
iiul not just your sister and for always paying for Pi/za 
i lut. Rob, for being such a scholai'. Paul, our high school 
cars weren't the best together, but we arc over that now, 
md we are back to nonnal. Marianne, sorry I haven't been 
he best big sister, but I will always be there for you if you 
leedme. Raggs. for being my little baby. I don't know 
:i)\v I would have made it without you guys. Mrs. Bu.sch 
or always making me eat dinner. Caroline (Lot). 1 don't 
\ en know where to start. We" ve been friends forever, and 
really treasure our friendship. I hope we always be as 
lose as we have gotten in tlie past couple of years. 
\manda. we've come a long way! At the beginning we 
Nt-Te just acquaintances, but look at us now. I don't think 
could be better friends with you. I appreciate all the times 
jyou' ve listened to me and all the times you've made a good 
situation out of a bad one. I'm so clad that we three are best 

friends - you two are the best! Rachael, for doing Prom 
with me and all those parties. Kristen, for being so loud. 
Ashley, for being so honest. I'm glad that we became 
friends. Did you think it was a man? Terri, for being so 
friendly. Jen Hanson, for being such a unique friend. 
Shay, for being a cougar in Washington. Michelle, for 
''rent and food." Betsy, for all the younger years. Jen 
Han.sen (Hushnega ). Alex, for being cool and hanging out 
with Caroline and me in English. Bryan A., for being such 
a nice guy. Todd, for making me wear my hair down for 
the wedding. David B. for Cape Cod. the prom, and all the 
other good times. I'll always be your Tooiie. Mike B. for 
crashing your car, Geoff, for letting me play Nancy Drew 
and tor always finding a way to make me laugh. Steve 
(Peter). Teri. for hanging out with us for so long. Josh. 
John G.. just for being a close friend. Matt K. (Tree), for 
falling out of the tree at the islands and for that groovy 
outfit at Tim's. David L.. for always teasing me and for 
being Mr. Loverman. John M., for listening to me all the 
time. Matt M. for love on the rocks and for putting up w ith 
me. I'm glad wc stayed friends. Mike M., for having an 
attitude and for being so cool when I pick on you. Mark, 
for being such a comedian. Rob (Markie), for the senii- 
fomial and being so weird. Adam, for junior high. Vinny. 
you're a great cousin. I wish we had done more together 
in high school. Dave (Brother V.). for being friends 
forever and for being so nice all the time. Paul (Paublo 
Espanol). Colin, for trying to clean my couch with 
conditioner. Chip, for being "just one of the girls." Keoni, 
forall the hugs. Cam, you're the coolest. Beth, Sarah. Ro. 
Sarali Ep.. Linda, and Chris M. (Vanilla) - Good luck next 
year. And to all my friends, you guys really made my high 
school years great. I don't know what I would do without 
you. I'm going to miss all of you. 

Future Goals: To start my own singing career, have Baby 
Raggsy win a beauty contest, keep my record of being 
right, become rich with a beautiful husband and family, 
and never forget my friends at Bedford. 

Brian Drohan 

15 Glenridi^e Drive 

Thanks To: Josh Keroes; for being out of step; Knelli: 
talking at the produce department; Sparrow: for laughing 
at me; Alessi: for being the man; Lynna: for caring; Bill 
Carter: for teaching me about life: Chris: for coming to 
Bedford; Betsy: for being in Bedford for 17 years; Flores: 
for being a wonderful guy; ArTodd Anderson 
21 Roberts Rd. 

Activities: Baseball 1 ,2,4; Basketball 1 : Golf Team 1 .2,3.4; 
Billerica of Correction Football; Injured 
Reserve 3 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad for being the most understand- 
ing parents. You don't know how much it means to realize 
that you can't punish me for the same things you did, I 
love you. Jeff, my favorite brother. I'm glad you were 
always there to take a beating. Gramie. for everything, for 
spoiling me rotten and for always being there. 1 love you. 
Albert and .'\mos, the two best cats in the world. Ken 
Griffey Jr. for hands down being the best player in 
ball. Matt Kyvelos for being the Greek, Pepe Torres, 
Velvet Kyvelos, virgin sorbees. your pool, letting me 
sleep at your house, tree climbing, Djasum. your Hutch, 
wheeling, and just plain being there w hen I needed some- 
one to talk to. Don'i forget November Rain and how we 
would get left out. Hey Greek, Oooh . Nachos. Dave 
Boffa - Hey man, it's Deion. Thanks forall late night 
talks. New Hampshire, visiting Mike with me. the Finli 
impressions, and letting me cruise >ou around. Tanks 
Pete. Oh. and boffa. you're welcome for the melon 
movies. Geoff Chase, hey Acer, for Deerfield, sleeping in 

my car and being faithful when 1 didn't really care, for 
Gekos and that whole weekend, for fake tattoos, summer 
league baseball, and being such a perfectionist. Thanks 
again for letting me use your lines corky. The McGarry 's 
for your beach house, volleyball, and playing every day 
afterschool in fiftli grade. Matt, for the love on the rtK'ks 
story, interior design, Gym class, not getting sick with me 
on New Years, and for being the immortal Teddy Plea- 
sure. Mike, for running laps with me on J.V. baseball 
sophomore year, for taking such great pictures over the 
years. Discovering F(X)ds, and of course for slamming my 
fingers in Alpo's car door. Steve Chester - What's up 
dork'.', for buiierllics, glove compartments, the semi- 
formal, Roy runs. Titiiba, your musical taste and espe- 
cially for breaking my w rist. Dave Venuti. Nutes for the 
haircuts, everyday afterschool Junior year, street signs, 
8th grade dances, and giving me something to laugh at 
when you got caught putting snow in the Lee's tailpipe. 
Oh and Nutes. don't stick your tongue to metal in the 
winter. Dave Lord for Deerfield, dugouts, 3 full betls, and 
Harold, for only being seen half of every party, for letting 
me take you to school - sorry for being late. Don't forget 
beating Acer and I on our lists 12-10-10. Bryan Albonesi 
- Alpo - for letting me knock your boots whenever I 
wanted to, for always laying face down with me. New 
Year's '92, and the complementary special. Oh. tell your 
parents I'm so... Mark Mclnnis, for 2 A.M. conversations. 
Teaching me the game of golf (kind of), hummer park, all 
the sleepovers. Jack's Junkyard, our Junior year Spanish 
report, and all of your Mclnnis ideas, thanks MacGyver. 
Sean Christie, for Sonja, .stickball, dingleberry's. cocoa 
puffs, John Jaha. LL and Big Daddy and seany play 
money. John Mara, for stealing my bed at Acer's, and 
making me take you to Katy's in your underwear. Paul 
Stone, for sophomore year with Lisa and, for 
walking home from the base with me and everything else 
before we went our separate ways. You are all the best 
friends anybody could ever hope for. Thank you all .so 
much for always being there. To Chip Mofield. for all 
your help at Fur World, buy the shoes. I had her.. .dying 
your hair black, Springs Brook, biking to the mall, all of 
our talks, and everything else 1 forgot to mention. To 
lissa Henkel, my bestest friend in the whole wide 
Id. Don't ever forget all of our memories and those 
iBll in the making. I am always here for you and don't ever 
forget that. Erin Spar ks, scintillate, thanks for everything, 
our talks, always being there, never fighting w ith me. and 
of course your entertaining stories. Michelle Cronin. my 
Crony, for the three steps, 1 know I sound so sure of 
myself. Thanks for everything. Ainy Sandell. for the 
junior prom, for your big butt, for all our talks about your 
escapades, and yes I know I am the eternal. ..You four are 
the most important girls in my life. You mean so much to 
me and 1 love you all. Thank you .so much for everything 
and some day I hope 1 can be there for you as much as you 
were for me. Mandy Jannis for lieing such a flirt and not 
knowing how to tum guys on. Oh and Mandy how "s...Katy 
Doherty and Caroline Busch for making lui even number 
in Deerfield. Ashley, you didn't beat me up on the night 
of the prom. Rachael Berkowitz for our Sth grade talks 
and Berko, remember anytime I want you your mine. 
Michelle Pavlas. for thinking 1 hate you when I don 't have 
anything against you. Your the one who is mean to me. 
Teiri Franks and Kristen Collilon for being so loud and 
always being able to give a deaf person a headache. 
Kristen Celeste, the new chick, for having no respect for 
herself. Phi I .Anthony for not tving as mean as everytxHly 
thinks. Chris Merrill for being the only person to still like 
Valilla Ice. Of course for his hair. Mike Boutin. Terri 
Ciccone. Josh Cohen, John Ginn. Colin Ross. .Adam 
Udell, Rob W.ikcham ( CiK)tcr1. Vin Welch, and .Me\ 
Brill. The HC. Linda Jones and Jessamyn Smith for not 
being part of the HC . Teddy Schmuhl. Andy Burlee. Richi 
Caniglia, Pepe torres. KC for wwden legs. Revolutionary 
Ridge Road, The Lees, Couni Chociihi. Officer Peirino for 


h iLtly upholding Bedford laws. Mr. Corliss for strictly 
upholding BHS laws. Led Zeppelin. Psycho twins. Filin. 
Christina Olioye. Mr. Buckley for his couch, Chemi 
Cards. Monica forchaiiging. Magic Bus, Steve Richard.son. 
Classy Cady. N.H. Police Department. AP for aJways 
Ix iiig there, .Saul Roseiihury, Tony Pena for not speaking 
! i.glish. Matt Ross for losing in Dracut, It should have 
l>een me, but seriously Mr. Maxwell, Mrs. Dowling and 
Mrs Piantedosi for all their words of wi.sdoni. Thank you 
all, if I forgot anybody I'm sorry. Thanks for the memo- 
ries, it was real, and it was fun, but it wasn't real fun. 

Future Goals: Co on to college and marry the girl of my 
dreams (Classy Lady or Magic Bus) Take nn 1 2 adopted 
Rumanian refugees to a WWF wrestling match and hear 
Uave Boffa's voice. Never get old and wrinkled, and 
never stop having fun. To always be a leader and not a 
follower, and to always live for the moment. To eventu- 
ally die happy, but live happier. Amrith: for his loose bike 
chain: Pete: for the Sand Blaster; Lewis: for the wave 
motion gun; Ripper: for the ball and the other cra/y ideas; 
Joe and Kevin; for having fun; Ross: for the games in his 
backyard; Bill: for Darkness; Greg: for 3 years of science; 
Julie: for making ine feel tall; Kiin: for always smiling; 
Ken and Lois: for being two great people: Mist> and Rita: 
for freak pottery accidents; Jen: for the color green: Vin: 
for knowing what's goin' on; Dave W. tor [ung-pong on 
his family room table; Mr. Sabourin: tor teaching me to 
factor; Swenson: for mever driving dnmk and walking 

Future Goals: To never gel married and to sail around the 

Stephanie Dubitsky 

42 Gould Rd. 

Activities: Field Hockey J V 1.2, Varsity 3. 4; Tennis J V I. 
Varsity 2, 3. Capt. 4; Orchestra 1,2,3, 4; Chamber Music 
2. 3. 4: Pit I, 2, 3. 4: French Club I, 2, President 3. 4: 
Telemedia 3. 4; NHS 3, President 4; Forum I, 2 Sports 
Editor 3, Co-editor 4; Mark Gray Fan Club 1 . 2. 4; Class 
Secretary 2: Citizenship Committee 3.4: SADD 1,2. 3.4; 
Prom Decorating 3: Girls State 3. 

Thanks To: Cait for hall wandering. a\ c puella, the eleva- 
tor on the 4th of July ( 1 won 't tell !!). bike rides in Quechee. 
always understanding my opinions ;uid nuxids, and being 
forever optimistic!; Rachel (H). for dreaming of imagi- 
nary boyfriends with me. mixing grapefruit juice and 
coke, reggae obsessions, and being the best listener and 
advice giver possible!!; Laurie for keeping ine compan> 
as '"talent." putting nylons on our heads, candyman. and 
T.P.; Meg-TRLIST ME, and the man learning over the car 
at the P L. mall: Kim for being a hyena, leaving lipstick 
prints on tissues, butcher, and having the best laugh ever; 
Mary for the green inuppet frog, obsessions, black dog 
caps, spying on J.R., Sunix'o stops, and earthy-crunchy 
men: Jen for consoling me while I h> per\ cntilated during 
Tof E, and having the best birthday in Uie world: Krystin 
for Banana shakes, sharing ENTHl'SIASM! w ith me. and 
the Colby nightmare: Dave H. for iJic most meaningful 
conversations, N EVER gossiping, and tlatiering me in 8th 
grade; Brian F. for running over a dead squirrel. S.F, and 
putting up with my midnight phone call; Mike E. for 
calling me daily for French h.w.. Alex for the everlasting 
wave of goodb\e. Dave G. for sca\ enger hunts and Me 
docteur': Chris C. for being the ultimate fast food em- 
ployee; Matt R. for the seniitbrmal: Kristen C. for having 
a Scotty dog that sounded like \i)ur father: Michelle for 
making fun of my daylight savings time fear; Terri for 
putting up with whistles at the bu.sstop; .Ashley for our 3 
weeks of Adv. Bio; John G. for years of math struggling 
w ith inc. Mark M. for the newspaper which never quite 

happened. Vin W. for reprimanding me when I brought 
my sister to Coates' house, Brian D. for being another hall 
roamer: Andrea B. for Girls State and physics non com- 
prehension: Jane A. for years of gym, and having a family 
whose names I cannot remember: Dave V for P. Review; 
Jane C lor being more clueless than me: Rita and Misty for 
the applepicking we never did: Julie S. and Betsy for 
getting to stroll around the city of lights while I stayed 
home; Jill F. for provocative; Matt W. and Scott K for 
being so friendly; Jon H. for the J. Prom-what shade of 
pink.'; Lauren and Sarah S. for inspiring me to make 
homemade covers tor my tapes; Jessica for endless pit 
bonding; Sarah E.-um, what's that test on?; Sarah R. for 
eating pumpernickel too; Kerri M. for being another 
rookie fullback; Katie B for just telling me this y ear that I 
was being followed at a dance. Sarah C. fordoing aerobics 
with me; David J. for never failing to put a smile on my 
face and wearing the funkiest ties!; Carrie C. for being so 
cheery: Nikki and Adam for years of Lois; Anita C. for 
getting me into meat lovers pizza; Debbie D tor letting me 
take care of your rabbits: Theresa N' ^uchacra/y 
influence on my sister; Cat and iIk inis team tor 

making the spring; v>> much fun-REACH; Mrs. Rainis lor 
being the most spazmodique person I know; Ms.Lohrum 
who had to endure my abundant visits; The Hurle>s for 
having such a conveniently kx.°ated house: Laura for being 
a close friend for thousands for year, by now; Casey for 
being so, so, so cute and loving Valentine even though you 
were never loved back: G and G for calling me Denis the 
Menace; Julie, my twin, for late night gossip sessions, 
open closet pi>lic\ . preteiKling Jancy called, and for not 
only being a wonderlul sister but nn best friend!! Mom 
and Dad for encouragement, guidance, and unconditional 
love, for the past seventeen years! I Good luck to the 
of '93 and I'll see you all at the reunion!! 

Future Goals: To remain smiling and happy throughout 
life, always surrounded by friends. To join the Peace 
Corps., and make other peoples' lives as fulfilling as mine 
has been already. To marry a man in a ba.seball cap, and to 
have lots of dogs, which Meg will love. To prove to the 
world that my sister and 1 really don't look that much 

.Sha> Uuris 

/.< Hum Road 

Activities: JV Field Hivkey 1 Varsity 2.3.4: Softball 
1.2,1/2; Spanisli Club 2; Laun Club 4; Concert Band 1; 
Yearbook 4: Prom Committee 3.4; Powder Puff 3.4. 

Thanks To: JoshC. - There's somuch forme ii> u 
for. but thanks for always being there for nic 
me. putting up with me. and for being a true t rand. 1 U)\e 
you, and you're the greatest Don't ever forget our trip to 
Boston, liking me in KUh grade. .36, setting me up with 
"things I need," trading our "stories." fried grapes, watch- 
ing Gremlins II, pulling your hair nut. AtKl I know we'll 
never lose touch, so I'll have m.irn \cars to thank you. 
And thanks to Jen (on) for beinu nn only friend when I 
first moved to Bedford. We'\e been through a lot to- 
gether, and I'll always be here for \ou. You have soine 
"ama/ing" stories, and ones bigger than the other, thanks 
for beating me up, thanks for being so honest and for 
always being \ourself. Thanks for not being jealous 
because I'm better than you at sports. "Well I'm smarter!" 
I'm pretty good at those phone conversations, huh! ESP. 
thanks for being a best fnend my whole life. I love ya! 
.•\nd of course, thanks to Jen ten). It's about lime we 
became friends, and you're a good one. too. Thanks for all 
the countless times you've made me laugh. Tlianks for 
being my "sister." thanks for giving me bad habits, for 
being m> and writing them, too! Thanks for 
making me feel like a RET.ARD. thanks for my Lst - you 

know, thanks for partying with me at the Jr. Prom and ft 
dragging me out of the buihr(x)m. thanks for alnu^ 
calling me "Mustang Sally" and finally thanks for puui 
up with me! Special thanks to my mom (.Mickey). We 
been through a lot. but I love you and alw ays will Thai i > 
for thinking of me and usually understanding. You'a- r 
best and you deserve the best. Thanks to my hr. ' 
Kevin and for giving me many jokes to crack! 11, 
Bedford Gramme. You know I love you and apprcL i.Hi. 
you've done forme. .AlsothankstoCalif. Gramme Eni 
aunt Moc and .Mindv and Jenny. I love you all! ThanI 
to Chip for ripping sour pants on my fence and for yo' 
friend Phil! Thanks lo Adam - Buddy #1 . .Mike B , Man 
J.C.. John G .Teri C. Colon for letting me get unden*i 
at m\ house. Phil and all of T.B.B for the best times e\v 
Thanks to D. Boffa for faithfully calling me everyday .n 
hopeful prom date, and for letting me lick your fai. 
Thanks to J. Mara for being so sweet, for those sick nol^ 
behind me in chem. Geoff C. for playing with me who 
was little. R. Wakeham for being so fnendly to me in K 
grade. Steve C and Paul s. - the most faithful field hot ki 
player ever! Thanks lo Tern iT) for the B.Sgame. BanJ< 
and for being the sweetest, funniest person. Tli.inks 
Kristen (Motel 6) and Michelle P. for the whooping >. ou; 
- 1 really didn't know I was on the wrong side of the roa 
Steph D.. Mandy, Mary - the whole F.H. group. You gu 
made it so much fun. Thanks to Sarah Ro. - "Just go - 1 
go with you." Thanks to Sara Borshay for making r 
laugh. Thanks to Lou ( Speedboat i. Nat. Daymion. Eric < 
Timmy - you guys are so sweet. Also Eddy Franks ai 
Dave Hunt two of the sweetest guys in town. S. Clark I 
playing to me over the phone. Rachaet for alwa 
being on in> side. Thanks lo: Jo. Brian A., Todd, \lelis- 
Mati K.. I'ony J. (for loving me). Da\c I^rd (ni) liii 
cutie). McGarrys. M. Mclnnis. Darnell. Shawn S.. Em^ 
D. Venuti. Chris Memll (fur summei j and our aft 
school trips. Malt Gallant tor giving me a reason i>> go 
Latin class, and anyone else I forgot for making ihc p; 
years so fun. Antl a very special thanks to the lUnv 
family. You're like my second family, and you've do 
so much to help me. You've made me feel so kon 
and 1 can't thank you all enough. Thanks to Jen. MB. I 
forthose great lunches and meals - Mr. Hforenpeciing r 
till ' nner and in by 12 and Matt for teaching me lun«. 
kUwc in the morning and for just hanging out Miih n 
Thanks to Dan Hunt So much to thank you for. f-(>< 
letting me sleep, our trip, putting up with my mtxxl- 
not letting me fight, and for your sincere kindness il 
stuns me. Love ya - just stay yourself and keep going 
church. Also, thanks to Ms. Lohrum - you're the bt 
counselor - you've helped me a ton. Thanks to MB.G. t 
the ndes to camp and all \our help and kindness. Than 
to Charlie for all the gixxi times. So much to say. hut 1' 
glad we're friends. You're aluav s iJieie when I need >■ 
and that's so good to knmv I'd write anoit- 
if I could, and I know you know that. .\nd. i 
to Steph M. for finally letting it go 

Future Goals: .After seeing Josh C. graduate. I'm going 
Las Vegas to marr> an Elvis impersonator. Then. 1 
become a famous writer and hopefully own slock 

Chapsiiek and Jello. 

Michael Esposito 

12 Evans Ave niw 

.Activities: Scotland I: Cross-Countn ^ ■ J C - (",ipi; 
4;Winter Track 2,4;Spring Track 2.3. i 
chestra 2.3.4:ChamberOrchestra 2.3.4. \ b.u i S ^ \L 
League 2.3,4;Co-Captain 4; Tournament of Pta 
2.3.4;Student Producti<'n \ight 2;Musical 3.4:'^ ojrix) 
4: Forum 4;Telemcdi.i 4. Honarary Member.l llinan F 
Club 3.4; Lollapalixiza 4:Piano 1 .2 J.4:Saiincal Coi 
mcntary 1.2,3.4 



hanks To: First of all, my family, including all my great 
ints. uncIes.coLLsins, and grandmothers, but especially 
(om and Dad for giving me all the love and support 1 
)uld ever have asked for. and Katie for being the best 
itle sister I could have,(.Don t worry , the youngest al- 
ays turns out the toughest ! ) Thanks lo all of the teachers 
lat have ever supported me. especially Mrs. Hoyt, Mrs. 
ainis. .Mr. Huff, Mr. Low. Mrs. Krueger, Mr. McMarthy, 
id of course Anthony Pilla. Thanks to all my closest 
iends: Geoff for being my best friend all those years and 
>r the lemonade stand, Alex for being around in kinder- 
irten. and for all the jokes and insults we've made about 
.erything possible. Mark for imitations, craziness, and 
;ing one of the friendliest guys I know; Matt for wrong 
isur. your biting satire and your incredible insight, and 
ave for being the Love god, putting up with all of my 
ap, and being a great friend. Dave and Matt- You guys 
•e incredible! The world will neverforget "The Gardener's 
ale."' Thanks also to everybody else: Viet for your .strong 
pinions and humor; Alan and Jason for the beach, Ulti- 
late Frisbee. and a terrific summer; Laurie and Brian for 
leacher painting at 10:45; Stephanie and Meg for just 
sing around and being friendly for 1 2 years. Dave Gersh 
)r those great T-shirts. Chris for the disposable Heroes, 
rystin (the 3rd viola will have his revenge! )Drobo a 
reat Italian meal. Julie for two croissant, Betsy for being 
ly wife for a few months, Ginn for stroking his beard, 
inny for Vinny-fact.s. Jane for being crazy and loving the 
ox and lastly Boffa for a plate of lasagna. Thanks to the 
'hole Cross-Country Crew, past but especially 
resent. Barry you've been an inspiration and a friend- 
lank you. Cait -keep running, you're gonna be awsome. 
ame to God Robinson and Tony. Good luck to the whole 
:am-Aaron. Gilbert, Naveen, Sewon, Matt, Mike, and 
i'eryone else. Oh yeah, thanks to Crouton and the Yung 
vins. for general craziness, and Matt Wilson-I made you 
ho you are! Thanks to Heath for LHlman fun. Thanks to 
ist years seniors- Andriafor two great proms/semiformals, 
;atie H. for her first concert and a great prom, Tara . 
tebbie, Yung-hsin and Robespierre for concerts and le 
jsbif. B. Sparrow for craziness. Josh Keroes for more of 
le same. Finally thanks to anybody 1 will get to know and 
ish 1 could have thanked this year, and anybody 1 
)rget. sorry. Put your name here . 

uture Goals; To get out of high school and get into a great 
oUege. Right now I want to become a math teacher-w e'll 
ie what happens. To go skydiving some time in my life, 
o never go to an early-morning orchestra class again after 
igh school. To have an incredible life. Good luck to 
veryone in this school. I'm outta here. 

Brian Fehlau 

25 WildwoodDr. 

vctivities: Madrigal 1.2.3, 4; Show Choir 2. 3, 4; Men's 
)ctettc 2.3,4: Wind Ensemble 1.2,3. 4; Marching Band 
. 2. 3. 4; Jazz Ensemble 2, 3, 4; Musical 1,2; Northeast 
)istrict All-State Choir, French Club 2, 3, 4; Citizenship 
"ommittee 3. 4; Student .Advisory Council 3, 4; Drama 
'lub 1. 2, 3. 4; Tournament of Plays 1. 2, 3. 4; Student 
'roduction Night 1.3.4; Spring Play I ; Math League 3,4; 
JHS3, 4; Swim Team 1. 

lianks To: Mom and Dad for always being honest with 
le. and encouraging me to succeed. F,rin, for helping to 
;ach me to be the kind of pci son I want to be. Kristin, good 
ick in the future. Dave G., thanks for always being such 
great friend and giving me someone to count on. Coates, 
in glad we could be such good friends. Tara, I hope you 
ucceed in everything you do. Laurie, thanks for always 
iieing someone to laugh with. Steph, for always being the 
nost fun person to be with. Alex, for being a great guy. 

Mike and Dave, you're both great people. Andria and 
Jacqui and Jen I'll always love seeing you in the future, 
Jill. Cait. Betsy. Meg for always being great friends. Julie. 
Ill always beihere to help. Jane, Andrea, Irene. Bev.Rita. 
it was great meeting you all. Mark. You'll always be a 
great guy. Carrie. .Allison, my cooking buddies and every- 
one else 1 know, thanks for always being people I could 
talk to. Allison. S. King in the paik. Low, Barbas. Rainis, 
Huff, Donovan, thanks for everytliing. Especially Mr. 
Flynn. Mike. Rick, Ray, Alan-no pain no gain. Matt, Mike, 
Nicole, Alison. Jen, Carl and Todd and Deavo. Anyone 
who feels left out, thanks a lot to you also. 

Future Goals: To attend my first choice school, medical 
school, and stail my practice in some small town like 
Bedford. To get married, adorn my home with Norman 
Rockwell, read Stephen King's entire collection. 

Terri Frank.s 

323 Spriiv^s Road 

Activities: JV Field Hockey 1; Varsity 2,3 Captain 4; 
Secretary 4; Prom Decorating 3.4; Hall Decorating 1 .2,3.4; 
Yearbook 4; Powder Puff 3,4. 

Thanks To: Michelle, for being such a great friend even 
through the bad times. Remember 6th grade "1 got his 
nickel." all the good times we had together at Krislen's 
and Rachael ' s. Field Hockey was a blast (1 really like your 
eyes). Getting an ice cream at Baskin Robbins with my 
lovely purple socks. I'm really going to you. I love 
you, thanks for everything - don 't ever change! Good luck 
in college. Kristen, you're a great friend. Thanks for the 
good times we had together. When we called Emma 
"what's your name penalipe" that's a classic. Don't forget 
the porta-potty! 1 really want to thank you for making me 
laugh at you when we slept over at Rachael 's. '"I'm really 
cold - well put your clothes back on. " 1 also want to thank 
you for being as loud as me and always getting yelled at 
together. Thanks for everything - you're a great friend - 
don'teverchiuige. Good luck in life! "Where's volleyball 
material?" Rachael, thank you for eveiything. You're a 
great friend to talk to. All those early in the momuig 
welcomes were great. I'll get you one of these days. For 
our little get togethers ( Kristen s out of control). Of 
course, accounting class - that was great. "Rachael, turn 
around." Thank you for being a great listcnei ! Ashley. 
Those great times shopping on Saturday afternoons. 
Thanks tor talking me to the BX. All those great talks on 
the telephone. Don't ever change, you're a great girl. 
Good luck in school! Mandy. for all those chats during 
Field Hockey. Polly Poperline socks. Bruins games (shoots 
and scores) for all the great times we had together. Caroline, 
for inventing girl bonding night, for being such a nice 
person, for always acting abnormal. Don't ever change! 
Katy, for all the jokes that you come up with, for being 
such a partier, and of course for waking me up at 3 in the 
morning with that damn tliishlight. Shay, for the great 
times during Field Hockey camp, sneaking out of our 
rooms, thai w as a riot. ' She's wrapping arm."' You're a 
great person - don't ever change. Hang in there, through 
good times and bad times Good luck in life! Jen Hanson, 
for being such a fricndls gu l - don't ever change. Also, 
don'i forget spying on Cam Neely, "Let's climb the 
fence," Jen Hansen, for being such a wi,se guy with those 
jokes of yours. Mary, for the great rides on the truck, VA 
parking lot. Stephanie, for that great laugh of yours. 
Darrell, for all our little chats, for beating up Jimmy and of 
course gym class. "Hit the ball." Alexis, for hanging out 
with me during unassigned period, and for being a great 
friend. Lauren, for only coming to school to see me. 
Betsy, for the great talks at lunch. Kristen Celeste, for 
sitting in the front seal and "I buint my tongue.'" Krystin 
Carpenter, for being so friendly and always laughing at my 

jokes. Geoff, for always supporting the Field Hockey 
team with the diet coke. Mark, for being such a gentle- 
man, holding doors for me. Brian, for acting like Jimmy . 
Jimmy I)., forall those sexual conimcnis. .Vlatt. for always 
making mc laugh. Mike, lor always having droopy draws. 
David L., for always beating me up. David V.. for trying 
to talk just like me. Keoni, for always complimenting me. 
Hope you're not sore. David B.. for those great talks, those 
nice comments, and for calling me Cam Neely. You're a 
great guy - don't ever change. John M.. for calling me 
stickshift. John G., for calling me Frankzie. Chip, for 
watching out for me, you"re a great friend - don't ever 
change. Adam, for always having an attitude if I don't say 
hi. Mike B., for letting me corrupt your little brother 
Colin, for always teasing me about being too loud. Todd 

A. , for all the nice comments (not). Matt K., for being such 
a weirdo and a great prom date. Steve, for letting me call 
you Chester Paul, for always harassing me. Cameron, for 
always making my classes so exciting. Thanks to the 
junior class. Sara B.. for being my babe, accounting 
was fun "get aclue," for always pinching my sceky fat. and 
most of all, for being such a sweetie - don't ever change. 
Good luck next year. I'll miss you. Amy S.. for always 
saying hi to me every time you see me and for field hockey 
chats. Good luck next year. Ro. for being so friendly. 
"Don't let 'em have it ' and also for the great time at T.L. 
's house. Eppler. for jigging. "Excuse ma." being a U2 
lover and don't ever forget our handstands. Beth, for the 
great trips to Papa Gino's and Bedford Farms. Linda, for 
always laughing at my jokes. Cindy, for always brighten- 
ing my day. Erin S..foralways taking me seriously. Sara 

B. , for the great dancing to Elvis music. Jessamyn. for 
being such accwl person, for coming out with us, our little 
chats, and ofcourse our little laughs. Clirism, for being the 
nicest guy I know and for always making me laugh. Matt 
G., for always being the Stud man with the bandana. To 
the Field Hockey team of 1 992 especially Jen B.. Michelle 

C. and Danielle for always giggling. Mrs. Jordan and Ms. 
Savarino. thanks foreverything. Thanks for your time and 
support - it really helped me out. I'ln really going to miss 
you guys, tlianks again Ms. Sab. Good luck w iih the little 
one. Mr. Maxwell, thanks for being the best English 
teacher. Mr. Cacciola for being the best trainer anyone 
could ask for Most of all. 1 would like to thank my family. 
Mom, for putting up with me. I love you. I couldn't have 
ilone it w ithout your support. George, for always making 
me laugh during dinner time with your funny jokes. Ed. 
for being such a great brother even if it means picking on 
me. dad, I really would like to thank you lor being such a 
great dad even though you are a long distance away, i 
always felt that supp<irt came from you. Thank you very 
much. 1 love you very much. Don't ever forget it. Gwen, 
thanks for being the best girlfriend my father could ever 
ask for. Janet, for being such a great Auntie. Grandpa, for 
being a super grandfather. I love you all. Thanks again. 

Future Goals: To graduate from college, open my ow n day 
care center, marry a professional hockey player (Cam 
Neely), have eight healthy kids, and to keep in touch with 
all my close friends. 

Jill Freeman 

15b C OIK Old Rd. 

Activities: Journal of Tongues 3,4; Yearbook 2.3 Editor- 
in-Chief 4; French Club 1 .2.3.4; Forum 2.3.4; AFS 1 .2,3.4; 
SADD 1 ,2.3.4; Musical 1 .2; Wind Ensemble 1 .2.3; Mad- 
rigal 3.4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; NHS 3.4; Soccer 1; Swim- 
ming I; Tennis I . 

Thanks To: My parents. Alex, llene. George, and Tara - 
thank you for your support and love. To Erin and Bcts v tor weekend lunches; Jane and .-\ndrea for all your help 
with yearlxKik. Special thanks to Heath Dill and Jitn tor 




ir computer expertise. Also, thanks to David Hursh. 
Brian Fehlaii. Richard Stephenson. John Flynn.and Barry 
Low. To Craig Wiley and Todd Anderson for being such 
tcn itlc sons. To Irene Boyle for being such a nice person. 
Also, thanks to Dori for being my friend forever. To Jason 
Rife for making my senior year "interesting." To all those 
wonderful people who go through their lives with open 
ininds and open hearts. And finally, thank you Michael 
for being my trueslaff, my support. You re the greatest 
friend I could ever wish for. I love you. 

Future Goals: to always be happy and to always appreciate 
the little things. 

Ben Ciaudet 

1 Colonial Place 

Activities: ROTC Drill Team. 

ROTC Color Guard. 

Thanks To: I'd like to thaiik Jesse Reed (wherever you 
arc!) for helping me survive my first year at Bedford High. 
I'd also like to thank the library crew - it's been real! 

Future Goals: I'd like to get out of Bedford and join the Air 
Force to either be a pilot or a member of ihc bomb disposal 
unit. My second choice would have to be a pyroiechnician. 

" Acliv 

David (iersh 

47 Wililwood Dr. 

divities: Concert Band I: Wind Ensemble 2, 3. 4; 
Chamber Orchestra 2. 3, 4: Musical Lighting 1. 2. 3, 4; 
Tournament of Plays I, 2, 3. 4: Spring Play 1 . 2; Student 
Production Night ( lights) 1 . 2; Student .Advisory Coitimit- 
tee 3,4: French Club 1 . 2, 3, 4: AFS 1 . 2, 3: Drama Club I . 
2, 3, 4: Cit Comin 1,2. 3, 4; Science Team 2. 3, 4; Tele- 
Media 1 , 2, 3, 4; Ski Team I : Rifle Team 2, 3. 4: Golf 3: 
Recycling 2, 3, 4. 

Thanks To: Moid and Dad: You have supported and 
guided me through the first chapter of my long journey of 
life. I would like to thank some teachers: Mrs. Rainis: Mr. 
Spinosa;Tlte School's Administration; Mr. Sabourin; Mr. 
Lord, Mr. Dooley, and Dr. Morse, for interesting me in 
television protluciion. and indirectly making me decide 
upon my career: Mr. Lord for just being Mr. Lord; The 
Student Office ladies for putting up with me, recycling, 
and all of the letters, memos, and pages w hich I receive I 
would especially like to thank Mr. Barbas for makini; 
Wind Ensemble. Jazz Band, and Marching Band w hat it is. 
I want to thank any past or present Band members for 
making Band a truly grand experience. To anyone w ho has 
ever supported or helped my recycling program: Thanks 
a ton(s)! I'm really not sure how much we have collected. 
Thank you to any Tele-media members, especially some 
past ones. What a strange and exciting experience it's 
been. B. Spairow and Chris Coates. you are the voices of 
Television. Is that the Bourne Bridge ' Brian Fehlau. well 
1 5 plus years just about says it all. Thanks for bemg there. 
Bard's Tale, plays, fights, games. Band, broken hands, 
parties, and all kinds of other great and interesting things 
which have happened in my life. Tlianks to all of the 
Fehlaus for being like a second family for a large portion 
of my life. Chris Coates, you are a changed m;in. From the 
little, quiet, band member when I met y ou. to. . . well a very 
different person indeed. Tlianks for. Band, Driving around, 
strange comments and retorts. HI, McDonald's. Your 
Silver Sax, car w ashes, just being you. lots of other stuff. 
Brian Drohan, you are of course one of the most frank 
people 1 know. I have had a great time w ith you during 
these four years. Do you remember; Origami: Monty 


Python, and Monty Python in Ms. Giddis' class: various 
unspeakable experiences: driving; Led Zeppelin; Your 
ama/ing mixes: of course, many other bizarre things. 
Does anyone really like grammar? To Ted Schmul, Brian 
Drolian. Chris Coates, Ben Bencit. and Ja.son Ingraham: 
signs, cones, and other roadside materials; Sunday 
Chronicle; TTie lawn of someone unnamed: Slrudleaier. 
All of 'EM; Se habia Espanol: Flight Line; Papa Gino's, 
Ron. Shane Graham, and the Billerica scandal; Wet Bread; 
Good stuff: Fire, lighters, and other incendiary items; 
Driving around Car-wars. Tlianks Alex, for Drum major- 
ing. Band Activities. and lunch. Stephanie and Laurie, you 
have both been great people to talk to over the years, 
whether about nothing in particular, or my absence of 
mind concerning homework. TTianks Jill, Mike, Dave H., 
Kim, Mark L., Gladys. Cait. Meg. Jane. Jen. Andria. 
Mary. Kristen, Joe. Rita, Matt, Erin. Misty. Ken. Vin: You 
are all really great and different people. Julie St. Sauvcur, 
am I really that. . . well, you know. Go Wall Painters!!!! 
Juniors: Jason. Sarah R.. Ryan. Nick. Carrie. Ben. Heath, 
Jeff, Alison. Lauren, thanks for .i great junior prom 
Jacqui, Jen. Tara. .Andria. and Debhi. (hanks for the pa-.! 
two years! Fresliiiioti. Jason, Cara. and Jeremy, one day 
you loo can be saxophonists like Chris! Good luck. To 
anyone who has ever influenced me for the better thanks. 

Future Goals: To go to college and study Television 
Production: graduate from college w ith honors. Then, get 
a job as a director lor a large and renowned television 
station. Will this happen'' Somehow I think my aspirations 
leavea lotot leeway. Maybe I'll just work in local access 

John Ginn 

6 Pa\(e Road 

Acti\ities: Football 1.2.3 Captain 4; Basketbiill 1.2.3 
Captain4; Lacrosse 1 .2 Captain 3,4: Spanish Club 3: Latin 
Club 3,4; SADD 4; Whiffie Ball 2.3: Nashoba Sledding 
1 .3,4; Sailing 3; Roni Adventures 3,4; BFFA 4. 

Thanks To: Reege for liking to watch (and touch) and 
Sunday morning jogs in the ram "Where's my soap 
stone'.'" "Did you do that for the team .' " "3's a charm. 4 
is more." .Adam for splitting the union "Boom ... Boom, 
Boom!" Roni for throwing the life preserver "You Fat 
Dork!" "Where's m\ shirt?!" Mclnnis for always making 
the fire and being a true operator "Lorenzo, the floor!" 
Mara for Christine and Crista and knowing the feeling 
(.D.S.) Ross for having standards and being in love - ya. I 
like my dog. Lentine for the bcdroonts "Hey Malt, tlte 
door's liK ked." Boffa for the cold chicken noodle "Mother 

Goose you !" Boutin for getting nic in good wiih 

Uncle Ken. Thanks Rob Crystal for being had. Cohen for 
late night rapping - "Yup. '\'up!" Nude for chemistry '91 
"I'm glad we got that straight." ".Assilemo" Chase for 
being the greatest Bedford football star that never was. 
Alpo and the McG.uts s - that tree never scored. "Defen- 
sive slides." Maddox for Dudley Road, the flat lines, and 
ditches. Sergio for eating the lug nuts Busch for years of 
talks, all the sccxjps, the Christmas tree, being the greatest 
cheerleader ever, and being such a good fnend (and for 
having the best mom ). Doheny for being the original Roni 
and a heavy hitter. "Fire Balls." Brow n for being a terrific 
girl (and last minute calls from the mall). Craiger for 
having the plan. The blond chic for shaking the burger. 
Thanks to Franksy, .Ashley - late night twice I. Berko, 
Hansen (tatoos). Mandy, Jared. Cam. Matt K.. 
TonMEvclen). Cooter. Chester, Brill. Steph for being just 
as lost. Hursh. and everyone else I haven't mentioned. 1 
want to thank the entire 1992 Buc football team: Richie 
(for being popped by a giri). Boutin. Ciccone, ViLe. 
Kleekamp ( for having too much spare time and not enough 
blood), Lewis (for cinnamon swirls. "You don't bclona 

here"). Lord. Dipper. Monte, (for being my LB hiDihci 
Ross. Sellers (for looking mean). Vin (for adviK nuns 
Wilson (fellow lineman). Carpenter. .McGraih (t(ir pic 
ing apples), Midget (for gaining \5 Ibs i. .Mobley (f. 
wearing wranglers). Smulski. Sully, J.T. (for being 
guard). Marcus. Bryant (for being pretty). Special ihanl 
to Pete C, and Coaches Sab. Petrillo, Col. (for Laxs tor 
Hirsh, and Sullivan. TTianks to Kim for tlie chickt 
cutlets, for being a real good friend for a real long time, ar 
for always putting up with me. Thanks to Princess f 
never begging even at some of my worst and some ot n 
greatest memories. Ivlost importantly, thanks to m> lur 
il> : Mom, Dad, Mar\ Ann. Matt, Doug, and Liani - y 
gu> s arc ihe best. 

Future Goals: To win the Div. II Super Bowl, gradua 
from college, live Top Gun. play in the first L'.S. Olymp 
bombardment team, be a lineba.sher coach, die happy . ai 
eo to heaven. 

Carrie (ireen 

12 Old Sianci oai h Rd. 

Activities; Athletic Training 2. 3.4; Spanish Club I; Lai 
Club 3. 4; Prom Decorating 3: Hall Decorating 1.2.3, 
Spirit Games 1,2; Yearbook 4; SADD 4: Checz-it ere* 
4; Powder Puff 3, 4. 

Thanks To: Kim Sands- lU years is a long time to rema 
such close friends. I'll never forget "witch in the lorcsi 
""give mc .1 but I'erin". or the dentist. Meg Boschetto for tl 
car rides, long chats. Monday night movie rentals. To: 
the Wet Sprocket, and ""He's a guy and he's alive-what 
not to like?" I'm glad that we have been friends for so Ion 
Steph Cann (PB)-thanks for Vennont i Shawn i. Man 
(killer frogs), and everythmg in between. I hope thai \» 
always remain friends. Maiti T. for being my "'tw in ' ar 
my best friend. Lino for being honest, and for not worr^ 
ing. Lisa M. (my training buddy) for listening to me. N' 
fnends from Lane SchcKil-Kristen C, Mandy J. Mark .\ 
Stephanie D. \ al P. Knsiin M. Adam L'. Rachael B. Ca 
H. Laune S. Michelle and Beth. Michelle and Aniicld ft 
the t.ilks in Child Development. Thanks to Jodi Ru~-" I 
helping me sophomore year. Scott Cann (oil!). Cu;'>l> 
and Jecca < W .lukcela), learning gr<iup 8-.S for a greai \ e 
(Roy G. Biv). Mike for being Kim's brother. .Alexia ' 
Steph A. and Adam Smith. Thanks also to Mary .Mi 
(we've come a long way since 7th grade). Mindy I 
(Lulubel ). Dave Brescia. Danny G. for working at Bedfoi 
■Video, Carta G.(Oct. 10). Ann and Shay for J.J.'s. Ste\ 
Clark for being so sexy and for telling me to write ih.: 
Dave BotTa and Dave Lord for making English fun. Keoi 
M.; and Lexie for junior year (KC). Thanks to Willian 
Rachel, and Ricky, and lo Hecca and Dam and the rest i 
my sister's friends. Thanks 10 Pete Cacciola. Ms. Miichel 
and Mr. Sabourin for being ourclass advisor. Most inipo 
lantly. thanks to my mom and dad. grandparents. Lis. 
Nick, my wonderful aunts and uncles, and my fasorii 
sister Rebecca ( the answer is still NO I Thanks to e\ cr> or 
else I forgot to mention and to everyone in the i 
1993 1 love you alL 

1-uiure Goals: To graduate from college, become a teache 
marry Scott Cixipcr ( Boston Red Sox ). meet Trent Dima 
help prove that Cheez-its are better than Nips, beat Step 
in numbers, meet Meg's children, and to see the Bati 
soccer team again. 

Karen M. (>uckin 

lOu I niRd. 

Sharon A. Guckin 

WO Ent Rd. 

Chris Guivas 

40 Ent Rd. 

hanks To: Jeremy W. for everything you have done with 
id for me. My mother, for mak ing it possible for me to be 
ere and helping me along the way. L.N.R. Boy's and 8 
all, for showing me how to have a good time. Jessi L. for 
sing with me in spirit and in mind. Chris Z. for all tliose 
ild time in Chelveston. Amber and Heather S for all the 
otes. Angela S. for all the good memories. Angle S. good 
ick with your little girl, if 1 can help you the way you have 
elped me let me know. All my many teachers along the 
ay. Patty L. for the good laughs and good luck with your 
lodeling. Beverly H. for the good talk and w alks. Teny 
. that for everything. The L.N.R. Black Beast for all those 
old midnight trips. Stephanie C. for ihe funny memories 
nd for writing this. Angle H. for playing chauffeur. Jake 
. for being a great friend. Cathleen C for sliding the halls 
arefoot with me. Rachael T. for show ing me how to laugh 
ard. Thanks to Bedford High for giving me my diploma. 

uture Goals: Go to college and marry a rich woman who 
an support me. 

Amrith Gunasekara 

Jenn Hansen 

J 57 North Rd. 

ctivities: Varsity Cheerleading 1 234, captain 4. J. V. 
oftbali 12, Varsity Softball 34, Camp Squad 34, Prom 
)ecorating 3, Hall Decorating 1 23, SADD 234, year- 
ook4. Peer leadership 4. TBB-B+3, 1 love Cream Puff 
»avid Boffa 1 234. 

'hanks to: Chip (Nipple) for always being there for me. 
or making me happy when 1 w as -NEVER upsei!+ For 
le DeGrund, the Photo Shoot at -Taco Bun.+ For letting 
le make my own choices and most of all for being you! 
«t+s take a cruiz in the mystery van. To Colin #23, for 
;tting me be his cheerleader. You will never get a better 
ag. Thanks for caring and having a -big head.-h I-i-ni 
idding. Also thanks for all the touchdowns and -shot- 
\in.+ To Joshua ( Heeb) for a lot, but especially for being 
le only one who really understood a relationship. 1 want 
our car. To Matty, Chris, and the rest of T.B.B. for some 
"the best times. Youguysaregreatandlloveyouall! To 
Siil, wherever you are, for 48 hours Straight. We miss 
ou. To Shay, for not wearing underwear, being my - 
ster,+ and not caring what anyone thinks. -Bonnie-Bell-^ 
le chicks are the best! Shay, you got it together and 
tanks for just being a retard. To Jen, for being my other 
alf and for all the ultimate -stories.+ Also, thanks for 
nlightening me on the smell of MS. S Coolo! Thanks to 
lushy for lieing my captain. I hope you thank Marty, 
loisting you out the window to smear cookie dough and 
heddar cheese on his! Thanks for falling off me at the 
lomecoming Game, and for loving April with inc. To - 
luggy, Milly, Corky, Kim, Jessica, and all my other - 
)UEERLEADERS. I love you guys! To Kaly for 
iushnaga, Zeeinaloo; and eating a do/en donuis with me 
1 5 minutes! To Rachael. for fire Marshall Bill and 
lUghing at evei^thing. To Geoff Chase for mairying me 
1 Kindergarten and the -burger-t- and being my .scarecrow. 
Iso, for having the most gorgeous neighbor! (G.E.) To 
')avid Boffa. my Rough tough cream puff for belter 
omuring forth my views on what the APPLE was really 
)i ! You're so cute. To Jimmy for Sophomore summer. 

giving meitiytfRrOiSne-yiSrd visit, doing your reports, and 
for almost killing me! To Brendan (B) for the use of your 
bungy cord. Call in a slate of entergency! Joycey for all 
the memories. Jail, -.All 1 wanl is my Capt. Cnmch. Good 
luck with Josh! To Terri for thai laugh and your BA- 
NANA FOR POTASSIUM! To John Mara for Washing- 
ion. To Ginn for the B.R. and letting me touch your scars. 
Thanks for letting me -baby-sit with you. Adam for the 
dead and for letting Phil and Shay use your bathroom. To 
Pat (Lenny Moon Shine), Crazy Horse I-IV. -Get a clue 
lady! and the prison stories. To Scott for cooking with me 
for 3 days. To Ashley for letting me dress as cool as you. 
To Kahuna for hav ing nostrils I could walk in. Also to Nat 
for -the fund and evei-ything else! To Dan for being 
PERFECT for Shay. And of course to Daymion, -my little 
pigeon for all you've done. 1 will always be here for you, 
and remember you. We've gone throuugh too much to 
write down, but thanks for all of them. I love you. Thanks 
also 10 your family and your mom's burgers! 
To Mr. Pillaforall yourhelp. For being so outspoken and 
pulling me in line. You've done a lot for me and 1 thank 
you for that. To Ms. Dowling ( Ducky ) and Ms. P for E-t- 
Period Junior Year! You guys are li eals! Also to Billy and 
Sean for loving the snow! And to anyone else I forgot. I'm 
Sony but thanks. 

Special 'Thanks to: My family. Suey and Big Wave Dave 
( Mom and Dad ) for being there forme and always hanging 
in there with all ihe problems and attitude.. Even though 
it's not shown, you mean a lot and 1 do appreciate it all. I 
love you very much! To Malt for being a DORK and 
annoying me, but I love you too! Extra Special Thanks to: 
David. 1 don't know where we are headed, but I do know 
wherever it my be I love you very much, more than you 
know . 1 hope we make it and last forever you are 
such an important part of my life I don't want to lose. I love 
you veiy much. Thank you for cveiything! 
Future Goals: To be successful in all 1 do. hopefully a 
commercial artist and make my parents proud. To marry 
my boyfriend, not live in a box. have at least 3 kids, and be 
happy forever. 

Jennifer Hanson 

2 Saran Avenue 

Activities: Varsity Softball 1 .2 Captain 3,4; Varsity Bas- 
ketball 1 ,2, Captain 3.4; JV Soccer I : Varsity Soccer 2,3; 
Bedford Fanns 4; Spanish Club 2,3; Powder Puff 3,4; 
SADD 1.2,3.4; Hall Decorating 1.2; Yearbook 4. 

Thaks To: God. for helping me get this far. Mom. for your 
unconditional love thai 1 need and feel for you in return. 
But often 1 have a hard lime .saying it and showing it. My 
sister, Kristinc. as wc grow older we seem to be growing 
closer all the time. 1 love you very much, and I'll always 
be here for you. My big brother. Michael, little si.sters 
aren't always gonna be perfect, but they are eventually 
gonna grow up, and we won't be so little anymore. Try to 
understand that - 1 love you. Grammy, you are a gooil 
friend to me. I respect, love, and thank you very much. 
Rara. words have ne\oi been many, but fortunately love 
has. 1 love you l o Maiiin. Slielley. Tim, and Dan. You 
all ha\c always been there for me, and I don't know how 
rilcvcrthank you You ail mean so much to me and I love 
you very much. Uncle Pat for Ihe strength you've dis- 
pla> ed lo nic within Ihe past year. Whether you realize it 
or noi. your strenglh lias inspired me in so many ways. 1 
thank and 1 love you. Auntie, I love you. I miss you and 
may (iod lake goodcareof you. David Boffa, whetheryou 
think so or nor. our class and you do mean a lot to me. True 
friends always will!! I love you, baby. David Lord for 
never thinking about himself and for taking care of me no 
matter what you had to put on the lino to do so. I appreciate 
you, and I love you. David Venuti for always being you. 
To Matthew McGarry for singing "Forever My Lady" to 

me at the Jr. Prom. Hey Mark, "we got Pilla." Mike 
McGarry for being my boyfriend about 30 different times 
in junior high, and for being "Lickey." Matt Kyvelos for 
being the only Greek tree cl imber I know. Bryan Albonesi 
for being the best 'Buddy" anyone could ask for. To John 
Mara for being .so strong, and for always being such a 
sweetheart, but most of all for booting Dinero! Now to 
THE LADIES: Rachael. for being the prettiest pretty I 
know. To Kristen for being the biggest GEEK I know. 
Michelle, for listening to all my little stories. Ashley, for 
not taking any crap from anyone, but still found time to be 
a sweetheart to me. Terri for being the happiest person I 
know. To Caroline for ... well, what exactly happened at 
Tim Likosky's house? I can't quite remember. But does 
the word SHOWER mean anything to you'.' Love you 
honey. .Amanda, you've always been so kind to me, yet 
I've never completely let you in. I'm sorry, but I'm also 
grateful. Thanks, girls. I'll never forget any of you. Iwish 
you all Ihe best, and God willing, we'll all be O.K. I think 
that if you're lucky in life, you'll meet the most unique, 
real people out there. These people are sure about them- 
selves. They're original people with original personali- 
ties. They don't belong to any specific clique - they 
belong to themselves. Caria Inf'eiTera, Keoni Monte, Rob 
Wakcham. Sarah Ro, Bryant Chisholm, Sandra Johnsen. 
and Lori Malymeik are those people. You all have my 
utmost respect. Good luck and God bless. I've also had 
some real teachers at this high school who've definitely 
made a big impact on my life. These teachers have real 
personalities. Ihey teach because they care, not just for a 
paycheck. Thank you Mr. Stephenson. Mr. Reynolds, 
Mrs. Donovan. Mrs. Gullage. Mrs. Bosak, Mrs. Mitchell, 
and Mrs. Pellegrini. To GeoffChaset Black). I'm not very 
good at telling people the type of feelings tliat I feel lor 
you. You are very special to me, you are my closest and 
best male friend (both you and Ja.son), I could ever ask for. 
I love you very much Geoff. I just have one question 
though, can you keep a secret'? TO both the girls' basket- 
ball and Softball teams, no matter what happens to me in 
the next year, you should all know that you helped to make 
that happen. Tliank you, I won't let you down! To Chris 
Midget for being a great artist and an even better friend. 
Eileen Hartwell. work hard, don't lake crap from anyone 
and be the best you can be. Jimmy. Yaman! Lisa Thomas, 
take care little girl. I'm always here Ibr you. Rob for being 
my FRIEND. Jennifer Hansen, noi many people can go 
through life and get achance to go lo school with someone 
with the saiTie name as you. We're lucky though, people 
have an easy way of telling us apart because I wash my 
kooch. I love you Jenny. Matthew (BIO. we've come a 
long way, baby. We've been together forever, literally 
forever, and we're going places too, baby. Not bad for two 
kids from the Gardens, huh'.' Chris Farmer for being the 
absolute funniest person I know, and you'll never know 
what I had in my purse. To the entire Chisholm family for 
always being so kind. To my coaches. Dave Wilson and 
Maureen Sullivan. I won't let you down. Thank you so 
much for teaching me to be the best I can be. To Shay. 
Darrell, and Katy: iny life has changed a loth, and I'm still 
adjusting. I know it's an adjustment for our friendship, 
too. I miss not being able to si')end as much time w iih y ou 
as I'd like, and I hope you don't think that our friendship 
isn't as iniportani to me anymore. 1 care alx>ut you very 
much. Even though our friendship may change in some 
ways, my feelings for you all never w ill! Donna, \\ here do 
I liegin? I never thought we'd be as as we are now. 
Let's forget about Ihe past and concentrate on today. We 
have great clothes, great shoes, ;md cra/y fun! Wanna go 
10 Lowell'.' Sure! No. he didn't. Well, you be gocKl and 
remember I love you. Now to Jason, my K'st friend and 
boyfriend; You '\ e given ine more than I could ever ask of 
anyone. You've given me respect, honesty, and most of 
all, you've given ine your heart and soul, '^'ou make me 
so proud of everything w e do. We both know that we're 
going places. It's just a matter of time, and that's some- 


v.A-.vj, we have pk-iiiy ot. I will always be here to support 
you, listen to you, and love you with all my heart. Tliank 
you to anybody and everybody I may have forgotten at the 
moment. It's only at the moment, though, NONE of you 
will be forgotten! 

I iiture Goals; To be happy! 

Angela Hildreth 

95B Scon Circle 

Thanks To: My nuuher and father for taking care of me 
and beini; there through my 4 years of high school, for 
letliiig iiie use the car whenever - I love you both. My 
brother Bob for loving me enough to put up with me, and 
lor all those times you stuck up for me. I love you. Nicky 
for caring and listening to me. for taking me shopping all 
those limes. Don't forget May 5th, 1992. I you. 
Egghead. Tamia for just being there to call, when I felt 
down. Hove ya girl. Kim for the laughs and parties we've 
shared. Thanx for all your advice even though I never 
listened. Tammy Robinson for going to Friendly's with 
me. Take care, girl. Trishaforgivingmeashouldertocry 
or lean on. Geeker squinel, your a good friend. Karie 
Lehmann for the times and laughs we've shared. Jen 
davies for the parties and for Boston '91 . Damion S. for 
the quick tour of Bedford. Mark Ingalls. Chris Wallin, and 
Coy for Denny's Prom '92. Connie Crespo for the 
bathroom jokes we've shared. Don't ever change. Jason 
Witt for being cute, Mike Z., Mark B.. Jason Garrison, 
Jimmy C, Paul G., Bmce B., Bryan P.. Mrs Drenas for 
three great years in Early Childhwxl, you're a great 
teacher. .Mrs. Mitchell for listening and for two years of 
Peer Leadership - you are a great teacher as well as a good 
friend. Nancy Freed thanks for also listening and Peer 
Leadership. Good luck w ith the baby. To anyone I forgot, 
than.x. To all the graduating seniors, good luck in all iliat 
you set out to do. 

Future Goals: I plan to further my career in teaching. I'd 
like to teach kindergarten or 1st grade. 

Daniel L. Huglund 

J03A Scott Circle 

Beverly Horse h 

/ Liberty Lane 

Activities: Volleyball I, Basketball 12, Cross Country 2, 
Science Club 1 , Math Club 1 23, National Honor Society 
34, Yearbook Staff 4, FCA 2, Band 1234, District and 
Conference Band 2. 

Thanks to: To my parents even though they didn't under- 
stand Calculus either: to Carol H. for being an awesome 
sister; to Stephanie Campbell for being my best friend in 
the whole world; to all my teachers for making me so 
smart; lo all my friends in Knob Noster, MO., and Coven- 
try. RI.; for all the good times; to all my friends at Bedford 
High especially Patii for a fantastic, wonderful, great, 
exciting, excellent senior year!! 

Future Goals: To go to college, to go to medical school: 
to be a doctor and to be happy! 

Caitlin Hurley 

2 Concord Rd. 

-Activities: Varsity Soccer 1,2 Captain 3; Varsity Cross- 
country Captain 4; Varskity Basketball 1 : Varsity Indoor 
Track 2 Captain 3.4; Varsity Outdoor Track 1,2 Captain 
3,4; SADD 1,2.3.4: French Club 1,2,3,4; AFS 1,2,3.4; 

Prom Decorating 3,4; Citizenship Committee 3,4; Student 
Advisory Committee 3.4; Forum 4: Youth .Ministry 3.4; 
Mark Grey Fan Club 1,2,3,4; Hall Roaming 1,2,3,4. 

Thanks To: Mom and Dad for all the love, support, and 
happiness they've given me. Liam and Sean for being the 
best big bro's 1 could ever ask for. Steph for being so cool 
and still not having a clue. Laurie for ""TH!" and being 
such a wonderful friend all these years. Meg. for liking 
younger guys, being a slave w ith me. sharing my love for 
Nacho and Enekko, all those afternoons at Wedgewood, 
and finally appreciating older guys (Bates soccer!) Mary 
for "freshmen lunches," making my life more exciting 
with your driving, always making me smile, and being so 
much fun. Kim for laughing with me all the time, not 
caring what others think, soccer, and "Pop me!" Jen and 
Krystin for being great friends and enlivening my Satur- 
day nights. Jane Chui for being almost as good as me in 
ping-pong, always asking if you look okay, and letting me 
and Kim laugh with (at) you. Alex B., Dave G., Dave H., 
Matt R.. Mark M., John G., Eric B., D.W.. Jane A., Julie 
S.. Rita P., Misty I .. Carrie G., Andrea B., Katie M.. Jill 
P., and Erin S. fur sharing good times and bad times and 
laughing with me. Barb and Katie for sharing so much 
with me (I'll see ya tomorrow !) and skipping the meet for 
Harvard Square. Monica for driving me every v^ here - 
".Ave. Puella!" Kristen L. for the guinea-pig torturing days 
and suffering through Hunt w ith me. Bri and Lili for being 
the best German sisters I never had. Mike E. for running 
with me and ;il ways screw ing up the entire workout. Barry 
D., Steve R.. Navccn W., Aaron R.. and the whole cross- 
country team for being so awesome .ind accepting me so 
well. Mr. Ciollis for all the hours in your office and being 
the best story-teller ever. Mrs. Rainis, Mrs. McCarthy, 
Mr. Hunt. Mrs. Donovan. Mr. Spinosa. and Mr. McCarthy 
for inspiring me w iih your teaching. To those I forgot and 
those 1 mentioned - good luck and I love you all!! 

Future Goals; To laugh as loud xs Kim S. one day, to run 
until my dying day. to see Laurie S. in a Broadway play, 
to travel the world by bike or by foot, to love and learn in 
college, to fall truly, madly, deeply in love, to get a N. Y.C. 
condo with Steph D. and sip cappucino, join the peace 
corps and help all I can, and most of all to have fun and be 
happy in all that 1 do! 

!)a\i(l ( . Hursh 

y .leffrex Circle 

Activities: Orchestra 1,2.3.4; Chamber Orchestra 1.2.3,4; 
Orchestra Pit 1.2,3,4; Math League 1,2.3,4, Captain 4; 
Science League 1,2, 3,4. Captain3,4: Tennis Team 1,2.3,4, 
Captain 3.4; National Honor SiKiety 3.4, Madrigal 4; 
Drama Club 3.4; Ullmann Fan Club 3,4. 
Thanks To: My parents, for having me, lov ing me, sup- 
porting me, getting used to me, and for always being there. 
To Mike for being the K'st brother, and for putting up w ith 
the piano. To my grandparents for the wondertui v aca- 
tions we've had, and for the millions of other things 
you've done for me in the past (thanks for the great 
sandwiches!) Together, you are the best family anyone 
could ever ask for. To Geoff C. for dropping a cement 
block on my head and for being my best friend when 1 was 
five. To Bryan A., for horse and whiffleball (remember 
16-0 in the first inning'.') and all the great times we've had 
over the years. I o Darren F. (helloooooo!) for being on 
my team when we beat Biyan A. 1 6-0, for horse, red light- 
green light, Tecmo, Major League Baseball (you knovs 1 
told you I was going to walk you!), next shot wins. When 
You're Young (ughh!), for everything else we did to- 
gether, and for being a great friend. To Jen Anderson, for 
always letting me play first violin in the pit. To Jen. J<icqui, 
Tara, Debbie (what a Spanish project!), and .Andria (1 

finally signed it!) for finding something special in iiv 
muffins. To Jen B. for coming in second and letting m. 
w in the magnetic backgammon set To Jill, for talking u 
me for so long on the phone in middle school. To .Adam 
for telling me about Amy. and for being pretty good u 
tennis (just kidding!) To John G.. for making me think o 
Cheers (you act like Sam Malone). To Steph, Jane. 
(Megsy^ Cait.and Laurie lor being such great friends m 
the years. I have wonderful memories of you guys that 
will never forget. To Dave G. for recycling, and to Chn 
C. for helping me in music theory. To Mark M . t 
making me want to come to school every day ...1 can't lot 
at >oLi without laughing. You've been a great friend for 
long nine You know our play would have been great, 
work the wood until it is smooth, and then 1 oil it until it 
dark, and then L. glue a small squirrel on it. To Brian F.. ft 
all the fun arguments we've had. and for teaching m 
about math. 1 give you credit.. .that story you wrote aboi 
the woman who killed her husband wait really good. N 
comment on the others. "The man died, okay!" Ho 
thrilling! (Just kidding! ) Thanks for being a great fneni 
I can still sing soprano, listen. ..To Viet, for always makin 
fun of the teachers .ind making me laugh (.\ovenib» 
Five). To Alan and Jason, for the ping-pong, tenni 
Trump, and frisbee games, and for all the fun times w e ha 
silting around thinking of something to do. To Rich C, fi 
putting up with me in middle schixil. and not holding 
grudge! I hope you become the most famous meteoroK 
gist ever, even bigger than Flip Spiceland! I'd watch yo 
Thanks for taking me to the Red Sox- Yankees gan 
(didn't Boston w in 21-0'.') and for all the other great timt 
we had. We'll keep in touch. .Alex, hello?, jerr?, thank 
for not being a jerr, for the great frisbee games, for Jorda 
Furniture's MOM!!!! For the great ear rides in >oi 
wondertui car (I'm sorry to say your upi;rade isn't mui 
of an improvement), and for being one nt my best friem 
ov er the last however many years. To ROSTER, for bein 
the Roster, for making great albums (real and fictional 
for your wonderf ul cartoons, for tJie great football gamt 
in your backyard, for Sly, for chasing me with a Polar 
Spnngs water container, for show ing me tlie Piu^itan w; 
of living, and for being one of my best friends for a lor 
time. To Mike E.. for the terrific frisbee games under tf 
lights, for iniroiiucing me to great music (not the Bea-«i 
Bovv). for MOM' II! and SpiKiky Worid. for tlie tt 
arguments at 4 .\M (in retrospect), for loving chamK 
orchestra (you were a great coach), for lending me son 
great comics (Superman will be back), for all the goc 
times, and for being the best friend anyone could ask fo 
I hope you become a great teacher. To Mrs. Deardorff ar 
the tennis team for four great years. To all tJie teachers tl 
I've had who made those four years challengmg, AnJ 
course, to Mr. L'llmann To all those I've mentioned, n 
high school years have left me w ith wonderful memoru 
that I w ill cherish for the rest ot my life. These memorii 
are due entirely to all of > ou. and for that I ihank y ou 

Future Goals; To find a job that makes me happy . to sett 
down with a nice family, to continue playing the pian 
and to keep in touch w ith some of my high sch(X)l friend 

.Amanda Jannis 

7 Reeves Road 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3.4; Tounianientot I'lavs 
French Club 1.2: Latin Club 3.4; Mountain Climhii 
2,3.4; Hall Decorating 1,2; Prom P -.4: B. 

Patron 1,2,3,4; Powder Puff 4; Spii :. SAD 

1.2,3,4; Drama Club 3,4. 

Thanks To; My parents, for the suppon. the patience, tl 
advice (the car); mv fa\ orite person in the world. Nicol 
for trying to keep me in line; Caroline for ... even thin 
You are a wondertui friend, and I'll be forever graielul 


u for helping me through these years, you made the 
ubles and hardships ofhigh school worth it: Mrs. Busch 
•hospitality and concern; Jim for unlocking Caroline's 
or at 4:30 in the morning: Fred, whose lips would make 
ollipop oh so happy: Katy , our friendship was worth the 
lit, luckily we both overcame our differences and real- 
d what great friends we could be, my best memories 
II always include you; Michael D. for calling me a dork, 
d Bobby for stealing my bed; Adum, my 
B.F.I. T.W.W.W., thank you a thousand times for all 
u've done for me and for being a friend since kindergar- 
. if you ever need a couch to sleep on ...; Bryan, I've had 
: best limes with you in this short time I've known you, 
u've been a great friend even though we didn't always 
ree. thanks for being there when I realized my mistakes; 
all ilie field hockey girls, too many to mention, too 
portant to forget, we'll do pi/za; Michelle for the toilet 
Ik; Terri for supporting me and laughing with me, and 
r being a Bruins fan; Kristen for study junior ycai , ;iiid 
r still talking to me after Tim's; Ashley for being my 
itin partner and for our talk at Canobie Lake; Rachael for 
MA,SS and stogies on your porch; Betsy for always 
tening to me. even in Physics; Jen for late night prom 
ght; Linda for Ann Craig's: Chris for the semi-formal 
d tlie Jr. Seclusives; Cyndi; Jessamyn, "so ihcy don't 
II down;" Sarah B. for stick "action", "Did 1 say that?" 
J and Epp for doing jigs: Jo for the advice and all the 
Iks; Todd for our late night talk and smiling when you 
y no; the McGlainys for putting up with my abuse; Dave 
. for the Club; Tony J. for the lip coinment; Peter; Paul 
r Pablo: Miu"k Mc. for being an all together great person; 
lex for wanting the nurse to throw me away: Dave L., I'm 
rry about the fight: Matt K. for being a Greek and a tree 
ver; John M. for saying hello like Saul; Dan for the 
ange juice: Dave B.. "ooh don't do that,"' for calling me 
andy; Mike B.: Teri C. for French class; John G. for the 
lest room; Colin R.; C: Chip for hockey games and 
e skating; Steve C, for our bond - it's still there! Brian 
for Mandy-man; Geoff for the late night Black Sheep; 
ji for the best 6 1/2 months; Mike and Tom for the old 
ties - Michael (come agian?) for making me pizza; and 
latt for all the good and bad times we've had together, 
pu've taught me a lot. 

uture Goals: To gel the only ticket to Michael Knight and 
oothing Berry, together again for the first time. To 
jcome a part-time rapper with Mark Mclnnis. to get 
rafted by the Bruins for weekend games, to become a 
atuiday Night Live regular, to attend a Pulit Surprize 
arty, to marry the man who steals my heart, who would 
ive mc the world, to appreciate where I go and how I get 
lere, to never have to complain, to never lose sight of 
hat is important and what is good, and to always have my 
lends and my memories. 

Antonio Johnson 

26C Scon Circle 

hanks to: First of all. I would like to thank T-BONE 
scause without him my life wouldn't be possible. Then 
le Almighty God, because without him there would be 
otiiing. My parents for giving me the seed of life 
iirturing it to the ripe age of 1 8. Now comes my dogs. To 
ly boyzs in Beantown, what's up K-Dog, Erb, J-Brown, 
•.C.andDarrell. Now for the Hanscom Dogs! Mark-Dog 
)r being a dog in the weight room with you know who. 
Du went out like a real dog. "Roff. Poff!" What's up to 
le boy/, who always on the nuts. Brendon stop swinging 
ifore you get cut. Marcell. stop dating my sister just so 
au could come over and see me. Also, what up to the 
lartin Lawrence Boy/, Midgelt, the goofiest bit. 1 now 
eep that stomach. Fanner, start eating your vitamins and 
ve up lo your last name, Boyee. Now for the freaks, what 
p Angela W. you know who's in charge when I'm on the 

phone. Rea, you know I'm going to get some this summer, 
Jaqui. drop that attitude and gel with super lly T. Jo, you 
can never have more "G" than me. Gladys, time lo get 
dissed. no sir I've been doing enough of that this year. 
Calm down Bitty! Short-stuff start coming to school so I 
can .see you more. Barbara, also known as pusshead, slay 
fresh in 93. Angela H. get rid of that high voice. Adelle, 
I'm letting you run things now. Nicki B. next time try to 
go longer, no sir. you did fine. Apama. keep giving kisses. 
To the White guys: Boffa.stopswallowing nuts. Lord, the 
coolest Beford kid 1 know, stay out of touch, no sir. 
"Dude, like man ol pal." I'm going lo close just as 1 
opened, thanks T-BONE. PEACE-OUT Bedford! 

Future Goals: Go to college and get the grades I want to 
get. Have crazy fun andjust chill with the girls. And have 
the fly's car and always dress to impress. 

Somsri Kaisorn 

107 Ent Rd. 

Billy Kat/ 

8 Harvard Drive 

Activities: JV Basketball 2; 'Varsity Baseball 3,4; Skiing 
4; Secretary of Student Council 3. 

Thanks To: When I came to this school in my sophomore 
year, I didn't know what to expect. In the three yeiu"s that 
I have been here, I've learned a lot about my.self It's been 
a rocky road. I've had some great times and some not so 
great times, but this isn't the lime to focus on the bad. This 
should be a celebration of my high school years and a time 
to thank the most important people in my life, my family. 
No one has meant more to me than my family. To my mom 
who has always loved me through the g(X)d times and the 
bad times, never have you given up on me. You always 
accepted me for me. 1 don't know how. you do it. You 
always loved me. and I'll always love you. To my dad, for 
not only being my father, but also a friend. You always 
were there for me. I could always count on you to be at my 
games. No matter how busy you were, you always made 
lime for me. You always make me laugh, and no matter 
what we do together, wc always have fun. You and my 
mom both spoiled mc. I'm not complaining, but you not 
only spoiled nie with possessions, but you spoiled me with 
love. I can't think of two belter parents in the world than 
you two. Some times 1 lake for granted how lucky 1 am 
because some kids only have two parents, but 1 have four 
parents who all mean a lot to me. To Neal, you're the 
greatest stepfather a kid could have. I know that I've told 
you that a lot, but it's because I truly mean it. 1 don't know 
how you and my mom are going to survive with me not 
there. Things will definitely be different aiound the Katz 
and Gore hou.seholds next year. To Rhonda, my step- 
mother-to-be. I'd like to thank you for always supporting 
me in whatever I do because you never had lo - I'm not 
your child, but you've always treated me like I was. 
Whenever I have a game or an event, I know thai you'll 
always be there, and because I'm not your son. that makes 
it even extra special. My dad's going to have a great wife, 
and I'm going to have a great stepmother. To my brother 
Dave, we've had our ups and downs, but through it all, I' ve 
always loved you. I'm real proud of you. You've 
accomplished a lot through hard work, and I hope that as 
we get older, we become closer. To my best friend, Bobby 
Clapp, you've not only been my best friend, but you've 
always remained loyal. We never went to the same 
school, but it didn't matter because we were always there 
for each other. To Dave Boffa. when I went to private 
school, our friendship wasn:t as strong as ii w as Ivfore. 1 
know that, but I've always considered you a friend. I 
remember when we were younger, we u.sed to talk about 

what we wanted to be in life, what colleges we wanted to 
goto. Well, here we are. We made it. I wish you success 
in whatever you do. Hopefully, both of us will reali/e our 
goals and be rich and famous. Let's keep in touch. To 
Geoff Chase, we've been going to school together or our 
whole life. I remember you giving me tuna fish sand- 
wiches in the third grade, Mrs. Milldrani's class. Then in 
the 8th grade, when we went to Maine together. Boy. was 
I a stud in Maine. Remember all girls Geoff? Well 
we've had some great times. I thank you for always being 
my friend, even when 1 didn't think I had any. Geoff and 
Boffa, thanks for getting me a ride to the senii-fonnal 
junior year. Thai was ihe nicest thing someone's done for 
me. and I really men thai. Geoff. 1 wish you the best of luck 
in whatever you do. and I hope we keep in touch. Very 
important thanks to Uncle Amy for if it wasn't for you, I 
don't know where I'd be right now. Words can't describe 
how much you've meant to me. You are truly the greatest, 
and one day I'll look back and laugh. To Joe and Kathy of 
Salon. Elegante Joe you've been cutting my hair since I 
was a baby. My hair always looked great because of you 
and Kathy. Last, but not, Carey G.. my next door 
neighbors and good friend. We've had a lot of memories, 
I hope that when you gel to be a senior, you'll be as cool 
as me! It will be tough, Corey, but as the immortal Billy 
Katz once said, "Anything's possible." 

Future Goals: To be rich and famous, but most impor- 
tantly, to be happy. 

Scott Kleekamp 

3 McMahon Road 

Activities: Football 1 ,2.3 Captain 4; Basketball 1 : Varsity 
Bench 2; Spring Track 1.2; Winter Track Captain 3; 
Lacrosse 3.4; Wind Ensemble 2; SADD 3.4; B.F.F.A. 4; 
Nashoba Sled Club 4; No Iron 3: No Blood 4: Building 1 9 
Discount Shoppers 3.4. 

Thanks To: Todd A. for his seatbelis. Jared Carlson, 
because while men can jump. Brill. Steve Clark and his 
hair. Cohen, for being just like Bobrinitz, only cheesier. C. 
Demby. Cooler - the toughest gang member I know, 
Drohan, Teri Franks - for Ed, John Woolard - for making 
Lolapalooza a good night. Sadowski - for playing a little 
too much Atari, Sergio for eating lugnuts. Mr. Lewis - for 
parking the car over there. Mclnnis for never owning a 
good car. Mara. Chris Merrill for being Cool a.s Ice. 
Maddox, Bobrinitz and Randall Corey. All the girls who 
pick their teeth and won't shut their mouths, Les, Eric, 
Tobey . and Chuck for always going strong, Hennan Rice, 
the best running back of all time. Co<ich Mulligan and 
Kilpatrick for the best freshman team ever. Pete, for 
salting my foods. Coach Sullivan for show ing us what the 
shed is all atx^ut. Hirsh and Pctrillo for loving good hits. 
Colonel Campbel I for the jokes and for coaching Lax, and 
Coach Sabourin for trusting in me. Also, all of the people 
I've ever played football with and don't have the space to 
mention them. Sinulski. J.T.. Fanner, Midgeti. Gallant - 
for being the best manager. Brendon for his pool, 
spacemobile.andmohawk. What is she dribbling? Jason 
Setters, Viet Le, Rich Atkinson. Mali Wilson. Pal Lewis, 
and Gary Glitter, Keoni Monte. Out of m\ way - BEEP! 
BEEP!, Vin Welch for showing me how to edit, and for 
yelling at H. Rice when he was cutting down trees in my 
backyard, Mike Boutin, for having a good knee. Colin 
Ross, for scoring touchdowns and letting us rag on you. 
Teri Ciccone. for Brainirec and DCL pla\ er of the week. 
John Ginn - lor ne\ er letting anything score and being the 
hardest hitter I've ever seen. Chip Mofield - for knowing 
every word lo every Van Halen song and being the 
sloppiest, unsexicsl kid 1 know . Chow -Chow and Merlin, 
thanks for killing animals and bringing them in ihe house, 
Gnuidma. thanks tor all the spoils pages, Russ and Liz. for 


being the best brotlier and sister I could ask for. Mom - 
you've done so much for me, I don't think I could ever 
thank you for it, and Dad, you are the strongest person I 
know, and you have always been there and supported me. 
You have shown me what true love is, and 1 will someday 
hope to do the .same for my kids. Also, to anyone else I 
have forgotten, sorry I didn't put you in. 

Future Goals: To play football in college and do a sack 
dance on ESPN. To make it big. get fast cars and big trucks 
and take a buggy through the sippi hole. To figure out how 
to talk to an angel and jam with Van Halen. Maybe 
someday I'll be able to find some blood, get a beautiful 
wife and settle down, but until then I am going to party 
with Roni, his seven fingers, and anyone else who wants 
to rock. 

Matthew Peter Kyvelos 

6 Sheridan Road 

Activities: Golf 1,2 Varsity liA; Varsity Lacrosse 1,2: 
Spanish Club 1 .2; Hall Decorating 1 ,2,3.4; Prom Decorat- 
ing 3.4: Smoking Butts 1 ,2,3.4; Billerica House of Correc- 
tion Football (Sundays); Lazer Tag: Mini Lacrosse; Pep 

Thanks To: I want to thank God first of all for creating me 
and who I am. I'd like to thank Pete and Ginny. my dad 
and mom for being unlike all my friends' parents, which 
I love you for. Steph for being a really illustrious sister, 
one that really had many inputs on my life, and I thank you 
for looking to tell me what was on your mind, and I'll 
alw a\ s be there for you. Nick. I'm really glad you look up 
to me in the way that you do, and doing whatever I tell you 
to do. You're the best little brother anyone could ask for. 
I'd also like to thank all my relatives: Grandma, '"Esiepan 
Dodakian," Nona, Aunty Joanie, Uncle Larry. Aunty 
Anoush. Uncle Paul, my cousins, Pete, Steve, Karen, and 
everyone else - 1 love you all. I'd like tothank mu friends 
for making the last 17 years of my life a lot of fun and for 
giving me many memories good and bad which have 
shaped me to be the person I am. I'd especially like to 
thank Todd Anderson foralways being there through thick 
and thin, November rain. Led Zepplin. (d'yer Maker), 
Hola Pepe Tones, head linahan. Guy Wireman. Yellow 
Bronco. D'jarum, I hate Pease, I like com. wheelin. etc. 
David Venuti, for always being a real friend and for being 
the only other kid in the school besides Steve Chester to 
really love U2(bueno)(twice)Tony Benuti. D' jarum. Dill 
dil I Pickle, G B (Greek Benut i, gamma Iteta) -f A (al po.alpha ) 
Gramma V. RR burger, petty. Nutter Butter. Ping-pong. 
Bad Vibes, etc. David Boffa for many years of laughter, 
"and the sign said ..." caddying in Belmont. "They'll step 
in the middle of your ..." 1 hate pease. I like com, Sunday 
River. Mrs. Rulls Class Derek Tuttle "Hey Matt let me see 
your w rist a second, it won't hurt" Alpo - well even though 
you smell, and you smoke butts in the moming I still like 
you anyway. - Sgt. Jones ye Bryan .■\lbonesi ye ... volley- 
ball. The McGarr>'s. Matt Rockpon. Petty. "Kyvelos peel 
out,"' sleeping partner at Likosky's, Mike thanks for w atch- 
ing with Kaly as I almost fell to my death at the islands - 
Bad Vibes, menterosa, Mark Mclnnis thanks for cracking 
me up and also laughing when I said stupid things, 
Bratworst. whiffle ball, staying in Maine, cliff diving, 
making prank phone calls, witnessing the binh of ~Pat 
There" and "Hola Meyamo Jesus" Steve Chester - thanks 
for walking in on e while I was playing the guitar in my 
underwear, you're the best person to beat on. petty, U2- 
first to experience D'jarum w ith me. Sean Christie for 
playing G.I. Joe with me. Geoff Chase thanks for witness- 
ing my accident and helping me out. I owe you one, Dave 
Lord, thanks for only being around for half of each party. 

Mara, thanks for Rulls and discovering Likosky with 
me in Rulls Class. Chip for V.W. bug, my boss's truck. 
Avacadoes in the mist. Pilla head, waiting for the sun. 
A. P. for always being there. And thanks to all the girls: 
Katy for watching me almost fall to my death, Caroline 
and Katy for giving me such a unique nickname of "tree" 
and giving me compliments, Mandy for bieng the only 
other real Greek and not being ashamed of it. Terri for the 
Junior Prom. Berko for letting us use your T.V. and an 
class. Kristen. Michelle, and Ashley, Sarah Ro, and Mary 
Mix for many childhood memories, Tony J., Ginn, Pauls., 
Shay, Jen Hansen. Jen Hanson. Ten. Colin, Keoni, J.D., 
Brendan M.. Mike McAllister. MicheleCronin.and Amrith 
(Back in my country Sri Lanka) thanks for sharing a lot of 
good times with me and all the everyone these last couple 
of years. All my sister's friends - Karen. Kelly. Kerry. 
Aniko. Nat (hiding in the hemlocks) Dan(uri). Dave 
Tobey. D'jarum Tech Drafting, Steve Craig (mountain 
biking). I can see what my sister sees in you guys. I'd also 
like to thank my guitar teacher Jay for teaching me all 
about guitars and Duke Ellington and for being able to take 
any piece of music and make it sound like it should be in 
an elevator, Juan Epstein for being the only Puerto Rican 
Jewish person I know. Grand Master Flash. Matt Brow n. 
U2 for playing the best show I've ever seen (so I saw it 
twice). Tom Petty. '?Pulz from Sigma Chi. Mike my 
SAT tutor. Daddy Freddy, Darryl Strawberry, Gonzo. 
Disney World. Addie Finnly, Jay (mole) firom .Arlex. Fred 
Garber. Pepe Torres. Beatle Bailey for lending me his hat: 
and all the great times I've had over the years, Breakin 93, 
U2 Concert (tw icc) Ron Jon Yaga Rootz, using my water 
balloon launcher to launch tuna l"ish. oranges, eggs, grape- 
fmit, etc. Pumpkin/sign stealing. Sunday River. Youth 
group ski trip, and ultimate frisbee. I'd also like to thank 
all my art teachers over the years: Mrs. Frazier"O.K.. who 
put the razor blades in my coffee again?", Mrs Gaf)oshkin. 
Mr Pillahead, Mrs. Alcarez. and especially Mr. Barron 
for getting my portfolio in shape and for all those many 
talks about art and colleges. 1 really feel that you have 
helped me greatly. 

Future Goals: I plan to go to college, find out the meaning 
of "y Manana otra cosa (menterosa)" and what actually is 
in the "RR" burger at Roy Rogers, then move to Greece, 
my native land and live up in a tree with my Les Paul 
guitar.clean underwear, and a beautiful Greek girl (maybe 
Seka) where we'll breed 100% Greek children until every 
kid can thank a real Greek person in their "thanks to " 
section of their yearbook. 

Viet Le 

22 Elmhrook Circle 

.Activities: Football 3.4: Indcwr track 1,2.3 Captain 4; 
Tennis 1,2 Captain 3,4; Latin Club 3; Citizenship Com- 
mittee 3,4; SADD 4. 

Thanks To: First and tbremost, I'd like to thank the Lord 
for goving me a sound mind and bod\ . the tiwls to excel 
in school, athletics, and life. I'd like to thank Mom and 
Dad. Ellen. Emily, and Kim for their unconditional love. 
High school has been a great experience, and 1 hope to 
carry over the positives of high school on to bigger and 
better things. One of the positives w ere my friends, and it 
is too bad that 1 will leave them behind for. ultimately, a 
higher purpose. One person who I will miss is Rich 
Atkinson. Rich truly defines the word friend. Every 
superlative imaginable applies to him. Loyal, intelligent, 
and funny, he is a friend everyone should have. 1 would 
like to thank him for being a friend. Rich also know s how- 
to boost your confidence, too. 1 once won nine straight 
one-on-one games against him. That's another reason 
whv I'll miss the kid. Now for the rest of the thank vous: 


In no particular order, I'd like to thank Matt Wilson forhn 
irrepressible humor (and the sharing of fashion tips). \' ■ 
"Espo" Esposito for his ever refreshing intelligence dm 
candor. Teri Ciccone for his tmst and loyalty, Dave "Thcl 
Red Scare" Hursh for going out with Andria Pompon i \ I 
Pedersen for his wild personality, Meg "Blos^ 
Boschetto for her incredible endowments. Matt Ro^ 
making fun of Andria Pomponi. Vin Welch for huni' 
me with in Mr. Stephenson's calculus. Ducky, Dr. M 
for show ing me that work is for people who make 
money; I'd also like to thank Steve Chester for poiniinj 
out Mr. Reynolds napping during a Poll Sci video, Mikt 
Anderson for driving to endanger. Greg Rivinius fo; 
nothing. Cindy Hunt for playing dumb in Latin. Franl- 
Welch's arm circles. John Dallas for the child-rearing lips 
Jill Freeman for being semper fidelis. Alex Brill for jus 
being Brill, Mr. Corliss for showing how unsuccessful ; 
business teacher can be. Chip Mofield for all my footbal 
injuries. Cait Hurley for her amazing athleticism. Kat) 
Doherty forgiving me something to look at in Law, Shawi 
Sadowski for everything in Health, Misty Ullom foi 
laughing for absolutely no reason. Mark Likowsky for hi; 
unfiattering impressions of Mrs. Sorgi collecting field trif 
money ("dough-dough "land reciting field tripdates ("No- 
vember 5"), Mrs. Sorgi. Erin Sparks for giving me a hand 
Jason Campoli, the New York Crew esp. Jimmy Davis 
who made me wonder why he didn't play varsity basket 
ball, for the love of Deion, a special thanks goes to Davc 
"White but Proud" Boffa. I'd like to thank some teacher- 
now. beginning with Coach Sabourin. who instilled mt 
with a discipline and work ethic that will help me later on 
Mr. Maxwell for his friendship. Mr. Stephenson for the 
Lite approach to math (Don't drink and derive). Mr 
Reynolds for his intelligence and political astuteness (i 
w ill forever remember our class discussions on the Gull 
War). Mr. Spinosa for allow ing me lo express my rathei 
bold opinions. Mr Sullivan for allowing me to relax 
before practice. Ms. Mitchell. Mr. McCarthy. Ms 
O'Malley. Mr. Kelly, Mr. Hunt, and Mr. Pilla. Athletic; 
has been a huge part of my life and will continue to be. 1 
am proud to have represented BHS. and I will forever havt 
memories of everv thing in my high school athletic career 
I 'd like to thank everybody asscxriated with football, track 
and tennis, the coaches. Coach Sab. Coach Campbell 
Coach Daughert\ . and Coach Deerdorf, the players of all 
the teams - each team wa.s a family and every single persor 
on every team was a broher to me: and Pete Cacciola. w he 
kept me and hundreds of others in one piece and function- 
ing. Best of luck to Matt Giusti and Adam Smith, to whoir 
1 hand over the mantle of leadership in track and tennis, 
respectively. I wish the best to above mentioned people, 
and if I forgot to mention you or if you weren't mentioned. 
I still wish the best for you. 

Future Goals:Coach Sabtiurin has instilled \^ iihin me 
confidence and belief in m\ abilities, and both Mr. Reynolds 
and Mr. Spinosa. through their excellent hisiorv- classes 
have show n me w hat it takes to be great and the impor- 
tance of serving your country and the public. All three 
men have convinced me that my best years lie ahead, thai 
I have a chance at greatness, and that I will serve m> 
country and the American people lo the best of my ability 
in w hatever capacity I choose. I am confident I can live uf 
to my ow n expectations and those of the people w ho know 
me. On to college! 

Patricia Anne Leeman 

9 Liberty Lane 

Activities: Musical 2, 3, 4: Drama Club 1; Choir 2, 3, 4; 
Yearbook 4; French Club 2: Latin Club 4. 

Thanks To: Thank you to my family. especialK my 
parents fo supporting, teaching, and putting up w ith me all 
these vears. Thank vou to mv sweetheart. Rob>n foi 

iking me believe in myself, to be strong, and to follow 
/ heart. We have so many wonderi'iii memories and I 
pe there will be many more-I love you hun! To Terri B 
■ being my best friend. To Sheryl B for being a little 
ter. To S C. for special memories and confiding in me. 
Chris M for always being there when I need you. To 
ve D. my little Italian lover. To heather C. for keeping 
: company in gyn last year-we could always talk about 
3 certain people. To Mike A for "loving" me. To Simon 
for being so much like me-lt's scary! To all my 
chers, especially Mr. Stephenson for being a friend. 
'. Low for music and acting, Mr. Kelly for making latin 
jl, and Mr. Palmer for making class fun. To Marcus for 
ing so hard-if you want something bad enough never 
e up. To Kathy F. for being such an awesome person. 
Karen F. for being so caring and Megan FF too. To 
■ah V. for helping me with R.Z. To Mike D for being the 
ler brother 1 wish I had-goodluck with Carrie! To 
ather H and Tricia W for making work so much better. 
Chris M for being my lab partner-we had so much fun 
)erimenting. To Jen Y for just being around to talk to. 
Keoni for keeping any class interesting. To Beverly for 
ing me from Boredom. To Chris G-my sweetie. To 
emy W for being so "witt-y" To Ja.son W. for being so 
e! To John W. for giving me something to daydream 
)ut (besides my boyfriend). To Bemie D for those great 
i!s. To Dwayne R- you"re great! To my dad in Billerica 
advice, conversation, and an open door-you-re won- 
ful! To my "little brother" Jessie C - 1 miss you. To Erin 
'or teaching me that when I know something's over- 
I't try again. To Lester T for always being honest with 
. To everyone at St. Basil's 1 love you all. To Adam B 
keeping his word. To a few former BHS students for 
king Carlton-Willard life better. To Ian B. for helping 
with D.S. To Rachael T and Conney for proving that 
Tvone is different. To Colonel and Chief for helping mc 
lize that I don't want to be in the Air Force-sorry guy.! 
any other important person I may have temporarily 
ised, I'm sorry! And most of all, to God for the many 
lutiful gifts He has given me. 

ure Goals: To live a happy fulfilling life with a special 
neone (and maybe twins) 

Patrick Lewis 

327 Old Billerica Rd. 

Mark Likosky 

552 Springs Rd. 

jnks To: Mom, Dad, Bob. Tim. Matt. Wrench. Ronsoy, 
en, Wilson. Marcus Aureilius. Shawn, Serg. Drea, 
:hael. O.I. Kids. H2 My old .school was better. Cron 
e, Arise, Shovel, Fik, Stenmen, Mike D.. Kingpin, 
L, True Til Death. 

David Michael Lord 

3 Ashly Rd. 

tivities: Latin Club. Spirit Games. Freshmen Football, 
rsity FootbalK 1 ,2), Indoor Football Champions(91 ), 
ni-Lax Tourney Champions (92), La.serTag All-Star, 
lerica House of Correction Football, Casino Night, 
iii Slam Dunk Champions, Nashoba Sledding, D3, 
)a Gino'.s Fest, Freebirds. 

sister Janet for letting me use her car and for helping me 
with my clothes selection. Thanks to my brother Mike for 
being like a best friend. You mean everything to me and 
1 will always go out of my way to do anything for you. But 
remember you will always be my little dork brother! 
Thanks to my three cocker spaniels: Holly, Tootsie, and 
Tobey . Thanks to Dave Boffa for being one of my closest 
friends and for ail the times we fought with Cindy in 
English. Thanks to Geoff Chase for being a good best 
friend and for having those fun contests. ( if you know what 
1 mean). Thanks to Dave Vanuti for being a really good 
friend and always remember Rachel s house when we 
switched. Thanks to Todd Anderson lor the rides to 
school, the talks, and New Hampshire! Ihanks to Matt 
Kyvelos for letting me make fun of your Greekness. 
Thanks to Mark Mclnnis for the sleep overs, poker nights, 
and the dead body in the street trick. Thanks to Matt and 
Mike McgaiTy for sitting with me through Princeton 
Review listening to Shannon. Thanks to Bryan Albonessi 
for stealing all the honeys and being the mack daddy. 
Thanks to John Mara for being a good kid and always 
wajiting to party. Thanks to Paul Stone for letting me roll 
with him in the "Phoenix". Thanks to Cooter for the tour 
of Lowell and the loving bear things. Thanks to Steve 
Chester for being my walking punching bag. Thanks to 
Chris Alessi for being one of my clo,sest friends and even 
though we haven't been lately I'll always be there for 
you. Thanks to Jason Chism for helping when I needed it 
and being a friend. Thanks also for letting the white boy 
roll with you. Thanks to Tony Johnson for helping me 
when I needed it and finally for commiiig out with me. 
Special thanks to Phil Anthony for being like a brother to 
me and always having my back. Thanks to Caroline for 
being someone I could talk to and the girl 1 couldn't get. 
Thanks to Katy for being so annoying and my huggable 
bear. Thanks for Mandy for the short we were together, too 
bad it didn't last. Thanks to Rachel for being one of me 
svviicli partners. Thanks to Ashley lor being my other 
switch partner. Thanks to Michelle tor making me lose my 
bet. Thanks to Terri for making nie lose heavily. Thanks 
to Kristin for always laughing at my jokes. Thanks to Jen 
Hansen and Shay Duris for graduating last year. Thanks to 
Jim Davis for smoking butts and drinking vanilla extract. 
Thanks to Mike Anderson for getting out scott free from 
the Scavenger Hunt. Thanks to the Gerry Glitter Crew 
(Mike Boutin, Colin Ross.Brenden McGrath John Ginn, 
fTerri Ciccone, Chip Moonfield). Thanks C hip for giving 
Pcolortomy eye.Tliankstomy boys (Chris Midgett. Chris 
Farmer, Cam Riniby, Marcus Harris, Bryant Chisholm). 
Thanks to all my brothers friends for being pains in my 
butt. Thanks to Matt Gallant, Chris Merrill, and John 
Taylor my senior friends. Thanks to my teachers ( Mr. 
Kelly, Mr. Maxwell, Mrs. Prantedosi. Miss Dowling, Coach 
P, Mr. Corliss). Thanks to my football coaches and basket- 
ball coaches. Thanks to the football and basketball teams. 
Th;uiks to the Junior giris especially ( Beth Mara, Sarah 
Epplere. Sarah Rosenberg. Wendy Castellana, Mika 
Volicer. Jesaymn Smith.) Thanks to all my playmates (I 
really appreciated it). Thanks to my officer friends, 
Wardwell and Barbeiri, you guys have been really great to 
me and thanks for understanding kids. Thanks to all my 
relatives and the people who got me through high school. 

Future Goals: To go to college and own my own business. 
To make it to the 1 996 Summer Olympics in Laser Tag, To 
make up a new dance called "The Lobster." Finally to live 
in Bedford the rest of mv life next to Geoff Chase. 

inks To: Thanks to mom and dad for putting up with my 
nage trouble and foi all llie countless hours of worring 
1 did. And even Uiough you don't think I appreciate 
at you guys do for me, I really do, and love you guys 
y much! Thanks to my brother Bill for all the countless 
lis of brother bonding wo ilid (NOT)! Thanks lo my 

Alexis J. .MacLeod 

21 Miiritm Rd. 

Activities: JV Field Hockey 2. Varsity Field Hockey 4. 
Thanks to Mom and Dad for being the Ix-st parents a pirl 

can have. You+ve taught me a lot and still are. Jason 
(Stretch) for always making me laugh with your funny 
remarks. You-i-re the greatest. Ma for being a sweet loving 
grandma. And for the rest of my Big Fami I > , I love you all! 
Joanna, my -Best Bud. Thanks for being there for me 
when things were rough. Don't forget the fun limes we 
shared. Like the fort. Wilderness trips - 1 Alexis, where are 
you? ... I'm right here!) Oklahoma (I drove in first class; 
and millions more. We had some great times and I hope 
to share many more. You're a special friend and don't ever 
change. The Thorns family for being really nice people. 
Terri F. and Darrelle R. don't forget the great time in 
una.ssigned and our other classes together. It s been really 
fun. You're both great friends. And to Michelle P. 
Stephanie C, May C, Samsri K, Laren W thanks for being 
good friends. And to my other friends at B.H.S.. it's been 
real fun. Thanks to the field hockey team, it's been real 
fun. Good Luck to the years to come. Thanks to the 
teachers and Good Luck to the class of 1993, it's been a 
great, fast, four years. 

Future Goals: To go to colllege and marry the man of my 

Jim Maddox 

Activities: Hockey, lacrosse, football, "Wheelin." 

Thanks to: Mclnnis forthe good time in the Cady and just 
being a dork. Boffa for those mint BMX days. Shay for 
cemetary. Jenn Hanson for all these years of kindness. 
Jenn Hansen for being a friend at least when it was 
convenient. Jenn Callalian for a fun six months and Kery 
P. and Brendan M. as well as Mr. and Mrs. McGrath for 
putting up with me. Special thanks to the Martines family 
for those "Gallons of Milk" and Bartels for being fat. Also 
thanks to l)a\ e for keeping Bill out of trouble and Shawn 
and Bill ".Are you ready?'' The whole Boland family for 
lots of truck fun. I'd like to thank all teachers for 
letting me get by, especially Mr. MacDonald. and Mrs. 
Mitchell. Thank you for all your help Mr. Connely and 
Victor. Thanks to all those people 1 forgot like T.F.. E.P.. 
A.K., L.G.. A.C.. A.D.. T O., C.B.. for fifth grade. .Mandy 
for some good times. Special thanks to Lilian for a lot of 
fun and last but certainly not least, my family Mom. Dad, 
Nik, Kris, Cori, Matt for putting up w ith me and especially 
Gram and Gramp for getting me through, "1 will get out of 
debt some day.'' 

Stephan Maher 

378 Great Rd. 

Activities: ROTC Drill Team. ROTC Color Guard. 
D.D.D.E.A. (Alumni) 

Future Goals: Marine Corps: Ground Electronics Repair. 

,i()hn Robert Mara 

327 Spriitfis Rd. 

Activities: J.V. Soccer 1. Varsiiy2..^,4(Capt. 3.4): J.\ 
Basketball I. Varsity 2.3.4 (Capt. 4); J \' Baseball I: 
Varsity Lax 2: Wiffieball Tourney 2.3.4. Mini l.a\ Tour- 
ney2: SADD 3.4: Latin Club 3,4: Spanish Club 3: Hall 
Decorating 1 .2,3.4; Spirit Games 2: Prom Decorating 
(King) 3: Nashoba Valley Sledding Team 3.4; Laser 7.8 
(Cheater 8) 

Thimksto: Most nuportantly myfainily;toiny sister Beth. 
Sue and Lisa. \ou tha'c have given me a lot of support and 
thaiiks for pulling up w iih all my loud music. To m\ 
You're the leader of our family now and you're doing a 
great job. Keep ii up ! VERY SPECIAL tIiANKS to ni> 

iiujiliL i toi tcat liingnie all 1)1 her morals and for giving me 
the groundaiion on which my life is based. Mom. thanks 
for all you did. You were the best. Your spirit lives in us 
all. 1 love you!! Thanks to Linda Gunn. You'e helped our 
family so much. I really appreciate all that you have done. 
Thanks to Ace for all the good times over the past 3 years 
I [he parties, the talks, the support) and for being a schema 
with me. We never got caught doing anything fMiddle 
School parking lot. Fun world. 4 parties between us) WOW! 
Thanks to Boffa for being a great friend and driving golf 
balls with me at the V. A. I'll always remember your house 
at the Cape last 'summer. Ginn, the rape victim, for all the 
Meinorial Da> Weekends, the vacations. (.Samsel - Krista 
and Kris - Pernsh Hill), and for always wanting a short 
chick. ,Alpo for being a great kid and never yukkin' on 
anybody's driveway. Nutes. your impersonations are a 
riot. Always remeinber Mclnnis at the Cape with a strainer 
on his head saying, "She's got a cute smile." Colin for all 
the great times aiid for taking a bath in a swimming pool 
in broad daylight. You'll always be a Caveman. Kyvelos 
(Greek ) for the tires and all the crazy outfits at our parties. 
Mclnnis.what can 1 say? You'll always be the second 
coming of Sal Rosenberg; "Hello, Barbara '" Roni (Chip) 
for teaching me how to dance and do the "spin move " 
Thanks to Lord and the McGarry for all the nights at the 
mountains and islands. How many stogies and packs of 
Djanmi have you guys consumed'.' Thanks to Ciccone for 
caddying and having a house on the Cape .soclose to mine. 
That made ii so fun. Thanks to Todd for being the man and 
taking the blame at Funworld. Thanks to Josh and Adam 
for being hecbs and friends since the \er\ first grade. 
Remember pumpkin smashing iuid the golf course greens? 
Thanks lo Maity for having one of the best nights of the '92 
suniiiicr u ith me, B.T.. and Cohen over at Keii McGralh's 
house. Thanks to Stone for having a VW bug. Wakeham 
(Cisco), and to Keoni for being a inotjse. Actually make 
that 2 moose. Chester — "How 's Ronnie?", small melons 
on that chick. Thanks to Boutie for being the Buca-man 
and making fun of Ullman. "Hello. I ordered an eggplant 
sub." Thanks to B.T. for caddying with me and the call at 
?:45 in the morning when I was busy. Thanks to Danny for 
being a great kid. Remember the cat in your car? Thanks 
to some in the Class of '94 — Merrill. Barden. Cal (walk- 
ing orgasm), and Mika. (Thanks for the sneak peek at the 
beach. How's the sand?): to some m the Class of '95 — 
Tim (the parties) and Guisti for having a sweet Imking 
chick. Thanks to all the girls; Bcrko for the panics. 
Valentine: Colliton for singing late night at Berko's par- 
ties; and Paula for never scwpin' Lord or three guys in 
one night. Katy for all the talks and wild times. We've had 
so any good times. Thanks for being such a good frienil. 
Thanks to Caroline for never being late and for all the 
secluded parties we went to. .A.shley and Terri — what can 
I say to you two besides I never got sick of you and you're 
the balls. Jen Hansen for being a great friend through 
junior high. Mandy for listening to my Sal Rosenberg 
imitations and to Jen Hanson — remember Tim's? I bet 
you don't. Thanks to Shay for all the Phil stories. There 
were so many good ones. Krista, special thanks to you 
because you made me realize what type of person I am. 
You always provided me with the support I needed. 
Thanks so much! To all my teachers, coaches, and admir- 
ers. Good luck in the future. Lastly, thanks to the crazy 
soccer teams and Mr. Wilson. I'll always reinember the 
games against Georgetown. Concord, A-B, and L-S. Good 
luck in the years to coine. The '90 J.V. team — always 
remember Coach K. getting his butt kicked over at CC. 

Future Goals: To go to college and do well enough to 
graduate on tiine. Then to get married to a very beautiful 
w Oman and have kids that will be raised just the way my 
mother raised me. To .see the girls in our class be on time 
for graduation. To see Ace become a Bedford cop and to 
never get bagged by him when I come back to visit. To see 

Ginn marry a short chick and see Chip marry a fat chick. 
And to sell my car and buy a Blazer. 

Andy C. McElhinney 

93 A Scott Circle 

Matt Mc(Iarry 

12 McMahon Road 

Activities: Golf Varsity 1,2.3,4; Basketball Freshman 1 . 
JV 2, Varsity 3,4; Baseball J V 1 .2. Varsity 3,4: Latin Club 
1.2; Prom I>ecorating 3,4: Hall Decorating 1.2: Min Lax 
3: Wiffleball semi-finalist 2,3: l^ser tag 1 

Thanks To: My whole family for the love and support they 
have given to me during these years. Mom and Dad. Lynn, 
Mary, Julie. Greg. Chris, Rick, my nieces .Nicole and 
Alyssa. and Ryan. Thanks for everything and every 
opportunity you have given me. Also to my brother and 
sidekick, .Mike. Special thanks also go to; Dave Venuti lor 
everything. Rotkpon. and the firecracker incident ' Can 
you hear?"; Ace for wiggling it w ith the Madame; Alpo for 
all the abuse he takesand for pullin all the honeys; Todd 
.Anderson for "Where 'd you get that cone?", state Ircxiper. 
and the football games we had in his yard: Matt K. for 
being the #1 Greek in America, plus w ater balloon fights 
at his house; Dave Lord for trying to pick up Shanna and 
not laughing .it Doug; Mark M. for his dog puking on my 
sock, sleep<ni.Ts. shovel: Dave Boffa for being the only 
k id who ecu kl tell sou the draft number of any N FL play er; 
Cooler for giving me his phone number that day in Mr. 
Mercaldi's class; John Mara hitting that grand slam in the 
bottom of the sixth: Paul Stone for his cars and Frenchmans 
Hole; Stephen Chester for being the only one lo know the 1 eddy Pleasure story, Mike Boutin for tliat great time 
in Mr. Slephen.son's class; .Sean Christie, w hy 'd you have 
to go?: Pat Lewis, what the hell's the bread for Chip for 
those velvet rota dope kicks in Latin I: John Ginn for 
helping me with that fiat tire: Adam L'dell for the loudest 
horn and being a force in the senior vs. sophomore football 
game; Ten Ciccone for Faster Pussycat: Caroline Busch 
and Mandy Jannis for those labs and bike path; Kaiy 
Doheny for ragging on my dog: Jen Hanson for her parties 
in junior high. Little Dipper: Ray-Ray for being m> 
fashion consultant in Chemistry; Michelle Pa\ las for the 
dice game: Terri Franks and Kristen Colliton for being 
two of the quiesiest people that I have ever met; Shay 
Duris for giving me her split ends in Mrs. Shay's class; 
Colin Ross for his hustle on the baseball field: Tim 
Likosky for the gotxi times: Tony Johnson for always 
trying to dunk in gym class; Mike Anderson for the 
scavenger hunt fire exiingui.sher; Bill Kat/ tor tennis and 
Green Bean; Rich Atkinson for his yodels; Chris Merrill 
for his hair; Tommy Jammer for the laughs: .Ml my 
teachers, especially Mr. Reynolds. Mrs. Pellegrini. Mr. 
Kelly, Mrs. Dow ling. Mrs. Piantcdosi. To anyone I fort!ot. 
and to those who left before mc 

Future Goals: Save Bedford High School from all those 
who w ant to drop a bomb on it. Play golf for free at Mark's 
course, catch .Alpo and Ten on their world tour, see Todd 
on stage jammin with Zepellin. see Geoff try to steal that 
sign from ACE Hardware: to see Greek climb the Empire 
State Building, to see Venuti in the Navy. After my career 
in the CBA, I will become a featured dancer on Dance 
Party USA. 

Michael Mc(iarry 

/ 2 McMahon Road 

Activities: Baseball Golf 1.2,3.4; Basketball I: 
Latin Club 1,2.3. 

Thanks To: My entire family for their support. Mom ai 
Dad. Mary. Julie. Lynn<Chris, Rick. Greg. Nicole. Alyss 
and Ryan. Can't forget about my brother Matt. thanLs !• 
everything! Thanks to David V. for RcKkport, gettit 
wedgies, pong, and "who put this snow in my tailpipe 
Bryan A.. Alpo. Big AI. Allipopt). for having so mai 
nicknames, wearing cuordoroys and getting rid of th 
bowl cut. Matt K., the w ild virgin sorbee Greek, forgivii 
me ajar of pickles, and falling out of that tree, it looked lil 
it hurt. Todd A. for not being mad when I slammed yo 
hand in the door. Slick Rick, and doing Bobcat. Dave 
being the leader ol iIk- Freebirds, and Shana. Dave B. f 
knowing more useless sports trivia than anyone on t; 
planet, and doing playful. Geoff C. (Ace » for having t 
cleanest, neatest room in the whole world, and the trip 
New Hampshire. Mark M. fordoing a great Bart Simpsc 
hummer park, and being the swing doctor. John M. 1 
introducing me to Saul Rosenberg. Steve C. for lookii 
great in a weLsuit. Little Red Riding Hood. Toweni 
Inferno. JUGS. Teri C. for having great hair, and for bei' 
the lyrical genius of Rhyme Scheme, chip M. for his bla 
velvet ROTA love biHiis Mike B . for L ncle R(xl. Adu 
L.. Pat L.. for being Irish. WHat s the bread for' Ri 
Tide. John G. for not letting that tree get to the hoop. T 
L., Bill K. for tennis, the Tercel, and having womei 
underwear in your baseball linker. Paul S. for the Ph( 
nix. and Frenchman's hole. Vin W.. Rob W (Cooter) I 
some great Lowell stones, beating me up. and iniroduci 
me to high school mama. Colin R. . Sean C. for Fun Wor 
Nashua stories, to bad you had to move.dingleberry. Sui 
for riding the bench with me. Katy D. for having a gn 
rat o'og, calling me Michael, and for being jealous of r 
fingemails. Caroline B.. for always coming up with ni 
and interesting names for me. Pike. McGlaney.etc. Man 
J. for not using those nicknames. Rach;icl B. for being r 
fashion consultant, vertical and horizontal stripes woi 
trust me. Kristen C, for that laugh, Ashley C. Miche 
P.. Terri F.. Jen H., for making me say "hi" to her. and I 
the times over your house. Special thanks to God I 
making this all happen. R.I. P. Weazy the Cat and Taffy i 
Wonder Dog. To anybody that I forgot to thank. I'm rea 

Mark .Mclnnis 

/.?9 Old Billet tea 

Activities: Golf 12.34. Basketball 23. Lacrosse 14. La/ 
Tag 123. Drama stuff 12.^4. Music stuff 1234. Studi 
Council .34, Gambler 12.34. Wiffie ball commisior 
1234. World Series Champs 2. Foreign Language sti 

Tlianksio: Alpo. the worst houseguest leverinvited bat 
.Anderson, Dirty trips to J.ick's Junkyard. Boutin, a lo> 
member of the white water cooler crew. Bnll. THE m 
since first grade. Carlson and his bear necessities. Cha 
for being the hardest man to beat in LazerTag andalw; 
smoking stogies w hile playing poker. Chester, for app 
dating Chubb Rock. Ciccone. for being a close trie 
every year since the days when we shot G.I. Joe's head ■ 
with a b.b. gun. and also thanks to Teri for being the \\ 
to test my space trolley. Thanks to Cohen for his steak 1 1 
and for bringing the w ord "kid" to another le\ el. Espo^ 
for never being able to keep a straight face. Ginn. for be 
.■\ntonio Tonellini and "no me pruehas. ' Hursh. 
Redfield and "Plumber Mam." KvacIos ibr the vo 
behind "Jim" and "pat there?" Kleek.unp for ""hati 
when that happens." Lord for being the sweetest "C 
know , and for lobster. Mara for being a great fnend w 
a lot of determination and most imfxjrtanily for S. 
Rosenberg. Thanks to McMatt for all the golf memori 
"Oh Dennis." McMike for his glorious shotmakii 
Mofield for starting a dance revolution. Monte, faces 


eath at the lunch table. Rivinius, the MVP of the 1992 
.;avenger hunt. Ross for never clubbing me, MPR for 
the puritan way." Stone, for conservation land jogs, and 
)r being a close friend since baseball cards and scooping 
1 fifth grade. Udell, for being a neighbor ( in a sense) and 
)r being a good student in shoe tying. Venuti, '"Diga me.'" 
ley Mac D. lorn petty, and all your thousands of jokes. 
I'ou are one of the funniest kids I will ever meet. Thanks 
) Cooter for making the semi-fonnal a blast and for just 
eeing Cooter. Disco Vin Welch for the miraculous hunt 
nd capture of Jon Holden and for making "The Joads" a 
ear success. A special thanks to the mad dog who always 
ame and helped me out when a I needed a jump. To the 
nderclassmen: Merrill. McGrath, Gallant, McAllister, 
lukinger, Reynolds, Hansen, and the under underclassmen 
)ickinson and Little Mike Lobster - You guys all haul. 
Iianks to the whole class of 1 993, especially the girls who 
didn "t mention, you are all the best, and you haul, thanks 
) my family, not including Dave Boffa, who sometimes 
ets confu.sed as a part of the household. Dave, we have 
othing in common except for the search for a good laugh, 
/e've had many. Too many laughs to list on paper. T^ 
;w to quit having them. Outside of being the only peraH 
'hocan get me to spit milk at a joke, I like you because ybu 
on't try to impress me. You may be tlie "Prime Time" of 
HS but to me you are Dave Boffa, and you haul, 
uture Goals; To figure out what I want to do with my life, 
) read a book, to get smarter, probably by going to 
3llege, to eat, sleep, and enjoy my job, to stay healthy by 
□Ifing a lot, to give my kids the same advantages my 
arents gave me, to beat Dave Boffa in Black Jack, to beat 
nybody, including my little sister in ping-pong, find 
base in Lazer Tag, buy more cars that Maddox and trash 
!wer. beat Teri in a race at Tuckennan's ravine, giving 
im a head start, buy another Cadillac, buy another Saab, 
) bench press Johji Ginn himself, and to be on SNL. 
inally, to win a major PGA event, fix my hair a la Dave 
offa, take the cash and build a golf course and let all my 
igh school friends play for free, or just use the pub for 

Lino Miani 

J3A Scott Circle 

divities: Soccer 1,2,3,4: ROTC 2,3,4; Orchestra 1; 

cicnce League 4: Skiing 4. 

hanks To: I'd like to thank my mom and dad for making 
le who 1 am. My brother and sister for being my brother 
id sister. Colonel Campbell and Chief Braga for helping 
le get on with the rest of my life. Mr. Palmer, Mr. 
abourin. and Mr. Judge for teaching me especially well, 
[r. Gollis for knowing the answers to all my questions, 
latt Giusti for being my posse since 1 moved here. Kim 
'uda for laughing at my jokes. Steve Aftosmis for doin' 
hat I do. Sergio and Andrea Perez and Heather and 
harlene Polito for being true friends even when it meant 
ghting to stay that way. Phil Polito for teaching me the 
ay it is. Eric McDonald for being a posse member. Amy 
orrigan for being a great friend. Rob Hannon for being 
alian. Canie Green for always listening to my B.S. 
reddy Melende/, for not writing to me yet. Adam Udell 
ir getting a math grade than me. Charlie Axtell for 
:ing a good cadet. Raphael Rivera for whatever. Metallica 
)r making the best music on Earth. God. Robert E. Lee, 
lift" Burton, and Douglas MacArthur for being my he- 
'es. And finally, I'd like to thank Paul Troutman, 
homas Covnant. W.A. Mozart, Mr. Dipietro. mysself, 
id Daisy the sheep. 

uture Goals: To go to some college, get a degree, join the 
lilitary and start a career. I also want to collect pigeons 
id be a grandmother. 

Chris Miller 

12 Liberty Lane 

Activities: Absolutely nothing. 

Thanks to: Mike A. for the Bible according to Miketh; 
Patti L. for being there; .Sieve C. for an interesting Health 
class; Anniih G. for making me laugh my butt off; Matt W. 
for helping us out of the garage; Bemie D. for all the butis 
we had in Upper A; Mr. Maxwell for always walking in on 
me and Bemie; Mark L. for something; Jimmy D. for 
always having something witty to say; John W. for always 
knowing everything and nothing at the se time; Jame time; 
Jeremy W. for Art Class last year, Billy K. for not knowing 
what Sabre toothed Crotch Crickets were; Michelle B. for 
being you; and Chris G. for getting me kicked out of study 
almost every day last year. 

Future Goals: Undecided. 

gl^ip^ Mary Mix 

435 Davis Road 

Activities: JV Field Hockey 1 Varsity 2,3 Captain 4; SKi 
Team 3,4; JV Softball 1 Varsity 2,.i4; Winter Track 1; 
Spanish Club 1.2; Latin Club 3; SADD 2,3,4; School 
Atmospher Committee 3,4; AFS 2,3; Yearbook Staff 4; 
Prom Chairperson 4: Eddie 1; Musical 1.2; Student Pro- 
duction Night 2; Powder Puff 3,4: Peer Institute 4; Hall 
Decorating 1,2; Gym Decorating 3,4; Prom Decorating 3: 
Spirit Games 1,2; Youth Ministry 3.4; LYF 2,3,4; the Get 
Along Gang 3,4. 

Thanks To; Krysiin and Jenn for listening to my problems, 
the weekend on the Cape, Jenn. the Peer Institute was 
great. Meg, my dieting partner. Slick. Dr., A.C.. as well as 
our other men. Canobie Lake and the summer of '92. 
Stephanie, Two-bits, or Clueless, never forget the obses- 
sion, baseball caps, jeeps, and J.R. in the morning. Cait for 
Harvard Square. Loon Mountain, and the frog puppet 
(Steph!). Kim for the best semi-formal and Laurie for 
Zippideedooda. Cheri. the year you were her was a lot of 
fun, we all miss you! Thanks to the Field Hockey team - 
I appreciate all you've done for me Miss G., Teiri, don't 
forget those secrets about the football team, as well as 
Kristen. Michelle, and Shay for the V.A> parking lot and 
Field Hockey Camp-Mandy ! The rest of the Field Hockey 
team especially Alexis, Sarah E. (thanks for being my 
running parmer), Ro. Caria G.. and Kerri Mead and 
Lauren S. for being my fullbacks. Danielle A. for F.H. and 
skiing. The softball team. Bedford Camp Staff, The 
"flower shop" gang, and Youth Ministry especially Chris 
and Jim. Dave G., Chris C. and Alex for the weekends. 
Brian, it .seems tike you've always got an excuse not to go 
to church. Scott for spraining my ankle. Chip for Humani- 
ties, Paul for Accounting (jr. year), and Dave B. for 
constantly being annoying. Matt K.. Teddy, and Betsy for 
being buddies since we were babies. Geoff C. thanks lor 
being our F.H. cheerleader. Lino for physics ( Help?! ) and 
Dan G. watch the stairs! Colin, you've definitely got the 
biggest hand at BHS. Sulli and John T. for always bugging 
me. Rita, Vin, Mike E., Julie. Jane A., Erin S., Jane C. and 
Carrie G., Keoni. Tara S.. Dave L., Teri C, Adam U., 
Rachael B., Steve C. and Tony J., Chris A., Kim and you 
are perfect together! The Bates JV and Varsity Soccer 
teams for a night of "Food and Fun" especially Ryan. 
Chuck, thanks for always listening to my problems and for 
being such a great friend. Greg, the parents' weekend w as 
definitely memorable. Special thanks to my parents for 
always being there for me and Doug for our little chats, 
even though we fight, you're the best little bio! The Class 
of 1993 Rules!! To anyone else I may have mistakenly 
forgotten ... Thanks!!! 

Future Goals; To meet Tom Cruise and Luke Perry, travel 
the world, and owna fire engine red convertible. To marry 
the one I love, have a daughter and son, be the best 
corporate lawyer this country has ever seen, to be happy 
the rest of my life and never lose touch with my best 
friends (all 7)! I 

Robert E. Mofield .Jr. 

234 Carlisle Rd. 

Activities; Football 1,2.3,4; Track 1.2; Lacrosse 3,4; 
Mini Lax 2; TBB 3; BFFA 4, Nashoba Sledding Team 3.4; 
Roni Adventures 3,4; Dance Party 4; Sloppy Seconds 
Team 3,4. 

Thanks To: I'd like to thank Colin for being the first New 
Mexican Caveman (look! Is that a deer'.') To Teri C. for 
wearing leather pants and fancy perfumes. Mike B. for 
having everything! (Uncle Henn) thanks Rob, Josh C. for 
eating Japanese Rice and drinking orange Slice (you rap 
star) Pat L. and Gino for parking the car and for all the 
force five adventures. Matty for starting the team and Late 
night crashing at your houe. To Todd (By the shoes, by the 
shoes) (Seatbelt). scott K. (what are you dribbin?) to 
johnny (the siomi) (cut it out) stop pickin' your teeth 
(chipperoni what's going on kid) where is my shirt 
(cerimonial toss overboard) Matt G. for G period. Cooter 
(volleyball) straight out Lowell. Brendan M for a birthday 
to remember yours and mine kid. Boffa (red wagon 
forever) Ace how's football and those hits .Mc Garry "s. 
Matt, Mike you Latin Lover's! Couton, Alpo. Dave V. 
Bone, Chester, Tree for the truck, mike a. how "s Gino 
Keoni you bad hawaiian you!! To Jared Injun Joe is the 
best! ! Rich -A. How the chick (Lynnfield) you Dork! Matt 
Wil.son Left side baby fold! V. Le. farmer. Midget, Lord 
(no hard feelings ) and everyone else! McGinnis for light- 
ing a fire! Special thanks to Jen H. you will always be my 
favorite!! Caroline. Katie and Mandy for one crazy New 
Year's and making me feel good. S. Brown for being a 
sweety. Jessamyn for a wicked mint prom. Shay for being 
nice to my friend Phil. Terri F.. Michelle P., and Rachael 
B. for just being there. Adam Udell "carebearers" the 
hornet and all the niffy little things! Mara (Yesss) Vin W. 
for taking my number and wearing it with pride 83. 
MeiTill (Yup Yup) kick it 2 times. Special thanks to Gary 
Glidder for starting the year right! Mark Barbainis for his 
themesong. Maddogforwheelin! ! ToJohnW. thanks for 
Sarah H. she's great! and Sergio foreating the lugnuts. On 
the family side I like to thank Mom, and Pop for being 
great and wonderful parents. My loving sister Beth , 
Nancy for the truck, and my deaj' sweet loving grandma! 
Your the greatest. I like to thank Coach Sab, for being 
there Coach Petrillo for all you've taught me over the 
year's. Colenel for making me a guard. Coach Mulligan 
and Kil'Pairick for sending me on my way. Red beard has 
a captain loo! ! good pictures; And the guy who liked Bob 
Sealiger band and was real to Rock N' Roll Come On!! 

Future Goals; To finally get credit for something to do 
good, bad, or indifferent. Finish school (College) be 
successful in whatever I do. Grow a monsterous gui with 
a matching '/.'/. top beard, have Johnny li\ c \v ith the legend 
of the storm with Colin in world league. See ten m Bon 
Jovi tassels. See Mike drive a mustang ,ind to really find 
out how do you talk to an angel. Come on'.'. 

John keoni (j Monte 

37 Pine Hill Rd. 

Activities: My great activities arc fwiball. hunting, ski- 
ing, scuba diving, and others. 

Thanks To; I'd like to thank Mary Mix for telling me that 


Ihisislate. I'd like to thank Tara for being there. I'd like 
10 thank Chris Mofield to thank Mar>' Mix for telling me 
that this is late, I'd like to thank Tara for being there. I'd 
like to thank Chris Mofield for the wearing of boots. 
Th;inks to Jen Hanson for being there and always willing 
to talk. Thanks to Katy Doheny for always loving me. 
Thanks to Bedford. Thanks to Tara again. 
Future Goals: Police man. General of the Army. Tom -The 
Lover'Jones's brother.. Become the first Hawaiian WWF 
Heavy Weight champion. To be a cartoon figure in -Star- 
Blazers. To be in -Battle Star Galactica Returns. 

Kenneth Morgan 

13B Scott Circle 

Mark Opalenik 

9 Adams Rd. 

Activities: French Club. Art Club. M.U.N. Club. Working 
attheCommissary. Basketball. Soccer. Drawing, Writing, 

Thanks To: I'd like to thank my parents and family fortheir 
support in the hard times. They believed in me when no 
one else would. I'd also like to thank niv mom for her 
inspiration, and my dad for his help in guKlmy niy growth. 
I'd also like to thank Mr. Sullivan for opening my eyes lo 
history. Thanks also goes out to Mr. Sabourin for believ- 
ing iti my mathematical skills, anti lo the other 
teachers who made my school career successful. I'd also 
like to thank: Allen -roll a brick-^ Wilson. Scan Sadowski 
for his faith in his god (Budha). Scott -Sean-t- Wiener. 
Serge VexcL for his preachings on safe sex and Mark -pass 
the gatorade-t- Lakowski. as well as all the other fools who 
have had an impression on me.. 

Thanks To: I'd like to thank my parents and family fortheir 
support in the hard times. They believed in me when I 
needed it. 

Rich Farnell 

91 Hancock Street 

Thanks to: Special thanks to niy mother, father, and 
brother for always being there. Thanks to the Crue. 
Dw ayne, Chris, Barrie. Joann, Cyndi, Jason T. and Jason 
E. I'll never forget ya. Thanks to the airshack for those 
great summer nights. I'd also like to thank Heather, Char, 
Ralph, Kevin. Kelly, Kristie. Joker. Elina. Lori. Julia. 
Sarah, Colleen, Becca. and Jen for making my life wonli 

Future Goals: To go bungy jumping with Grimace. To 
make the most of my life, and marry an attractive blond 
and have lots of kids. 

Rita Elizabeth Patino 

35 Ojfuit Rd. 

Activities: Volleyball 1. 2: Debate 1, 2; Drama 1. 2. 
secretary 4; Spanish Vice President 4; Toumament of 
Plays, student director."?, director 4; Yearbook 4; 
candystripers 3, 4; Track 3; telemedia 3,4: musicals 3, 4; 
talent show 4; gym decorating 4; 

Thanks To: Mom and Daddy for endless support, guid- 
ance and love. Gina and Lora not for being sisters but for 
being the best friends! for understanding guy problems 
and late night talks. John Paul for begin the best brother. 
I love you all!! Misty, mi mejor amiga. for walks, tears, 
laughs, hugs and great advice. 1 don"t know what I'd do 
without you. Julie, life is just a bowl of potatoes, french 
onion soup, and Larry's and yes. friends too. Betsy, for 

being a fellow old movie lover, handprints, latex gloves, 
and "singin' in the rain'". Vin, for teaching me how to cast 
a fishing line, the Jr. Prom and for almost always being 
right. Jason I. for smiles, opening my locker and making 
it all Ixrttcr. Sarah E surs'iving confirmation together and 
history I and II, someday I'll figure out what the hell it is! 
Sarah R for hugs and guy talks. Brian D for masterpiece 
pots. Dave G. Brian F, Chris C, Ryan K for a shwell 
shecond shiunch. Steph D apple picking anyone? Caii H 
.see you al the Olympics! Andrea, Jane, and Jill: THANK 
YOU I Irene, Lino. Jeremy , Kristin Celeste, for smiles, Mr. 
Sabourin for Enthusiasm! Mr. McDonald for making me 
late to Spanish. Lovin' the Beatles and interesting talks. 
Mrs. Krueger. Mr. Pavao and Mrs. Sorgi. 

Future Goals: To finish college, adopt an elephant, get 
swept off my feet by some awesome man. fall in love, get 
married, have lots of chilren. be happy and to make a 
difference someday someway in this crazy beautiful world. 

Michelle Pavlas 

192 Concord Rd. 

.'\ciivities;JV Field Hockey 1,2 Varsity 3.4: J V Softball I: 
Powder Puff 3.4; SADD 1.2,3: Yearbook 4; Hall Decorat- 
ing 1 .2; Gym Decorating 3.4. 

Thanks To: First. I want to thank the entire of 1993 
for all the years. Katy. thanks for "Rent and Food," 
and wearing .i neck brace; Mand\ . thanks for pizza and our 
"Toilet Talk. " Caroline (Billy's paniM; Ashley , thanks for 
Tim M.'s party (where were you?); andRachael, a lot has 
changed between us, but thanks for the memories. Espe- 
cially thanks to all of you for "girl bonding." Shay, 
(whooping cough, O.P.P.): Jen Hanson (friends since 
thiul grade): Jen Hansen; Darrell (Jr. High memories); 
Krisien Celeste (the front seat); Mary M. (V.A. Parking 
Lot): Steph D. (Daylight Savings. Bemie. and Pizzeria 
Lno). To all the guys: Dave L., thank you for all the great 
(and embarrassing) times; Geoff C. thank you for always 
having a comment. Matt M., thanks for the semi-formal 
and playing dice, Dave B.. thanks for letting me be 
"Mom," Bryan A., thanks forlheaiiiiudc. Mike M. ( Marty), 
Dave v.. (childhood memories). Todd, thanks for being 
so annoying. Paul (my knee feels okay), Chester (the 
molester). Mati K. (Classic Outfit). John M., Mark M., 
John G.. Mike B., Chip, ihanks for the helpful talks. Ten 
C. Colin. .Adam. Rob \\ . (Roberto). Jimmy D. (my 
brother). To the Jrs.; Chri^ .Merrill, ihanks for being you, 
you're a great person. Jimmy S. (Jr. Promj. Matt G.. Chris 
M. (Chrishaffer Island), Chris F, Sara Ro (the auditorium, 
hallways, etc.). Amy S. (wicked trippers), Sara Borshay 
(Beetles! Katherine!), Cindy (Abbr ), and Beth M. (Stop 
in the name of love). Ms. G, .Vlickey, and tiie field hockey 
team (esp. Danny and Carla G.), Phil A.. Mike L. (the 
cutest freshman). Neil (Diamond), Jeff S.. Michelle D. 
(Mom Sr.), thanks lor all the memories. Maureen, you're 
like a sister to me. ih.iiiks for all of our meaningful talks. 
Special thanks to m\ family: Mom. 1 couldn't have done 
it w ithout you, thanks for putting up \siih me. Lee and 
David, thanks for letting me tag along when w e were little, 
and for looking aftermeforthc past IVyears. Tina.thanks 
for not only being my sister in law . but also my friend. And 
of course, Michael David, thanks for being the best little 
nephew . Another special thanks to Terri and Kristen. 
Terri, we've been friends since Davis School and have 
been through a lot (Red truck, P.B.. Police at Huyden's. 
etc.). Thanks for everything, we are friends forever. 
Kristen. there is so much that we've been through and so 
much that 1 couldn't have gotten through without you 
(Huck. and B.T.) I hope that I've helped you as much (The 
Lodge, and remember "Someday"). Thanks for every- 
thing. Nothing beats New Year's '92! I know that we'll 
be friends forever, and thanks to everyone else who has 

been a part of my life but didn't mention. 

Future Goals: To become a 1st grade teacher aftei 
graduate from college, then marry a cute guy who pla 
sports. To have about four kids, to always keep in tou 
with my friends, to never forget a single line to the mo\ 
"Stand By Me," and to one day see Terri decide what s 
wants to do for a career. 

Alan Pedersen 

18 Alaska Avenue 

Atinities Tennis 1234. Winter Track 34, Freshm 
Basketball bench warmer 1, Latin Club 123, Hall Dec 
rating 12, Yearbook 4. 

Thanks to; Vin Welch, for driving me to school. Da 
Hursh, for cheating in Trump. Mike Esfwsito, Jas 
Campoli, Alex Brill and also his dog for biting me. Ma 
Mclnnis, .Matt Ross, for the -Puritan Way of Living. Bri 
Drohan. for being a role model about study skills, Viet L 
forwishing he was Sw edish. Rich Atkinson. Steve Chest- 
Chip Mofield, Scott (Crusher Bob Monte ) Kleekamp, C 
Hurley. Laurie Sheflin. Meg Boschetto. and anyone els i 
forgot. Also thanks to Mom. Dad. Ken. abd Peppy. 

Future Goals: Become rich, retire at 35, play tennis eve 
day of my life, and complete a Physics lab. 

C>nthia Primmerman 

21 Railroad Avenue 

Activities: Madrigal 3,4; Choir 1,2,4: Double Sextette 
Show Choir 4; Musical 1.2,3.4; Ski Team 1,2.4; Drar 
Club 1,2.3,4: Tournament of Plays 1.2.3,4. 
Thanks To: First 1 would like to thank my panjnts for b 
such wonderful parents and for being there w hen I nc 
you. Mom and dad - 1 love you both very much and 1 ho 
tiiat I have made you proud.. Dad - thanks for being 
patient with me and always pushing me. I appreciate 
now even if! didn't then. I know that you always want t 
hesi forme, and for that. I thank you. Mom - 1 onl> ho 
thai 1 will be as wonderful a mother as you have been 
me. Ichliebedich Mom. und ich danke dir fur allcs' U 
habegelemteinbiBchenDeutsch in Osterreich. Corde 
- you are a wonderful sister! What more can I say? Cai 
my dearest friend, you are far away, but we will always 
close in our hearts. Thanks for being such a good frien 
Mr. Low. thanks for all the wonderful songs. Madrig. 
and for always calling me Christine. Mrs. Mclnnis, than 
for making my songs beautiful and for having confiden 
in me when I didn-H. Chris. I had a wonderful time ( I si 
have ihe flowers)! Rachelle. ihanks for being a frien 
Lastly. I would liks for being a friend. Lasth . 1 would lii 
to thank my family once again for all the love and suppo 
Future Goals: To get a good education, do the best 1 c; 
and iry to make a difference in the world. 

Dwavne Risley 

15 Riverside Ave 

(>regg Rivinius 

14 Curve St. 

Activities: winter and spring track 3 

. 4: Utin Club 

Skiing 1 . 2, 3; Snowboarding 3. 4; Being late 1, 2. 3, 

Papa Gino's 1. 2. 3. 4: IDoing everything else b 
homeowork 1,2,3, 4. 

Thanks To; Mom and Dad for being the best parents ai 
not killing me when you had to drive me to school eve 


ing Because T"Was late. Cindy and Beth for being 

ireatest sisters. Mike for being a fellow hockey fan. agreat 
riend and tearing up my lawn along with about 50 others, 
vlike's dad for being Sydney of the Jungle. Rich for being 
,0 sexy. DDD for always being such a great guy. Chester 
or going with me to McDonalds to get hotcakes. Ann for 
eaching me how to snowboard. I just wish you didn't 
nove. Stephanie for going snowboarding with me. and 
lelping Mike and I set off car alarms. Matt and Anirith 
:ven though you never told me how to spell your name, for 
he fun we had during track. Brian for niaing chemistry 
unior year the best class ever. Jimmy Davis for always 
rying to beat me up, and the other JD for being so 
imoying. Everyone in POT for helping me blow up 
hings. Mr. Kelly for teaching me about Spartacus. Mrs. 
Cnieger for writing me such a killer teacher recomnienda- 
ion. Smokey for never barking, yeah right, and being such 
great dog. Tux for being the stupidest cat I've ever seen, 
lily car for not dying, yet. Bob for paying me, even though 
'OU like Japanese cars better. The Big Daddy, and the rest 
if the guys at Papa s for making work fun. Pearl Jam for 
eing the best group I've ever heard. And finally thanks to 
veryone else in the class of '93 for giving me so many 
[lemories and making the past years so much fun. 

■uture Goals: Go to college, earn enough money to buy a 
eal car and Bruins season tickets and snowboard "till I 


Colin Ross 

34 Meadowhi ook Rd. 

activities: Football l,2,.1.4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 
,2,3.4; Wiffleball 2,3; 

-lini Lacrosse 2; Latin Club 3.4; SADD 3.4; TBB 3; BFFA 
: Nashoba Sled Team 4; Roni Adventures 3.4; Clubbing 
earn 3 

lianks To: I'd like to thank Roni for being the sloppiest 
id I know, John Ginn for the defensive huddle, Scott 
Lleekamp for the killer party. Teri for the Cape Cod 
dventures, Mike Boutin for the present in my shoe. 
Irendan McGrath for ahnost killing me. Josh "Heeb" 
;ohen for being the next Mark Bobrintz. Matt Gallant for 
eing a great manager. Cliris Merrill for being the next 
'anilla Ice, Jen Hansen for being the best cheerleader, 
blanks Rob. Thanks to Rich, Pat, Dave L.. Viet, Matt W., 
a.son, Keoni (the Hawaiian Punch), and Vinnie for mak- 
ig the last season of football a success. And thanks to all 
je junior football players and the lone sophomore. Good 
jck next year! I "d like to thank ail the senior girls - Teiri, 
iachel. Caroline, Kristen, Ashley, Katy. Shay, Jen Hanson, 
landy. Michelle. Thanks to Melissa for a great Junior 
ear. I'd like to thank John Mara for being a good friend. 
)ave Boffa for always pushing me to the edge. Td also 
ke to thank the rest of the senior guys - Bryan, Todd, 
ared. Geoff. Steve Toni. Cam, Malt K., Mark, Matt, and 
like McGarry. Paul, Dave V.. Adam, and Cooler. I'd 
ike to thank Lisa for puking in my car. I'd like to thank 
le Junior girls - Kim, Linda, Sarah, Jessamyn. Wendy, 
leih. I'd like to thank Mika for a cool place to hang. I'd 
ike to thank Coaches Sabourin, Sullivan, Petrillo, 
Campbell and Hirsch, and Mr. Cacciola, for putting up 
/ith me for four years. And finally. I would like to thank 
jy parents and sister for being there when I needed them. 

'uture Goals: To gel a scholarship to college and get my 
ream car, a Mitsubishi 3000 GT, and finally, to inairy a 
eautiful girl. 

Matthew Patrick Ross 

/ 18 Davis Road 

Actilivies: Varsity Winter Track 1,2.3, Capt. 4; Varsity 
Spring Track 3, Capt. 4; Junior Varsity Baseball 1,2; 
Marching Band 1,2,3.4; Wind Ensemble 1,2.3,4; Spring 
Musical 2,3.4; Citizenship Committee 4; Stud Junior 
Varsity Baseball 1.2; Marching Band 1,2,3.4; Wind En- 
.semble 1,2.3,4: Spring Musical 2,3.4; Citizenship Com- 
mittee 4; Student Advisory Committee 4; Songwriiing 
and Recording 1.2.3,4; Musician 1,2,3,4; Forum 4; 
Telemedia 3.4; Spanish Club 2; Foreign Language Week 
Cafe 3.4; Altar Boy 1.2,3,4; St. Michael's Rectory 3.4; 
Davidson's Phiu'macy 4; Minuteman Correspondent 4; 
Thanks To: Mom and Dad for always caring so much 
about me, listening to what I have to say. being patient 
with me, teaching me so well, and for being my heroes. 1 
love you both and only hope that one day I will be as fine 
a parent as you both are. My brothers Greg and Mike for 
being the best friends I could ever want. Thanks for being 
such good guys and taking all of my jokes in such good 
spirit. I know that I'm very lucky to have you both. Nana 
Clare and Big Grampy for always showing me something 
in your own special ways. L'ncles Dick and John for 
always being so good to this family. -Little Grainpy for 
loving 1 ife so much and for still doi ng everything you want 
to do. .Aunts June and Kay for always remembering me. 
Brian and Caroline for being more excited than anyone 
else to see the Ross brothers. Mike Esposito and David 
Hursh for being my best pals. Thanks for all the times we 
spent, the laughs, the talks, all the fun. for always being 
there for me. and for not having too many intellectual 
discussions that made me hide in the closet. Brian D. for 
being so light-hearted and carefree, -Don't leave me 
hangin this way with me, and -Ahh you gonna play in the 
Dahk'? Laurie Sheflin for being a really fun person to be 
with, for always being so nice to me and smiling, and for 
rebelling against marching band with me. -The only sane 
people in the band. Chris Coates for playing his silver 
saxophone. The stallion. Dave Gersh for batting cleanup 
in -murderer's row from Algebra II. the savior of the trees, 
and for always being a good kid. Viet Le for reading the 
newspaper in Advanced Bio, for being assisUmt track 
captain, for laughing a lot (loudly), and for writing the 
.same crazy think in everyone's yearbook. Billy Katz for 
-Dahkness and basketball stardom. Alex Brill for I'm the 
best driver I know, taking us everywhere, and for being 
cool. Alan Pederson for leaving a dead spider on my rug 
and for being funny. Campole for being the only person 
at spring track practice besides me. Gregg Rivinius for 
almost running me over, the supersoaker 2()()0 raids, and 
hanging out with me at track. Mark Mclnnis, Dave Boffa, 
and Dave Venuti for being real funny guys and making more interesting. Amrith for being fun to talk to and 
for saving me a seat on the bus. Rich .Atkinson for being 
my catch partner and bench buddy. Stephanie D. for 
being such a gossip and for researching our observation. 
Krysten Carpenter for calling me a st - oh 1 already said 
that. Heatherfor working for me and being a little Debbie. 
Craig Wiley for explaining knee surgery to me. Jeff and 
Chuck for making band a little better. Everyone in 
Advanced Bio for continuously turning and smiling at nie 
the day after my early exit w hen I had the eiu- plugs. Julie 
and Misty and Rita for being friendly people. Smith for 
field. Aaron Rashba for being the RASH. Steven Hecia 
for always spelling m> name wrong (got you back). 
Beverly for -I always have lun! and voices in the hallway. 
Vin for keeping B. Drohan under control. John Woolard 
for physics class. Father Sheehan for saying I'm his 
favorite and looking for out for me and being so kind. Jim 
McDonnell for making work less tedious and for teasing 
me about Boston College. Mr. Spinosa. Mr. SaKiurin, Mr. 
McCarthy, and Mrs. Ralston for being great teachers and 
friends. Mr. McDonald tor the band, the music, anil all the 
stuff I learned. Richard Caniglia for being a wonderful 
person. 1 wish you hadn+t moved, [-.veryone else 1 
missed, and all of last year's seniors whom I was friends 
with. I think I just confused people ... 

Future Goals: To become a rock musician - a superstar 
signed to Capitol Records. Backup plan - to go to graduate 
school and earn a good degree then get a high paying 
business job. Above all else, to become happily married 
and have several children, and settle down. To have a 
positive impact on people I meet all else, to become 
happily married and have several children, and settle 
down. To have a positive impact on people I meet and 
leave a lasting impression on the world. 

Darrell Rus.sell 

238 Carlisle Rd. 

Kim Sands 

5 Mickelson Ln. 

Activities: Soccer J.V. 1; Varsity 2,3.4; Capt. 4; Winter 
Track 1.2,3,4; Capt. 3,4; Spring Track Varsity 1,2,3,4: 
Capt. 4: Rec. Soccer 1,2.3,4; Rec. Skiing 1.2,3; Youth 
Ministry 3,4; French Club 1 .2,3.4; SADD 2.3,4; co-leader 
4; Jr. Prom Decorating 3; Mark Gray Fan Club 1,2.374; 
Cheez-it 3,4 

Thanks To: First I would like to thank my parents for 
always being there for me, being understanding and sup- 
porting me in everything 1 do. I really appreciate it. Jim 
for being an uncontrollable spaz and Mike for being 
to get along with; Molly for being the cutest dog in the 
world; Valentine for jumping out of the water for a piece 
of bread: Tum Tum and copper for the scratches; To my 
grandparents and my relatives: Chris for being the most 
caring, fun, loving, and a special person to me. I don't 
know what I would do without you you. I love you all. 
Also thanks to the Alessi family. Carrie - growing up with 
you was great. Dentist was a fun game. You've always 
been a trust worthy friend. Thanks! Meg. concerts 
(I won't mention whose) were fun. We'll have to steal a 
leaf soon! Steph C. for being a spaz like me and being 
Peanutbutter; Jane for being a great w alking buddy, friend 
and easy to talk to; Cait for getting our heads stuck 
together in French; Steph D. for having "Butcher" and 
being a Hyenna: Shannon for being a great friend, even 
though you moved; Mary and Krystin for spying through 
the fireplace; Jen for tlie NKOTB times: Kristen C. for 
sitting on your sandwich; Laurie for the zip line; Maysi for 
having a great b-day parly: Samsri for making unassigned 
a blast; Vinnie for having first aid kits at Fourth Cliff; 
Brian D. and Gregg R. for making Chem. so amusing 
(hoot hoot Mrs. Knieger). Army and Injo for the rabbits: 
Jason- are you annoyed'.' Adam, you and Meg were great 
companions at the Jr. Prom: John W.. Wig. Dave B. 
Jimmy D., Carrie, and Krystin - thanks for the night at 
Chili's. Mark Gray for being the most incredible idol: 
Danny for working ai Blake's; George Michael for having 
an awesome voice; Josh and Hayli - you're the cutest kids 
in the world! Petros for inirtxlucing me to the Triple Jump; 
Pete C for taking good care of my injuries: Mr. O'Brien - 
■'Get off the appawatis!" All my friends that h.ive gradu- 
ated antl of course the class of '93! 

Future Goals: college, be an art teacher forelemen- 
tary kids, get married to the best guy in the world, live a 
happ\ . healthy life, get into the police log. bre.ik nn Triple 
Jump record, prove thai chee/-its are belter than nips, meet 
George Michael, ow n a jungle and pel lots of animals and 
keep in touch with all nn friends. 

.l;ison Kujjeni' Si-tlers 
/ Liberty Lane 

Activities: Track 2. ROTC 12. Wrestling 2. Football .W. 
Lacrosse 34. Rifle Team 4. 


Thanks to. Mosi of all Jason Chisholm. You got me going 
in this school when 1 first came here and have been my 
friend throughout. Thanks a lot man. AlsoloJim Mobley. 
you've been a great friend and have given me a lot: meals, 
rides, etc... I owe you a lot. Good luck your senior year 
dude. To football, you guys are great. We are going out 
with a bang this season. Defensive line is MINT, we 
WILL do well. Good luck to you guys for your senior year 
and all the rest of Bedford's years. Thanks coaches for our 
.sea.son and helping us grow as men and athletes. Hi Kim, 
how are you doing. It's been fun being a few lockers away 
for two years straight and always chatting to you about 
something. Thanks to nty teachers as well. Now for my 
mom, you deserve the world and I hope you get it. 
Chrissie, Keifer. and Dillon hope your future is prosper- 
ous and fulfilling. 1 love you. 

Laurie Sheflin 

i2A out Bilk'i ita KJ. 

Activities: Spring Musical 1.2,3,4; Madrigal 2,3.4; Show 
Choir 2,3.4; Double Sextette 3,4: Drama Club 1 .2,3. Prs. 
4; Tournament of Plays 1,2.3.4; Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4; 
Marching Band 1,2,3,4; French Club; Citizenship 
Committee 3,4: National Honor Society 3.4; Varsity Soc- 
cer 1,2; J.V. Tennis 1; Varsity Tennis 2,3,4; Forum 4; 
Yearbook 4; Honorary Math League Member 3,4 

Thanks To: All of my friends for givmg nie memories 
which I will cherish forever. Cait, thanks for being my 
first anil best friend when I moved to Bedford. Thanks for 
forcing the boys to let me play kickball, it meant a lot lo 
me. Miss Peel was right! How could she have known'.* 
Mary, thanks for being the social organi/er of "the 
group". ..and for having a pool! Sieph, thanks for your 
countless physics and lelemedia pointers and for our 
Oscar-desen ing French video. Thanks Kim (K ) for being 
the only person to ever give me a nickname. Jen, thanks 
for always laughing at my jokes and reminding evervone 
of reality. Krystin. thanks for always .saying what you 
think, no matter what. Meg. thank you for being a friend 
whom I can always confide in. ..and thanks for about a 
million rides. Jane C, thanks for being a ping p<ing queen 
queen who always smiles. Jill, ihaiiks for your unique 
perspective on life. Erin, thanks lor great lunch table 
conversations. Jason, thanks for being a man of few 
words. Thanks Adam, Aaron, and Craig for being 
telemedia pros. Thanks Jessica for sticking through 
Advanced Bio with me. Thanks to the Mrs. Hoyi ganc 
with whom I shared an incredible experience: .Alex tor 
listening to all of my problems and forcing me to laugh 
about them. Mike for giggling uncontrollably at every - 
thing Alex says. Mark for Okkihoma and your Saturtlay 
Night Live caliber impressions. Thanks to the Marching 
Band survivors: Gersh for being lovable Gersh, Coates for 
being his right-hand man. Malt for listening to me com- 
plain. Thanks Bev, Jen S.. and Debbie for showing that 
girls can be incredible trumpet players. Thanks Carrie for 
being so cheery - good luck next year. Thanks Rachael for 
defying band law and talking to me during the 16 step 
squares. Brian, thanks for a bi/arre love/hale, but always 
awesome friendship - and for the certs before the semi- 
fonnal. Thanks Dave H. for talking so fast and for being 
a nice guy. Jane A., thanks for loving to sing as much as 
I do. Mr. Low and Mrs. Mclnnis, thank you for sharing 
your talents and for giving me smiles and inspiration, 
.\ndrea, thanks for being an incredible editor and friend. 
Betsy, thanks for all the plays we've been in together. Til 
never forget them. Thank you Rita and Julie for having the 
courage to wear bathing suits on stage and also for being 
so easy to talk to. Thanks Misty and Irene for being two 
of the most pleasant people I know. Thanks Anita and 
Katie McB. for not killing me when I don"t write. Finally. 

thanks to my family for always, always supporting and 
encouraging me. You've given me more than I could ever 
possibly give back. TTiank you. 

Future Goals: To watch Oklahoma sixty years from now 
with the entire BHS To live life every day with 
boundless energy and enthusiasm. To fulfill all my 
dreams and then dream a thousand more. 

Erin Sparks 

21B Scoti Circle 

Thanks To: I would like to thank God for giving me such 
wonderful parents. If I can be 1/2 as great as you are as 
parents, I will be pleased. Your guidance and teaching can 
never be replaced. The sacrifices you make everj' day are 
immeasurable. Leali, you are an inspiration of a heroine. 
Thank you Colonel Campell and Chief Braga for making 
me a leader. Mr. Sullivan, I appreciate you sparking my 
interest in law even more than it uas. There are many 
people at Bedford thai were special lo nic, but four friends 
are unforgettable Todd Vin, Jill, and BeLsy - you have all 
been my support system. Without you I could never have 
made it. 1 love you all. Thank you Jo for being someone 
I could trust. Thanks to Dave. You will always be the one 
for me. Thanks to Chuck for all the wonderful limes. If 
anything you haven't made my life dull. I wouldn't 
change a thing! To evervone else in the Class of 1993: 
Good luck. I wish all of you success and happiness. 

Future Goals: To become a corj^oiaie lawyer and be 

Julie Francis .St. Sauveur 

/ 7 Burlinf^lon Road 

Activities: AFS 3 President 4; French Club 2.3,4; March- 
ing Band 1,2; Drama Club 2,3,4: Journal of Tongues 3.4; 
Yearbook 3,4; Citizenship Committee 3. 

Thanks To: Sr. Rose. Lynette (my sissy), .^ndto Keith for 
being you and pulling my apron vtnniiv Mrs. Donovan, 
Mr. Sullivan, Mrs. Rainis. and Mrs. \liichell for their 
support. Krisien, Ash. Todd, and Sayun, (Heniel) John 
Woolard for being the hottest guy in the world. Jo for 
shoulder rubs, advice, and being a good friend for six 
years. Riter for rain "puddle jumping." and walks and 
milking life a bowl of cherries. Vinn-o for driving me 
around and also for being a great guy and someone I can 
really trust. Jeremiah, take off your hat! Meg. Stephanie, 
Cait. Lorctta Linda Louisa May. Brian, Dave, Misty, 
Andrea, Betsy, Matt "Alan," Lori Malynicik. my confir- 
mation chica. you're wondert'ul and very gifted, Rachael 
for various hair dyes, keeping me normal and being you. 
Sergio for .some of the best times in my life, supptirting me 
and being a friend when I really needed it. Josh. Dave. 
Manny, and everyone at the clinic for making my time 
there "interesting." K(ayj Riz/uio for being silly, my 
confirmation buddy, and avid nun ie renter and someotte 
willing to deal with me and my walks, Sarina. my best 
friend. Caput, sssteve. j"ai perdu la lete ... sleeping in class 
w ith Michelle "the Canadian." kissing up. driving that car 
and hitting the curb, are you psyched'? Je suis americaine 
... Nous sommes toujours amies! Ma famille francais, 
Steph;in. Marc. Amielle.Luc. Francis, vousetes 
le meilleure et je veux vous dire merci pour tout Ics choses 
que vous m'avez donnes, .Aussi a Sebasiien (ma petite 
fille), Noel, D.J., Maria. Betty. Fernando. Yohan (ma 
petite Rolette de P.Q.) et Dominique, (is this "water 
balloon" yours'.') Hey. is he playing with his key chain'.' 
My sissy. Jenny -fofo (chicken butt), thank you for being 
close, for taking all the hot water, w riting to me so much 
in France. Tuna a la Mac. .Ave Maria, and stealing my 

clothes. Jon and Jeffie. Dad for singing "the man ( 
Trapeze" and "Old MacDonald had a chipmunk" ai 
Mom foreverything you've given me that you know ah(< 
and the inner strength and personality you've given ii 
that you might not know about. 1 love you guys very mui 
(even though I dyed my hair). 

Future Goals: To be me. be happy . go to college, and maji 
in biology , eventually go back to France to live, and to fir I 
a place in the world where big hair does not exist. 

Paul Stone 
104 North Rd. 

Activities: J.V. Baseball 1. Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; J." 
Basketball 2.3: Varsity Football 3; Latin Club 4 

Thanks To; Mark. "Mac Daddy", thanks for the runnii 
time in Concord, "racoon", and thanks for letting me sle« 
at your house so many times. Dave Boffa. we were kin; 
for a day w ith the "ale wife incident", "prime time", il 
nights we spent at Mac's v^ere classic. Chester, "silkie: 
the best S20 I ever spent. Junior prom night in the clost 
Where is the subaru Brat. " Must be cool guy". Al. ll 
beat catcher I've ever seen besides "J. C." New Year 
was a night to remember. "Weekend at Bemies". Youc; 
sleep in the back of my truck anytime (Tim's). Da^ 
Venuii. Maine and Vamey camps were some good timi 
I need to say it, "You look great in that green machine 
Matt McGarry (T.P.) We have set records in the midd 
thai Bedford will not soon forget. Good luck in yoi 
movie career. Geoff, thanks for surv iving my first maj' 
accideni. Hey Acer, who won. 1 think the Braves beat tl 
Pirates! Mike, don't go to Zona with Chester, hang arour 
here and be the next Mike Blasi. Ten. the nights we spci 
w iih Boffa at Mark 's were good limes. Lazeriag w asgre 
at your house and don't ever forget Halloween. Chip, 
owe you so much for all the ndes ihai your mom gave m 
I owe your dad for my quote. We have come a long w; 
since nurserv' school, huh'.' Dave Lord, football was a bla 
as freshmen and juniors and I hope you had fun as a seme 
without me. John Mara, \ou had the potential to be ihe be 
b.isi.t-iall player in Bedford but you quit after ftvshni. 
ycai I have missed you on the team. Todd, we tu\ 
drifted and I'm soory . but we did have some gre.i 
limes ( walking home from the and taking sirt. 
signs). I would like to meet again someday . hopefully r 
better terms. Greek. I have not known you loo well for tc 
long but 1 am definately glad that I got to meet the best tii 
climber that Bedford has ever seen. Adam(Ud), I h.T\ 
known you since kindergarten and even though you hai. 
me then I am glad thai we are really good friends no^ 
Cooler, if you stay out of Lowell then you will make it I 
college one day. I hopw lo see you in a movie w ith Ma 
some day. Mike Boutin. 1 have not known you too Ion 
but the nights I have spent w ith you have been a blast. Vi 
the split end days were the absolute best even thoup 
practice was the worst. Jared. Cam. and Tony you ha\ 
displayed your superior intelligence by selecting me to f 
your coach. Sean, you should have stayed in Bedfon 
Mike .Anderson, thanks for beating that nameless fresi 
man. Bill, all I've got to say is thai you should never ha\ 
i;one lo private school. Thanks to Colin. Ginn. and La 
lor y our contributions lo Ihe football team. Thanks to if 
girls of '93, Caroluie, you have always been so nice lo n 
and always took a little time to talk tome w hen I w .1 - 
Thank you and don't forget 6th grade. Kai\. 1 ^c: 
grateful for the nickname and the song "l >. all him Pablo 
Berko. thanks for all the nights of T.V. at your hous' 
Krisien. first of all "shut up" and if you ever ^ .lil ir 
"polywog" again, you're Michelle Pavalas. \ i>u a; 
so nice to me. Franks. 1 u as your number I field hocke 
fan and you should pui a silencer on that laugh. Mand; 
1 am glad I got to know you and your house. Matt Gallai 


(Hardie) for always wearing Zubas and for being a great 
3rd baseman. Wayne, I'm pulling for you and I hope you 
; pitch well your senior year. Chris Merrill, my volleyball 
'partner. We were "'Kings of the beach." Brenden, I am 
I waiting to see you become the next Colin Ross. Sara 
Epier. thanks for dropping analysis and leaving me all 
alone. Ro, I am a better person for knowing you and I hope 
you find your man in tan pants. Maybe I will let you get 
your stick one day (Speedy). Special thanks to Fat Albert 
and friends (Boys of '95 you know). Michelle you have 
been very special to me, thank you. The Crew (Caroline. 
Jen. Danielle, Courtney, and others) 1 am glad I met you 
and spent some classic times with you. Caroline you have 
the nicest closets. Eileen (D.O.C.) thanks for letting me 
beat you in ba.sketball. Caria and Kelley, theclass vandals, 
if you ever touch my bleachers again I will hunt you dowTi. 
I'd like to thank Mr. Sullivan. Mr. Sabourin, and Mr. 
Reynolds the best coaches I have ever had. Mr. Maxwell 
for being the nicestteacherl never had. Tim French for the 
talks and trading. Mrs. Mclnnis for being like a second 
mother and helping me anytime I needed it. Last but not 
least, my family. Mom and Dad thanks for your love and 
support in sports and school it means a lot to me. Kelley, 
Buddy, and Joey for always being the first ones to offer me 
help when I needed it. Chuck and Cheryl thanks for 
selecting me to be the godfather of your daughter, 
Samantlia. I will always love all of you. 

Future Goals: Go to college, play baseball. Graduate and 
then if there is time, I would like to take over Tom Wu's 
seminar, sky dive into a giant pile of whipped cream 
wearing only silk boxers, marry a girl nained Yolanda and 
raise a family on a farm in Idaho. 

Rachel Tobin 

4 Maple St. 

Activities: French Club 2.3; Drama Club 2.3,4; A.F.S. 4: 
S.A.D.D. 2,3.4 

rhanks to: my mom for being my best friend in the world, 
rhanks to Shushi for being my crazy woman and the little 
'eiarded girl. I love you both! Thanks to my bro. for 
Kicking all of my boyfriends out of the house, and always 
pushing me to be the best 1 can be. Thanks to Nanc. for her 
idvise and live. Thanks to Ira and Brian for being my 
beautiful boys and proving that nothings shocking. Thanks 
to Andrea for being my buddy and a "cure chick" and to 
basically making me laugh. Thanks to Ethan for being my 
"seal boy " r 11 love you forever. Thanks to Elona for being 
■ny crazy troll girl and to Julie for being such a good friend 
ind for always being around when I could use a cheering 
jp. Thanks to Misty for being herself and always making 
Tie smile. Thanks to Sacha for being "papa punk rock" 
tnd the early 80"s man! Thanks to Weiner for being my 
friend forever and to Sadowski for just existing, I love ya 
x)th I To Rache, April, and Anne I love you all. thanks for 
jverything I'll never forget you guys. Thanks to Ian for 
5eing the most wonderfully annoying boy in the world. To 
Soose the love of my life, thanks for being my best buddy 
nay Pery and Al be God's forever!!! To Chris Midget 
hanks for being such a sweetheart and the same for Chris 
J. your one of the greatest guys I know in Bedford! To 
lesse and Ben you two are lx)ih wonderful tlianks for 
nakingjunioryearsoeventfuKtosay atthe least). Thanks 
o Sam and Dayha for being goofy little girls stay the way 
/ou are! To all the skater boys in the school. Hove you and 

'II miss ya next year. Thanks to Sara for helping me write 
his entire thing. To all the people I would like to thank but 

can'i afford to THANKS! 

ruture Goals: To stay happy! 

Adam F. Udell 

26 Col Hill Rd. 

Activities: Soccer 2,3, capt. 4; Track 1,2,3: Lax 4: Indoor 
Track 2; Ski Team 3,4; Spanish Club 3, Hall Decorating 
1 ,2,3,4; Harpooning spring 3.4. 

Thanks to: My family for always being there and support- 
ing me; Chip for the Dodge Omni: I don't have any 
goldfish: Captain John G. for going overboard: Boom. 
Boom, Boom, Let's go to Lowell; Mandy for being my 
ihin and yummy V.B.F.I.T.W.W.W. Get off of me F.W.: for all the trouble we've gotten into; Speed Demon, 
John M. because I'm a R.O.T.C. reaching for a nut: Teri 
for the Foozy cerimonies, apple biting and Beef Jerky on 
the ski lift; Mark for teaching me to tie niy shoe: Booty 
for rollin in my 5.0 with my tank top on..., Fitzy's...; 
Caroline and Katy for all the great times, you two are the 
coolest; Terri, Michele, Rachel, and Ashley for being 
wicked quiet. Pat for magenta and jellybeans, Grandizer 
go! Colin for racing and not touching or clubbing me. 
Chicken for cruisin" slow all day. Jessamyn for being a 
Brit you do! Vanilla for stealing my shoes and loon with 
Heb. Cyndi and Brendan just because 1 have room. Cootcr 
for the bombs, Mike A. for cruisin" to Motzart in the 
Mustang. Jo for 12:00. Darrell for cleaning the fruit. 
Emily O. and Rachel P. for your per-capitaT.B.B. the guys 
at camp. Shay for my bathroom. Buddy #1, Melissa. 
Hummas. Nana-Kyi for being such a good friend and 
'"Grandma." Can I just tell you..., (Thip's aunt for helping 
us with the ice, Gai-King for the laughs, everyone in 
homeroom over the years, my refrigerator for keeping my 
stuff cold, and lo anybody else who I was too cheap to pay 
the $4 for, but especially thanks to Sara, you can't know 
how much you mean to me. 

Future Goals: To graduate from the college of my choice 
and live a rich and happy life. To never lose touch with my 
friends. To tell a gootl joke, to be the Ultimate Trippa. to 
play lawn darts with Chewbacca the Wookie, to find out 
how many licks it takes to get to the toostie roll center of 
a tootsie pop. to help Woodsie spread the word, and to 
have a pet giraffe that can do a back-flip. 

Misty Ullom 

19A Scon Circle 

Thanks To: Gracias a mi mejor amiga, Rita! You are 
wonderful, beautiful, and very smart! I just don't know if 
I could have survived in this place without you. 
THAAANKS! I love you! Jay Ingraham. for being such 
a sweetie and giving me and Rita warm fu/./ies when we 
needed them. You've given us hope that all men are not 
rude, stupid, selfish, and annoying. Mike Anderson, you 
sexy man, you're the best! Thanks for listening to me and 
giving me advise on what to do about Josh. I have enjoyed 
unassigned with you. roaming the halls while you had to 
stop at every water fountain to get a drink. You're oui-a- 
site, and I love you! Brian D. for helping leach me 
ceramics. "KID", you're the best at it. and someday I hope 
to be as good as you on the wheel. Rachel for just being 
you. You're an absolute doll and I love you! Julie for 
surviving Advanced Biology with me. Betsy Carlton for 
going to Friendly's with me and Rita and for wearing latex 
gloves. I had a lot of fun that night. Mr. McDonald for 
being a fellow Beatles fan. You're faroul! Pilla.Tingley, 
and Reynolds for being great teachers. 

Mark Veits 

61 Elm St. 

Thanks To: First. I'd like lo thank my mom for sticking by 

me through all the years. If it weren't for her. I d more 
thank likely wouldn't be where I am today. I also have to 
thank my best friend Mike dodge for being there in ihe 
thick and thin. I'd like lo thank Matt Wilson for helping 
me through Spanish and for being a good kid. I'd also like 
to thank John Bohland for making me play hockey. I'd 
like to thank Crouton for thinking he's the man. I'd like 
10 thank Mrs. Meile for making ine want to do well. I'd 
like to thank Jason Setters for being the Motor Home that 
he is. I'd like to thank Mr. MacDonald for our sophomore 
field trip. I'd like to thank Adam Udell and Rob Wakeham 
for making locker time a thing to behold. I'd also like to 
thank Jimmy Davis for our great basketball games during 
lunch. Finally, I'd like to thank Mr. Duggan for being an 
all around nice guy. And thank you Class of '93. 

David Venuti 

2 Hardy Road 

Activities: Baseball 1.2,3,4; Golf; Basketball 1,2; 
President 2; Latin Club 3, President 4; Whiffleball Tour- 
ney 1,2,3,4; D cubed 2,3,4: Wed. Pizza 1,2.3,4: Laser Tag 

Thanks To: Every single person who has laughed at my 
jokes: if it wasn't for you people I don't know where I 
would be today. Thanks for the best group of friends 
anybody could ever ask for. I will never forget the great 
times we've had together! Boff, we have a lot of great 
memories ( 3rd grade, "the regulator's," D3 . "steam dogs.'" 
"Nir Fart Dir." oatmeal raisin crisp) you could always 
make me laugh. You were the first friend I ever had. and 
1 learned a great deal from you. Thanks for being a great 
friend. Mike and Matt, you guys are like brothers to me, 1 
feel we will still be close fifty years from now. I will 
always remember the times at Rockport (Deano, surtlng, 
the firecracker incident, "I can't hear!"), the Baseball 
teams, and the Beverly Burger King. Also tlie mornings 
before school and the downstairs football and basketball 
games at your house. You guys are great friends and 
thanks for everything. Alpo, what can I say'.' .\\\ those 
nights you slept over my house and the endless "'What 
would you do it...?" topics. The baseball rivalries. I guess 
you won them all. Oh, yeah. ""My twelve year old brother 
swallowed a quarter!" Also Jack B., Uncle Dave, "That's 
my wife!". Fla., Jason, Manny. Winn Dixie! We always 
had fun times together, with a little fighting in between. 
Greek, we finally .saw him! Bueno! If I ever wanted to do 
something crazy, I knew I could count on you, ( 1 dare you 
toclimb that tree!. Phillies Blunt. "Now , Matt!"). I'm glad 
we became good friends, you're a great kid. Mclnnis. I 
don't know we shared the best experience any hunter 
could ever share, we got the big one! You're one kid I 
could trust and tell almost anything to. You're definitely 
a better golfer than me. but I don't know about a belter 
President. Thanks for all the sleepovers. and the whiffleball 
tournaments (O.K.. it was fair!), also for the school play 
(Yes, it was fun, "Pepto B.", "Mark Mclnnis, nice buitl") 
You're a great friend. Todd, I'll never forget the "glory 
days," of playing whiffleball at your house, and riding 
bikes. We always could have a siraighlforw aril conversa- 
tion. Geoff and Lord, you guys were the definite panicrs 
whenever I wanted a "good time." you were always 
there. Thanks for controlling the babe suuaiion. Aco. and 
also telling me the inside scoop. Lord, thanks for being 
yourself; you made me do some things that I don't think 1 
would ever do again (O.K. Switch!, "Come on. Venuti, I 
did it! ") Johnny M., thanks for having me dow n the Cape; 
Memorial Da\ weekend, and Lobster w eekend. We had a 
lot of great times togetlwr (Hey. Guys, guess what I 
bought'.'") Also, thanks, to Chester for being Chester and 
also being the most unique kid I've ever met; Stone. \oii 
definitely deserve to play college I'wscball: John G.. for 
teaching ine the ropes on how to scoop a chick; Teri C. for 


giving me a chance to be down with the boys in physics 
class: Cohn R., for being high on himself: Rob. W.. for 
being from Lowell: Malty Gallant, we are defmiiely 
coming back twenty years from now and coaching Bedford 
to a State Tourney Title! Also, Rosina, for being a great 
friend, we have a lot of great memories, too many to list — 
( 1 1 was a hot summer night. ..); Eppler, I ' m glad we became 
good friends, you're a great kid; Berko. for being my Prom 
date; Sister D., we've been friends a long lime and I will 
still be waiting for that night; Caroline, you would always 
speak the truth, thanks for being a good friend; Mandy, for 
always being free; Teri, for being my semi-formal dace; 
Ashley, for proving me wrong; Krisicn. for always dis- 
agreeing with me; Michelle P., for being the playgirl; Jen 
H., for being a friend for twelve years (O.K.. you are older 
than me); Cyndi H.. Jessy, and Mika, for always laughing 
at my jokes. But most especially. Beth. I'm glad things 
worked out between us; you mean so much to me, I love 
you, baby (beicha ten bucks!) Also, thanks to the BFcrew, 
especially Su/anne, thanks for everything and making 
those nins for me. Sully FTP man, and also the Doctor. 
Also thanks to the MC Jim. R.J., and Mary. Erin, thanks 
for always straightening me out. Even thanks to my 
sister's friends, you girls are great. Especially thanks to 
Mr. Tompkins, you've taught me a lot; also to the whole 
McGan7 family for being my second family-thanks for 
everything: also Grandma, for cooking tliosc big meals for 
me and my friends. Most of all. thanks to my family, 
especially Cool Paps, for being my best friend and always 
wanting the best for me-you've taught nie so much and 
most of all to be persistent. Also, my mother, for always 
making me work hard and also getting up early and doing 
my laundry and making my lunch (Yes, I did my home- 
work. I Scott, I'm glad we're so close and thanks for the 
great weekends at Meirimack. Brother Nick, you're the 
greatest. Becky, for always putting up with me, hopefully. 
I taught you well. And last, but not least, my favorite 
family member, my dog Rusty. 

Future Goals: To somehow get into the U.S. Naval .Acad- 
emy, become a Naval Officer. Join the Naval Intelligence 
and find out who really shot J.F.K. Get married to a 
wonderful wife, have three or four kids and a dog named 
Sam. Also, keep in touch with the best group of friends 
anyone could ever have. Good luck! 

Robert Wakeham 

33 Wedge St. 

\ in Welch 

6 Ccilai Ridge ici . 

Activities: Cross Country 1 ,2: Football .1,4; Lacrosse 
1,2,3,4; Freshman basketball: Winter track 1,2; Spanish 
Club 1,2.3; Latin Club9; Science League 2.3: AFJROTC 
2,3.4; Length of School Year Task Force 3; Plays 1,2.3 
Thanks To: My parents, brothers, and sisters. Dave F. for 
being like a brother. Brian for things passed and to come. 
Lynna for stepping in when no one else could. Jen for 
bearing the occasional cross. Eric for helping me when I 
got lost. Wentworth for years of amusement. Pete for 
"American Pie". Kim and Chris for just being together. 
Monica for keeping life from getting too serious. Les for 
Mt. Washington. Joe for being a great guy. Tricia for 
being lots of fun. DeSantis for just being beautiful. Jodi 
for always smiling. John for chicken noodle soup. Kate 
for teaching me human nature. Mr. Sab, Mr. Petrillo. Col. 
Campbell, Mr. C, Bedford Faculty. Fr. Sheehan, Fr. 
Picardi. YM advisors, Mrs. Flores, Ed, Chip (Bench 
Buddy). Julie. Erin, and all those who have helped me to 
get to where I am. will help me to get where I'm going, or 
have made the trip a little better. 
Future Goals: A happy life and to sail throughout the 


Kimberly Wendel 

5 Pope Terrace 

Thanks To; Mom and Dad for staying on me during my 
four years of high school. Y'all have always been there to 
help. Y'all are the best parents I could ask for without 
y'all I would have never made it. Thanks and I love y'all 
very much. Belinda, you're a pain sometimes, but you're 
the best sister I could ask for. Don't ever change - love 
you. My baby brother, Ja.son, stop being a bully. You're 
the best tennis head. Loveya. David,] wish you were here 
more often. Even though you weren't here for my junior 
and senior years, you've still kept me going. Thanks, love 
ya. Jason Garrison, the boyfriend I could only dream 
about having, now my dreams have come true with you. 
You are my everything. I don't ever want to lose you. You 
have put up with me for a year and a half and got me 
through my senior year. I love you more ihan anything in 
the world. Tamia Robinson, you .irc the best friend 
everyone wants to have. Don't ever change. We've had 
our time of fun and we've had our fight, but in the end we 
came out still best friends. Thanks for helping me out 
during this year. I hope you and Bob stay together for a 
long while 'cause you deserve it. Iloveyoub.f.f. You are 
my sunshine, my only suashine, you make me happy. I 
love you B.F.F. Take care. Angie. you are a great friend 
to be around You always make me laugh. Good luck in 
what you do with \ our life. You're the best. Loveya. Bob 
Hildreth, for a^^ays being there and helping me out with 
my problems w ith Jay. You'reagood listener. Good luck 
withTamia. You'll never find another girl like her. Mike 
Zwally , for being there to help me get adjusted to Hanscom. 
I will never forget you. Good luck with Marcey. You 
i.lcscr\eit. Have fun. Lei's keep partying. Love y'all. 
Y'all are the best. TTianks to Connie. Erin Trisha. Mike D. 
and to everyone I left out. Tlianks. Thanks to my teachers. 
Chief, Colonel, and Mrs. Mitchell and Nacey Freed. You 
guys arc the best teachers a student could ask for. Thanks. 

.Matt V\ ilson 

91 A Scott Circle 

Activities: Football 3,4: Spanish Club 3.4 
Thanks to: First of all. I 'd like to thank the Lord. I 'd like 
to thank my father, mother, and my brother for all their 
support. I d like to thank Shau n "Budda" Sadowski for all 
the stuff that we've done and because he's so blunt. I'd 
like to thank Crouton for his writing skills. Arise rules. 
Thank you, Viet Lc. for making me laugh, and thank you. 
Vin. for your acting skills. I'd like to thank \l.irk "Pass the 
40 cause he's not looking " Opalenik. I'd like to thank 
Potato Head for his driving skills and his pick up lines. 
Thank you. Serge, for everything. Remember the honey 
on the train and the cooler raids. I'd like to thank the 
Youngs for being sc l i csh. I'd like lo thank the British guy 
at W.AG for having a.sthma. I'd like to thank my football 
coaches, Mobley for his truck. Setters for the 
stickers, and Chip for being on the left side. Finally. I'd 
like to thank Lou (20's), Victor. Heather, Char. Andrea. 
Ni no. S ue . and everyone I forgot . Oh yeah . thanks to Mark 
for noi hitting nie at A]ewife. 

Future Goals: To have fun. .session forever, be successful, 
and bomb the planet. 

Lauren Wise 
152 Har^'ardSt. 

Thanks To: I d like to say thanks to God, my mom and dad. 
I Io\e you. Mrs. Parker for getting on my about 
coming to school and talking to mc when I needed some- 

one to talk to. Ms. Sav., Inr making my dream come tn 
you're my favorite teacher. I love you. wehadalotoffi 
during the years and in English class. Mrs. DiClemcr 
for being such a good friend, and for getting me ihroti 
history. 1 miss you. When I graduate. I'll mi.sscverybo* 
When I go on to college, I will go to college for hairdre> 
ing or for nursing. To Terri F. and Darrell R.. we hac 
good time in gym. To all Meico kids good luck. M 
Bosak for getting me through typing. I couldn 't have do 
it witlioui you. Mr. Maxwell, you're a real funny guy. I 
miss you. uw. To all seniors - good luck in college. 
Duggan and Mrs. Donovan, thank you for having mc 
student at BHS. 

.leremiah Witt 

JbB Scott Circle 

Activities: Everything except homework! 
Thanks to: Tlianks to God. my mom. dad, brother, a 
sister. Thanks to Chris Guivas. Chris Wallin, Mark Sugal 
and 8-ball, also (hanks to Julie St. Sauveur. I would al 
like to thank all the teachers, except Ms. Shay. A spec 
thanks to all my friends that made the school year fi 
Thanks to TEG for ail the free samples. 

Trisha Woodward 

8 Hill Terrace HAFB 

Activitie<!: Drill Team 1,2,3; Color Guard 1.2,3. 

Thanks to: Mom and Dad for supporting me in whaiev 
I dec ided to do and for caring about me . I love you and I 
gonna miss you. Missv Look for being a great friend, I 
caring and being understanding Thanx lor all the f 
limes we shared. Grady Jr. for being there for me a 
giving me three years of love and understanding. I m 
you. Bampa for loving me and talking to me wher 
needed to talk. I love and miss y ou verj- much. I w ish V' 
were still alive to see me graduate. Christie, for bcinj 
great friend and a loving sister. I love you. Jacquie t 
being a great friend. You were around, at limes, to list 
to niy problems. I'll never forget all the fun we h 
together. Don' I forget January 18th, 1992. Hove and mi 
you Blondie Angie lor being a good friend. Geek 
Squirrel Naked Gerbil. love ya. Also, thanx for K-i 
there for me when I needed to talk. I'll never forget yc 
Steven, you were around when I "really" needed someor 
May 14th. 1992. I'll love you always and forever. Ke\ 
you're a pain, but I still love you. Nancy Freed and Jo 
DiClemenie. a special thanx. If it wasn't for the both 
you I would never have made it through my high schc 
years. I'll never forget \ou. take care of yourselves a. 
your little ones. To all the people I may have forgottc 
Thank You! 

Future Goals: I wish to go into the Air Force and maki 
career out of it. Also, to pursue in child care. 

John Woolard 

2 Pope Terrace 

AciiN iiies: J V Ba.seball I . Basketball 1 . Drama Club 2,.' 
Show Choir 1.2.3,4 Men s Octet 2,3.4 Nonheist Disir 
2.3,4 All-State 3.4 All-Eastern 4. 
Thanks to: I can't say enough to my family for providi 
me with the guidance and support needed to surpass t 
many obstacles that have been placed before me. Tht 
you for your convictions .tnd the understanding of r- 
needs and allowing me \o discover who I am and » hat r 
goals are. You have cs^.ilaicd my emotional intensity 
unsurpa-ssed heights and the ability to more fully enjoy t 
simplicity of life and my surroundings. I am eternal 


grateful for all you have done and hope to repay you for 
your humble actions. Moin. thank you for being the 
submissive and humble person you are and for teaching 
me to echo yt)ur actions, you ave taught me too mucli, 
probably because I have lived with you all my life. You 
have instilled in me a senseof oneness and peace at heart, 
and the power of the mind and what we are capable of 
accomplishing through rationalizing. I can only write a 
very minute portion of my gratitude toward you and you, 
I know, can understand what a vital role you play in my 
life. If you don't, you do now. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!! 
Dad - Tliank you for being my inspiration and my profes- 
sor of life. You have given me my sense of ethics and 
leadership through your everyday actions. I have learned 
so much by your experiences and the power you take 
charge with and how it can all be done with compassion for 
others. I can't express the feelings and love I have toward 
you and all you have done. You have been waiting for me 
with open arms and always eager lo talk with me and 
express your feelings along with mine. 1 wish that I was 
very articulate, so that 1 might be able to express the 
gratitude I have for all your have done - Thank four DAD 
- 1 LOVE YOU!!!!! Your support has been unsurpassed. 
Laura - My love (actually my sister) thanks so much for 
leiing me be your little brother. Thanks for helping me see 
life through a different perspective and teaching me from 
your encounters. Through your experience and drive I 
have seen a great deal of this echoed in my life and I owe 
you. We have been together for all of my life and pan of 
yours and you have sculpted all of my life and part of yours 
and you have sculpted by being more than the obvious. 
Thank you for always being there and helping me with my 
daily struggles. Tlianks for teaching me about the older 
society and the do's and dont's of the ethical world. Thank 
you for your instruction in humanity and what it feels like 
to be with obstacles in your path and then showing how to 
overcome them. Thank you isn't enough - 1 just wish I had 
been there more foryou as you were for me - 1 LOVE YOU 
MORE THAN I CAN EXPRESS. Ken (Opey) you are 
such the inspiration in my life and I hardly know where to 
begin. Every time I need you you have been there without 
hesitation - We have been able to spend many great times 
together and you ahve shown me how much of a true friend 
you are by speaking your mind and enlightening me w ith 
I your wit. You have guided me through my trials and 
tribulations and allowed me to assist in the same. Were 
you not there for me, 1 would probably have ded or 
something, how much I appreciate all that you have done. 
Your maturity and wisdom have aided me in so main 
situations and your humor has taken me from the boiioni 
to the zenith. I want to thank you for letting me live with 
you and your family and helping me with my finances. 
Ken, you have shown me more of the simple pleasures 
than I could have ever seen by myself and the submissive 
hean you have has made me take a better look at myself. 
Honestly, I can't thank you enough and there aren't 
enough pages in the yearbook to express the closeness and 
adoration I feel towards you and your presence in my life. 
Thanks so much - 1 LOVE BUD. To my other parents and 
family in Maine: Betty, Jerry .Wayne, and James - you 
have the best second family away from home that anyone 
could hope for ;uid 1 am eternally grateful. Thanks for 
teaching me from your experiences and knowledge, with- 
out this help I would be another face in the crowd. Betty 
(Mom in thanks for taking me into yourhome and making 
me part of the family. With your loving, compassionate, 
and submissive nature I have grown to be a much more 
thankful and compassionate person my self. Your sense of 
ithics has guided me through my problems and you have 
aken care and been there for me everytime I have needed 
ocome home. Jerry (Dad II) thanks for everyiihing! One. 
HI putting up with me and allowing me to enter your 
laniily. You have displayed to me your deep convictions 
land intenseness on life and all that is incorporated into it. 
You've taught me to stand up for my beliefs and not to 

allow the norm to penetrate through my veins. I thank you 
for letting me be your friend and son and treating me with 
respect. Your actions have displayed the most to me and 
I cannot tell you all that you have done for me. Thanks for 
being a dad and letting me show up witliout notice anti 
spHjnd great quality time with the family. I love ya dadi 
Wayne and James (Bro! ) - Well guys thanks so much for 
letting me have two brothers I neverhad. and for letting me 
pick on your all the tiem. You may not know it, but you 
have displayed a great deal of maturity by allowing me to 
enter your family and lake on the responsibilities that 
follow. Thanks for your caring nature and eagerness to 
help me and show compassion when it was needed. Jim 
Davis (Jimmy "Jam" Davis) - Well "drinking buddy" this 
is it - 1 don;t know where to start - bud you have helped me 
in so many ways its unimaginable. The intense humor you 
have shown me has got me into a great deal of trouble, but 
it always helps. Thanks for being there for me whenever 
and wherever I needed you. You've been around for a long 
time and the impact you have placed on my lifewild. 
Thanks for taking me to Chelmsford (HA HA) Thank you 
for going out into the depths of society with me and 
dictating your views and concerns. You have instilled in 
me a sense of care and gratefulness for my surrounding 
and the opposing side of the picture. Thanks for Taco Bell 
and the great times on the base - Were it not for your humor 
and your wit (which your bundle up) 1 would be merely 
adequate. Thanks so much - 1 wish that 1 could repay you 

- Thanks "'number 73" - "1 don 't know if I can do that right 
now." To Barry T. Low - for being the greatest music 
director anyone could hope for. Well "B". thanks you so 
very much for putting up with me and the bass section at 
school, and not giving up on us when we were a bit 
obstreporous. TTinanks for teaching the ail of the voice and 
the responsibilities hat come with it. You have been an 
incredible friend and have taught mc even more about life 
and about individuals in general. Throughout the past four 
years you have helped me to see who 1 am and what my 
goals are and could be. You have even helped me to 
achieve a number of tliem. If I could express how impor- 
tant your friendship is to me. I would, sincerely! I thank 
you for so much, more than you probably can even guess 
why. but you have helpe to mold me into who 1 am. I am 
forever in your debt. Thank you - say hi to Jessica for me 

- thank you Mr. Low. Mr. Barbas - Thank you Steve for 
everything, you have been there for me whenever I have 
needed guidance and around even when 1 didn't. I thank 
you for your friendship and the morals you have so 
diligently attempted to install. Your w isdoin and compas- 
sion have helped ine through my struggles and have taken 
mc to new heights. Thank you for being my friend and 
simple for being there. Chris Miller for always being there 
for me and making me laugh. You have been an excellent 
friend. Thanks for being there. Mr. Maxwell for showing 
me how important friendships are and how caring people 
can be. Thank you for treating me as an equal and not 
simply as a student - thank you for show ing your interests 
in my well-being and in my life. You have been my 
inspiration throughout my years here in Bedford and have 
broken the misconception of student/teacher relations. 1 
thank you for being there and being a friend. HaiTv 
Anderson for teaching me tlie beauty of theatre and the art 
of life. 1 thank you fortaking me in as a student and friend. 
I have enjoyed working by your side. Jeremy Witt for 
being a great friend and for being there with extra help 
when I needed it. Thanks for everything. Malt Wilson 
( Wrench) for being my counselor on pick-up lines and my 
alternative bud at .school. Thaiiks for being there for me. 
Shawn Sadowski - for lieing a good friend for the last five 
or so years. We've been through a lot and the "Bomb 
Boys" stay together. Thanks for all of your help. Gregg R. 

- for being a pan and a gtHxl friend since the beginning. . 
. I appreciate your humor and help in all of our classes. 
Thanks again for all the good times. Jo Almadovar - for 
staying w ith the base kids and being such a giMul friend for 

so long. 1 loveyou and cannot tell you how much I 
appreciate all that you have done. Adam Chiocca - for 
letting me be your advisor and friend. You have been a 
great friend and have taught me a lot. Your eagerness to 
learn and humility have made me take a look at myself. 
Thanks so much. Chris Carson - for being my little brother 
and for standing up for your beliefs. Your talents have 
reflected your personality as well and I thank you for all 
you have done. Lino - Thanks for calling yourself "Lino." 
You have been an excellent inspiration and I am eternally 
grateful for your friendship. Tony Johnson for being a 
great friend and a basketbal I companion. We have had a lot 
of great times. Thanks for sticking with it. Heath Dill - for 
being a great inspiration and assistance throughout the last 
few years. Thanks for all of the great times. Craig Wiley 
for being a mediator and a great friend. Thanks for all the 
advice. Mike LaValley. Brenda. Mike Z.. Shamus, and 
Shawn - for being true friends and never being tcx) busy to 
listen or spend time with me. You are great friend and your 
compassion will take you far. Patty L. for being there since 
.seventh grade and for listening when 1 needed to talk. 
Thanks for your support and your friendship. Rachel 
Tobin - for being my favorite alternative buddy and for all 
the great times we've had. I appreciate your friendship and 
all that you've done. Betsy C. - for putting an emphasis on 
\ our friendships and showing me that > ou care. Thank you 
for all of your help and for being there when I wanted you 
to listen. .Amrist G. - for being a great friend and for 
showing me the art of basketball. (Phsa!) - Thanks for 
making me laugh and for telling me of life across the 
globe. Mrs. Dowling and Mrs. Piantedosi - for always 
showing that you care and for always being eager to 
discuss any issue that might be on my mind. Your willing- 
ness and compassion have made me view you more as 
friends than as some autliorative figures. TTiank you both 
for showing that you care. Paul Stone - for always being 
atrue friend and always being willing to talk and show you 
care - Thanks again. Dave Boffa - for always being a great 
friend and not being a part of the nonn - thanks for show ing 
you care. Darrell Russell - for always showing compas- 
sion and kindness - you have helped me so much - Love ya 
D! Kim Sands - for all of the great times we spent togerther 
(and with WiGG). You have displayed to me your com- 
passion towards people and the love you have for life - 
thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. Mrs. Mclnnis 
- for teaching me all that I't taught previously about 
music and how to profterly use my voice. I ihank you for 
your flexibility and the love you have shown me. Mark 
Mclnnis - for being a great friend and teaching be what you 
know. Thanks for all the great times ue had during the 
musical. Sarah Higham - Thanks for all the great times wr 
used to have and the beauty in life thai you helped me to 
see. Love ya and thanks. 

Future goals: To attend college, get my Ph.D. in Marine 
Biology ;md take over as head researcher at the Woods 
Hole Oceanographic Institute. Also to sign w ith the King's 
Singers, get man ied and have kids, life happily and die the 

Michael A. Zwallv 

5.S Offutt Rd 


\ : ^ 



Kaiy Dohcriv and Krisicn Collilon show iheir pearly 


George Chen struts his stuff on the dance floor. 

"The best thing about being a senior is that after 
two weeks of filling out applications and two 
months waiting to hear from these colleges, you 
can slack off for the rest of the year." 

-Irene Boyle 

The class of '93 re\ eals true 

spirit and artistic talent in 
this graffiti found by the 

tennis courts. 


Community Support 

The 1993 Bedford High School 
yearbook staff would like to extend a 
simple thank you to all of the busi- 
nesses, community organizations, and 
parents who supported "Coming To- 
gether 1993." Publishing a yearbook 
is very expensive and selling adver- 
tisements helps subsidize the cost. 

Without the community's support, 
students would have been forced to 
dole out a large amount of money for 
their high school yearbooks. 

The yearbook provides a detailed 
history of the school year and pre- 
serves memories. Students will value 
their yearbooks for years to come. 

Thanks to the yearbook, graduate; 
will never forget the football games 
the prom, a favorite teacher, and tht 
good times with friends. The Bedfon 
community can take pride knowin: 
that they helped cement these memo 
ries. ^ 

Best of Luck! 

President Mark Mclnness 
Vice President Dave Boffa 

Secretary Jerri Franks 
Treasurer Kristen Colleton 
Social Officer Rachel Berowitz 
Prom Chiairman Mary Mix 


Class of 1993 

from the 



We love you and are proud of you for 
growing up without losing your sweetness and 
loviness. You light up our life! 

Love Mom,Dad, Laura, Rich, 
Mike, Rob, Paul, Marianne 

Graduation is only one 
goal you Ve reached this 
year; perseverance and 
faith carried you over 
the rough spots. You'll 
love college- Study hard; 
party hard! 
Mom, Dad, Tiffany 



serves the nation with 
pharrnaceuticai & heaith care products 

Success and good fortune 
to the graduates of Bedford High School. 

CIS-US, Inc. 10 DeAngelo Drive Bedford, MA 01370 



• SALES-275-8000 

• SERVlCE-275-8004 

• PARTS-275-8006 


Exit 44N. Off Rte. 128 


^ J res C^ltefe ^^ooc/fcs 

275 8659 




James M. Hurley 


"For Those Who Caie Call Ires Chere'' 

617 275- 1296 BEDFORD MASS 01730 


Xest 'Wishes to 
'Bedforcf'Higfi ScfiooCs 


The MITRE Carparation 




CLASS of '93 






BEOFOAD. UA 01730 

1617)275-9140 BEDFORD MA 01730 


^TO YOU! < 

Congratulations to the Bedford High School Class of 1993 


COMPUTER VISION Customer Education • 11 Oak Park Drive • Bedford MA 01730 • 617 275 1800 

1^ Good Luck 

> College > ClOSS Of '93 

Applied Imaging 
23 Crosby Drive. Bedford, MA 01 730 

Best Wishes 

to the 
Class of 1993 

Dr. & Mrs. 
Guy A. McGarry 

(617) 275-6662 

Baudanza Electric Co., Inc. 


Vice President 

328 GREAT RD. 

We all love you! 

We've enjoyed seeing you 
and your friends grow into 
fine young adults! Take 
the world by storm Ladies! 


Eric B. Birmingham^ D.D.S. 

Eric B. Birmingham, D.D.S 

143 Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 

(617) 275-6349 . 

Family 6t LASER 

Farewell and 
Good Luck to the 

Class of 1993 

Hair By Harris 



Dear Steph, 

Always smiling, 
Always happy. 
A 1 \v a y trying. 

We arc super proud ol' all thai you've 
accomplished. We know thai you'll be 
equally suceessful in ihe fuiure. 

Congralulalions to you and all your 


Mom, Dad, Julie, and Casey 

Conqratulattons and- 


Rood Luck in the Future 

to tFl€ 

Class of 1993 


The 92-93 Yearbook Staff 

Editors in Chief Jane Atkinson 

A n d r c a B o w 1 b y 
Jill Freeman 

Business Kdftor Alex Brill 

Section Editors 

J en niter Blacks tone Mary Mix 

Meg Boschetto Rita Patino 

Krxstin Carpenter l.ajrie Sheflin 

Gladys Cintron Julie St. Sauveur 

David Gersh Misty Ullom 
Lori Malvmeik 


Michael R i n a I d i 


We are so proud of 

Loads and loads of love, 
Mom, Dad, and Douglas 



Dear David, 

You are a wonderful 
son and brother We 
know you will continue 
to make a positive 
impact on the world. 
We are very proud of 


Mom, Dad, and Ellen 


Associates, Inc 

Environmental Consultants dr Engineers 

Five Alfred Circle 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 
(617) 275-6050 • Fax: (617) 275-5651 



ALL oocAsnN FioMar 


BEDFOO. UA01730 
FAX (»ir| ZTM117 
TIL (»17)?7V«11» 

CLASS OF 1993 

IsJe ^re oe/y prou(/ o^you. ~you W Srou^/ii us 
mt/c/i /lappiness and we wisfi ijou all tLe /oy one/ 
success (ife/ias to ofj-er. 

Jltom, Dad, JIQ^e, and^im 

Alden S.Raine 
Executive Director 

Richard A. Giesser 

Barbara Patzner 
LG. Hanscom Field 

Dear Kristen, 

We are so very proud of you. "Boy you have 
come a long way baby! " You have grown into such 
a beautiful intelligent and caring young woman. 
Keep your wonderful sense of humor. God Bless you 
and may all your dreams come true. 


Mom, Dad, Kelly, Kathy, Maryellen, Maureen, 
Jimmy, and Ken 


"We find in life exactly what we put 
into it." 

Continue to give it all you've got - 
we are right behind you. 
All our love, 
Mom, Dad, and Katie 

Dear Bill, 

As you once toasted our 
vacation, it is our turn to 
toast your graduation. We 
want you to know that we 
love you and are very proud 
of you. 

Congratulations Bill, we 
wish for you happiness and 


Dad, Rhonda and Dave 


You are a very special daughter and 
sister and we love you very much I May 

Wherever you w onder. 
Wherever you roam. 
Be happy and healthy 
And i;l(ul to come home. 



You have 
always been our 
"Leading Lady" 

Mom, Dad, & 

^ G n z o 

To the class of 




Class of '93 

The Computer Exchage is proud to assist in 
the production of another B.H.S. yearbook. 

161 Main Street, Northboro, MA 




Josephine Almodovar 

Jane Atkinson 

Michael Boutin 

Andrea Bowlby 

Brian Clewell 

Ashley Crane 

James Davis 

Chris Guivas 

Angie Hildreth 

Dan Hoglund 

Tony Johnson 

Patty Leeman 

Stephan Maher 

Lino Miani 

Chris Miller 

Marcus Opalenik 

Rita Patino 

Erin Sparks 

Julie St. Sauveur 

Misty Ullom 

Matt Wilson 

Trisha Woodward 

John Woolard 

from the 

Hanscom AFB 
Officers Wives' Club 

Best Wishes 

to the 

Class of 1993 


Bedford Schools 

sponsors of the 
BSA Thrift Shop 
QuaUty used consignment 
clothing for the entire family 
Town Center Sept- June 

Wed 9:30-3:30 Sat 10-12 


Dear Jill, 

Thank you for showing us Hfe from atop the teacher's 
desk. May your days be blessed with love, joy, 
friendship, and peace. We love you and will always be 
there for you, no matter what. Congratulations on your 

Mom and Dad 


You have grown from a 
wonderful little boy. to 
incredible young man. 
Thank you for all the joy 
you have brought us. 
Our love will be with you 



With pride 
for all you 've 
been ;\\'ith joy 
for all you are; 
w ith love for 



for the 



Mom, Dad, Greg, Mike 


Dad, Mom, Dave & Jon 


From Spire Corporation . . 

Our very best wishes for health, 
happiness, and prosperity to the 
Class of 1993 and to all the 
students, faculty and administration 
of Bedford High School. 

In Energy . . . 

Spire is the place to grow. 


spire Corporation/One Patriots Park/Bedford, Massachusetts 01730-2396 



Congratulations to the Class of 1993 Music Students 

Jane Atkinson 
Rachael Berkowitz 
Jennifer Blackstone 
Meg Boschetto 

Alex Brill 
Betsy Carlton 
Krystin Carpenter 
Jane Chui ' 
Brian Clewell 
Chris Coates 
Stephanie Dubitsky 
Michael Esposito 
Brian Fehlau 
John Woolard 


Jill Freeman 
David Gersh 
David Hursh 
Viet Le 
Patricia Leeman 
Stephan Maher 
Mark Mclnnis 
Richard Parnell 
Cynthia Primmerman 
Dwayne Risley 
Matt Ross 
Kim Sands 
Laurie Shetlin 

Thank You for all your efforts and contributions 

over the past years. 

The Bedford Jewish Community 

Extends its congratulations to the graduating Class of 1993 and their families. 



Dear Matthew, 

Congratulations! We wish you well in your future 
endeavors. You have made us proud and we love 
you. Keep up the good work. 


Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Nicholas 


Senior Guys 

Dave Boffa 
Dave Lord 
Dave Venuti 
Matt Ky velos 

Matt McGarry 
Mike McGarry 
Todd Anderson 
Bryan Albonesi 
Mark Mclnnis 

John Mara 
Paul Stone 
Steve Chester 
Geoff Chase 

1993 World Tour 


Look Out World! Here He Comes! 

Congratulations Billy 

Mom, Neal and David 



Mom and Dad 


Dear Rich, 

You always wanted to be footloose and free, so now it's here - BIG "93". 
Go Rich, Yes" 

We love you. Mom, Dad, Lee + Tigger 

Congratulations Somsri, 

We love you and are very proud of you. 

Love Mom + Dad 

Dear Carrie, 

Good for you! We are very proud of you and wish you every success 
in the future. The best is yet to come. 

Mom, Dad, Rebecca and Gramie 

The best is yet to come. Enjoy your successes and be happy. 

We'll love you always. Mum, Dad, Nikki 
Bet wishes to the class of 1993 

Dear Jo: 

So matter what you do or where ever you go. My love will always be 
with you. God Bless. 

Love Mom (Josie) 

Dear Brian, 

Congratulations for a great accomplishment! We are proud of you. 

Love Mom, Dad, Meydia, and Kerry 

Dear Vin, 

We are all so proud of the young man you have become. The world will 
t)e a better place because you care. 

Love Mom, Veronica, Tom, Chris, Liz, Frank, and Nana 

To our daughter Beverly, 

Who we love so dear, study hard, stay cool and do your best in school 

Love Mom, Dad, + Carol 

Dear Angela 

We wish you the very best, from our hearts. Although a struggle at times 
you will always be our "Little Angel". 

Love, Mom, Dad, Bobby and Duke 


You are a special blessing. You have brought much joy and pride into 
our lives. Our love and support will always be with you. 

Mom, Dad, and Courtney 

Dear Colin, 

Thanks for all the memories you've given us. Best of luck in college. 

Love Mom, Dad, Lexie, and Daisy 

Dear John, 

Congratulations. We are proud of you. We wish you the best of 
everything with your future. 

Love Dad, Ma, and Bill 

Brian - We are proud of your success and accomplishments. We love 
you and offer our continued support to assist you to reach your future 

Mom, Dad. Erin and Kristin 

rene. We are so proud of you and are excited about your success. Best 
>f luck next year! Love, 

Mom and Dad, Anne. Dan, and Liz. 

We will always be here for you. We love you and are proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Mike + Tom 

Dear Julie, 

Thanks for being a great big sister, we've always looked up to you. You 
are our inspiration, the apple of our eyes. La, la la-la, la-laaa.... 

Love, Jeffy , Johnkins, Chicken-butt alias: the smurfs. 

Mike and Matt: 

Congratulations. .Good Luck.. Our love and best wishes go with you 

Love Mom & Dad 

Andrea: Courageous 

Radiates affection 
Loyalty, love 
Optimum for 

Nonparallcled ^Qy 
Success. Go for it! Love, Grandma B. 

Dear Michelle, 

Congratulations! We are so proud of you. May all your dreams come 

Love Mom, Lee, David, Tina, and Michael 


Jen Blackstone, 

It,s been a pleasure watching you mature into the wonderful ani 
talented young woman that you are. Go out and live life to the fulles 

Love, Mom 

Dear Trisha, 

You've come a long way ! You worked hard and you made it. We wish 
you continued success and happiness. 

Love Mom, Dad, & KevIII 


"We've got two lives, the one we're given and the other one we make. 
Continue to make your mark on the world. 

Love Wendy, Paul, Carrie, Jerem; 

The father of a righteous man has great joy; he who has a wise son 
delights in him. Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans 
will succeed. 

Love Dad, Mom, & Laura 

"The key to happiness is having dreams, — The key to success is making 
them come true". Congratulations Jason! May today's success be only 
the beginning of a lifetime of dreams come true. 

Love Mom, Dad, Heather + Nathan 

Julie, Thanks for the memories - the bird's nest, the nose lock, pian( 
recitals. Swim team, Saturdays, bike rides. Red Cross, collect call 
from France... 
Here 's to new memories. 

Love Mom and Dad 

Congratulatons for a great accomplishment! We are proud of you. 

Love Mom, Dad, Meydia, and Kerry 



Congratulations and Best Wishes 

Class of 1993 


Great Road Village 

363 Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 

1 Hour Film Finishing 
Enlargements up to 20x30 
Black & White 
Studio by Appointment 
Slides to Prints 
Slide Processing 

Frames & Albums 

Custom Printing 

Tim Barrett, Owner 
(617) 275-4388 



(P.O. BOX 226) 




National Rifle Association of America 
Gun Owners Action League 
Gun Ow ners of New Hampshire 
National Shooting Sports Federation 

Call or w rite for information 




SedFcrd Free Public Ltbrory 
Mudgs Way 

Bedford. Massachusetts 01730